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Is Nioxin Good For Thinning Hair

Did It Improve The Appearance Of My Hair Ye

Shampoo for Thinning Hair – (Nioxin Review)

What I DID notice is fewer gaps when my hair is pulled back. That was an issue that drove me nuts. Even after brushing, it looked like my hair was separated, the scalp underneath becoming visible. My hair refused to lay evenly. After using Nioxin, I noticed the problem slowly improving. It seems to have made my hair fuller, with more body making the gaps less noticeable.

What Does Nioxin Contain

Nioxin contains a mix of herbs and botanicals that deliver nutrients to the scalp, blocking DHT in the process. Its patented Bioamp technology adds thickness to each hair shaft making it appear thicker and stronger.

Nioxin cleansers and shampoos also contain ZPT or zinc pyrithione. This is the only medication that is known to treat dandruff and leave the scalp completely clean and healthy. It is a proven formula to get rid of scalp ringworm and control itchiness caused by fungal microorganisms. Nioxin shampoos contain nearly 1% ZPT, so, with regular use, you experience reduced flaking, itching or scaling typically associated with seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp issues that lead to excess hair fall.

Nioxin Shampoo Honest Review: Keep Your Hairline With Nioxin

Hair loss is a common occurrence in millions of people around the globe. An average healthy human being loses up to 50-100 hairs each day. When you have over 100,000 hair follicles on your head, this seemingly small amount might not make much of a difference. However, repeat those statistics to a person who has already started seeing bald patches on his head-and it is enough to make him even more depressed than he already is. The good news is that there are many solutions available today for alopecia sufferers, no matter what their type or reason for hair loss. One of the top products for hair loss that really works is the Nioxin System. Nioxin cleanses the hair gently and reduces and blocks DHT-the root cause of androgenetic hair loss. In this guide, I will be presenting a completely honest review of Nioxin so you too can make the right decision and regain control over your receding hairline.

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The Verdict: Does Nioxin Work

If youve experienced significant hair loss, Nioxin isnt a miracle product that will make your hair grow back. Its possible that it could slightly reverse balding, but not likely.

Its more reasonable to use this product as a method to prevent balding and keep your hair healthy.

Studies show that most people notice thicker hair within the first month of using it. On top of that, Ive met many people that swear this product made their hair grow faster.

If youre on the fence, Id say to just try it.

The worst-case scenario is that you have clean, healthy hair that doesnt grow any faster than it would if you used a different shampoo.

Nioxin Hair Products Review


Shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins are considered the holy trinity of hair care products. Its a good thing to know that Nioxin carries all three within their collection that target hair loss

Each formula targets specific hair needs and concerns. This Nioxin shampoo review will take a look at some of their most popular items down below.

For the purposes of this article, we will only be providing sources that customers can access when purchasing online.

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The 3ds Of Thinning Hair And What They Mean

  • Density: Fewer strands indicate thinning hair. And less support from the surrounding hair can cause gaps to appear..
  • Derma: If you dont have a healthy scalp environment, you cant expect a healthy mane to take root
  • Diameter: Size matters. In terms of follicles, anyway. And thin, brittle strands indicate low keratin levels plus a higher chance of breakage.

Nioxin identified these 3 danger signs and created a line of products to blast them out of the water. Their formula removes follicle-clogging sebum to foster a healthy scalp environment while boosting the volume and texture of what you already have. Yay!

Benefits Of Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin shampoos help in the following ways:

  • Reduction of breakage-caused hair loss.
  • It helps to improve the texture of your hair.
  • It enables the removal of excessive scalp sebum.
  • It makes your hair look fuller.
  • It helps you get resilient hair cuticles.

Arent you impressed by these products yet? You definitely must be! We know we are! These shampoos by Nioxin are worth every penny and wont disappoint you. What makes it so unique is that it focuses on each and every issue and is suitable for all hair types! You get to transform your hair into something much better and beautiful. You no longer have to worry about the damage any product will cause as Nioxin shampoos will come to the rescue. Try the best products mentioned above and never face any hair issues ever again.

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Nioxin Advanced Thinning Product Collection

In addition to the systems above, Nioxin offers four products in its Advanced Thinning line.

