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What Is The Best Hair Dryer For Fine Thin Hair

What Causes Heat Damage


Now the number one cause to heat damages to the hair is caused through putting pressure onto the shafts if the hair as it will weaken the strand and make the hair liable to breakage. Let me tell you something, even the best ceramic, tourmaline and ionic hair dryers will still be able to emit heat that can break hair though its minimized.

Another cause to heat damage is using a hair dryer to the hair on a daily because it continually puts a lot of pressure on the shafts of the hair thus leaving you with frizzy and broken hair that is very liable to spilt ends. In order to get help, you will have to correct the technique you use for drying and then even use protectants and treatments. However the most reliable is to stay away for daily blow drying.

Best Lightweight Drying: Parlux 385 Power Light Hairdryer

It is one of the best parlux hair dryers for fine hair. The hairdryer has four heat settings, which help to accommodate all types.

Its designed using ceramic technology. The hairdryer is lightweight, Eco-friendly, and powerful


  • Many people love it as it is of high quality and its ability to dry hair quickly.
  • It has a long cable making it easy to use the hair dryer.
  • Its light weight. Weighs less than a pound.
  • Portable making it travel friendly.
  • Its a powerful hair dryer.

What Works Best For Fine Hair

  • Boar Bristles. As you scan down the table, youll notice the word Boar coming up repeatedly. The bristles used are an important factor to consider when it comes to the best brush for fine hair.

Specific bristles will be too hard on your hair and lead to breakage. Boar bristles have the perfect balance of gentleness and ability to thoroughly brush through your hair and detangle it.

Boar bristles will also work amazingly to stimulate your hair follicles. The texture along with its denseness work to give you healthier and thicker hair over time- its really a miracle worker!

  • Denseness. With finer hair youre going to want to find a brush thats very dense so that it actually grabs your hair and brushes through it.

Widely spread apart bristles wont do much for your hair and will just glide over it, separating it into sections rather than brushing it. The denser, the better!

  • Nylon Bristles for Volume. Its extremely challenging to achieve volume with finer hair. Any backcombing you do will often fall flat within minutes. Thats why its important to understand which bristles work best for achieving volume in fine hair.

Nylon bristles work amazingly whether youre backcombing or just slightly teasing your hair. They will grip every strand to make sure to give you a longer-lasting effect.

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Here Are Some Of The Characteristics Of Fine Hair

  • It reflects light better than thick hair
  • It is hard to feel in between your fingers unless you feel several strands at the same time.
  • If its not damaged it will feel soft and silky when you hold several strands of it
  • If you put it under a microscope you would notice it only has a cortex and a cuticle layer. Unlike all the other types of hair textures that have an inner medulla. .

Which Is The Lightest Parlux Hairdryer

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair 2020: Top Blow Dryers for ...

Best lightweight Drying: Parlux 385 power light ceramic ionic hair dryer is one of the best parallax hair dryers for fine hair. Many people prefer to buy a hairdryer as its very light. Its the lightest model weighing less than one pound. Its manufactured to ensure that the weight of essential components is reduced, making it more delicate.

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Are Hair Dryers Really Bad For Your Hair

Excessive use of a hair dryer can damage, dry out and break your hair. To limit the use of the dryer, let your hair partially air dry before using the dryer. It can even make your hair look smoother.

T3 cura hair dryerHow many watts is the T3 featherweight 2? That’s why it’s made with SoftAire and Tourmaline technology to protect the health of your hair while you style it hot, and its 1800W power means you can get the job done quickly. T3 Featherweight 2 has been praised by its reviewers for its light weight, balanced design and fast drying time.What is a T3 hair dryer?This T3 hair dryer uses tourmaline, a gemstone known as “electric s

Best Professional Option: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

It’s no secret that the Dyson Supersonic is one of the most popular hair dryers to ever exist, and that’s for a reason. Its patented air multiplier technology allows for a significantly smaller and lighter motor, but with faster dry time, making it a win/win all around. Cherry on top? The air temperature is released 20 times every second, so you can worry less about heat damage and the frizz it leaves in its wake. One of its thousands of five-star reviews writes, “I wanted to find something negative about this product, but I can not. My hair is very fine, color-treated and I have many different curly patterns throughout my hair. I went from air-drying my hair to having freshly washed and dry hair 10 minutes after I wash out my deep conditioner.”

Shop Now: $400 or

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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

There are three main kinds of hair dryers for curly hair. Lets take a look at these options below:

Ceramic Blow Dryer

A ceramic blow dryer is coated on the inside to distribute heat evenly across the hair. Its very different from traditional blow dryers as the device can adjust the heat according to the room temperature.


  • Leaves hair glossy and smooth


  • Doesnt work for people with thin hair
  • Can adversely affect the hair if not used properly
  • Higher risk of heat damage when used frequently

Buying A Hair Drier For Fine Hair

Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair – Best Hair Dryer 2020

There are four crucial things you need to look for when purchasing a hair dryer for fine hair.

  • Type of heating.
  • Ionic technology.
  • Cool air button.

If you have short hair, ceramic heating is what you should look for in dryers. The best hair dryer for fine hair will offer even heat distribution so that you will not experience frizzed hair. As for wattage, you should purchase a dryer that goes from 600 to 2200 watts.

You may also want to look for a blow dryer with negative ion technology. This will work in reducing the static electricity responsible for keeping your hair flat on your scalp. A cool shot button is also a must since it will help lock the volume.

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Rusk Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

This hair dryer is not only good for fine hair but is also super lightweight thats why its easy to hold all day. The Rusk Professional dryer has 2000 watts which can definitely help you dry your hair faster. But thats not the only thing thats great about this hair dryer. It is packed with everything you need for smooth and silky hair. Infused with ceramic and tourmaline which gives life to your hair.

