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Can Sarcoidosis Cause Hair Loss

How Is Sarcoidosis Treated

Can Sarcoidosis Cause Weight Loss Fatigue Tiredness | Sarcoids Lose Weight Quickly

Theres no cure for sarcoidosis. However, symptoms often improve without treatment. Your doctor may prescribe medications if your inflammation is severe. These can include corticosteroids or immunosuppressive medications , which can both help reduce inflammation.

Treatment is also more likely if the disease affects your:

  • eyes
  • heart
  • nervous system

The length of any treatment will vary. Some people take medication for one to two years. Other people may need to be on medication for much longer.

Most people who are diagnosed with sarcoidosis dont experience complications. However, sarcoidosis can become a chronic, or long-term, condition. Other potential complications may include:

  • lung infection

Hair Loss Causes And Treatment In Women

Although the major causes of hair loss in women are genetic factors, dierent reasons such as vitamin deciencies, hormonal imbalances, stress, anxiety, thyroid problems, birth control medication use, pregnancy and menopause can cause hair loss. In addition to these, various beautification treatments applied to womens hair can also trigger or speed up the hair loss process. The same hair transplantation procedures used for men, FUT, FUE and DHI can also be used successfully for the treatment of hair loss in women.

Common But Overlooked Causes For Hair Loss

I was talking with a friend the other day who said she is experiencing hair loss, and that it is very disappointing to her because it appears to be getting worse. She was leaning on me for advice because she said, I cant look in the mirror anymore.She has tried all the expensive shampoos, and color treatments, she has asked her doctor, and she has finally retreated to the reality of losing her hair, when she is still a very pretty woman in her mid 70s. Basically, shes given up hope for restoration.

Within minutes I was able to discern the problem for her, and arm her with information to regrow her hair.

Todays article is to help you too. Id like to show you some more possible causes for your own hair loss in case youve given up hope yourself. Its not always because of advancing age, although that is one obvious reason.An estimated 100 hairs are shed every day! Thats hard to believe, but its true. If youre not growing new hairs, the hair loss becomes more evident. So hair loss and hair growth are two different things. You cant stop the shedding, thats natural, but you do have some control over new hair growth. You also have a little control over factors that lead to excessive hair shedding, maybe not stem cells but certainly other factors. The stem cell theory is brand new!

Statin Use.

for doctors reading this today who want to understand the mechanisms behind the PTH-driven hair loss.

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What Are Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis When It Affects Organs Such As The Spleen

Cytopenias are the most common “miscellaneous” symptom. Involvement of the spleen or bone marrow may lead to anemia and other blood abnormalities. These conditions usually are not of clinical significance. Bone thinning is also common in sarcoidosis, as a result of the disease or as a side effect of prednisone therapy.

Some very common conditions seen in those with sarcoidosis are depression, fatigue, and obstructive sleep apnea. Often, these are the most significant problems affecting the quality of life. Depression may occur in up to 2/3 of patients with sarcoidosis, and can cause much of the fatigue that people with sarcoidosis experience. Sleep apnea is suspected in individuals with fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, or an unrefreshed feeling on awakening in the morning. Most individuals snore, or experience episodes of choking or gasping at night. Sarcoidosis of the sinuses or nose, weight gain from steroids, and lupus pernio are three factors that increase the chances for obstructive sleep apnea. If your doctor suspects sleep apnea, it may be diagnosed by overnight monitoring in a sleep lab. This sleep test is called a polysomnogram.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

21 Reasons for Your Itchy Scalp

In 90 % of women, shedding occurs on the entire scalp. In the other 10 %, the hair loss is seen in the front and sides of the head as seen in men. However, complete baldness is usually not observed, as is usually the case with men, which may lead to late discovery of hair loss issues. The reason for late discovery of hair loss is that the front hairline is mostly protected in women. Hair loss progresses in the form of thinning and shedding of hair.

Hair loss in women can sometimes begin during puberty. If hair loss is accompanied by menstrual irregularities, acne and body hair growth, then hormonal values should be checked. The causes of hair loss in women are divided into two groups as permanent and temporary hair loss.

Genetic reasons such as iron deciency, anemia, various systemic disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovary can trigger permanent hair loss.

Postpartum complications, feverish diseases, postoperative complications, some medications and stress are among the primary reasons for the temporary increase of hair loss in women.

