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Does Light Therapy Work For Hair Loss

Powerflex Laser Cap 202

  • Price: $$$

The HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 202 is comparable to the PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 since its also designed to be comfortable and flexible with dual operating modes.

This device can be used for either 15- or 30-minute sessions 3 days a week. It contains a rechargeable battery so that the product can be used at or away from home.

The laser cap features 202 medical lasers, 70 less than the Laser Cap 272, but it carries a lower price tag to match.

How Is Laser Hair Therapy Supposed To Work

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: growth , resting and shedding . Hair loss in androgenetic alopecia depends on a testosterone derivative in the skin, dihydrotestosterone . Low level laser therapy is believed to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles, resulting in the production of anagen hair. In theory:

  • The photons of light act on cytochrome C oxidase leading to the production of adenosine triphosphate . This is converted to cyclic AMP in the hair follicle cells, releasing energy and stimulating metabolic processes necessary for hair growth.
  • Release of nitric oxide from cells leads to increased vascularisation to the scalp distributing nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots.
  • Excessive build-up of DHT is prevented.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy

Low-level Laser hair therapy is a safe, non-invasive and clinically proven treatment for stimulating hair follicles to grow fuller and thicker hair. Also known as red light therapy, the powerful clinical-strength laser devices treat hair loss, male pattern baldness and alopecia for both men and women. Laser therapy for hair is widely regarded as a safe and less invasive procedure than hair transplants.

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Benefits Of Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth

There are several approaches you can take to help stop hair loss and encourage hair growth. These include shampoo/hair care systems, surgery and

In a study published in 2018, of several non-surgical treatments used for hair loss , minoxidil 2%, minoxidil 5% and platelet-rich plasma), low-level laser therapy actually turned out to the be most effective approach in improving hair growth.

That’s pretty powerful…can you imagine if you could use red light therapy and one of the other treatments together? You could get back to that sexy, bouncy, full head of hair of your youth!

What does this mean for your hair loss and red light laser treatment?

  • No potential harmful side effects from hormone treatments, chemicals or prescription medications
  • All-natural treatment option
  • No pain or recovery time
  • There are no known side effects of red light or infrared light therapy
  • You can enjoy hair count, hair density, and hair thickness
  • Relaxing sessions resulting in a positive experiences
  • Treatments can be done at home
  • Length of treatments are short and relaxing
  • Other body benefits can be realized at the same time–reduced pain, improved wound healing, sprains and arthritis

As a rule, there are two aspects of red light therapy for hair that will help you gain success: 1.) More effective hair loss devices are more expensive 2.) Consistency is key.

Best Medium Sized Near

Low laser light therapy for hair loss: Does it Work ...

These lights get into the optimal range for power output and size, so they can treat a large portion of your body at once with a sufficient dose.

These devices generally cost upwards of $450 and deliver upwards of 120-300 watts of power to large portion of your body . This is a huge time-saver when compared with treating the same areas with a small device and will lead to better results. Also, since some of the effects of the light are from irradiating the blood and lowering inflammation, the larger lights will treat more of the blood at once and will have better body-wide effects.

My top choices in medium size devices are as follows:

  • Its 16.3 tall by about 10.6 wide.
  • It has 120 LEDs.

These are all great options.

Now, if you want a large light to treat the whole front or whole back of your body at once with high power density, I would strongly recommend considering the larger and more powerful half-body units.

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Use Photobiomodulation To Enhance Muscle Gain Strength Endurance And Recovery

In the near future, sport agencies must deal with laser doping by at least openly discussing it because the aforementioned beneficial effects and the pre-conditioning achieved by laser and LED irradiation will highly improve athletic performance.

Michael Hamblin, PhD

Red/NIR light with exercise makes a potent combination. Not only does red/NIR light help you recover faster, it seems to amplify everything that happens with exercise increased muscle gain, fat loss, performance, strength, and endurance.

Muscle tissue has more mitochondria than almost any other tissue or organ in the human body. So muscle tissue is particularly responsive to photobiomodulation. The muscles are packed with mitochondria, because ATP is needed for every muscle twitch and movement, no matter how insignificant.

