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Why Is My Hair Thinning At 18

You Have Female Or Malepattern Baldness

My Hair Loss Journey And Evolution 18-23 Years Old

You might already know about malepattern baldness, a type of hair loss caused by a combo of genes and male sex hormones that usually makes the hair on a man’s head recede at the temples, leaving an Mshaped hairline.

But hormone-related hairloss for femalesor femalepattern baldnessis also a thing, according to the US National Institute of Health. This type of hair loss occurs when the hair follicle shrinks so much over time that it doesn’t grow new hair. In women, the symptoms of femalepattern baldness includes a widening of the center hair part, and, sometimes, coarser hair on the face.

The only FDAapproved treatment for female and malepattern hair is minoxidil , but if that doesn’t work, your doctor may prescribe oral medications such as finasteride that can halt hair loss or even cause some to grow surgery to transplant or graft hair is also an option.

Secondary Factors In Hair Loss

Yeah, its true that MPB is primarily driven by genetics and the other three-headed monster, DHT. But there are other things that potentially figure into the mix, too.

Age Weve kind of touched on this one already, but the bottom line is that the rate of hair growth slows as you get older. An elderly guy with a full head of hair is worthy of our praise because he has somehow defied the odds of aging and genetics. Bravo, kind sir!

Smoking You know that smoking is bad for you, but were not here to lecture. Among smokings many negative health effects, heavy smokers are more likely to experience hair loss than non-smokers. By heavy smoker, we mean someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, or more. Why? Because smoking messes with your blood circulation and that means less blood flow to your hair follicles.

Alcohol Many men enjoy a cocktail or two at the end of a long day of a work or a long week, and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. But unrestrained alcohol consumption may contribute to hair loss because alcohol raises estrogen levels while Zinc levels are reduced. And Zinc is an essential mineral for growing hair.

Poor Diet Maintaining a healthy diet is excellent for a lot of reasons, including that its good for hair health. For instance, protein is essential for prolonging your hairs growing phase, so making sure that your diet includes a sufficient amount of protein is important. A diet that doesnt include enough iron can lead to hair loss, as well.

Answer: Female Hair Loss Treatments

Hi, please see belowThere are multiple solutions to hair loss for women that are nonsurgical including:Rogaine- There is a specific formulation for womenSupplements- This includes but not limited to Viviscal and Nutrafol which contain marine extract and anti-inflammatory substances to promote hair growthPRP- Platelet rich plasma can promote hair growth and is a nonsurgical procedure in the officeLow level laser- Can promote hair growth in some patientsRegenerative medicine- There are additional growth factors which can be injected to promote hair growthSeek advice from an expert or team of experts. Best,Dr. Anil Shah

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Treating Hair Loss: Lasers

Devices that emit low-energy laser light may help new hair grow. They’re available in some clinics and for home use. Several are approved for both men and women, and studies show they do work. But it might take 2-4 months before you see results. Keep in mind: The FDA doesnât require the same rigorous testing for devices as for medicines. The long-term safety and effects arenât known.

Going Going Gone: I Started Losing My Hair At 16

Need help / advice badly. I have extremely flat / thin ...

Sam Wolfson was a schoolboy when he noticed a bald patch the size of a coin on the top of his head. Soon, he was wearing hats all day. At 24, is it time to consider surgery?

If Id always been as hairless as I am now, that would be one thing. But I can remember a time when I didnt have to tilt my head back in photographs. A time before I wore beanies like self-esteem prophylactics, when Id be OK about someone walking behind me when going down the stairs.

My aunt ran a leisure centre, and once a year throughout my childhood she would close it to the public and hold a Hanukah party for our extended family often the only time I would see my relatives. Before fressing and presents, the whole family would go for a swim. On this one day, I would see my uncles and cousins, semi-naked, splashing about in a recreation of the placental gloop from which we all came. These bald, chubby men, covered in damp, matted hair everywhere except where it should be sloppy otters slipping into a lake.