For many clients, having the operation performed in Turkey is quite cheaper compared to other European or Middle Eastern countries.

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What Are Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis When It Affects The Reproductive System

Sarcoidosis can affect the male reproductive system, particularly the testes, and may cause male infertility and erectile dysfunction. The disease rarely affects the female reproductive system. Sarcoidosis does not increase the incidence of fetal or maternal complications during pregnancy, unless it has caused severe impairment of the heart or lungs. However, the disease may worsen after childbirth.

Enlarged Liver And Kidney Stones

Sarcoidosis around the liver can cause engorgement of the organ, which presents as visible bloating and swelling in the abdomen and abnormal liver tests. The condition can also cause kidney stones when the kidney can no longer function properly due to these spreading of granulomas in the kidneys. Kidney stones themselves can cause pain but may pass on their own or be removed medically. However, the scarring from the sarcoidosis can have long-term effects on the health of the kidney.

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How Does The Disease Itself Present

A very small proportion of patients with sarcoidosis are asymptomatic. About 50% have lung symptoms of some kind . Some patients have fever and weight loss. A variety of other symptoms are possible depending on the organ affected. Sometimes the skin is the first site of involvement. Therefore, dermatologists need to understand the different ways this disease presents itself so that they can help make the diagnosis in early stages.

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

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So, which are the foods that cause hair loss? Some foods are just bad for us in every way possible. Besides harming us physically, they take our crowning glories away.

1. Sugar

There isnt much research on why sugar triggers hair loss, but experts believe that it may cause inflammation. Furthermore, foods like carbohydrates, like potatoes, bread, white rice, and pasta have a high glycemic index. They break down into sugars quickly and have the same effect.

Sugar produces insulin and androgen, the male hormone that shrinks hair follicles and causes hair loss.

2. Fish with Mercury

Dermatologists advise that fish like tuna and mackerel, which have high mercury levels, may cause hair loss. This study backs their theories and adds that the mercury in these fish converts to methylmercury, which is toxic.

3. Fried Foods

Also, high-fat, fried foods that have hydrogenated oils may trigger hair loss. Diets that are high in fat lead to an increase in testosterone levels, which lead to male pattern baldness.

4. Selenium

Another group of foods that cause hair fall is selenium. Your body needs this micromineral in small amounts. Consequently, too much of it can lead to hair loss. A potent source of selenium is the Brazil Nut. You will also find selenium in tuna, oysters, and whole wheat bread.

A review by Margaret Rayman, a Professor of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, shows that selenium is responsible for hair fall.

5. Foods high in Vitamin A

6. Aspartame

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Other Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

The process of hair loss in women is much more complicated than men and can have various dierent reasons. Spending time in stressful environments, experiencing mood disorders, feeling trapped with anxiety problems can all cause hair loss. Eating disorders, having excess vitamin A, zinc and essential amino acid deciency, intestinal and digestive problems and frequent general anesthesia use can also be responsible for hair loss in women.

The second most common hair loss type seen in women after genetic hair loss is telogen euvium. While normally 10% of the hair on the scalp is in the telogen phase, in this case up to 30-50% hair follicles enter the telogen phase and begin to fall out. Telogen euvium is usually seen in women between the ages of 30-60, and can cause a sudden and unreasonable hair loss of 150-700 strands per day. This is usually confused with genetic shedding. This condition may spontaneously disappear within 6 months. During pregnancy, women enter a lucky period about their hair. Most women grow more and healthier hair. However, most women may experience hair loss due to telogen euvium three months after birth, shedding this excess hair. Although telogen euvium does not cause baldness, it causes thinning of the hair in the temples.

What Causes Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss include:

  • Abnormal hair cycling
  • Deficiency in iron or protein intake
  • Excess vitamin A intake
  • Infection or inflammation of the scalp
  • Protein or iron deficiency
  • Untreated ringworm of the scalp

However, hair loss is not caused by the following:

  • Poor circulation to the scalp
  • Dandruff

Generally, the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe the baldness will become.

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What Are Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis When It Affects The Lungs

The lungs are affected in more than 90% of individuals with sarcoidosis. Even in individuals whose disease primarily affects other organs, the lungs are usually affected as well. Shortness of breath, cough, and chest discomfort are the most common lung-related symptoms. Patients may be free of chest symptoms despite an abnormal chest x-ray and biopsy-proven sarcoidosis. Occasionally, patients have chest pain which is usually described as a vague tightness of the chest but sometimes the pain can be severe and similar to cardiac pain.

