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Does Forhims Work For Hair Loss

What To Know Before Ordering Hair Meds Online

âFor Himsâ? Review (Hairloss Treatment) 2018

Your hair loss might not be male pattern baldness

The number-one concern Dr. Davis has is the effectiveness of diagnosing male pattern baldness in an online setting. All the services pair an online survey with a consultation with a licensed physician. But there are other reasons men may experience hair loss, including thyroid disease, anabolic steroid use and the autoimmune disorder alopecia areata. While the online services are thorough, they cant provide the same level of care as seeing a dermatologist in person Dr. Davis cited the simple blood tests he does to check that there isnt an excess production of testosterone as well as checking for enlarged male breast tissue could be a sign of hormone issues.

The side effects of finasteride

You can buy some of these products at your local drug store

Finasteride is the most effective FDA-approved form of hair-loss prevention, but what about the generic Rogaine, various shampoos and biotin gummies? Theyre actually all available over the counter, but most of these services wont divulge that, at least not up front. And while minoxidil is effective, as Dr. Davis notes, ketoconazole shampoo is an anti-dandruff solution that is likely unnecessary in male pattern baldness and biotin cant hurt, but is more for generally for thinning of the hair and nails, and is not specific to male pattern hair loss.

You dont have to start with a pill

Be aware of the medical training of your provider

The price may be cheaper

Available Products For Keeps

Keeps offers four different products with varying active ingredients : finasteride 1 mg tablets, minoxidil 5% solution, minoxidil 5% foam, and ketoconazole 2% shampoo.

Both finasteride and ketoconazole require a prescription, while the minoxidil topical solution and foam are sold over the counter. Finasteride tablets are an oral treatment for male pattern baldness that works by lowering the levels of dihydrotestosterone , a hormone that contributes to male pattern baldness, in the scalp.

Many people are familiar with finasteride under the brand name Propecia. Minoxidil is commonly sold under the brand name Rogaine and is applied topically to the scalp in order to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, helping to push the follicles into the growth phase and encourage hair growth.

Both the minoxidil solution and the foam work in the same way and are applied to the scalp twice per day they are just available in different forms based on personal preference. Patients will choose to use one or the other. Finally ketoconazole is a prescription shampoo that is primarily used to treat dandruff, itchiness, and flaking but can also be used off brand to stop hair loss.


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Does Hims Shampoo Work

The short answer is: Yes, Hims shampoo can probably help you a bit in the fight against hair loss, but not nearly as much or as predictably as other hair loss treatments like minoxidil, finasteride or a combination of the two. Hims incidentally offers an excellent and recommended combination of minoxidil + finasteride, which you could use along with the shampoo to combat hair loss on multiple fronts. If you make it a part of your normal cleansing routine, this particular shampoo can also likely help you in your goals by avoiding common ingredients that are known to damage hair.

To understand how and why shampoos like Hims can help you, its important to get to know a few things about male pattern hair loss and whats really happening to those hair follicles in your scalp.

Ed Treatment Premature Ejaculation Spray

Do Multivitamins Work For Hair Loss?

Hims also offers a spray for premature ejaculation, and it functions in a similar way to Sertraline.

This treatment contains an active ingredient which is 10 mg of lidocaine, a commonly recognized anesthetic. It works to desensitize your erection, enabling you to last longer. However, research is limited for this drug.

Premature Ejaculation Spray Order Process & Dosage

Since this is an OTC product, neither a prescription nor online consultation is needed. Similar to Sertraline, youll use the spray in advance, giving it around 10 to 15 minutes of your time to work. The .18 fluid ounce bottle is the only option available.

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Even Better Combining Two Ingredients

Fin is not the only medicine dermatologists have been prescribing for hair loss. As we mentioned, Minoxidil is approved for topical use as well. As we mentioned, the research shows that combining the two can improve the odds of successfully fighting hair loss, and is currently the best, scientifically known, way to prevent hair loss. So why not try combining them into a solution that you can apply directly to your scalp?

What Are Real People Saying About Hims

To round out our Hims product research, we explored legitimate sites online to find out what customers were saying about Hims in other reviews.

