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How To Style Thin Hair Female

Angled Lob With Bright Blonde Balayage

Style Tips for Thinning Hair | Best of Everything

The lob, short for long bob, is a relatively new take on the classic bob. If you search a good haircut for thin hair to look thicker, this cut ticks all the boxes thanks to its minimal layering and asymmetry. To elevate the style, consider incorporating a balayage or babylights.

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Natural Straight Blonde Low Bun

This natural straight blonde side bun is a runway hairstyle that is in the halfway between a super sleek bun and a messy bun.

The hair is smooth and in a natural straight state, casually braided in a bun, creating a cute and elegant effortless look every lady will love.

This hairstyle doesnt require thick hair, you can absolutely recommend your client with fine thin straight hair try this style!

Center Parted Bob Blonde With Layers For Thin Hair Women

A center-parted, layered blonde bob looks chic and stylish.

A layered bob is an excellent choice if youre looking for a carefree, low-maintenance hairstyle.

You and your client will need to decide on the length.

You can decide whats best for your client based on her face shape.

With the layers, the middle portion almost creates the illusion of a curtain bang by adequately framing the face with the cut.

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Use Dry Shampoo On Your Roots

Not only does dry shampoo help refresh your thin tresses, but it can also add volume to it. To try this hack, grab the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Air Volume Dry Shampoo and spray it directly onto your roots, making sure to hold the can six to eight inches away from your head. With your fingers, massage the product through to make sure it is evenly distributed, and you’re all set.

Editors tip: If you have darker tones, you can use the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Tinted Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair instead. And if you have lighter tones, try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Tinted Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair. Neither will leave you with white residue just lifted, voluminous hair.

Underlying Causes For Hair Loss

What are the best hairstyles for very thin hair?

Numerous problems can trigger female hair loss. Some are external, such as taking certain medications, frequently wearing hairstyles that pull the hair too tight, or even a stressful event such as surgery. In other cases, thinning hair is triggered by something going on inside the body for instance, a thyroid problem, a shift in hormones, a recent pregnancy, or an inflammatory condition.

Hair loss may also be genetic. The most common genetic condition is known as female-pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia. Women with this condition might notice a widening of the part at the top of the head, often beginning when a woman is in her 40s or 50s. You might experience this if you inherit certain genes from one or both parents. Hormonal shifts that occur during menopause may also spur it.

Another trigger for hair loss in women is an inflammatory condition affecting the scalp. That might be eczema, psoriasis, or a condition called frontal fibrosing alopecia, which typically causes scarring and hair loss sometimes permanent at the front of the scalp above the forehead.

Other common causes of hair loss include overuse of damaging hair products, or tools such as dryers and other devices that heat the hair. Underlying illness, autoimmune conditions such as lupus, nutritional deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances may also cause hair to shed.

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Textured Short Bob Blonde With Long Fringe

A textured short haircut with a long fringe is a fashion trend that will last.

If your customer wants to experiment with a bang, a longer fringe is a fantastic choice.

Like face-framing layers, the long fringe can be clipped to elongate or shorten it.

Adding texture to the haircut with layers is a way to add volume and movement to the short haircut.

Styling is minimal. If your client has natural waves, let her air dry and blow dry the fringe with a round brush.

Find A Fantastic Stylist

This is critical. Ask around. Talk to people who have similar hair texture as you, possibly a similar style you are interested in, and find out who they go to. Thats how I found my guy, and that is how others have found my guy, because they liked my hair and asked me who does my hair. I always have great things to say about him, so they usually take my recommendation. A great stylist doesnt have to mean you spend a fortune on your hair. Ive been to some very expensive places and gotten not great hair cuts. Mo money doesnt mean mo betta. That is true to a point. From my experience if you get a $6 haircut, it will usually look like a $6 haircut. More than price point, though, take recommendations from people with great hair cuts. Ive even asked strangers. Dont be embarrassed. Its very flattering to have someone ask who does your hair.

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Flattering Hairstyles For Thinning Hair

Finding the best hairstyles for thinning hair can be a challenge. But, with the right hairstyle and product line-up, you can create volume-boosting looks that even girls with the fullest and thickest hair would be jealous of! Take a look at these trendy photos and find your next inspiration that will give life to your thinning and flat hair.

Short Wavy Light Blonde Shag Hairstyle With Layered Bang

How To Thin Out Thick Hair | Textured Blunt Bob Haircut

This light blonde shag hairstyle can create an illusion of thicker hair with high layers and choppy hair.

The sides and back of this light blonde hair are tapered close to the head but leave the edges very wispy and long for achieving a textured finish.

The top is longer and layered, while the jagged cut bangs are to frame the top of the face and can conceal the thinning hairline.