It’s thought that sarcoidosis of the lungs begins with alveolitis. Alveolitis is inflammation of the alveoli, which are the tiny sac-like air spaces in the lungs where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged. Alveolitis either clears up by itself or progresses to granuloma formation. Samples of lung tissue may show the presence of granulomas.

Granulomas in the lungs can lead to narrowing of the airways, enlargement of lymph nodes in the chest, and inflammation and scarring of lung tissue. The scarring causes the lung tissue to stiffen and destroys the air sacs, making it more difficult to breathe.

How Does Scalp Sarcoidosis Present

Diseases that cause hair to fall out

Scalp sarcoidosis is quite uncommon. In fact, there has been less than 50 cases published in the medical literature so far. Many of these cases have been African American women who have systemic involvement. Scalp sarcoidosis may be non-scarring or scarring.

Clincally, the lesions often have an orange color and may look very similar to lichen planopilaris, discoid lupus, scleroderma or even alopecia areata at first glance. Just like the skin lesions , scalp sarcoidosis can take on many forms!

Trichoscopy is a very important first step when evaluating lesions and this is generally followed up by scalp biopsy. Its the scalp biopsy however that helps confirm the diagnosis. Confirmation of a diagnosis of scalp sarcoidosis is very important – especially if the patient is unaware that they have systemic disease. Most patients with scalp sarcoidosis will have systemic involvement.

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Eye Pain And Sensitivity

When sarcoidosis forms in or behind the eye, different symptoms may develop. Many people develop general eye pain and become sensitive to bright light. An affected individual’s eyes may become red and irritated. Blurred vision can also develop. When sarcoidosis around the eye is not treated, it can result in blindness.

What Are The Signs Of Sarcoidosis

About 20% of people who get sarcoidosis develop signs of the disease on their skin1. The following pictures show some of the ways that this disease can show up on the skin.

As you look at these pictures, keep in mind that many of these signs can occur when something else is going on inside your body. A rash could mean that you have a skin infection that can be cured with medication. Tiny bumps within a tattoo could be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Any changes to your skin, including those shown in the following pictures, should be examined by a board-certified dermatologist.

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Can Sarcoidosis Cause Weight Loss Fatigue Tiredness

Can sarcoidosis cause weight lossCan sarcoidosis cause fatigueCan sarcoidosis cause tiredness

Weight loss

The strange thing with one of the first sarcoid symptoms is the weight loss, though my appetite was just the same weight poured and tumbled off me, this started before I was diagnosed. I went from around 11.5 stone to about eight stone in the region of four months. You can view me at my thinnest while I play my Gibson Les Paul here. A human body can cope very well while losing weight, certainly if the appetite is still good but eventually a point will be reached that becomes dangerous, if the weight loss is rapid that in itself a danger.


During this weight loss fatigue can also be a serious factor, its not necessarily the loss of weight that causes the fatigue but it can certainly contribute. When you get diagnosed and treated you should start to gain weight again, but what you could find is still immense fatigue, this fatigue originally might have been mentioned by the medics to have been caused by the weight loss, yet for those of us that start on treatment we find out this fatigue is unbelievably annoying, frustration is an understatement.


The weight loss, fatigue and tiredness combined with the breathlessness can sometimes feel unbearable, especially when you have lead an active lifestyle, it can be treated and controlled though it must be mentioned that a lot of this control includes will power.

What Systems Of The Body Are Affected By Sarcoidosis

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Beyond the lungs and lymph glands, the body organs or systems affected by sarcoidosis that are associated with the most noticeable symptoms are the skin, eyes, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, heart, liver, and kidneys, in this order. Patients can have symptoms related to the specific organ affected, or can have general symptoms, or can have no symptoms whatsoever .An individual patient’s symptoms can also vary according to how long the illness has been under way, where granulomas are forming, how much tissue has become affected, and whether granuloma formation is still active or has developed into scar.

Some patients who experience sudden onset of disease have Lofgrens syndrome, a form of sarcoidosis that affects the lymph nodes and is accompanied by a skin condition that produces red nodules under the skin, as well as fever and arthritis pain. Patients with Lofgrens syndrome usually can expect a good outcome the disease goes away on its own in 85% to 90% of people.

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