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How To Help Men’s Thinning Hair

What Is Hair Loss In Men

How to Thin Your Own Hair | Men’s Self Haircut Tutorial

Its normal to lose around 50 to 100 hairs every day. Usually this loss isnt noticeable because new hair grows to replace the hair lost. Hair loss and baldness occur when hair falls out too quickly, or new hairs stop growing.

Depending on the cause of hair loss, you may notice slowly thinning hair or a sudden bald patch. Hair loss can impact just the hair on your scalp or entire body.

Dhi Hair Transplant Side Effects And Precautions

Hair transplantation surgeries are relatively safe and rarely cause complications. DHI and FUE are less invasive than FUT because they dont require a surgeon to cut a large strip of skin.

Many companies claim that FUE techniques are scarless, however, they still do cause a series of tiny scars from the removal of individual follicles. These scars are usually not noticeable.

Here are a few potential complications of DHI surgery.

Can I Stop Hair Loss

Whilst there is no cure for male hair loss, the right treatment can prevent further hair loss and in some cases lead to renewed hair growth. The two most well-known, effective treatments available in the UK are finasteride, (also available as the brand Propecia, and minoxidil. The good news is finasteride is very effective at stopping hair loss, with 90% of men having positive results.

Men usually need to take finasteride every day for a minimum of 3 months before noticing any results and the balding process will often resume if treatment is stopped. It can be acquired with a private prescription, either from a private doctor or after a consultation with our Online Doctors.

Minoxidil is an over the counter treatment which does not require a prescription. It comes as a lotion, foam or liquid, usually in strengths of either 2% or 5%. A well-known product is the Regaine extra strength for men, which must be applied to the scalp at least once a day, every day, to have a positive effect on hair loss.

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How To Fix Men’s Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is one of the most common issues affecting men over the age of 30.

25% of men start losing their hair by 25 years old, and it only gets worse as we age.

Fortunately, while the is no cure for baldness, there are plenty of options available to slow down hair loss and improve the appearance of thinning hair.Today we are breaking down the causes, prevention, and treatments available for thinning hair.

Should You Wear A Hairpiece

How Do I Choose the Best Short Hair Styles for Thinning Hair?

Theyâve come a long way. It takes time and research to find the right one, though, because thereâs a wide range in cost and quality. And hairpieces also need regular maintenance, which can run between $60 and $300 per month. When you’re shopping for one, try to match your own hair color, thickness, and curl.

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Do Not Dramatically Lighten Dark Natural Hair

Those with darker-toned hair should avoid drastically lightening their hair.

Lightening the hair requires bleaching agents that can dry and damage the hair, leading to breakage and further hair thinning.

Hair lightening is called hair contouring.

It IS a big thing.

Just like makeup contouring, hair contouring uses light and dark colors to generate a flattering look that complements the wearers face shape and creates a push-and-pull effect with highlights and shadows to give the natural hair an ultimate dimension.

In other words, there should be NO MORE single-process color!

Any full head of hair thats all of one color can instantly look flat or lack dimension. Instead, its all about ensuring that lights, mediums, and darks work together.

Light shade is hard to maitain on dark hair. Your hair roots will grow out after several days.

If you want to try light shade on dark hair, consider using a human hair lace wig or medical wig. They also works for those with massive hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Hair loss in men could be caused by:

  • Genetics and family history: If your relatives have hair loss, youre more likely to develop it. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition where people gradually lose hair. This could show up as a slowing receding hair line or thinning patches on the crown of the head.
  • Medication conditions: Some medical conditions like hormonal problems or autoimmune diseases cause hair loss. For example, thyroid problems, scalp infections, or trichotillomania could lead to thinning hair or bald patches. An autoimmune condition called alopecia areata develops when the immune system attacks hair follicles resulting in bald patches.
  • Medications and medical treatments: Hair loss is a potential side effect of several medications for conditions like cancer, depression, gout, heart diseases, and arthritis.
  • Stress: Chronic stress or stressful events could lead to temporary hair thinning.

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What Are The Causes Of Hair Thinning And Hair Loss In Men

Did you know that more than half of men aged 50 or over show signs of hair loss? The cause of hair loss in men really depends on your situation and your genes. Male pattern baldness tends to run in the family. If there are a few thinning hair men in your family, your chances of experiencing bald patches are increased. In fact, male pattern baldness can begin in your 20s, so its important you start taking preventative measures sooner rather than later.

