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How To Add Volume To Thin Hair Naturally

Use A Hair Mask For Hydration

Volumize Hair Naturally – How To Add and Get Volume to Your Hair

Another trick for styling thin, aging hair is to make sure youre nourishing it with plenty of moisture. A restorative hair mask can be used one to three times a week to treat dry, brittle, unmanageable hair. A mask will knock out frizz and keep strands silky smooth. This makes sure your hair is in tip-top form when youre ready to style it.

Stroke Your Hair With Silk For Shine And Definition

In place of heavy finishing products, run a piece of raw silk from root to end to smooth the hair and add shine and definition.

Or try sleeping with a silk pillowcase. In the morning your hair will not only be shiny and full of body, it will also have retained much of its style which saves time. Another bonus is that silk creates less friction than cotton, which means less damage to the hair.

Fake Big Hairdo With Specific Tools

With the right tools, you can transform your thin mane into thicker-looking locks. There are a ton of products and tools available in the market that actually work. Here are a few:

Volumising clip – By using volumising clip right where your hair starts, you can add some volume and bounce to your hairdo. You can also add volume to your ponytail with a volumising clip. All you have to do is split your ponytail into a top and bottom half and clamp a clip right into the middle of the base to add more volume. You can also slightly tease your hair to hide the clip. You can also use a hair tie if you do not have the clip.

Paddings – For buns and puffs, you can use a hair padding that is secured with clips below your natural hair.

Bumpit – In the market, you can get sets of bumpit that are very useful in doing different hairstyles.

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Boost Your Usual Blow

Build up your body by separating your hair into several manageable sections and concentrate on drying each one as you go, focusing on the roots. Most people pull the hair out in a horizontal direction when blow-drying but raising the hair out, then upwards to the top of your head is the key to lasting fullness, says Diaz.

Known as over-directing, this technique forces the hair to lie where you want it, not letting it fall naturally flat against the scalp. Elena also recommends keeping your heat settings on medium if you have brittle or damaged locks, or on the highest heat and power setting if your hair is healthy.

Its also important to blowdry in zigzag sections, rather than just horizontal layers. This technique will keep the body in your hair no matter where your parting sits.

How To Add Volume To Dull Or Flat Hair


Sometimes bigger is better. If your hair is feeling a little lackluster, we have some advice to get it feeling full, bouncy, and bountiful in no time. You can use all of these tips together or pick and choose what works for you. Whether your hair woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or your hair is naturally volume-challenged, weâve got easy solutions.

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Ways To Volumise Hair

Fine hair, it can feel like a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you dont have to sit drying your hair for what seems like hours and its pretty low maintenance, but on the other hand, it can feel pretty limp and lifeless.

Thankfully, there are many ways to inject some life into thin hair. Are you ready? Here are some of our favourite tips on how to add volume to fine hair.

In this article, well run through:

  • Why hair can look flat and lifeless
  • 7 different ways to volumise hair
  • Tips for volumising different hair types
  • How to add volume to hair for men

How To Add Volume Quickly

It all starts with your washing routine. Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh tells us that you should ideally be using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but if you don’t need the latter and volume is truly your goal, then you can skip it. Next, you need to quickly dry your roots with product. “If you don’t apply a volumizer or dry your roots from wet to dry, you’ll never get the lift back in,” says Josh. “The only way to manipulate the roots is while it’s wet,” he notes.

As far as products, he suggests a mousse, a root lifter, or “any kind of thing that’s going to starch up the hair.” And even though it sounds like it’s not ideal for the hydration of your hair, Josh says if you really want the lifting effect, you need to look for a root lifter with a high alcohol content. “You want things that contain zero moisture that promote stiffness and hardness. That’s what makes it pliable and what keeps the volume going all day long,” he says. We like Living Proof Full Root Lift .

After you’ve applied the product , Josh says to dry the roots with the nozzle of the hair-dryer pointed up.

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Try A Volumizing Haircut

Sometimes a good haircut can do wonders for adding volume to fine hair. Below are four haircuts and styles that add volume.

4 Haircuts and Styles That Add Volume:

  • Layers Adding layers can make your hair appear fuller all around.
  • Bob Long hair is heavy, which means it can weigh down your roots and make them appear flat. A short haircut can reduce the weighted appearance.
  • Lob A lob is a great in-between cut to keep the weight down while still allowing you to style convenient updos like ponytails.
  • Add Bangs Both blunt and side-swept bangs can help make your crown area appear fuller.

Why Does My Hair Look Flat And Lifeless

DIY Natural Hair Spray – How to add volume to flat, thin hair

This is most likely down to your hair type. Unless styled in a particular way, people with fine hair may find that it can look flat, limp and lifeless. This basically means that each single strand of hair has a smaller diameter and therefore looks flatter on the head.

In addition to this, as people have more strands of fine hair, theres more oil produced. This not only means that fine hair can be oily at the roots but it is also said to transport sebum very well which can lead to a heavy, limp look.1

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Mousse Can Give Better Volume Than Gel

This is definitely a generalization and probably an over-simplification. Its a general rule of thumb, and every rule of thumb has exceptions, of course. Generally speaking though, mousse is lighter than gel. For this reason, many wavy haired people use mousse instead of gel, because they get better volume with mousse.

See my post on mousse vs gel if you want to learn more. I find that I get better volume with Aussie Curl Mousse or Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Mousse than I do LA looks gel. My hair may react differently than yours though.

