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How To Get Rid Of Thin Hair For Guys

Hand Style To Perfection

How To Remove Annoying Cheek & Body Hairs – Hair Removal Tips & Products James Welsh

Constant combing and brushing can make your hair look limp and flat. Even worse, if your hair tends to tangle easy, an aggressive combing will leave more hair on the comb than on your head! Lets face it, hair loss is already a problem for most of us at some point, lets not speed the process along. Try to hand style instead. Not only will this give your hair a fuller, more natural look, but a little messiness is in right now. Ride the trend, ditch the comb.

What Is Thin Hair

It is easy to confuse thin hair and fine hair as they do appear the same at first glance. Fine hair refers to how thick your hair isnt. Thin hair is about how dense your hair is. Having thin hair means that the hair follicles on your scalp have a much greater distance between them than other hair types. Most hair follicles contain more than one hair. In thin hair, there are possibly fewer hair follicles than other hair types.

Use A Heat Protection Spray

Again, heat is your hairs natural enemy, so protect it! A great heat protection spray keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Now dont get us wrong, we totally agree that a blow dryer is a great way to add volume. But without heat protection, you could literally be playing with fire. Also, protect your hair from the sun. Just like your skin, your hair can feel the full effects of the blistering rays of hot summer day. If you know youre going to be outdoors in the sun for a while, theres no shame in tossing on a hat. But if its not an option, a few sprays of heat protection after styling is a great way to stay protected while still rocking some amazing style.

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How To Control A Cowlick

Ahhh… cowlicks. Those pesky little tufts of hair that stick up all over the place can be a real pain. I’ve seen guys lose their minds and buzz their hair off in frustration over their cowlicks. With a cowlick, the key is to either cut it short enough so the cowlick doesn’t stand up or leave it long enough so there’s enough weight to hold the hair down. A good barber or stylist should be able to judge the length and cut accordingly. Of course, a liberal application of styling product can also help tame your troubled mane as well.

Mens Hair Grooming: 9 Ways To Style Thin Hair

How to Manage Curly Hair

1. Cut It Short

Many men with thin hair try to grow out their hair or part it differently to cover bald spots. But actually, shorter hairstyles are way more flattering for thin and fine hair.

This is because long hair is heavy, so it has less volume at the roots. Short hair, on the other hand, is more lightweight, so it looks good in volumized styles. Men tend to lose their hair on top, so keeping the hair shorter on the sides helps to blend everything together and make those thin areas less apparent.

Men who have a bit more hair to work with should ask their barber for a hairstyle with short sides and a little more length on top. If youre further along in your hair loss journey, ask your barber for a close crop.

2. Wash Your Hair Often

Most guys with thinning hair are afraid to wash their hair too often. Unfortunately, too-greasy hair clumps together, creating more scalp show-through. But dont worry, its a myth that washing your hair too often makes it fall out! In fact, washing your hair can help make your hair look thicker by reducing the oiliness that weighs down strands, giving hair more volume.

Just make sure to select a gentle shampoo that wont dry out your hair or scalp, like Toppik Hair Building Shampoo. This lightweight formula doesnt weigh hair down and leaves it healthier and fuller-looking. For best results, follow with Toppik Hair Building Conditioner after shampooing.

3. Try Dry Shampoo

4. Use a Thickening Serum

5. Choose the Right Hair Products

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Today There Are A Number Of Tools And Treatments At Your Disposal To Help You Successfully Combat Hair Loss All You Have To Do Is Take Action Dr Rinky Kapoor Consultant Dermatologist Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato

Hair thinning is a natural ageing process for some men and in some, it happens at such an accelerated phase that it is more like the situation of blink and the hair are gone. In both cases, the feeling is the same: Why me? They might try to laugh it off but being called uncle because of lack of hair is just not acceptable.Also Read – Beauty Tips For Festive Season: Shahnaz Husain Shares Easy Tips For Radiant And Glowing Skin

Your hair might be thinning but that does not mean you have to live with it. Today there are a number of tools and treatments at your disposal to help you successfully combat hair loss. All you have to do is take action. Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics shares tips to cover thinning hair. Also Read – Benefits of Tying Your Hair: Does it Really Control Breakage And Hair Fall? | Expert Speaks

Prescription Medications And Treatments

Here are some medications for hair thinning and loss that your doctor may be able to prescribe:

  • Finasteride : This is an oral medication that helps reduce levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone that can cause hair loss.
  • Corticosteroids: These are oral or injected medications that can reduce inflammation that may lead to hair loss.
  • Laser therapy: Your doctor or a dermatologist may be able to treat hair follicles with laser technology that sends light particles called photons into your follicles to help them grow. Talk to your doctor first to see if this will help you.

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How To Reduce Frizz In Men’s Curly Hair

I find there is nothing that looks better than a thick head of curly hair. Keeping those curls from becoming frizzy or too fluffy is fairly easy. It’s all about control. Using a great product like TIGI Bed Head for Men Curl Defining Cream in damp hair and then leaving your hair alone will help keep the curl separated and reduce frizz.

Curly Hair Tends To Be A Bit Drier Than Straight Hair


Because of this, we recommend you to minimize your hair washes to once or twice a week to avoid drying out your curls even more. If your hair is to the greasy side, search for a shampoo specialized for oily hair. Additionally, your money is well-spent on a moisturizing conditioner. It will help you beat frizz and just make your curls that much easier to handle. Finally, when stepping out of the shower, make sure you gently pat instead of rubbing your hair with the towel like a full-on crazy person. Pro Tip: Get used to apply a hydrating mask once in a while itll help detangle your hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

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How To Tell If Your Hair Is Thinning

Discovering a few hairs in your comb, on your pillow or in the shower drain isnt necessarily a sign that youre going bald. But over time, if youre noticing that youre shedding more and more hair, it could be a sign that hair is thinning.Male pattern hair loss can happen in several ways:

  • Receding hairline. Hair might thin at the temples, creating an M-shaped hairline, or it might thin across the hairline.
  • Loss of hair at the crown of the head.
  • Overall thinning. This is sometimes called invisible balding because the hair loss is so gradual and balanced it may be hard to notice until nearly half the hair is lost.

