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Does Keeps For Hair Loss Work

Will Finasteride Stop Hair Loss

Do KEEPS Hair Loss Treatments Really Work?

In many cases, finasteride slows or stops hair loss. In some cases, it may even regrow hair.

In one European study, men treated with 1 mg finasteride over a five year period led to a 93% decrease relative to placebo in the 5-year likelihood of developing further hair loss.

It regrows hair less well but does provide a benefit for some men. In another study, the authors found that the chances of mild to moderate visible regrowth are 61% on the vertex after 2 years and 37% on the frontal area after 1 year.

Which Do We Recommend Keeps Or Rogaine

Both Keeps and Rogaine offer their own brand of minoxidil. Which is right brand for you?

First of all, we highly recommend that you purchase this online instead of going to the pharmacy. Since shipping is included with both Keeps and for , why bother dragging yourself into a pharmacy to wait in line and battle traffic in the parking lot? With more and more pharmacies putting their expensive items behind shoplifting prevention plastic barriers who wants to have to talk to an associate about grabbing a bottle of the Im going bald stuff?

Because tag-teaming treatments ensures youre trying everything you can to not go bald, we recommend Keeps. With Keeps, you can get the two proven medicines known to help stop your hair loss Minoxidil and Finasteride in a single subscription. Plus, you get a real, painless, doctors visit without having to leave your home Keeps pricing is very competitive, even beating for comparable Minoxidil subscriptions, so even if you only want low-cost Rogaine, Keeps is a solid option. Give them a try, and take advantage of our exclusive partnership with them that gets you 50% off your first order!

Hormones And Hair Loss

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, and estrogen, the female sex hormone, are among these hormones. Both exist to regulate sex drive and develop secondary sexual characteristics. Some of these are chest size and hip width for women, muscle size for men, beard. These hormones even determine the depth of our voice and the rate at which our hair grows. When asked if Keeps really works, we can say yes it does.

There are many other hormones, and most of them are true derivatives of both testosterone and estrogen. DHT first helps hair to grow in the first years of our lives. Then it starts doing the opposite. Over the years, DHT will begin to bind to our hair follicles and cause them to shrink.

The shrinkage thins the hair that comes out of that hair follicle, making DHT the main culprit of baldness. Certain genes initially make some people much more sensitive to DHT. The question of does keeps really work has started to be researched quite often on the Internet.

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What Is Follicular Unit Extraction Or Fue

This technique involves removing individual hair follicles directly from the patientâs donor area. In preparation for the procedure, the hair in the donor area is completely cut. The skin surface around each follicular unit is cut superficially with a motorized stapler. The follicular unit is then removed directly from the scalp using forceps traction, pressure to the surrounding area. When asked does keeps really work, we can say yes it does.

The main difference between the two procedures involves removing the FUT hair strip, then separating it into separate units. FUE, on the other hand, involves removing each follicular unit separately. FUE also takes significantly less time to heal than FUT. Small puncture marks, almost invisible to the naked eye, heal in less than 7 days. When asked if Keeps really works, we can say yes it does.

The other difference between the two is that the FUT method can take more grafts than the FUE technique. FUE 2000-2700 allows graft retrieval, while FUT 2600-3000 sometimes has more coverage. A combination of the two methods can capture 3500-4500 grafts in one or two sessions. For this reason, the number of grafts needed by the person will be one of the determining factors in the treatment process that the doctor will recommend. The question of does keeps really work is a matter of curiosity for both men and women.

The Role Of Genes In Hair Loss

Keeps Hair Loss Review

Genes for hair loss can actually come from both parents. Although both have never experienced hair loss in their lifetime, they can pass these genes on to their children. Think beyond your mother and father as you care for your family. Look for any close relatives you can find. Uncles, aunts, cousins ââand grandparents, you will surely find a bald one.

Search for her current pictures to see if she has widespread hair loss anywhere in the family. Hair that is definitely lost with baldness does not grow back. But hair elsewhere on your body is resistant to baldness and is key to a hair transplant. When asked does keeps really work, we can say yes it does.