Dont Forget Conditioners And Volumizers

How to Thin Out Thick Hair – TheSalonGuy

Applying conditioner after shampooing your hair is essential to maintaining healthy locks. Conditioner is a vital hair-care step that adds moisture to help replenish hairs sheen and natural oils lost during shampooing. And volumizers work like a splint to strengthen each strand of hair, plumping it to provide more volume per strand.

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Is Baldness Caused By Emotional Stress Or Sexual Frustration

Some hair loss is associated with stress although male pattern baldness is a genetic condition found in many men. If you find your hair is falling out in clumps or at unpredictable times, it is most likely to be the symptom of something else. This could be stress related but is unlikely to be caused by sexual frustration. The best thing to do is to see your GP for a check up.

Tips For Men On Managing Thinning Hair

If youre stressed about thinning hair, take comfort in knowing that youre not alone. A whopping 51% of men are concerned with thinning hair or hair loss. Its the number one concern for men, surpassing things like dandruff, haircolor, and itchy scalp. A guy can have the thickest head of hair and still be self-conscious, always worried that its getting thinner, says Redken Artist Lindsey Olson, who points out that its an issue she sees commonly with her male clients. The good news? There are easy things you can do to help manage thinning hair and create fuller-looking hair instantly. Heres what you need to know to keep on rocking a full head of hair.

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Will Stress Make Me Go Bald Quicker

Stress can cause hair loss but hair loss caused by stress is rarely permanent. Whether stress speeds up the process of hereditary baldness is unknown.

There is a form of hair loss that can be caused by severe stress called telogen effluvium, which interrupts the growth cycle of your hair follicles causing hair to shed. But in the long term this process should correct itself.

How Can I Treat It

How to Make Your Hair Grow Back

Baldness is a natural process. Firstly you need to ask yourself whether you really want to treat it or if you can find a way to accept it rather than try to camouflage bald spots or regain your hair completely.

If you do want treatment, there are two drugs that can help.

Minoxidil lotion is applied twice daily to the scalp. Not available on NHS prescription, but can be purchased over-the-counter. About 60 per cent of patients benefit from it to varying degrees. Its effects start to wear off as soon as it is stopped.

Finasteride is a medicine taken in tablet form that partially blocks the effects of the male hormones . Propecia has been shown to halt further hair loss and promote re-growth of scalp hair in approximately 80 per cent of patients after three to six months. The treatment benefits also stop when you stop taking the medication. Only available on prescription and is available on some NHS primary care trust lists for certain conditions.

You might also consider cosmetic surgery, which is a reliable way to replace lost hair. Methods include transplants, scalp reductions and flap surgery although all are expensive long-term solutions.

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Does Hair Thinning Means Balding

No, male pattern baldness is a hereditary genetic issue.

While thinning hair is a sign of going bald, having thinning hair doesn’t mean you are going bald.

If you have male pattern baldness, you lose your hair because your body becomes more susceptible to male sex hormones known as androgens.

Androgens are crucial for male sexual and reproductive function. They control everything from secondary sex characteristics to bone, muscle, and most importantly, hair growth.

Thinning hair can be a side effect of medication, stress, illness, hormonal changes, and scalp infections. In almost all of these cases, lost hair is rarely permanent.

What Causes Hair Loss

Now, here’s the thing, male pattern baldness is caused by your sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone and it’s totally determined by your genetics. A boost in DHT will help with the growth of your beard, but it’ll also hinder your ability to keep your hair. This is why you see a lot of guys who are losing their hair, but have great beards.

So, almost every man goes through hair loss or male pattern baldness. Off the top of my head, I think 50% of men will see MPB by their 40’s and 67% of men will see it by their 60’s. When and the degree it affects you is up to your genetics. While your mother’s father will play a role into your hair loss, it’s not a 100% indicator. Ultimately, if a bunch of people in your family are bald, chances are it’ll happen to you, too.

I’d like for you to think of your hair loss like any other genetic factor – such as your height, eye color, or skin color. There are things you can do to work with it, but at the root of the issue, you’ll have to love the person looking back at you in the mirror. IE, you’re going to have to be cool with balding because that’s part of what makes you, you!

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What Not To Look For

The signs above are good indicators that you should think about taking action to stop your hair loss.

However, there are also commonly repeated signs of baldness that arent as reliable for identifying hair loss. These include:

  • An itchy scalp, which may have one or more causes, such as dandruff, but which generally does not indicate long-term hair loss.

  • Thin-looking hair after you swim or shower, which is more often a result of your hair clumping together and revealing your scalp than real hair loss. To accurately check for hair loss, its always best to compare photos of your hair when its dry and unstyled.