Then there was me. With thick, copper locks that looked golden under strip-lighting, I felt very different from these suburban, unsexual blobs on my family tree. I was a skinny-jeaned indie kid who knew where the good squat parties would be, and who got to snog girls a lot more attractive than I was. My hair was what separated me from them it made me feel like a tearaway.

Im shown my pattern of hair loss on a chart of men with pixellated faces, as if they’re ashamed to be seen

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Reason #: Thyroid Disorders

Hair thinning can also be caused by thyroid disorders, such as Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism . This hair thinning typically occurs when the immune system causes inflammation that disrupts hair follicles and prevents hair from growing normally. Women who are pregnant may find themselves experiencing this type of hair-related disorder due to elevated hormone levels during pregnancy which stimulates hair growth but causes an exaggerated inflammatory response afterward.

Answer: 18f Losing Hair

There are about 25 reasons why an 18year old female “could” be losing hair so I would advise seeing your dermatologist.The three MOST COMMON reasons for an 18 yo female to be losing hair are genetic hair loss , low iron levels and poor diet. The other reasons are much less common.You’ll want to meet with your dermatologist for a comprehensive medical history & examination and get a few simple blood tests.

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How Male Pattern Baldness Happens

While several different things can cause hair loss, the most common form of hair loss in men and as such, the most likely culprit if youre beginning to lose your hair in your early or mid-20s is male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is caused by a combination of your genetics and the effects of male sex hormones. More specifically, its caused by the effects of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

DHT is created as a byproduct of testosterone. Like other hormones, it binds to receptors within your body. When DHT binds to the receptors in your hair follicles, it can damage the follicles and stop them from producing new hairs.

The effects of DHT on your hair arent immediate. Instead, DHT can gradually damage your hair follicles over the course of months or years, leading to everything from a receding hairline to full baldness.

Its common to notice the first signs of male pattern baldness during your 20s. If youre prone to male pattern baldness, you may notice mild recession in your hairline as you enter your 20s, or significant hair loss that worsens over the course of several years.

Weve talked more about the relationship between DHT and male pattern baldness in our guide to DHT and hair loss.

Stress Can Be A Factor With Thinning Hair In Older Women

Are you Loosing your Hair? – TheSalonGuy

As women age their bodies begin to process nutrients less efficiently. Many vitamins and minerals are necessary for hair growth. Iron and Vitamin C are good examples of this.

Iron deficiency has been linked to hair loss in several studies. As the body ages, it can become more difficult for it to obtain the iron it needs from foods. The deficiency can then lead to thinner hair. Interestingly, a Vitamin C deficiency can contribute to the iron deficiency. This is because, without enough Vitamin C, the absorption of iron from foods such as red meat becomes more difficult.

There are a great number of nutrients that play a part in thinning hair in older women. In addition to iron and Vitamin C, getting enough magnesium, B vitamins, selenium, niacin and zinc is important. Some deficiencies can be helped with a diet change or nutritional supplements. Nutrafol is a supplement that contains Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc â among other things.

As we age our stress levels increase. Additionally, realizing that we are aging can cause additional stress. High levels of stress over a long period leads to increased cortisol production. This can have an negative impact on hair growth and lead to hair appearing thinner.

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Why Would A 18 Year Old Female Be Losing A Lot Of Hair

I’ve been losing hair ever since 16 years old. At first I thought it wasn’t anything serious, until my hair started thinning. My hair loss has worsen each year. Whenever I would brush my hair or feel my hair, there will be a clump of hair in my hand. After taking showers, there would be a bunch of hair in the drain.

Does Your Child Need To See A Doctor About Hair Loss

Yes. You should take your child to see your GP if your child has:

  • significant hair loss or thinning for no apparent reason
  • an itchy or tender scalp
  • a spongy lump under the area of hair loss
  • hair loss and also has a fever, is drowsy, is in a lot of pain or is generally unwell.

If your child is losing hair from large areas and is feeling upset or stressed about it, it might be a good idea to ask your GP for a referral to a dermatologist.

