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What Extensions Are Good For Thin Hair

The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Thin Hair And Ones To Avoid


Hair extensions provide a number of other benefits such as adding length, volume and thickness to ones hair. However, that doesnt just mean you can get any hair extension you desire. Each kind is different and only meant for or is more ideal for certain hair types.

Fine, thin hair is no different as the wrong kind of extension installed on those who have such hair can make them look unnatural, defeat the purpose of having extensions installed in the first place and even damage their natural hair.

So with that said, here are our recommendations for the best extensions to get for those who have thin, fine hair while we also look at ones to avoid.

How About Braided Weft Hair Extensions On Thin Hair

Braided Weft Hair Extension requires that the natural hair be braided first. After that, the wefts of the extensions are sewn into the braided rows to cover the whole hair regions on the head. Unfortunately, people with thin hair do not have sufficient volume to form a tuft that will hold the extension to the braids.

Another important fact to consider is that the weight of hair extension can cause additional stress and tension. That is why it is crucial for people with thin hair to select lightweight hair extensions only. It seems obvious that the strand-by-strand option is the best method for applying a light-weight extension to the hair. On the other hand, there is a high risk of hair damage when individual pieces of extension are bound to thin natural hair.

The tape-in hair extensions provide a lightweight option that does not need glue, special tools, or fusion type of bonding to stay in place. The single method of application allows the hair to be linked firmly to the extension with a piece of tape. Unlike other methods, the weight of the extension on the hair is reduced extensively. That is why this method poses the least risk of hair damage to thin hair.

What Is The Quality Of Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions come in different qualities. Some retailers offer cheap quality , while others may offer high-quality tape in extensions but at an exorbitant price.

Canada Hair strategy is to offer affordable hair extensions in Canada by offering quality tape in extensions at low prices.

We carefully monitor the quality of our hair.

We only use 100% natural hair for tape in hair extensions. The technical term used to describe this quality is 100% Indian Remy hair. In short, our tape in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair so it can be used exactly as if it was your own hair.

The extensions can be dyed, styled, and washed without any issues.

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What Are The Best Hair Extensions To Avoid With Fine Hair

As a general rule, any hair extensions that put unnecessary strain and weight on your head and hairline should be avoided if you have fine or thin hair. Your hair technician will be able to properly advise you on the best course to take when it comes to your extensions, so always seek professional advice before your first application or if youre having problems whilst wearing them. Heres a quick round-up of some types of extensions which can generally be difficult for those with fine hair to wear:

Faqs Best Hair Extensions For Fine And Thin Hair

Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Will tape in extensions damage fine hair?

Tape in extensions are the perfect choice for thinning hair as they are lightweight and do not weigh too much on the strands.Another aspect of tape in extensions is that their wefts are very gentle on the strands and do not put too much pressure on the head.You almost dont feel the hair wig on you when it comes to tape in extensions. So if your hair is very brittle, we suggest you go for the tape in hair extensions.

Are Halo extensions good for thin hair?

Given that you are looking for an extension to add to the volume of your hair, you dont want to add the damage!Thats why halo extensions are the best option. It is a single piece that can be attached to the hair without too much effort.The prime feature of the halo extension is that it lets your natural hair while being a temporary solution to the thin hair.So if youre wondering which hair extension is best for thin hair, it is definitely the halo extensions.

Can extensions make thin hair look thicker?

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Best Hair Extensions For Fine And Thin Hair 2021

The thinning of hair can be the most worrisome thing about maintaining hair. It makes obvious changes in the way we look. That is no good for anyone!

Besides remedies like taking in nutritious food and preserving your hair from pollutants, hair extensions for fine and thin hair come as a savior for thin hair.

If you dont know where to find them we have for you the best hair extensions for fine and thin hair.

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For thinning hair, it is extremely vital to consider all the possible prospects before you choose a hair extension.

The whole idea of wearing an extension is for your hair to appear thick. So considering the threshold of your fine and thin hair we have a winner!

Halo hair extensions are easily detachable from the hair strands and do not cause any kind of damage to the follicles. It is pretty difficult to attach hair extensions to fine hair since it could diminish the hair strands but with the halo hair extensions, your hair will be kept intact.Halo extensions are the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair

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How To Make A Selection Of The Perfect Hair Extensions To Buy

Are you a carefree person who loves to deck up, but only occasionally? If yes, go along with some temporary options that beautifully go with the occasional styling, and you can look picture perfect in every click. You would be surprised to find the clip in hair extensions for thin hair before and after difference. They add to your style statement within minutes and give a desirable volume and length to the hair. However, if you need a daily look with an extra bunch of hair on your heads, permanent methods are a better alternative. Choose the permanent options wisely, or else you might regret it for a long time due to breakage and damages.

The Micro-ring technique is quite famous in this context as it can be used multiple times, and clients can refit the same set of hair again and again. But these invisible tape hair extension options work well as hair extensions for thin hair on top of the head. You can add it as a bulk set of hair on a semi-permanent basis. Lets gather some more details about Invisible Tape-in hair extensions.

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Are Weave Extensions Safe For Fine Hair

Weaves are created by sewing wefts of hair into your own hair.


To do this, your natural hair has to be braided, and then the extensions sewn in.

But the problem is:

Some of your own hair will get pulled out in the braiding process and again in the braid removal process.

So this is not ideal for fine haired girls.


Weaves don’t work well with fine hair if there’s not enough hair to braid, for securing the extensions.


