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How To Cover Front Hair Loss

Excessive Hair Loss In Men & Women

how to cover your hair loss or alopecia with a topper or closure or lace frontal

Most people with diffuse hair loss fear baldness, but although the hair thins, it is normally replaced. If your rate of hair loss increases suddenly, the cause would have occurred about three months beforehand. For example, the birth of your baby in April could cause hair loss in July. Having a fever in May could cause hair loss in August. In most cases, the loss will correct itself shortly after the cause of the problem is rectified.

Diffuse hair loss of more than four months may indicate you have a medical or nutritional problem. Three common medical causes of diffuse hair loss include anemia, thyroid imbalance, and sugar imbalances such as hypoglycemia or diabetes . A hair mineral analysis can often give clues to internal disorders or an unbalanced diet that may be the cause of your hair loss.

Some examples of temporary self-correcting diffuse loss are:

1. Crash Dieting

This often leads to temporary diffuse hair loss. The main point is not which diet is followed, but how quickly the weight is lost. Rapid weight loss invariably leads to temporary hair loss as your bodys nutrients disregard non-essential cells like hair roots. After a two to four-month resting period, the hair falls out, long after the fad diet is forgotten.

2. Shampooing

3. Hairdressing Services

As A Result Of Hair Loss

According to Hair loss is the thinning of hair on the scalp. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia can be temporary or permanent. The most common form of alopecia occurs gradually and is referred to as androgenetic alopecia.

Most women suffer hair loss because of three major causes: hair shedding, hair thinning and hair breakage. below are the major causes of hair loss in young women:

1. Increased hair shedding

It is also known as telogen effluvium, the most common causes of which are acute illnesses like typhoid and malaria, poor nutrition, iron deficiency, thyroid disorders etc.

2. Hair loss caused by thinning of hair

It is also called female pattern hair loss in which there is thinning of hair over the crown of the head resulting in widening of the middle hair parting. This is the equivalent of the common male pattern baldness seen in men. This is generally inherited, but can also reflect an underlying hormonal imbalance like poly cystic ovarian syndrome

3. Hair loss from hair breakage

This condition is not true hair loss from the roots but represents hair that breaks along its length during shampooing, combing and hair styling. Hair bleaching, coloring, ironing, straightening etc. make the hair bonds weaker, making it easier to break.

4. Receding hairline from Androgenetic alopecia

5. Fluctuating hormone levels

6. Stress

7. Receding hairline after pregnancy

8. Eating disorders

9. Excessive styling

10. Frontal fibrosing alopecia in women

What Does Inherited Hair Loss Look Like

Inherited hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss. It is inherited from either or both the mother and the father.

  • In men, hair loss occurs on the scalp above the forehead and on the top of the head. Bald spots are noticeable.
  • In women, hair loss occurs as thinning of the hair all over the scalp, but mostly on the top of the head. Women tend to keep their front hairline and do not generally develop bald spots.

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The Life Cycle Of A Hair

Throughout its growth, the hair goes through some steps from start to the finish. There are three main stages that are marked by some distinct characteristics and developments. We shed more light to these stages here below:

Stage I: Anagen Phase

Also known as the growth phase, this is the first stage of hair loss. At this stage, the hair grows physically from scratch to approximately 1 cm per month. The phase can stretch out to 3-5 years after which it begins to decline. It is largely determined by genetics and varies significantly from one person to another.

Stage II: Catagen Phase

Next comes the catagen phase. It is also referred to as the transitional phase as it marks the boundary between the starting phase to the mature phase. At this stage, the hair follicles renew themselves. The phase lasts around a fortnight and ends when the hair follicles shrink considerably.

Stage III: Telogen Phase

The Telogen phase marks the last of the three major stages of hair growth. This is also called the shedding phase as it is extensively marked by the shedding off of the hair. Also, the hair follicle remains dormant for 1-4 months. Overall, it accounts for 10-15% of the entire growth duration.

Treatments Of Female Hair Loss At Temples

How Can Female Hair Loss At The Temples Be Avoided?