Ladies can expect a feminine, modern and sophisticated look with some added lift at the roots and a lot of texture.

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Beige Bronde Shaggy Lob

Shoulder length haircuts that are parted on the side are amongst todays popular hairstyles for women with thin hair. They work even better when theyre slightly shaggy and the ends are angled so that the longer pieces fall towards the front. A light beige blonde color over a dark brown base adds the desired depth.

Instagram / @hairby_gabbs

Super Choppy Razored Bob For Thin Hair Ladies

If your client has naturally fine or thin hair, a choppy bob will look great on her.

This razored haircut will help her hair look fuller without any styling effort.

You can use volumizing hair products on her to achieve even higher volume and texture, but it isnt essential with this haircut.

If your client is a lady over 50, this hairstyle will transform her current hair and give her everything shes been looking for in a new haircut.

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The Way You Style Your Hair Can Make A Big Difference

Dont go too short and dont go too long if you have thin or thinning hair. If its too short, like really cropped on the sides, it will show your scalp because there just isnt enough to cover it. I love cropped sides and tried it for a couple of months , but I was constantly battling the coverage. I cant do an undercut, which I would LOVE, for the same reason. You can see below a picture from when it was cut too short on the sides, and I had to do major damage control every day.

If its too long, thin hair will just look stringy and sad like old yarn. Dont hold on to length that is doing you no favors. Long hair doesnt make you feminine or beautiful. Short hair doesnt make you look unfeminine. These days any length is attractive as long as it maximizes what you have and flatters your features. Im not saying you have to have a pixie. I have had pixies off and on for 10 years because I love them, not because I had to. In fact when my hair was at its worst, a pixie would have been less flattering because it would have shown more soft spots, as my stylist calls them. Keep thin hair at least above the shoulders. A bob is a great hairstyle and can still be long enough for your beloved ponytail. It also comes in a variety of lengths and shapes.

Go easy on the layers. The more layers you have the thinner the ends will look.

And then there is the pixie, which I LOVE. Obviously.

Light Blonde Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs For Fine Thin Hair Ladies

Trendy Hairstyles for Thin Hair Women Over 40

Have many of us ever dreamed of having a gorgeous short womens hairstyle to symbolize our personality? If you have, then this one should be a must-try.

Light blonde makes the fine, thin hair looks fuller, and highlight colors are nice to add for fashion purposes.

To keep its shape and style, the ladies need to cut the hair basically once every month, or it will go out of shape.

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Long Cut With Long Angled Side Layers

A more subdued way to incorporate a choppy cut is to utilize layering at a longer length, avoiding the crown area and pieces that frame the face. When styling, beginning a curl at the root on shorter sections can assist in lifting and making haircuts seem more dynamic. Round brushing after washing and applying a gloss spray results in a polished look that is best for the office or an upscale outing.

Instagram / @mj_hairartist

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Look Fuller

As it was already mentioned, shoulder-length dos are short enough to give you all the benefits of lighter and stronger locks. Apparently, a blunt lob is the first thing that comes to mind, but there is always a room for correctly placed layers. When you have thin or thinning hair, the last thing you want is the sparseness. Thats gonna cause your hair to look limp and flat, says celeb stylist Jill Crosby in her video and suggests a blunt cut with wispy layers around the face for an added texture without taking away too much from the fullness of the style. This option and other cute mid-length hairdos are illustrated below.

via @salonchristol

A layered bob is a go-to option for thin black hair to give both structure and shape to natural curls.

via @jeffersonbolina

It is smart to combine a texture and a color gradient when you need to jazz up your fine thin hair.

via @fernthebarber

A blunt bob adds body to fine tresses, but you can take a step further and ask for a sassy geometric and slightly angled cut.

via @raphael_silerio

A shoulder length bob with wispy face framing layers brings the best of both worlds body on the bottom and dimension around the face.

via @styled_by_carolynn

Have your bob wavy and messy for a volumizing effect coupled with an airy feel and movement.

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Subtly Layered Caramel Hairstyle

Carefully placed highlights can add dimension to play up long thin hairstyles, while inconspicuous changes in length create movement. These two paired prevent a style from seeming boring or plain. A straight hairdo is easily softened by simply bending the ends of the hair inward.