  • Tightly pulled weaves pull your own hair out.
  • Weaves can be difficult to weave into fine or thin hair.

Weave hair extensions for thin hair should be avoided.

Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

HOW TO: Applying Hair Extensions to Thin Hair!

The best hair extensions for thin hair? Tape in hair extensions! Why? Non-Damaging! Lightweight! Invisible! Clip-In Extensions tape in hair extensions

Hair extensions are great for giving you instant length and volume to your natural hair. But what if you have thin hair? There is a concern that by wearing hair extensions, you may damage your hair. However there is a solution for thin hair.

Discover the various types of hair extension methods and learn about the best type of hair extension for thin hair:

For fine or thin hair, you should look for the lightest density for hair extensions.

It may seem that strand by strand application would be the lightest weight in applying extensions to your hair. But you must consider the potential damage to your hair that can be caused by bonding individual pieces of hair to natural thin hair.

With tape in hair extensions, the extensions are light weight and require no glue, tools or fusion type of bond to stay in your hair. With the single method application, the extension is bonded with a piece of tape rather than sandwiching two extensions together. By doing so, the weight is reduced by half which is best for causing the least amount of strain and possible damage to thin hair.

Micro bead hair extensions vs. Tape Extensions: Tape Ins Cause Less Damage

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Tip #: Position Your Wefts

Tip #4: Position your weftsWhile there is a general sequence in which extensions should be clipped in, the fact that we all have different hair types, head sizes and shapes means there is no one right way to do it. Play around with the wefts and find what positioning works best for you. Thin-haired ladies especially need to pay attention to the top of the head, to make sure that the wefts aren’t peeking through Read the next tip for some positioning suggestions or view the visual below.

What Are The Best Extensions For Thin Hair

When choosing the best hair extensions for thin hair, you need to consider two main factors, weight and how well your natural hair can conceal them. Your hair extension technician will advise you on the best choice for your hair type during your consultation appointment but as a general rule of thumb, avoid weighty extensions as this will add stress and tension to your natural hair which could result in hair loss. Weve rounded up the best types of hair extensions for fine hair, to give you an insight into what could work most successfully for your hair.

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Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions are a type of extensions where the weft or curtain of the hair is attached to the natural hairline by sewing it in with the help of a needle or thread.

Your hair is then braided to give the appearance of a seamless look.

As they are done by hand and sewn into hair, the weft appears flat, yet is very strong.

So you can comfortably wear these type of extensions without making your hair feel bulky.

The only drawback of these type of hair extensions for fine hair is that they take time and money. Its almost impossible to do it by yourself.

And youll have to go to stylist every 6 weeks to adjust it according to new hair growth.

The first time around, you can spend anywhere between 2-4 hours getting these extensions for a full head of hair.

#1 SARLA Synthetic halo hair extension for thin hair

This halo hair extension from SARLA is a time saver since it is super easy to wear and remove.

  • It is 100% synthetic and heat resistant allowing you to style it as you please.
  • The hair extension, besides how light it is on the hair is easy to wear without causing any damage to your natural hair. It has a way of displaying volume no matter how thin your hair is.
  • There are a large variety of colours these extensions are available in so that you can choose according to your features.


Make sure to play around with wearing the extensions in different ways to rightly determine which one makes your hair look voluminous.







Tip #: Find The Safe Zone

Model with fine hair and extensions

A very important step when clipping in your extensions is figuring out what your ‘safe zone’ is. This is the area on your head where the clips will not be seen. Usually, for fine hair, the safe zone is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows. Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to another anywhere below that circle is where your wefts are going to be clipped in.

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Do All Hair Extension Types Work

Around half of the available methods are suitable for your hair type and thats good news! Why not the rest of them? Many extension types use attachment methods that would put too much strain on thin hair and make matters worse. Also, if the extensions are too heavy, you might end up with some of the hairs falling off because they cant stand the weight of the extensions.

So, you need to be careful when choosing extensions for fine strands because you might end up with a bigger problem than you started with.

What Hair Extensions Dont Work?

There are essentially four types of extensions that are not suitable for fine or very thin hair.

  • Beaded types such as micro-rings and micro-link loops that crimp extensions to the hair. The strain will be too much.
  • Cold fusion extensions like i-tips that require securing hair onto every strand.
  • Keratin or u-tip methods since you are adding too much pressure on individual roots.
  • Sew-in or hair wefts that are too complicated for thin hair.

Are Fusion Hair Extensions Safe For Fine Hair

In a nutshell:

The attachment process is actually not that bad.


The removal process of these hair extensions can cause damage to your hair over time.

When removed, fusion extensions pull out a lot of your natural hair.

This causes hair thinning.

Which isn’t ideal for thin haired girls.

Typically speaking

Fusion extensions don’t hold well on fine hair which is obviously an important consideration.


  • They don’t hold well to fine or thin hair.
  • They can cause damage when removed.

Fusion hair extensions for thin hair types should be avoided.

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Tip #: Style Your Extensions For Maximum Volume

Although Luxies look amazing with straight hair, wavy or curly styles can add volume and help hide the divide between your shorter, natural hair and the longer extensions. For best results, wrap your natural hair and the extensions together around the curling iron. This will help create a more blended, natural look. The direction you part your hair might seem like a small detail, but it can actually be the secret behind amazing volume. Part hair horizontally, and then curl 1.5 inch sections while lifting from the root to create a fuller style. Finally, add a bit of pizzazz with a cool hair clip.


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