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What Is Follicular Unit Transplant Or Fut

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the removal of the scalp as a strip from the back and lateral areas. It is a procedure in which hair follicles from the removed scalp are moved to the balding areas of the scalp. The patient is anesthetized and the doctor removes strips of tissue from the donor area. After removal, the donor strip is precisely cut into individual follicular units under the microscope. When asked does keeps really work, we can say yes it does.

The doctor then makes small holes in the scalp where the follicular unit grafts are carefully inserted. The donor area is then sutured with a special plastic surgery technique called Trichophytic Closure. A thin strip of the outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis, is removed before the wound is closed. As the incision heals, the follicles underlying the scar pass through, helping to camouflage the scar.

Use A Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

In addition to using minoxidil with finasteride, washing your hair with a hair loss shampoo may help to further prevent hair loss and keep your hair in optimal condition.

Many hair loss prevention shampoos, including our Thickening Shampoo, contain ingredients that may help to reduce DHT levels in your scalp.

Helpful ingredients to look for in a hair loss shampoo include ketoconazole and saw palmetto, both of which have been linked to reduced DHT activity and improved hair growth in scientific research.

Its worth noting that although these ingredients appear to be effective, the scientific evidence for them isnt as strong as it is for finasteride or minoxidil.

You can find out more about these ingredients and their effects in our detailed guide to what to look for in a mens hair loss shampoo.

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If You Smoke Kick The Habit

Smoking isnt just harmful for your heart and lungs — it can also damage your hair follicles and contribute to hair loss.

The chemicals in cigarettes can do serious harm to your skin and hair, including by damaging the DNA inside your hair follicles.

A study carried out in Taiwan even found that regular cigarette smoking was associated with a higher risk of developing moderate or severe hair loss in men.

Other scientific research shows that smoking may reduce your skins elasticity, causing you to develop wrinkles and other signs of aging early.

If youre a smoker, consider quitting. Our guide to quitting smoking shares techniques that you can use to control nicotine cravings, stay focused and make real progress towards kicking the habit for good.

Does Keeps Treatment Really Work

Don’t Buy Keeps Hair Loss Treatment! Try This Instead

Surely, this is the first question that comes to mind as you read about Keeps for the first time. It seems like a great solution, but does the treatment actually work? Lets dig a little deeper.

Firstly, we should state that the medications offered by Keeps are all FDA-approved. This means that they have been proven to be safe and effective. Finasteride and minoxidil are the only medications approved by the FDA for hair loss. So, in this sense, Keeps is totally legit.

Moreover, according to the Keeps FAQ page, the founders of Keeps worked with two of the worlds leading hair-loss experts to develop the company. The fact that Keeps is backed by science and medical experts is another reassuring component of the company.

8.1out of 10

In our experience, Keeps is a safe and easy way to prevent hair loss and promote thicker hair. We have found their treatment options to be highly effective.

Of course, Keeps hair loss treatment may not work for every single person who tries it. For whatever reason, the medications just dont work out for certain men. However, for the most part, Keeps customers tend to have a positive experience with the service. Lets take a look at some real reviews of the brand:

I’ve used the shampoos, foams and many other over the counter products.

Devin, Consumers Advocate

Buy Now

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My Hair Loss Experience

My hair began thinning when I was 31 years old, especially at the back of my scalp. I havent noticed much hair loss at the temples yet.

Heres a timeline of what happened after I started taking finasteride:

  • 3 months: Hair strengthened
  • 6 months: Hair started to regrow
  • 12 months: Hair looked like it used to

I chose not to use minoxidil along with finasteride because I wanted to see if the pill worked on its own and it has so far.

If you decide to take minoxidil, stock up when you find it on sale or try Costco. No prescription is required.

Whats Better Keeps Or Roman

Keeps is focused on keeping men from going bald, with online doctors visits and FDA approved medicines. Their 1st doctors visit is free, and a Finasteride and Minoxidil bundle is pretty affordable. Keeps for Men also has a foam Minoxidil, which is a big differentiator vs. Roman. Roman offers a variety of doctor consultations and treatment options for men with a variety of conditions, from problems in the bedroom to male pattern baldness. Romans first online doctors visit is free, as is the first month of treatment. Fin and Minoxidil together are $96, or just $36 a month . Both companies offer 3 month subscriptions.

