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How Fast Does Hair Loss Happen

So All This Hair Loss Is Normal

How does Hair Loss Happen In Women By Dr. Renita Rajan

Yes! Telogen effluvium is often a scary experience since it can feel like literally all your hair is falling out at once. Its a type of hair loss that hits hard and fast, before your body gets back to baseline and the hair growth cycles you had been accustomed to restart.

With TE and postpartum hair loss, its the major impact of childbirth on the body that triggers hair loss and it can take up to several months after birth for the hair shedding to happen. When it does, any hair follicle that moved into the telogen phase after birth is likely to shed its hair, even though hair doesnt typically fall out in the telogen phase. Since about 30% of the follicles on our head are in the telogen phase at any given time, this can mean a lot of hair loss in a hurry.

Once your postpartum hair loss happens, it can be quite overwhelming. While its unlikely that youll lose more hair than you would have done during the previous nine months, the sudden occurrence of this hair loss can make it feel like all of your hair is falling out, added Dr. Tang.

The takeaway? Even though it might feel like it, all your hair is NOT falling out. Phew!

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Maximize Your Hair Growth

How fast does hair grow? While the technical answer is about half an inch a month, hair growth has a lot to do with genetics, diet, cultural background, and specific hair type. Straight hair tends to have the most noticeable hair growth while coily hair appears to grow the slowest. But regardless of your hair type, using hydrating, smoothing, anti-breakage hair products will give your hair what it needs to encourage hair growth.

Looking for products to make your hair look fuller and less damaged? Take this hair quiz and fill out your custom hair profile. Then choose from five beauty goals including strengthen, hydrate, thermal protect, and lengthen to create your custom shampoo and conditioner formula. Best quiz ever!

Are There Any Complications From Male Pattern Baldness

Understandably most men can feel less good about their appearance when they lose hair. This can sometimes affect their mood and well-being. Some counselling can help men come to terms with this natural process of ageing.

There is more risk of sunburn and sun-related skin damage when the skin is not protected by hair. This can be avoided by the use of suntan lotions and hats.

Women with male pattern baldness should be checked for causes of raised male hormone levels. For example, conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome – a condition in which cysts develop in the ovaries.

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How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last What Timeline To Expect For Hair Shedding After Giving Birth

Postpartum hair shedding is very common for women in the months after giving birth. And, while this is startling and frustrating, it is perfectly normal and most women can expect their hair to bounce right back.

Sometimes, part of the frustration from hair loss can be not knowing what to expect, or how long shedding will continue.

Below, we will outline some of the most common timelines for postpartum hair loss including when it normally begins, how long the shedding tends to last, and when you can expect your hair to look relatively back to where it was pre-pregnancy.

Does It Run In The Family

Hair loss remedies

Look into your family’s history with hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness is typically a genetic condition, so your first step in determining if you are balding is finding out if you are genetically prone to baldness.

In the event you have a family history of male pattern baldness, then there is a good chance your hair loss is not the result of stress or another factor. It may come down to genetics, and there is not much you can do about that.

At this point, you should speak with a dermatologist to go over your hair restoration options. There is a lot of information you can find online, but the internet is also filled with half-truths and myths. The only way to get good information you can trust is to go directly to a medical professional who can review your hair loss.

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When Will You Start To Lose Your Hair

Male pattern baldness can begin at any age. Research shows that one-fifth of all men will experience some hair loss by age 20, and the percentage grows with age.

In other words, if you live to your 90s, theres a 90 percent chance youll suffer hair loss, significant or not.

Its always fun to look at those high school yearbook photos of you and your classmates Look at all that hair! But if you look closely, youll probably notice the signs of MPB in at least a few of them including thinning hair and a receding hairline.

But the majority of men with MPB start noticing their hair loss in their mid to late 20s.

For some men and women, the symptoms of hair loss are gradual enough that it doesnt become noticeable until a good chunk of hair already is gone.

This type of invisible baldness involves a slow decrease in the hairs density until it ultimately becomes noticeable to the naked eye.

You may also experience temporary hair loss thats unrelated to MPB. Examples include hair loss caused by stress, certain medications, illness, etc.

That old saying about, This job is causing me to pull my hair out! is at least partly true in a figurative sense except that excess stress is doing the pulling for you.

But the bottom line is that most men and women lose hair thickness and amount as they age. Women have the advantage in that inherited baldness is much more common in men. Indeed, over 20% of men begin to bald before age 30.

But back to the original question:

What Can Cause Sudden And Rapid Onset Of Hair Loss

by D. Anderson | Jul 12, 2021 | Hair Growth Tips, Natural Hair Care Tips, Tips To Look & Feel Great |

Losing your hair is not an uncommon incident. In fact, the majority of men and women will lose significant amounts of hair over their lifetime. But for most people, hair loss is the result of a slow decline. If you experience sudden and rapid hair loss, you have every right to be miffed. Now its time to get to the bottom of the issue.

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Hair Loss In Your 20s

The majority of androgenetic alopecia sufferers start noticing their hair loss in their mid to late twenties. By age 20, about 20% of men have at least some visible hair loss. Since your 20s are often a time for finding yourself and meeting new people, hair loss can have a significant impact on your social life and confidence in general. And while some men feel comfortable shaving their heads and going completely bald, others have a harder time adjusting to this new reality. If you relate to this, now is a great time to address your hair loss and take action. The earlier you do something about your hair loss, the greater the opportunity to preserve your hair.