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You Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another imbalance in male and female sex hormones. An excess of androgens can lead to ovarian cysts, weight gain, a higher risk of diabetes, changes in your menstrual period, infertility, as well as hair thinning. Because male hormones are overrepresented in PCOS, women may also experience more hair on the face and body.

Treating PCOS can correct the hormone imbalance and help reverse some of these changes. Treatments include diet, exercise, and potentially birth control pills, as well as specific treatment to address infertility or diabetes risk.

Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair

8 Reasons Why is My Hair Falling Out and Thinning ...

Ok, now that we’ve established ways to deal with hair loss, let’s talk about the hairstyle options you have. Many guys are quick to rush to the “shave it off” option when they start losing their hair. The thing is, you don’t have to do that.

Because thinning hair is so common, there are a lot of hair styles that work for balding hair and a good barber will work with you to find a hairstyle that works for you. Find other guys who are having a similar balding style as you and use that as inspiration. Here’s a short list of famous guys with thinning hair to get you started:

Keep in mind that these people make money with their image, so it’s likely they’ve treated their hair loss with one of the solutions above. The biggest thing with thinning hair is to own it and not hide it. There’s a difference between getting a hairstyle that looks good with MPB and one that is trying to cover up the baldness.

Men basically experience hair loss in three different ways: Youll lose hair from the crown of your head, from your temples, or from a general overall thinning of your scalp. Lets take a look at hair styles you can rock depending on what type of hair loss you experience:

The worst thing you can do with balding is the comb over! That being said, I’ve seen some guys who have thick curly hair and their thinning temples are covered up naturally without looking weird. We are all different, so there is no one perfect solution.

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Style Tips For Thinning Hair

Ask your stylist. They might suggest a short cut, a different part, maybe a gentle body wave. Try a styling product for thin hair to hide bare spots. Apply it to the root area then gently blow dry to build volume. Let your hair air dry for a while before you use the dryer. Special cosmetics can disguise parts of your scalp that show. Think about keratin fiber hair cosmetics. Sprinkle them over the thinning patch. Their static charge makes hair look thicker.

More Options For Managing Hair Loss

Were all about taking action when it comes to dealing with hair loss. By that, we mean dont just throw up your hands and say, Theres nothing I can do about my hair loss! Its like when you have a cavity in a tooth you dont sit back and live with it, but you go to the dentist, change your brushing and flossing routine, and so on.

Taking action when experiencing balding and hair loss means finding a hairstyle that works with thinning hair. It also means integrating products into your life such as Rogaine that slow down hair loss and may even generate new hair growth. It also means making due with what you have in terms of your specific kind of hair loss.

But taking action doesnt mean shaving your head at the first sign of balding. Dont do it. Theres nothing wrong with shaving your head if youve experienced significant thinning or balding, but theres no need to when you first notice hair loss. So, be part of hair thinning men who are proactive.

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How Hair Loss Progresses

One-fifth of men will experience significant hair loss by age of 20, and that percentage grows proportional to age. Bauman says that significant loss increases steadily with age: 30 percent will experience it in their 30s, 40 percent in 40s, and so on. This math proves true for men into their 90s, he says. If you go unchecked but have maintained most of your hair by middle age, then your sensitivity to DHT is probably on the low side, meaning you have a slower rate of male pattern hair loss going on.

Symptoms of gradual hair loss are sometimes hard to notice until nearly half the hair is gone. The most obvious signs are a thinning of the temples and hairline recession. Otherwise, the hair loss can be more widespread and balanced. This steady shedding is called invisible baldness, since the hair becomes gradually less dense until suddenly it is perceptible to the naked eye. In general, hair loss is a chronic, progressive condition that gets worse over time without treatment, Bauman says.

However, there are also ways to measure this invisible baldness. Bauman utilizes two proceduresHairCheck and HairCamto track the hair-loss progression over time,. This periodic audit can soon paint your long-term hair-loss outlook by offering in-depth looks at density, recession, and more.


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