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How Does Keeps Work

You can start with Keeps in two ways:

  • If you know what you want, you can choose your plan: finasteride and minoxidil, finasteride only, or minoxidil only. Youll then take a short online quiz so a doctor can double-check that youve selected the right plan.
  • If youre not sure, you can fill out a questionnaire that asks you about your hair loss, lifestyle, and medical history. It will also ask you for photos of your hair loss. A doctor will review your questionnaire and pictures and suggest a treatment plan for you.
  • For either method, youll also need to provide a copy of your drivers license or other government-issued ID. Because you need a prescription to use Keeps, the ID is necessary so the doctor knows who you are before prescribing.

    A doctor will review your information within 24 hours. In some states, youll need to have a phone call with a doctor before you get a prescription, but in others, the doctor can prescribe a treatment for you after just reviewing your information.

    Keeps is a subscription service, so the products will automatically be sent to you every 3 months unless you cancel.

    If you have questions or experience side effects once starting treatment, you can message a doctor through Keeps. You can speak with one of their doctors over the phone if you prefer, but Keeps will need to set up the call.

    Your initial consultation with a doctor is free. After that first visit, you can message the doctor for free for 1 year.

    What Does A Hims Roman Or Keeps Package Look Like

    Hair Loss Shampoos: Why They Don

    Ok so you dont really want to scream out to your neighbors that you are getting anti-balding meds in the mail so what does it look like to get one of these packages? And what does the medicine inside look like, does it seem like something you can trust?

    The good news is that Hims, Keeps for Men and Ro have thought about the quality and appearance of their deliveries, and they all send their medicines in discrete packages. Its really unlikely that anyone who sees one will think of it as anything other than any other ordinary thing that you bought online and have delivered. Below are a few pictures of the different packs and bottles that youll get if you order from these companies:

    Wes also got some unboxing videos of both Hims and Keeps products. The basic TLDR is that they are well branded so theyve got that quality feel that you want when you are taking a medicine. Plus, they are packaged in a way that they shouldnt get damaged. Check out the videos below.

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    Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Women with hereditary baldness rarely develop bald patches. Instead, you experience a general thinning of their hair, especially over the top of your head or crown, while maintaining a frontal hairline.

    See your GP or seek medical advice if:

    • your hair loss is sudden or distressing
    • you suffer from hair loss and have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder such as systemic lupus erythematosis, nutritional deficiency or thyroid disease
    • you have been recently treated with chemotherapy or have used a new medicine
    • your hair loss cannot be explained by hereditary factors.

    Is Keeps Safe Are There Side Effects

    Keeps products are safe to use under the supervision of a doctor, whether thats your own physician or a Keeps doctor. Finasteride is the one medication they offer that has some worrying potential side effects. Some men will experience sexual side effects from the drug, including low libido and even erectile dysfunction.

    Minoxidil and ketoconazole may produce some sensitivity in the scalp, and minoxidil may encourage hair growth on other parts of the body with regular contact. These are rare instances, however, and Keeps doctors are readily available to address any of your concerns.

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    Advantages Of Actiiv Recover

    The extra depth that Actiiv shampoo can reach into your scalp has the double effect of making the DHT blocking more effective and of helping the blocking effects to last longer. This is why you only have to apply Actiiv shampoo once every other day to get real results.

    This is less often than other DHT blocking shampoos, which often require you to use them daily. Not having to use this shampoo daily means that, if you are going to shower daily, you can alternate between this and another shampoo while still getting the full benefits of the Actiiv shampoo.

    As mentioned, the green tea delivery system is really nice. First, for the way it works, and second because it is natural. There are a number of other natural ingredients in both the men and women Recover shampoos.

    Some of these Actiiv ingredients help calm inflammation, while others deal with some of the other reasons your hair might be thinning so that your hair can grow back fuller and thicker. On top of dealing with DHT, Actiiv shampoo can also help with hair loss due to thyroid issues, medications, and other problems.

    Whats more, the shampoo is vegan and is free of alcohol that can dry out your hair. Finally, the Active Recover works much more quickly than many DHT blockers do, usually giving you noticeable results within 2 to 6 weeks.


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