Through their effect on ATP production and cellular healing mechanisms, red/NIR light help individuals to recover more quickly from strenuous and resistance exercise, and even helps to prevent muscle fatigue during exercise.

Studies provide evidence that near-infrared and red light therapy powerfully help prevent muscle fatigue, enhance muscle strength and endurance, increase fat loss responses from exercise, increase muscle growth responses from exercise, and promote faster recovery.,,,,,,,,

To get into just a few of the dozens of studies on this topic:

  • Control group remained sedentary
  • Training group did an 8-week exercise program
  • What happened?

    Is Red Light Therapy Safe

    Yes- Red Light Therapy is a NON-INVASIVE treatment. It has not been associated with any negative side effects. Specific FDA approval was given In 2007 to hand held laser devices for treatment of male pattern hair loss. This was followed in 2009 by approval of another device for treatment of both male and female alopecia. Device specific instructions and protocols should be adhered to. Where indicated protective glasses should be worn.

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    Increase Fertility With Near

    Some research suggests that red light therapy may be useful for fertility, which is making quite an impact upon couples trying to conceive.

    It also improves follicular health, which are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress. Two recent studies, one in Japan and one in Denmark, found that photobiomodulation improved pregnancy rates where IVF had previously failed, in Denmark, by 68%.

    In Japan, near-infrared and red light therapy resulted in pregnancy for 22.3% of severely infertile women with 50.1% successful live births.As mentioned previously, the testicles also have photoreceptors that respond to red light, and research shows that photobiomodulation can greatly enhance sperm motility and therefore, fertility.,

    In studies on human sperm, near-infrared light therapy at 830 nm produced significant improvements in sperm motility.

    While the research on boosting testosterone is not strong, there is an abundance of solid evidence for the ability of red/NIR light therapy to improve fertility.

    Best For Younger Skin: Avologi Eneo Advanced

    *TRUTH* about Low Level Laser HAIR THERAPY (LLLT Red Light for Hair Loss) Device Review Restore Max

    What it targets:wrinkles, blemishes, skin health

    How it works: Hold this shower-head like wand up to your face and red and near infrared light penetrates the skin. It encourages cellular regeneration and blood flow, which in turn may reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and scars by energizing mitochondrion in skin cells. Avologi says an additional vibration function tightens puffy skin while blue light kills the bacteria that often leads to acne. Its one of the few devices both certified by the FDA and recommended by dermatologistsbut there are few robust scientific studies showing more than a correlation to smoother, healthier skin.

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    Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Laser Cap Therapy Does It Work For Everyone

    The results of laser hat therapy for baldness and hair loss may vary from patient to patient, depending on the hair loss type. Experts believe that the effectiveness of the low-level laser therapy ultimately depends on the health quality of the hair cells. However, the therapy is known to be effective in patients experiencing early stages of hair loss. Laser caps are also clinically proven to treat androgenetic alopecia by slowing down the hair fall and promoting new, thicker hair growth. The results of laser cap therapy require patience and consistency, as patients need to use the cap for several months before seeing any satisfactory results. Remember that the faster you get treatment for your hair loss, the better are your chances of preventing irreversible damage.

    The effectiveness of laser cap therapy for hair loss will depend on the type and level of hair loss you are experiencing. Our experts at the New Jersey Hair Restoration Center will be able to determine the hair loss type you are facing and can recommend the best treatment solution for you, along with lifestyle and diet changes, if required. NJHRC is among the best hair transplant providers in New Jersey, and we can guide you with the most suitable treatment options for your hair loss.

    Additional Laser Hair Growth Information

    LLLT has been clinically studied, and all the devices offered at HairClub have been FDA-cleared. So, if you have thinning hair, this might be an option for you when considering hair loss treatments.

    If you would like to learn more about LLLT, please visit one of our HairClub locations or one of the links below:

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    Sauna + Red/nir Light Therapy Options

    There are a few sauna brands make far-infrared saunas that also add near-infrared light into their sauna. This allows you to get all the benefits of near-infrared light discussed in this book while also getting the benefits of the sauna heat .

    These are a great option, provided you have the money for it, as they are considerably more expensive than the pure red/NIR devices.