The Ceramic technology infused in the dryer emits gentle non damaging heat that dries hair gently. Tourmaline produces negative ions making the heat much gentler on hair while adding more shine and reducing frizz which is great for fine hair. The Rusk W8less Dryer features 7 heat settings for controllable temperature, speed settings for style, a concentrator, a cool shot button and a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair: Philips Moistureprotect Drycare Prestige Hair Dryer

Curly hair needs as much moisture as possible, for curls that feel nourished, bouncy and frizz-free. This dryer boasts intelligent moisture-protect technology that measures how hot the hair becomes and adapts to keep heat at healthy levels for your specific hair type the brands says it preserves hairs natural moisture levels by up to 85 per cent.

£69, available at

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The Best Affordable Hair Dryer: Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

You can get more bang for your buckâwithout skimping on featuresâwith this ionic ceramic hair dryer from Conair. Three heat and two speed settings allow you to find the combination that’s best for your hair type. PSA: Low speed and warm are the settings you’ll want if you have thin, delicate locks. One five-star reviewer recommends this style tip: “I used it on med/cold with the diffuser and got great beachy waves with my fine, straight hair!” Once you’re finished using it, you can hang it on a hook in your bathroom for easy access whenever you need a touch-up.

To buy: $33

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair 2020: Top Blow Dryers for ...

Hairstylist Erinn Courtney, whos known for her work with Rickey Thompson, Nazanin Mandi, Storm Reid, and Willow Smith, says this is her favorite dryer. I love that the technology is made to prevent overheating or burning the hair because healthy hair is my main priority, she says. The only thing that could make it any better is if it came with a comb attachment for curlier and more coiled textures. Dyson, call me.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist and hairstylist known as Jay Artistry notes how he has been using the Supersonic for years, sharing that no other dryers compare. It helps to smooth hair by 75% without causing heat damage. It has various attachments and is a truly unique tool!

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Best Overall: T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

For an everyday, powerful, reliable, and healthy dry, this T3 dryer is it. Its lightweight, easy-to-use design utilizes ionic technology that provides not only even heat distribution and wide, fast airflow, but a high amount of negative ions which reduce static and eliminate frizz. The sleek, 4.4-star rated blow dryer has five heat settings, two speed levels, and a cool shot feature, which guarantees that every hair length, texture, and density can get a customized at-home blowout. Plus it smooths the hair cuticle to promote shinier, stronger, and healthier hair in the long run. According to reviewers, it doesn’t scorch fine hair and is gentle enough to use on children. Amazon shoppers also love its automatic shut-off feature, long cord, and easy-to-hold handle.

Shop Now: $251

Vidal Sassoon Vs433c Hot Air Styler

This model is great in de-tangling thick hair locks. But even after having amazing features, it couldnt satisfy us because:

  • This styler comes with a paddle brush head which is not convenient to make different hairstyles, like curls and waves.
  • Revlon didnt construct the brush head with Titanium, Ceramic or Tourmaline which is a big no-no for hair dryer brush meant for thick hair type.

For Travelers

If you want to travel with your hair dryer brush, then its better to buy a sleek, lightweight and compact one because they take up a little space in your luggage and are easy to carry around. Also, look for dual voltage capability in a hot air brush as it spares you from buying and carrying a voltage converter.

Another advantage of a travel-friendly hot air brush is that it is an all-in-one product you can dry, straight and curl your precious locks with one single appliance other than carrying 3 different products.

We have researched and reviewed quite a few travel-friendly hot air brushes before selecting our ultimate choice.

Lets compile and compare some of the best travel-friendly hair dryer brushes available in the market:


This Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush topped our list as the best travel-friendly hair dryer brush because it is super sleek and lightweight, and it full-fills all the qualities people tend to look for in a travel-friendly hair tool. Its dual voltage features make it a perfect hair dryer and styler for international travel also.

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Why Is My Hair So Thin And Fragile

Fragile and thin hair may be caused by various reasons such as

  • Hair damaging due to styling.
  • Genetic reasons.
  • Stress.

We spend a lot of money as well as time visiting the salons for blow-drying. However, we got a solution for that by providing you with some of the best hair dryers for fine-thin hair,

Which you can use just in the comfort of your house. In addition to that, you get to learn some of the best hair dryers available in the market today, ranging from the best for Travel and the best hair dryers for fine hair.

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Do Ionic Hair Dryers Cause Cancer

Best Hair Brush for Blowing Dry Fine Thin Hair! The Wet Brush Speed Dry!

A normal hair dryer does not cause brain tumors! However, ionic hair dryers generate an electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic fields emitted by these hair dryers can disrupt the alignment of brain cells and cause disorders such as disrupted sleep cycles and mood swings. But only if you use a hair dryer for hours on end.

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Rusk Engineering W8less Professional

Styling your hair is time-consuming, and this is exactly why we need a hair dryer that makes us not curse our day further. Therefore, we need a styling tool that does not make us feel as if each styling session is a new arms workout.

W8less was made to be feather light and easy to handle while still punching some power. It weighs exactly 1.1 pounds, making it half as lighter as the other hair dryers youll find on the market. You can style for 10 minutes straight, and you will not feel any strain on your arm and wrist.

Weight is not the only good thing about W8less. It has everything that a salon hair dryer needs to offer you that silky smooth hair. The ion generator features millions of negative ions, which prevent frizzy hair.

The cool button also provides you control over the heat, allowing volume.

For such a light dryer, W8less has a 2000-Watt power. Its great for thick hair, but its balanced and weak enough to be amazing for fine hair as well.

Therefore, this tool is powerful and light, making it the best hair dryer for thin hair.


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