  • A widows peak, which is a dominant genetic trait and may be an indicator of hair loss or susceptibility to hair loss.

  • A few hairs on your pillow or bar of soap, which are completely normal and not a reliable indicator that youre losing an abnormal amount of hair.

  • A depigmented bulb on hair that falls out naturally. This just indicates that the hair was in the telogen phase when it fell out, and doesnt mean that it wont grow back as normal.

  • A bald grandfather on a certain side of your family. Scientists still dont know exactly how male pattern baldness is inherited, and a bald father or grandfather is no guarantee that you will also go bald.

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They Are Very Affordable

The Best Haircut & Products For Thinning Hair On Top To Look Thicker Men

Thinning shears can be purchased for a very affordable price and they do not cost too much in comparison to other types of thinning tools that exist on the market today. They are made from high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting, so you will not have to worry about having to replace them anytime soon either!

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Hair Regrowth For Men

For men who are leading a healthy life and still experiencing thinning on the top of their head, hair growth products and treatments can provide a suitable option. To achieve the best results, choose a Minoxidil topical treatment, which stimulates hair follicles to help grow new strands. Alternatively, a hair transplant may be considered for those who have had no luck regrowing their hair.

Male Or Female Pattern Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia, which health experts also refer to it as male pattern and female pattern baldness, results from genetic and hormonal factors.

It affects around 50 million males and 30 million females in the United States. Approximately of all people will experience it at some point.

The condition can occur at any age but is more common among:

  • males aged 50 years or older
  • females during menopause
  • people with a close relative who has androgenetic alopecia

In males, hair thinning tends to occur from the hairline to the back of the head and resembles an M shape. In females, it tends to affect the crown of the head.

Early treatment can often slow or stop hair loss.

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Pick Up A Lightweight Hair Putty

When it comes to styling your hair, avoid using super heavy pomades and clays. Instead, use a lightweight hair putty that wont weigh your hair down with greasiness and crunchiness.

In general, you want a hair putty with only a dash of shine. Thats because thinning and/or fine hair can run the risk of looking too greasy due to the excess oils on the scalp. Stick to a matte finish or low shine and be sure to apply it from the tips of the hairnot the roots!

Does Hair Loss Treatment Work

Worried About Thinning Hair? Vitamins Can Help

Some people find success with hair loss treatments, like OTC medications, prescription medications, and home remedies. However, they dont work for everyone.

For example, Rogaine works best for people with hereditary baldness at the back of the head, just under the crown.

Hair transplants are usually more successful than OTC products. However, if you have widespread thinning or baldness, or if your hair loss is due to chemo or medications, they wont be as effective.

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Going Dark Has Something To Do With Eye Brows

One ideal way of choosing the right color to cover the scalp with thin hair is to use a darker brown or black color to match the eyebrows.

Although coloring fine or thin hair might not work for redheads and natural blondes, our eyebrows are typically a shade darker than our hair.

An alternative to the method of eyebrows is to choose a color one or two shades darker than the body hair.

This can be attractive and be the best hair color for women with thin hair primarily if the person is used to a duller and more neutral tone.

Nutrients That Promote Hair Growth

Although hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin, certain other nutrients play a critical role in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair fall.

The best way to get your recommended intake of these nutrients is through a wholesome diet, but if that is proving difficult, ask your doctor to put you on a supplement.

Heres a list of some vital nutrients that help fight hair thinning:

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Shave Down The Entire Hair Length

This step is important because you need to give yourself a thinning base to work with. Different thinning shears will work better with different length of hair so you should keep that in mind while you are cutting. To cut the length down, you can use either a razor or thinning shears. If you are using shears, make sure to use the appropriate shears for the length of hair you have. If you are using razor, make sure to use a razor with a shorter blade length and shave down the entire hair length.

Can Quandong Seed Extract Help With Hair Loss

QUICK & EASY HOME HAIRCUT TUTORIAL | How To Cut Men’s Hair With Clippers Tutorial

Quandong Seed Extract is high in protein, which adds strength to fine, thinning hair. It nourishes fine thinning hair with quality protein leaving you with firmer, healthy hair.

If you’re looking for a great natural product to promote healthy hair growth check out Hair Food – think of it as a vitamin drink for your hair.

  • Naturally strengthens and thickens thinning hair
  • Start seeing results in as little as four weeks!
  • Revitalizes hair and scalp with natural ingredients
  • pH balanced to suit the chemistry of your hair and scalp

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