# Desist from Twisting or Pulling the Hair

# Stay away from Dangerous Hair Treatments

# Be Mindful of your Hairstyles

# Reduce Stress

# Take Plenty of Proteins

Flattering Hairstyles For Female Hair Loss


Have you been suffering from hair loss or thinning hair? Or just tired of hiding thin hair in the front? Then this article is for you. Sharing the best female hairstyles for thin hair to look thicker.

When a womens hair begins to thin out, it can have a big impact on her self-confidence. Female hair loss can be made almost unnoticeable if you know all the right tricks, however.

We know if a good hair day takes you to the skies so what bad hair days can do. But we know you can fix almost anything in the world. Hairs arent a big issue, it is just a matter of some tricks and your hair loss can be made almost unnoticeable.

Hy beauty queens, There are a few hairstyles for female hair loss that we believe youll want to try. If one doesnt work well for you, then you can always try another! Its time to stop letting your hair loss or thinning stop you from enjoying life and having the confidence you once had. And styling your hair is a great alternative to side-effect causing medical treatments that can be, in some cases, dangerous.

Below is our list of several different hairstyles to hide hair loss in the front. Continue reading below to discover the different hairstyles that you can try today!

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Why Choose Clip On Hair Topper

Feel sweating enough over such impacts? You dont have to worry too much about how others think about you. Remember, the most important thing is you. So, taking more care of your hair can be a sign of self-love.

hair topper is an amazing solution to deal with hair loss

As frustrating as hair loss can be, there are increasing ways to deal with it. In case you find your hair is losing unusually, importantly, go visit a dermatologist or your doctor. They will help you decide the cause of the problem and proper treatment. Or else, you can ask a therapist or so to talk about your psychological struggles.

For another fantastic way to cover up baldness or a thinning crown, you may want to clip on hair topper or extensions. What is so special about this method? Is it worth it?

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When To Call A Doctor

  • Your hair loss is sudden, rather than gradual.
  • You notice hair shedding in large amounts after combing or brushing, or if your hair becomes thinner or falls out.
  • You are concerned that a medicine may be causing your hair loss.
  • Your skin is scaly or has a rash, or you have any change on your skin or scalp with hair loss.
  • Your hair is gradually thinning and balding, and you want to discuss treatment options with your doctor.

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Thinning Locks And Bald Patches The Hidden Horrors Of Female Hair Loss And How To Fix It

As Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha revealed she is ‘balding’, Daily Mirror meets three women who have endured the same agony

Nadia Sawalhas frank admission last week that she is losing her hair is heartbreakingly familiar for thousands of women across the country.

The 52-year-old Loose Women presenter wept as she revealed shes losing her crowning glory, showing her bald patches in a candid video.

The TV star carries a hair-loss gene and explained how her famous curls started to change during pregnancy and then again when she entered perimenopause, which comes before the menopause .

Nadia said: My hair really started to change after I had my kids. I lost a lot, like loads of mums do.

Also, the texture started to change, so my naturally curly hair had started to go a bit frizzy. It wasnt really bad.

Then, when I started to go into perimenopause I seemed to lose maybe a third of my hair.

People do say, Your hair is so thick and amazing, but its not.

Its balding. Im losing it all over.

But Nadia is certainly not suffering alone. Research carried out by top hair loss expert Philip Kingsley shows around eight million women in the UK endure hair loss, including one in eight under-35s.

Philip believes the figure may be even higher, because many women suffer in silence.

Sadly, a third of those suffering hair thinning said that they havent done anything to address the problem, perhaps as they feel too embarrassed to seek help, he says.

‘I found a natural solution’

Natural Home Remedies For Receding Hairline In Women


By avoiding use of harsh chemicals that can affect your hair including hair dyes, bleaches, tints and chemical straighteners. As the American Academy of Family Physicians notes, they may cause inflammation of the hair follicle, which can result in scarring and hair loss.

