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How To Cope With Hair Loss

How To Buy Gear Reducers For Your Application

How to Cope Emotionally with Hair Loss

Whether you wish to invest in new gear reducers or used and surplus gear reducers, you need to keep certain things in mind. The following pointers aim to simplify your reduction process.

  • You must be aware of the desired rotation speed and torque. This is because a gear reducer adapts the characteristics of the output and input axis of the mechanism. You need to check the maximum and minimum torque indicated on the device.
  • Next, you must focus on the reduction ratio. Reducing the motor speed is one of the key tasks performed by gear reducers. The reduction ratio is indicated in revolutions per minute and it is often calculated based on your motorâs rotational speed.
  • Most important of all, you must try to understand if you need inline gear reducers or gear reducers where input and output shafts are coaxial or orthogonal to each other. This consideration will entirely depend on your application requirements.

At JM Industrial, we broker, buy, and sell used and surplus gear reducers, motors and various motors and drives. Hence, it doesnât matter whether you wish to buy gear reducers or sell used reducers, we still have a solution for you. All you have to do is get in touch with our team today. Our experts will guide you through the process of buying and selling industrial equipment at JM Industrial. Our happy and satisfied customers and a team of experts keep us going.

We Havent Met A Gearbox We Couldn’t Handle

IDC Industries offers rebuild and improvement solutions for virtually all types and manufacturers of gearboxes. Our company is made to support gearboxes and we are one of the largest repair facilities in North America.

IDCs process starts with a detailed teardown and inspection of every component, including the housing. Unlike most of our competitors, all of our gearbox repairs are initiated by an extensive inspection. This analysis takes into account the reducer’s housing, bearing/seal, shaft, and gear conditions.

After further research into the application, installation, and operating environment, we provide our clients a detailed report with our quotation. Often this inspection report, accompanied by color photography, specifies likely causes of failure and suggests measures to prevent reoccurring failures.

Additionally, IDC Industries is a world class manufacturer of all types and sizes of precision gearing, thus we are not dependent on the original gearbox manufacturer for components. This capability benefits our customers with better delivery and ultimately lower cost. Our state of the art Klingelnberg and Brown & Sharpe CMM can reverse engineer and certify our gear quality. IDCs gear grinding equipment, including a brand new Niles 2.4 meter gear grinder, can often save the customer 1,000s of dollars by touch grinding large bull gears.

What Causes Hair Loss

Hair follicles go through periods of resting and growing at different intervals and some of these follicles stop growing hair as a person ages. During the resting phase, the follicle releases the strand of hair. Once it resumes the growing phase, it will grow new hair.

The average person loses between 50 to 100 hairs every day. Many things can cause you to lose more hair, here is a list from the American Academy of Dermatology Association.

Cause of hair loss:

Lets talk about how to prevent benzodiazepine withdrawal hair loss and how to counteract the hair loss side effects of your benzo. We have some pretty fabulous tips to help you keep your hair and even possibly grow your hair back.

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Risks Of Hair Transplants In Turkey

Its no secret that undergoing hair transplant surgery in countries such as Turkey is a gamble. Every year, countless patients are reeled in by the low prices and package deals offered by overseas clinics. Many of the clinics boast five-star ratings and an active social media presence, duping unsuspecting patients into thinking they are visiting a reputable clinic. Although, when you dig a little deeper, you may discover the reviews are faked and the after pictures are heavily edited or taken from other clinics.

Another trick that patients fall for is believing that a surgeon will be carrying out the procedure, as many of the clinics advertise that a surgeon leads them to convince patients that they are legitimate. Unfortunately, that doesnt mean a surgeon will be carrying out the hair transplant itself. In fact, many clinics hire under-qualified technicians with little training to keep the costs down, only seeking the supervision of a surgeon if the procedure goes wrong.

Over the years, Crown Clinic has fixed countless botched hair transplants, mainly from overseas clinics. The most common problems that we see are unnatural-looking hairlines and unsightly scarring as the result of the surgery being carried out by unlicensed practitioners. Other risks are infections, as sanitation is often extremely poor at the clinics and damage to the scalp due to the result of the incorrect tools being used to carry out the surgery.