The line features a hair regrowth treatment for women and men, a scalp optimizing cleanser, and a scalp optimizing conditioner. The Nioxin Scalp Treatment reviews online are generally favorable averaging at about 4.0 out of 5 stars.

We highly recommend minoxidil for both men and women if youre having trouble with hair loss.

It is one of the few proven treatments that work for genetic hair loss.

1. Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

Unlike their shampoo, this treatment contains an ingredient that is actually clinically proven to effectively help hair growth in women and men. The Nioxin Scalp Treatment reviews online generally trend positive.

That ingredient is minoxidil. If you havent heard of minoxidil you may have heard of Rogaine one of the most popular hair loss treatments available.

Both Rogaine and Nioxins Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men contains 5% minoxidil. This product for women contains 2% minoxidil.

4. Scalp Optimizing Conditioner

This conditioner is used to help minimize the appearance of thinning hair by reducing hair loss due to breakage.

Hair naturally will break down over time as it gets longer and older but this conditioner will help slow down that natural process.

Again, we lean toward recommending their three-step systems over the Optimizing Cleanser and Conditioner unless dandruff is a major concern along with thinning hair.

What Does Nioxin Cost

Nioxin Scalp Treatment System for Thinning Hair or Hair loss

Nioxin products are available at participating salons, third-party suppliers , retail stores and even on the official Nioxin website, all at various prices.

The approximate cost of the Nioxin Shampoo $25. The Nioxin cleansing shampoo and conditioner two-pack costs approximately $35.

Although Nioxin is available for purchase via various channels, its worth noting, however, that its important to make sure that you purchase genuine Nioxin products.

Many manufacturers are selling cheaper or knock-off products that look exactly like Nioxins original products. These fake products are chock full of harsh chemicals, such as parabens and sulfates, which can do more hair loss damage than good.

So, if you choose to purchase Nioxin online or via a third-party seller, be sure that you are purchasing REAL Nioxin products.

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Which One To Use

After comparing Nioxin System 1 vs. 2, we have found that both systems work for natural hair. But if you have to choose one, then check your hair condition. If you have natural hair, but you are experiencing light hair thinning, then it is best to purchase System 1.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing the heavy hair fall from prolonged time, then you must buy System 2. Both shampoos work effectively according to the different stages of the hair loss problem. Make sure that you buy an exact product that your hair needs.

Treating Hair Loss With Nioxin

Men and women of all ages can experience hair loss. If your hair is thinning, you know how frustrating it can be! Not understanding why your hair is thinning can be a major part of the frustration. According to the experts at Nioxin, there are 6 main causes of hair loss: genetics & hormones, stress & trauma, health & illness, environment, medication and nutrition. All can play a part in thinning hair. If you are unsure about the cause of your hair loss, a trip to your doctor may help provide some answers.

A healthy scalp is an important factor in the condition of your hair a healthy scalp = healthy strands. Nioxin Systems nourish and condition the scalp to create an ideal environment for hair to grow healthy and strong. Using a skincare inspired approach, the cleansing, conditioning and treatment systems target the 3 signs of hair thinning: derma, density and diameter. By increasing the diameter of the strands, hair appears fuller and is less prone to breakage, and by creating the ideal scalp condition new growth is encouraged and density is increased. There are also additional intensive treatments available to target specific concerns. Chatting with a Beauty Consultant or Stylist at your nearest Chatters can help you choose which Nioxin System will work best for you!

Still not sure which one you need? Head in to a Chatters Hair Salon where a Beauty Consultant or Stylist will be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.

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How To Choose A Nioxin Shampoo

You should look for a Nioxin Shampoo based on your hair type. There are various systems and types of Nioxin shampoos that focus on one hair issue at a time. This ensures that you reap maximum benefits from the product you use. The choice of shampoo you buy depends on:

  • Dryness: Nioxin shampoo help to treat the dryness of your hair
  • Thinness: It depends on how thin your hair is.
  • Treatment: Whether your hair is chemically-treated or untreated.
  • Dandruff: It also depends on the presence or absence of flakiness and dandruff on the scalp.
  • Oiliness: There is also special consideration for those who have oily hair and scalp.
  • There are various systems from 1-6 present in Nioxin shampoos, these systems vary based on the hair type and what it demands.