    If you want something in this category, Sunlighten saunas, ClearLight saunas, Sun Stream Saunas all make ultra high quality wooden full-spectrum saunas. With this type of premium sauna, you can get far-infrared + near-infrared saunas and enjoy all the benefits of both near-infrared therapy and a traditional far-infrared sauna.

    SaunaSpace manufactures heat lamp saunas that use 4 incandescent heat lamp bulbs. These will have both far-infrared and near-infrared and red light. They come with a canvas tent , and thus are considerably less expensive than the wooden saunas made by the brands listed above. You can get their Pocket Sauna here.

    For those who can afford it, these are excellent options. Its also convenient as it allows you to get your near-infrared treatment while doing a sauna session. I highly recommend the Sunlighten mPulse line and the SaunaSpace saunas.

    How Many Neolts Treatments Are Needed And What Is The Maintenance Program


    We use a 6 month protocol for hair loss and thinning hair. The treatments start 2 times a week for the first month. For months 2-4, the treatments are once a month. For months 5-6, the treatments are every other week. For maintenance treatments after the 6 month protocol, patients should have a treatment every 4-6 weeks.

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    Red Light Therapy For Traumatic Brain Injury And Spinal Cord Injury

    Red light therapy is bringing recovery and enhanced cognition to those suffering from traumatic brain injury. Patients who have suffered TBI report improved cognition, better sleep, and enhanced recovery from the traumatic experience of their accident.,

    In animal research, photobiomodulation has impressive outcomes in recovery of animals after stroke. Scientists believe the therapeutic effects stem largely from increased mitochondrial function in brain cells irradiated with near-infrared and red light therapy.,,

    Spinal cord injuries cause severe damage to the central nervous system with no effective known restorative therapies. However, near-infrared and red light therapy has been found to accelerate regeneration of the injured peripheral nerve and increase the axonal number and distance of nerve axon regrowth, while significantly improving aspects of function toward normal levels. Numerous studies indicate that near-infrared and red light therapy is a promising treatment for spinal cord injury that warrants full investigation.,,,

    Red Laser Light For Hair Growth: What Is It And Does It Work

    This post contains affiliate links which means we receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.

    Hair loss is one of the most common effects of aging. It actually impacts over half the worlds population and 75% of women over 65 suffer from alopecia or hair loss. There is a way to fight back. Actually, we will be talking about red laser light for hair growth.

    Many women are sad to notice more of their scalp showing and hair thinning. They miss the youthful look of a full, shiny head of hair.

    Although you can’t go back to when you had a head of hair like a teenager, you can help stop the loss and thinning of hair.

    Not only that, you can also stimulate new hair growth without expensive treatments, pain or yet another prescription.

    In this article, we will explain the power of low light laser therapy , otherwise known as red light therapy. Red light therapy is a noninvasive, safe, effective and affordable method you can use at home to help avoid hair loss and even grow new hair to fill in the gaps.

    Let’s get started!

    Make sure you also check our guide to the best red light therapy products here for hair loss and to help hair growth.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth

    Let’s get into to the good stuff!

    Not only does it help your hair grow longer, but it also helps improve your overall hair and scalp health while making your locks thicker and stronger.

    So, How does red light therapy work so well for hair growth?

    Red light therapy helps hair grow in a few ways.

    One, by accessing the mitochondria and stimulating fast hair cell repair and growth.

    Two, by promoting blood flow and circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which strengthens hair.

    And three, by helping reduce and prevent scalp inflammation which hinders hair growth.

    Red light therapy for hair growth also has no side effects, is minimally invasive and completely safe and painless.

    Sounds too good to be true, am I right?

    What Is Light Therapy

    How does Low Level Laser Therapy work for hair loss

    Light therapy is a type of non-surgical treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to encourage healing and regeneration within the body. This type of phototherapy offers a variety of applications, including promoting healthy skin, accelerating healing, reducing inflammation and even reversing depression.

    Now research suggests that one specific form of light therapy known as red light therapy can be used for another exciting and unexpected purpose: battling hair loss.

    Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy or LLLT, uses light from part of the visible light spectrum to elicit a response from your body. High-powered light saturates your body or in this case, your scalp with wavelengths of bioactive, therapeutic red light. As the body absorbs and uses red light, deep healing can occur.

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