  • Minimize the use of curling irons and excessive blow drying your hair as this can cause hair loss.
  • Try natural remedies for hair regrowth
  • Stop hair pulling often caused by anxiety, boredom and nervousness
  • Avoid making your hair too tight quite often as this can lead to hairline recession.
  • Massage your hair with oil before going to bed and wash it in the morning when you wake up and comb while it is still wet to reduce breakages. This is to help increase blood circulation to the scalp. Furthermore, combine about 10 drops of sage and rosemary essential oils and use it. You can also use olive oil. Carrot oil is also good.
  • Brush your hair to increase blood flow to the scalp and also sebum distribution. Do this for about 3 minutes.
  • Avoid wearing perm as it can weaken your hair and make your hair line to recede.
  • Use fortifying shampoo to wash your hair at least 3 times in a week. Ensure that during each wash you massage the shampoo well into your scalp and take a few minutes before rinsing it off.

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The Best Hats For Long Term Hair Loss

It is a fact not all hats are created equal. It is trickier to find styles for hair loss that give extra depth and coverage to cover all bald spots, for example, the space in front of the ears and all the way down the nape of the neck.

Suburban Turban offers a range of different styles especially designed for hair loss.

How To Hide Thinning Hair At The Front

May 29, 2020

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Thinning hair at the front may be challenging to disguise, however, there are plenty of hair loss solutions that will help to conceal hair thinning and get you back to feeling confident. In this article, we will cover the most used methods to hide thinning hair at the front.

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Ringworm And Hair Loss

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection that causes patches of hair loss. The official medical name for ringworm on the scalp is tinea capitis. The infection starts out as a small pimple that grows larger. Affected areas are itchy, red, inflamed, scaly patches with temporary baldness. The skin may ooze. People may have one or more bald spots. Ringworm is more common in children, but adults can get it, too.

The fungus triggers hair loss by causing hair to become brittle and to break off. The skin often appears most red around the edge of the lesion, with a more normal appearing skin tone in the center. That is one of the reasons the condition is called ringworm. The condition is contagious with skin-to-skin contact. It is also transmissible by infected combs, hairbrushes, unwashed clothing, and surfaces in gyms, showers, and pool areas. Your doctor can treat ringworm with oral antifungal medication. Ringworm on the scalp is one potential cause of hair loss in women that is reversible.

Find A Fantastic Stylist

How To Hide Thinning Hair In The Front Woman

This is critical. Ask around. Talk to people who have similar hair texture as you, possibly a similar style you are interested in, and find out who they go to. Thats how I found my guy, and that is how others have found my guy, because they liked my hair and asked me who does my hair. I always have great things to say about him, so they usually take my recommendation. A great stylist doesnt have to mean you spend a fortune on your hair. Ive been to some very expensive places and gotten not great hair cuts. Mo money doesnt mean mo betta. That is true to a point. From my experience if you get a $6 haircut, it will usually look like a $6 haircut. More than price point, though, take recommendations from people with great hair cuts. Ive even asked strangers. Dont be embarrassed. Its very flattering to have someone ask who does your hair.

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Use Color To Your Advantage

Well-placed hair color can add dimension and movement, while helping to conceal the signs of hair loss. The trick is finding the right balance of light and dark color.

For example very dark hair will often contrast sharply with the scalp. This contrast can make thinning hair more obvious. Adding a few highlights can help decrease this contrast between scalp and hair. This can help greatly diminish the obvious signs of hair loss.

And if your hair is on the light side, try adding in a few dark pieces. You see, dark hair naturally tends to appear thicker simply because its more visible. So adding some lowlights can help give your hair the illusion of fullness.

Not only that, but both highlights and lowlights can add dimension and depth to your hair which can enhance the look of fuller hair.

Another bonus? Hair color can actually expand the hair shaft, making it appear slightly thicker and more voluminous.1

Of course this tip comes with a disclaimer. Be careful to avoid over-processing your hair, as this can damage the hair shaft.2 This damage can further weaken hair thats already thin and fragile. As always, its important to consider all factors when making decisions about hair health and cosmetics.


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