Again, experiment with your hair to see what works for you. Not all gels are the same, and not all mousses are the same. I havent got to try them yet, but Ive heard that liquid gels are a great light option for those who prefer gel.

Looking for more wavy hair styling info? Check out the wavy hair techniques section in my blog post directory for more relevant blog posts.

Implement Hairspray As A Volume Booster

Hairspray shouldnt just hold your hair in place, it should boost volume too. Direct it under your hair and to the roots, and spray only a light misting to the top layers.

Use as little as possible, especially if its a maximal hold product. Your hair should still be flexible after spraying. If its stiff, it will look sparse, brittle and unnatural.

You can buoy up your style with volumizing mousses and styling lotions etc., but confine them to the roots.

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A Guys Guide To Adding Volume To Improve Your Hairstyle

Every day guys are bombarded with photos of Instagram models and clean-cut celebrities splashed everywhere with perfectly tamed locks and we cant help but admire their great texture, definition, and style. How do they get their hair like that? The secret to a lot of these hairstyles is VOLUME. Volume is often time most overlooked aspect of the hairstyle, and often time plays the most important role in achieving these looks! This post will provide some guidance on how you can get more volume and how it will transform the way youve always been styling your hair.

Easy Ways To Add Volume To Curly Hair

5 Ways to Naturally Add Volume to Thin Hair

Full, voluminous, and bouncy curls are actual natural hair goals. The not-so-good news is, not every natural has big naturally curly hair or that extra volume. Thin hair can be a result of hair texture, flatness, or shrinkage. However, what you need is a bit of technique to get that big curly hair you desire. Here are 7 easy ways to add that extra volume to your curly hair.

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Experiment With Extensions And Pieces

Dont be afraid to clip in extensions and pieces. There are many extension types that guarantee firm hold and seamless blending so that no one will understand the secret behind your thick locks.

If you wear your hair down, choose a matching color and cut extensions the lengths of your hair. If you make an updo like in this messy bun tutorial, you may not worry about the length and perfect blending at all.

Wash & Style Your Hair Upside Down For More Volume

Dont just diffuse upside down, do your whole routine upside down! Flipping your hair upside down while youre shampooing and conditioning can help with root volume. You can even stay upside down while adding in your leave-in products and styling products.

It may seem minor, but many find being upside down even before their hair starts drying can improve root volume. Check out my post on upside down vs rightside up hair styling to see a comparison.

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Leave Your Hair Longer Between Washes

An unfortunately common companion to fine hair is excess oil. Its only logical to think that washing your hair every day is good for greasy hair, when in fact, its likely to be contributing to your oily locks!

Try reducing the amount of times you wash your hair and you will hopefully find your hair gradually gets less greasy and has a thicker appearance.2

Pro tip: Remember to only condition the ends of your hair too as your roots require less moisture!

Using The Right Products For You

How to Add Volume to Fine Thin Hair

Perhaps one of the reasons your hair is greasy and flat is because youre using the wrong products. That means that eliminating lifeless hair is as simple as choosing the right products. Your shampoo and conditioner can either provide your hair with the resources it needs to thrive, or it can work adversely.

Choose a personalized system to ensure that your hair is getting what it needs. Once youve done that, you can use products like hot rollers to give your hair a lift.

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Add Volume With A Curly Or Wavy Hairstyle

A curly or wavy style will instantly give you a boostmaking your fine hair look more voluminous. For a healthy, heat-free wave strategy, apply a volumizing mousse to clean, damp hair, put each half of your hair into a large braid, let it dry thoroughly, unfurl the plaits, gently rake through your hair with your fingers and voilá! Sexy, beach waves!

Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Even something as simple as washing your hair a different way can add volume. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules:

1. Start by rinsing your hair with hot water. It will open the cuticles, which is good for removing any dirt or product trapped in the hair. When your hair is rinsed in warm water, it loosens the oils through the scalp and opens the cuticles so they are able to absorb the oil.

2. Apply shampoo only to your roots. Then spread the lather along the length of your hair. The ends of your hair are always drier and more brittle, so you shouldnt rub them.

3. Apply conditioner or a mask only along the length of your hair. Moisturizing shampoos, when applied to the roots, only make them heavier and flatten out your hair.

4. Wash your scalp on a regular basis. This will improve blood circulation and get rid of dead cells.

5. Try not to wash your hair every day. This can remove a protective layer from your hair that results in it being weaker, in turn depriving it of volume. Its also better to use dry shampoo.

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Clarify Your Hair Regularly For Better Volume

Clarifying regularly is an aspect of haircare that many overlook. There are many benefits to clarifying your hair regularly. One of those benefits is avoiding weigh down. If you have build up, it can weigh down your hair, especially at the roots.

How often you need to clarify will depend on many factors including whether you have hard or soft water, how often you shampoo, what ingredients are in your hair care products, and others. It may take some trial and error to figure out how often you should clarify.

If you find your roots feeling heavy or looking weighed down more than usual, try to clarify to see if it helps. Also check out my blog post on clarifying wavy hair if you need to learn more.

Go For A Volumizing Haircut


Giving your hair that extra boost of volume starts in the salon. Thin, aging hair will get a lift from a cut thats really catered toward that hair type. The look can vary based on your exact hair typewhether its curly, straight or somewhere in betweenbut shorter styles typically allow for more va-va-voom! Without the extra weight pulling your strands down, your hair will be a bit more bouncy when you style it, however, thats not to say you have to go short! There are plenty of longer hairstyles you can rock, no matter your age. Its just a matter of finding that perfect shape that gives you tons of volume.

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