Taking Care Of Yourself

Postpartum Hair GROWTH? Does Hair Loss Happen to every Mama? FINAL Postpartum Hair Update

The postpartum period is one of the best times while also being one of the toughest times.

During the postpartum period, it is important to take good care of yourself. Taking care of yourself will help to reduce your postpartum hair loss.

Good nutrition is important, as you read about in this post. But you need to take care of your whole self. It can be tough but you should also pay attention to what you are putting on your body.

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Dont Panic Postpartum Hair Loss Is Normal

It can be an alarming discovery. Youre going about your regular hair-care routine savoring those moments alone where you can tend to your own self-care. When all of a sudden you look down at your brush and find large clumps of your hair tangled in the bristles!

Dont panicpostpartum hair loss is normal. Learn more about what causes postpartum hair loss, how long it lasts, and some postpartum hair loss remedies to help treat it.

Wait Hair Growth Rate Matters


Most people dont give hair growth a second thought. Its like breathing you dont have to think about it. It just happens. But if youre trying to grow your hair out or notice that your hair looks thinner than it used to, hair growth suddenly becomes very important.

How fast does hair grow normally? How long will it take to reach your desired length? And is your hair growing at the right rate?

Researchers and scientists have been fascinated by hair for centuries. And each year, we learn more and more about the why behind hair growth. We now know the average growth rate for hair, the factors that affect hair growth the most, and the things we can do to increase our hair growth rate.

Keep reading to see how fast hair grows on average, the factors that influence growth, and what you can do to ensure youre getting optimal hair growth.

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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss

The link between stress and hair loss has been well researched. Its thought that the time between a stressful event happening and hair falling out is around three months.

Why? During this time the hair follicles have prematurely reached the next stage and it takes around three months for the cycle to complete.

Stress-related hair loss is known as telogen effluvium. It usually happens abruptly but the good thing to know is it is temporary.

Once your stress levels go back down to normal, hair growth should return. In some circumstances, hair density may not completely return to what it was like before the stressful event. This is normally due to general thinning from age.

Ok Im Going Bald What Can I Do About It

How long does it take for hair to grow after a hair transplant?

So, youre going bald. Youve probably been panicking about this for a while, and maybe its even starting to affect your day-to-day life.

But the thing is, the vast majority of guys are going to go through this at some point in their lives so youre not alone. The good news is that there are many things you can do to improve your situation.

While going bald isnt the end of the world for men, its also understandable that youre stressed out by the relentless march of male pattern baldness. And the bald look may not be for you.

But MPB doesnt necessarily predict total scalp armageddon thanks to the variety of products and treatments available to men . Lets examine some of these solutions.

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How Is Hair Loss Diagnosed

If you suspect that you may have excessive hair loss, talk to your doctor. He or she will probably ask you some questions about your diet, any medicines youre taking, and whether youve had a recent illness, and how you take care of your hair. If youre a woman, your doctor may ask questions about your menstrual cycle, pregnancies, and menopause. Your doctor may want to do a physical exam to look for other causes of hair loss. Finally, your doctor may order blood tests or a biopsy .

How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back After Waxing Or Shaving

When you shave your hair, youâre only removing the top part of the hair follicle. Hair will continue to grow right away and you might start seeing stubble within a day or two. When you wax, however, the entire hair root is removed from the follicle below the skinâs surface. It can take nearly two weeks before you even start to see stubble. Most people feel the need to wax their hair again after three to six weeks.

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Other Factors Of Hair Thinning

There are a host of factors that cause hair thinning. Consider if you have recently experienced any of these triggers:

  • Hormonal or Chemical Imbalance — hair thinning can occur when your hormones are being produced in different quantities. Think: new medicine, cessation of prescription, etc.
  • Thyroid Problems — if you have also noticed memory loss, depression, sudden weight gain, dry skin, or fatigue and frequent muscle aches, your hair thinning might be due to a thyroid problem.
  • Vitamin B or Iron Deficiency — hair thinning can happen when you’re not getting enough of certain vitamins.
  • Dramatic Weight Loss — hair thinning is normal when you have dramatically lost a lot of weight.
  • New Hair Product — if you are using a new hair product, it might be too harsh for your hair.

Remember, hair grows in cycles, so if you are only noticing heavy hair loss now, the catalyst might have happened up to three months prior.

If you can attribute one or more of these factors to your hair loss, your hair is probably just thinning, and you’re likely not going bald.

Hair Shedding Often Stops On Its Own

How Fast Can Fat Loss Happen

Its normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. When the body sheds significantly more hairs every day, a person has excessive hair shedding. The medical term for this condition is telogen effluvium.

Excessive hair shedding is common in people who have experienced one the following stressors:

  • Lost 20 pounds or more

  • Given birth

  • Experiencing lots of stress

  • Had high fever

  • Recovering from an illness, especially if it included high fever

  • Stopped taking birth-control pills

Most people notice the excessive hair shedding a few months after the stressful event. For example, a new mom can see excessive hair shedding about two months after giving birth. The shedding usually peaks about four months after giving birth. This shedding is normal and temporary.

As your body readjusts, the excessive shedding stops. Within six to nine months, the hair tends to regains its normal fullness.

If the stressor stays with you, however, hair shedding can be long lived. People who are constantly under a lot of stress can have long-term excessive hair shedding.

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Female Pattern Hair Loss

In women, hair slowly thins all over the scalp, but the hairline usually doesnt recede. Many women experience this type of hair loss as a natural part of aging, although hair loss may begin any time after puberty. Female pattern hair loss can cause hair to thin dramatically, but only rarely does it lead to baldness.


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