A good way to judge whether your hair is thinning is to take a picture of yourself now and compare it to past photos taken in similar lighting. Does your hairline or overall head of hair look sparser? Oh, who are we kidding with the omnipresence of social media, youve noticed this already. Thats why youre here.

Rule #: Use A Blow Dryer

You ARENT blow-drying your hair? You should be. You should always style your hair from wet to dry, especially with fine hair, Matty says. Why?

Ok, lets talk science. Inside each hair shaft are carbon bonds that give the hair shape. These bonds break down in two waysthey get wet, or they get hot. If the hair is cool and dry in a flat shape, its hard to build volume, no matter what products you use. The only way to achieve the volume you want is to get it wet and get it hot.

Heres what to do:

  • Start with wet hair and apply your choice of product , then blow-dry completely.
  • Set the blow dryer to medium heat and high air flow to get the most movement in the hair.
  • You can use a brush, but you can also use your hands.

The SECRET to creating volume? Go back and forth over the direction the hair falls and lift the hair away from the scalp to create volume. Keep in mind you only want to create volume at the front on topyou dont want to create volume EVERYWHERE, Matty says. Make sure you refine the shape a little bit.

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Common Myths About Hair Loss Debunked

Fear about hair loss – and a general lack of education about it – have given way to many male hair loss myths. They spread like wildfire and lead guys to make iffy decisions about their hair care. And in some cases, it could mean youre working with bad information and accelerating your hair loss.

Get the facts, not the fear-mongering myths. Here are a few common myths about hair loss, debunked .

How To Make Your Hair Thicker

How to Get Rid of Hair Fall and Get Long and Thick Hair ...
  • Try to identify and eliminate the cause of your hair loss.
  • Drink more water and increase your intake of protein, Omega 3, and vitamin C.
  • Select a haircut and hairstyle that will make your thin hair appear thicker.
  • Use shampoos that are designed for thinning hair.
  • Consider hair regrowth treatments and transplants if no other thickening methods work.

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How Hair Loss And Thinning Affects Your Hair Style

If you want to look your best despite hair loss, the first step is acceptance. You wont ever look exactly like you did before the process began – but that doesnt have to be a bad thing. Years of experience have made you older yes, but also wiser and more successful. Embrace the reality of your situation, both the good and the bad.

Once youve done that, consider changing or modifying your hair style to deal better with hair loss. These tips can help.

Rule #: Make Sure Your Haircut Suits Your Density

You may think that the best way to disguise fine hair is to simply cut it short, because your hair will stand up and give the appearance of fullness. However, this isnt always the best solution. The problem is when you cut it really short, you see a lot of scalp, Matty says.

The opposite problem is that when you grow fine hair really long, the hair is weighed down. Theres a point where the length has diminishing returns, says Matty.

So what haircut is best for fine or thinning hair? Mattys rule of thumb: Keep the hair on top between 3-5 inches. This leaves enough hair to blow-dry and style, but not so much that it weighs the hair down.

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Hair Care Products Designed For Thin Hair

Apart from changing your diet and your hair care routine, there are some products you can also use to help take care of your thin hair. Use a light texturizing spray. It will add natural texture and grit to your hair. This spray will also help you when you want to style your hair so that it holds the shape instead of falling flat. A lightweight spray is ideal as to not weigh the hair down.

A Root Volume Spray is another product that can help add volume into hair, this time at the roots. Use the spray before you blow-dry your hair to give it that voluminous look. Dry Shampoo is another hair care product that has been designed to help people with busy lifestyles and especially for women with thin hair types. This also helps combat the grease and oiliness without having to wash your hair.

Home Remedies For Oily Hair

How to Thin Out Thick Hair – TheSalonGuy

1. Shampoo Daily

Washing your hair every day is a must if you want to keep your hair from becoming too oily. If youre prone to oily hair, its wise to start washing it daily with a shampoo specifically made for oily hair.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

There are a lot of uses for apple cider vinegar that can be used at home every day. Its great for your health and is also great for your oily hair. Diluting a few tablespoons into a cup of water, soaking the hair with this, and rinsing after a few minutes two or three times a week is recommended.

3. Make a Dry Shampoo

If you need to get rid of oily hair in a hurry, making a dry shampoo out of cornstarch or talcum powder will prevent the oils from getting to the hair. Baby powder also works for this. Just sprinkle a little of any of these powders directly to the scalp and brush off immediately. It will make your hair appear less greasy and is great for a quick fix.

4. Soak it in Alcohol

Alcohol, specifical vodka, is great for drying out the hair and can be used as a wash or as a spray. Simple dilute one cup of vodka with two cups of water and rinse it into your hair. Wash it out after a few minutes and youll notice your hair is much less oily.

5. Rinse it in Beer

6. Witch Hazel Oil

7. Egg Yolk

8. Honey

9. Lemon Juice

10. Baking Soda

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How To Control Thick Hair

So, you’ve been cursed with a super-thick head of hair? We should all be so lucky! I realize thick hair certainly has its challenges. The key is to cut the hair super short or leave it long enough so the weight holds it down. Use of the right styling product can also make the world of difference in controlling your thick mane.


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