We found various accounts of customers who expressed satisfaction with the ED drugs, in particular. One customer didnt receive their monthly subscription, relating to a customer service issue. However, the Hims team was quick to jump on it.

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The Verdict: Which Topical Finasteride Product Is Best

So who sells the best topical Finasteride online: Hims, Happy Head or Strut?

Our overall recommendation for men seeking topical Finasteride is to try Hims. They have a rock-solid telemedicine practice , and its a trusted online medicine provider with reliable shipping. You can get started now on their topical Fin to try Hims now.

If you want to do everything you possibly can to fight your hair loss, then Happy Head might be your best bet. They offer the highest concentration of finasteride + minoxidil, and also include a third active ingredient, retinoic acid, to promote growth at the site of application. At $79/month, we acknowledge its more expensive than Hims or Strut as well, and thus not accessible for all.

Overall, we recommend Hims spray let us know if youve tried them and how its gone for you in the comments below. Wed be remiss if we didnt also mention hims PE spray another awesome topical product, albeit for a different mens health condition: premature ejaculation.

Keeps Vs Hims For Minoxidil

What Your Doctor Never Told You About PRP Hair Loss Treatment ð³

Minoxidil is a proven OTC hair loss treatment. Researchers actually discovered the hair-growing potential of minoxidil totally by accident as an undesired side effect in studies of its potential to lower blood pressure. Minoxidil works by promoting increased blood flow, delivering more oxygenation and nutrients to your hair follicles.

Thankfully minoxidil has become a pretty large success and an affordable option in the fight against male pattern hair loss. Minoxidil appeals to many men for a few reasons:

  • It is inexpensive compared to other effective treatments like finasteride.
  • Minoxidil has been studied and used the longest and poses fewer potential side effects. And its side effects, when they do happen, tend to be less significant.
  • Because its safer, minoxidil is available without a prescription no ongoing consultations necessary.
  • Its effective. In studies, about two-thirds of men find that minoxidil stops their hair loss. Half of men experience moderate regrowth where they apply the minoxidil, while a more modest one in five men experiences significant regrowth.

As with all other hair loss treatments, your best chance of being thrilled with minoxidil is by starting treatment early in your hair loss experience. And then, you must stick with treatment for as long as you want to keep your hair.

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Who Has The Best Prices Keeps Vs Hims

Keeps is already slightly less expensive than Hims for finasteride or minoxidil under normal circumstances. That slight cost savings over time does really add up when you consider that either of these proven hair loss treatment methods requires you to use it indefinitely month after month, year after year. So every couple of dollars per month matters.

But our assessment of the cost of Keeps and Hims is a little different than what might be apparent when you visit the companies websites. This is because we have an exclusive deal to offer our readers: 50% off your first order at Keeps.

Hims and Keeps are competing mightily for the lowest prices. Hims frequently offers free consultations and shipping, and sometimes even your first month free. Meanwhile, Keeps offers our readers 50% off your entire first order, but Hims offers a 90-day trial to try it out and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. How does all of this translate for your bottom line?

When you calculate the savings for finasteride or minoxidil from either Hims or Keeps, with these different discount opportunities, Keeps still wins. With Keeps, gradually you will create your own free month from the savings you accumulate over Hims.

Black Seed Oil For Hair Loss: Does It Work

Medically reviewed by Katelyn Hagerty, FNP

If youve looked into natural treatments for hair loss, you may have seen recommendations for products that contain black seed oil.

Produced from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a flowering shrub that grows in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, black seed oil has a long history as both a spice and a key ingredient in several types of traditional folk medicine.

While a few small-scale studies have found that black seed oil may have benefits for promoting hair growth and preventing hair shedding, the scientific research thats available right now isnt very thorough or reliable.

Below, weve explained what black seed oil is and how it may help to treat hair loss. Weve also looked at the other potential health benefits of black seed oil, including its possible benefits as a natural skin care ingredient.

Finally, weve looked at other science-based options for treating hair loss, from FDA-approved medications to over-the-counter products and more.