Instagram / @triciahilights

Key To Choosing Haircuts By Hair Type


Thin hair can be stick-straight, slightly wavy or even kinky, and you need to factor the texture in. Usually, curly manes have this natural frizz you can take as an advantage for your do to look thicker. Just let it blend into with your well-defined spirals to get a voluminous style with a modern laid-back touch. If you were born with waves, accentuate them by using a curling iron for added dimension. Straight hair can be either textured in different ways or styled sleek, especially when its cut blunt. But when choosing the latter option, make sure to add fullness through a color transition or elevated roots. To seriously defy gravity, flip your head upside down and tousle your hair while you blow-dry, told Garren, celeb hairstylist and R+Co co-founder, to Allure.

via @jaimyw

Dont miss a chance to incorporate a balayage into your hairstyle. It adds depth to straight hair, while layering creates a vibrant texture.

via @joeltorresstyle

The key to styling curly hair is giving it a flattering shape and defining spirals beautifully to reveal their bouncy feel.

via @soraverly

Get your wavy hair layered and lift it up at the roots to gain volume for a fun shaggy hairdo like this one.

via @ashdoescolor

A blunt bob is a great option for fine hair to look thicker, but you can make it even cooler through layered side tresses and full bangs.

via @richiemiao

This messy bob with a deep side part and naturally toned balayage showcases a fancy wash-and-go style for frizzy hair.

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Delicately Layered Hairstyle For Thin Hair

Delicate layers are designed by portioning very small pieces for cutting. This method is a solution for thinner-haired ladies trying to embrace the layered trend without compromising fullness in the hair. A glamorous retro curl is perfectly suited in this instance, as the dainty yet sleek structure is further polished.

Instagram / @robertsparrowhair

Side Part With Fringe

The side part with fringe is a daring and tenacious way to bring some edgy glamor to your fine or thinning hair. The shorter cut gives your hair natural lift and encourages movement the deep side part gives you the perfect opportunity to play with fun textures and asymmetry. For example, tucking the parted side of your hair behind your ear while letting the longer side gently fall over your face is perfect for a flirty, fun, and youthful look.

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Layered Haircut For Thin Hair

Believe it or not, medium hairstyles for thin hair can make your mane big and vivacious. Loose and messy barrel curls teamed with layers and side swept bangs will give you the va-va-voom you are missing. Dripping with sophistication and sexy style, its a must-try if you want to look like a total bombshell.

Instagram / @markgarrisonsalon

Choppy Bob With Blonde Highlights

6 Best Haircut Styles for Thin Hair

Haircuts for fine thin hair are super simple but they work when done right. When styling your choppy cut, the best trick is teasing your tresses starting at the roots. Use a fine-tooth comb for the best results. Then shake your bob a bit with your fingers. Once youve created that perfect messy look, apply a light hold hairspray.

Instagram / @___phine___

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Blunt Bob With Wispy Bangs

The blunt bob with wispy bangs can breathe new life into even the finest, thinnest hair. Starting with a blunt cut is imperative since it makes your hair look thicker, and the wispy bangs help to create the illusion of more hair. You can personalize this cut in a few different ways, such as by taking your bob all the way up to chin length or styling with a deep side part and side-swept wispy fringe.

Straight Strands And Flipped Up Ends

Even hairstyles for long, thin hair with extremely minimal layers can be manipulated to develop shape that a single length cut fails to add. Utilize a straightening iron to smooth hair and lightly flip away from the face at the ends. Brush out vigorously, then finish with a mild hold wax to give the look a messy and beachy feel.

Instagram / @bridgetschair

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Highlights And Long Curtain Bangs

Highlights and long curtain bangs are great for providing the illusion that you have luscious, thick tresses. The pairing of face-framing highlights and expertly placed layers will draw attention to your facial features the placement of longer layers throughout the bulk of your hair adds some texture and lift. Its flirty, fun, and a bit sassy, and its perfect for women of any age.

Fill In A Finer Hairstyle With A Fibrous Hair Powder

short women’s haircut for thin hair

Spritz hair fibers into your roots for a more naturally full appearance. Hair fibers work for all hair types and textures, and are great for filling in part lines, covering extension tracks, or touching up roots between hair color appointments. John D. recommends the Toppik Hair Building Fibers, $25, which is made of keratin protein to give thin hair an instant boost and is available in nine shades to suit your color. Alternatively, you can try Kloranes leave-in spray with flax fiber, $18, which is formulated with organically-farmed flax fiber for an on-the-go styling and texturizing treatment, making it a great addition to your hair care routine.

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Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Frizz is not often sought after, but in this case, it is tastefully done. Matched with weightless, bouncy curls created by a wide barrel and a gentle brush out, it invokes a sense of fullness and tamed messiness. Additionally, layers of various lengths further intensify the buoyancy of this fun and easy style.

Instagram / @sainasarafian

Short Hair With Deep Side Part

Sometimes all you need to change for thicker looking hair is the part! Rocking side bangs with a deep side part works as an optical illusion for creating denseness in fine manes. This trick is particularly effective on thin, short locks. Strategically layering around the crown is also very helpful.

Instagram / @katiezimbalisalon

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