Remember Your Hair Will Grow Back

7 Tips on How to Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss

It helps to know that hair loss is almost always temporary. In most cases your hair will start to grow back two to three months after completing treatment. However, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of it growing back with a different texture and color.

Some people feel guilty for having body-image concerns in the midst of lifesaving treatment. For others, changes in appearance caused by cancer therapy can deepen feelings of loss and sadness. Get counseling if you feel isolated or have no interest in the things you enjoyed before you were diagnosed, as these can be symptoms of depression, says Ms. Panzer. Depression is common among people with cancer, but counseling can help you understand your feelings and better cope as you transition into survivorship.

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The Truth About Our Advanced Gearbox Repair Solutions

When a Foote Jones gearbox leaves our plant to go back to work in your process, you are getting a machine that is inLike-New condition that will meet and many times exceed the OEM specifications. Check out this case study for more information on how our gearbox repair solution surpasses the OEM specs.

Two Main Steps To Prevent Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Hair Loss

In this section, I am going to share with you the two main steps you need to take in order to address benzodiazepine withdrawal hair loss and prevent benzodiazepine induced hair loss. If you love the information in this article please share because there are so many people out there that need to hear this information.

Okay! Lets jump in:

Step 1: The first step is to know which benzodiazepines are the most common culprits of benzo caused hair loss.

Here is the shortlist on the benzo class of drugs:

High probability of hair loss/ alopecia

  • Lorazepam
  • Clonazepam

Other benzodiazepines associated with hair loss/ alopecia

  • Alprazolam
  • Clorazepate
  • Midazolam
  • Triazolam
  • Oxazepam
  • Diazepam
  • Chlordiazepoxide
  • Flurazepam
  • Quazepam
  • Chlordiazepoxide
  • Clorazepate

As you can see, if you are taking lorazepam or clonazepam you are at a higher risk of hair loss, and these two medications are also more difficult to taper off of than some of the others. Diazepam has a lower incidence of hair loss and is my go-to in terms of a safer and easier tapering process.

Step 2: Support GABA

You can also support GABA with safe and powerful natural solutions:

  • First: enhance the benzodiazepines efficacy so that lower benzo doses are required.
  • Second: Reduce withdrawal effects.

Here Are MyTop-3-Tips to Support GABA Production:

Step 3: Support your hair follicles and hair health

We want to address the cause of your hair loss as well as improve the health of your hair and promote growth.

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How Is Hereditary Hair Loss Diagnosed

Your doctor will ask you questions about your hair loss, including the pattern of your hair loss and whether you have any other medical conditions. Your doctor will also examine your hair. No tests are needed to diagnose hereditary hair loss, but blood tests may be done to rule out other conditions that can cause hair loss.

Connections Between Teenage Hormones And Hair Loss

How to Cope with Hair Loss After Chemotherapy

Perhaps one of the worst offending culprits when it comes to hair loss in teens is the commencement of puberty. The hormonal changes that take place during this very delicate period of adolescence can cause all kids of disturbances throughout a young persons body.

The fact is that hormonal changes can have a massive and unmistakable impact on hair growth patterns and in some cases, it can happen seemingly overnight. One day you might have a stunning full head of hair and then the next day, you might start to notice your hair is falling out in large chunks or youre constantly clogging the shower drain.

If this is something you can relate to, then it may be time to get your hormone levels checked immediately. During puberty, both males and females may experience a sudden influx of dihydrotestosterone . While this is a form of steroid and testosterone thats typically present in the male anatomy, trace amounts of it naturally exist in women as well. Excessive amounts of DHT can have adverse effects on the body, particularly healthy hair regeneration.

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We Put Your Needs First

When a critical application fails, Mar-Dustrial is your go-to source for fast, attentive service. We know you cant afford to go without your speed reducer for long, which is why we process rush jobs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we dont stop until your repair is finished.

Imagine: Its Saturday evening, and a vital speed reducer fails on your night crew. Call us at any hour, and well have someone available to help you arrange shipping that night. When your gearbox arrives, our Falk RENEW crew will be there to meet it while you relax, knowing Mar-Dustrial will do whatever it takes to get you up and running again as soon as humanly possible. Youll never have to wait until we open on Monday!