    Benefits Of Using Nioxin


    Before I get stuck into what these products can do, let me highlight what they cant do. They will not miraculously regrow hair overnight.

    In fact, unlike many other hair care brands, the company never claims to be a hair regrowth solution. Or to stop hair loss. Rather, it says that its designed specifically for thinning and fine hair. Which is true.

    Using premium skincare as inspiration, these treatments:

    • Strengthen, nourish and repair thinning hair
    • Improve the health of the scalp and the health of your mane
    • Promote thicker, fuller-looking locks
    • Restore moisture balance
    • Boost volume, texture and density of each n every strand

    But does Nioxin work? I can honestly say that for me, it ticked all of the above. My fine, brittle strands became thicker and healthier-looking in a matter of weeks.

    If Id had more of the stuff, I wouldve tossed it over my shoulders like all those LOréal ladies!

    LA Says: Im not alone in seeing great results. In fact, 89% of people who used the 3-part systems noticed a thickening effect.

    *Based on a 2016 US survey, conducted by SIRS and involving 230 participants with thinning hair concerns.

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    Difference Between Nioxin System 1 Vs 2

    A buying guide helps a lot in determining the difference between these two products. System 1 is a hair loss treatment shampoo for natural hair. It treats normal to light thinning hair without providing UV protection. The shampoo removes sebum deposits and residues from hair follicles. It cleanses and refreshes the scalp to promote healthy, thick, and dense hair growth.

    On the other hand, System 2 also works for natural hair. It protects your hair from UV rays and prevents damage. The significant difference is that it can cure a progressed hair loss stage. The shampoo is competent enough to cleanse the scalp and remove bad particles from your scalp and hair.

    After comparing certain factors, it becomes easy to determine which product is best for different stages of hair loss. If you are suffering from the same situation, then determine the health of your hair and buy the relevant one accordingly.

    Which Nioxin Should You Use

    The sheer range of products available in the Nioxin line up can be overwhelming and confusing for most hair loss sufferers. The company labels its products using numbers so you get to see names like Nioxin System 1, system 2, system 4 and so on.

    So which Nioxin should you use?

    Each Nioxin system basically consists of 3 parts: a cleanser, a scalp revitalizing conditioner and a leave-in scalp treatment.

    System 1 and 2 are designed especially for normal to thin and fine looking hair. They both provide volume to thinning hair types and also refresh and rejuvenate fine hair by providing instant shine and texture.

    Systems 3, 4, 5 and 6 are designed for chemically treated hair of varying length, texture and degree of thinning. You can use their online consultation tool provided on Nioxinâs website to find the right system for your hair concerns.

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    How To Use Nioxin System Hair Treatments

    Each Nioxin System kit includes shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment.

    Step 1. Start with your chosen Nioxin System shampoo. Gently massage it into your hair and scalp, and then rinse well.

    Step 2. Take your chosen Nioxin System conditioner and apply it from your scalp to the ends. This conditioning process is different to usual conditioners which usually instruct to apply just from the mid lengths to ends – so be sure to condition your entire head and hair lengths.

    Step 3. Leave your conditioner in for 1-3 minutes then rinse.

    Step 4. Give your recommended Nioxin System scalp treatment a shake then apply evenly to your entire scalp. Do not rinse.

    Thinning hair can be challenging, however knowing which Nioxin System treatment is right for your hair can make all the difference. No matter which Nioxin System you need, we guarantee the results youre looking for and you can find them right here at Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatments online today!

    Nioxin Review What Are The Side Effects

    Dr. Neda: Nioxin Product Review for Thinning Hair or Hair Loss Part 1

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    Here though, we only deal in real reviews of products. As you can see if you look around the site, Im a happily bald guy. So, I can really talk about products like Nioxin and give you guys an honest review. So, I reached out online to see if I could get someone to give us an honest Nioxin Shampoo Review and luckily, I managed to find someone! Here, youre going to read a real review of Nioxin by someone who actually used it!


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