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Does Black Seed Oil Treat Hair Loss

Black seed oil is often promoted as a natural treatment for hair loss and an alternative to drugs like minoxidil and finasteride.

If you search online for hair loss prevention shampoos, conditioners and other products, youll often be able to find black seed oil listed prominently as an active ingredient thats included to prevent shedding and promote hair growth.

Research has established that black seed oil has several biological effects. For example, its a known antimicrobial substance . It also has anti-inflammatory effects that may make it a useful treatment for certain skin disorders.

With this said, there isnt very much high quality scientific research into the full effects of black seed oil on hair growth or hair loss prevention.

One study, which was published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, found that an oil made from a combination of black seeds, henna, coconut, Indian gooseberry and other ingredients reduced hair loss in men and women aged from 17 to forty.

While this study is interesting, black seed oil wasnt the only active ingredient used in the hair tonic tested in the study. In fact, the oil that was tested used 10 times as much coconut oil as black seed oil, making it difficult to tell which ingredient was responsible for its results.

Like the research we mentioned earlier, this study looks interesting, but has some major issues that make it less than ideal as evidence that black seed oil stimulates hair growth.

Who Should Take A Supplement For Hair Growth

Minoxidil for Hair Loss (5% Topical Solution)

Anyone may benefit from hair growth vitamins and hair care products. To counteract baldness, men use hair growth vitamins. Women use vitamins to stimulate hair growth that is thicker and more voluminous.

Specific individuals experience hair problems before using a supplement. Others use a vitamin to keep their hair looking fantastic.

Several individuals may benefit from a hair growth supplement, including the following:

  • Men in their twenties or thirties who have noticed early signs of baldness
  • Men of any age who want to reclaim the hair they had as a child
  • Anyone concerned about a receding hairline, baldness, or other hair-related problems
  • Women who are experiencing hair loss, bald spots, and other similar issues
  • Anyone who wants to fight hair dullness and wants to reclaim their hairs young shine
  • Someone who wishes to avoid invasive hair loss treatments such as hair plugs, surgery, prescription medication, and other invasive hair loss procedures
  • Individuals of any age who want fuller, more youthful, and healthier-looking hair

50% of men and 25% of women will suffer hair loss at some time in their lives, so hair loss pills are popular across all age groups.

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What Is Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatment is a general term thats used to refer to various procedures that claim to boost your scalp health and stimulate hair growth.

Most scalp treatments are offered by hair salons. They can vary in price and thoroughness, but usually involve cleansing your scalp using an exfoliating serum and applying products that may help to promote the growth of your hair.

Some scalp treatments also involve scented hair care products and other substances designed to improve your hairs smell and appearance.

The History Of Hair Loss In Men

Currently, half of all men will experience hair loss sometime in their lifetime. But what exactly causes male patterned baldness? Based on scientific studies, the primary reason for hair loss in men is genetics.

In other words, the pattern in hair loss is inherited by family members, with some men experiencing hair loss starting in their teens. It is still unclear in the medical community why hair loss is triggered by hormonal changes. The condition also can make hair finer, thinner, and softer. Temporary hair loss can be contributed to multiple factors such as stress, shock, medical issues, and grooming.

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The Ins And Outs Of Treating Hair Loss

Dermatologist Arash Mostaghimi shares the facts in this treatment-focused Q& A

Today is the last day of National Hair Loss Awareness Month! That flew by. Were really excited to share a deep dive into hair loss treatments with you as we close out the month. In todays post youll find insights from Dr. Mostaghimi about how treatment has evolved, what type of treatments are available as well as details of how they work to improve hair growth/combat hair loss.

We hope you learned a lot this month about hair loss and feel empowered to manage your own if its something youre struggling with or thinking about. Ultimately we found that the earlier you treat hair loss, the better and its TRUE that hair loss IS treatable. You can always connect with a medical professional to discuss your hair loss questions or concerns by visiting or Not only do we have healthcare professionals that can virtually connect with you, but we can also send treatment straight to your front door.

Stay safe & healthy, and may those locks of hair grow!


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