Learn more about our Falk RENEW repair process.

Creams And Topical Treatments

Perhaps the best-known treatments in the fight against hair loss are those containing minoxidil. Minoxidil was first developed as a medication for high blood pressure but a reduction in hair loss was identified as a side effect. As it retards hair loss, a treatment program containing minoxidil lotions should be started as early as possible.

Users apply these products every day, some of them twice a day. Having a ritual is the key here as it is imperative that you stick to the schedule. As with supplements, these products prevent the hair falling out and promote new growth, so any break in the treatment will lead to some hair loss. Once you start using these products, its safe to say, you will need to continue taking them for as long as you wants to maintain your hair.

Taking an oral supplement or medication alongside using a topical cream is also highly recommended and has been shown to be extremely effective.

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Be Aware Of Chemical Processing

It is true that chemical processing is very harmful to the hair. Especially, those kinds of chemical products used for straightening bleaching, and curling your hair can all cause damage to the hair cuticles, weaken and dry the hair and eventually lead to hair loss. If you have thinning and fine hair, always loyal to the natural hairstyle and color, or your hair loss condition will be worse.

Use the hair extensions to change your hair look if you want to try on something new. Moreover, ensure that you follow a strict hair treatment for better hair and your hair will be healthier day by day.

Try Massaging Your Scalp

Pregnancy: How To Cope With Postpartum Hair Loss

Massaging the scalp with a nourishing oil increases the flow of blood to the surface of the scalp and to the hair follicles. Massage by rubbing the scalp warms the skin, and increases circulation there. In other words, the cells in the hair follicles are adequately nourished, and as a result, the growth potential of the hair increases. Massage on the scalp helps you relax, and this relaxation affects all bodily functions.

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Why Choose Jm Industrial For Sourcing Your Used And Surplus Gear Reducers

There are several suppliers specializing in the buying and selling of used and surplus gear reducers, however, not all can match our experience and expertise. We believe the following features have worked in our favor.

  • Our selection features gear reducers from industry-leading brands in capacities ranging from 0 to 1800 RPM and 0.41 to 1200 HP.
  • Each purchase is assisted at JM Industrial, which enables customers to choose the right product and take advantage of their technology investments.
  • All products are tested at multiple levels for their performance before listing on the website.
  • We assure the fastest turnaround times and competitive prices in the industry, which has helped us build a list of happy, satisfied customers over the years.
  • At JM Industrial, we believe in achieving the utmost customer satisfaction and are 100% dedicated to it. Thus, we have never compromised on our business ideals such as quality, customer service, and integrity.

Protecting Your Hair In A Swimming Pool

Just like salt water, chlorinated water is very harsh and drying on the hair, so you can take similar precautions to swim in the sea. You could also try a swimming cap, as this not only prevents the chlorine from damaging your hair, but it will also protect your scalp from sunburn. If you have highlighted or blonde hair, be especially careful when in a swimming pool, as the copper and chlorine in the water have been known to form a film that sticks to the proteins in hair, turning it a green shade. Thankfully, this isnt permanent, but make sure to enter the pool with wet hair and rinse it as soon as you get out.

However you are spending your summer, if you have any questions or queries about your hair, take a look at our hair advice or give our team a call.

Are hair transplants safe?

When performed by a qualified, experienced hair transplant surgeon, hair transplants are a very safe procedure. Hair restoration is a minimally invasive treatment that allows patients to return home the same day, with the procedure only requiring local anaesthetic.

However, if you undergo a hair transplant abroad such as in Turkey the risk attached is much higher.

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Quality Assurance Process For Your Foote Jones Gearbox Repair

1. Open and clean all foreign dirt, debris, oil, grease, etc.2. Sandblast gears and housing.3. Detailed visual inspection of all seals, gaskets, bearings, and gears by one of our veteran engineers to recognize and report why your gearbox failed.4. Magnaflux, die test all working parts and housing for hairline and stress fractures.5. Submit a written quote for services6. Make necessary repairs upon approval.7. Preload and test for a minimum of 8 hours for vibration and over-heating.8. Apply PPG 2 stage corrosion and heat resistant paint.9. Shrink wrap and band unit and schedule for delivery back to your facility all with a 36-month warranty.


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