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Which Treatment Is Best For Hair Loss

The Big Players: Finasteride Dutasteride Minoxidil Prp Lllt

Top 5 Hair Loss Treatments for Men – Fighting Male Baldness & Alopecia

A recent 2020 review tried to determine the most and least effective hair loss treatments . The researchers were led by A.K. Gupta at the University of Toronto. The study reviewed all Randomized Clinical Trials of AGA monotherapies. They left out studies that treated patients with combination treatments, and they only included studies that reported hair counts.

In the end, Gupta et al reviewed 30 studies on male AGA. These were published between 1986 and 2019. They had a combined total of 5679 subjects.

Compared to placebo, these were the average new hairs per cm2 for each of the treatments reviewed

  • Bimatoprost : 4.7
  • Low-Level Light Therapy : 20.7
  • Platelet Rich Plasma 33.6

The authors emphasized that more research is needed to confirm the apparent superiority of the newer treatments, LLLT and PRP. The evidence for PRP in particular was especially problematic. The best quality evidence was for 5% minoxidil.

Shampoos For Hair Loss

Shampoos that moisturize the scalp can create a healthy environment for hair regrowth. Anti-dandruff shampoos like Head & Shoulders and Dove Dermacare Scalp contain zinc pyrithione , an ingredient that removes dead skin cells that could be preventing growth. Plus, all of that itching and scratching from a dry scalp can lead to excess shedding.

Whats more, hair thinning can also stem from a hormone called DHT . DHT signals hairs to shrink and become vellus hairs , says Caroling Chang, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Rhode Island Hospital and member of the Prevention Medical Review Board. It does this by changing the hair cycles and causing a shortening of the growth phase and increase in the resting phase, she explains. In this case, consider a DHT-blocking shampoo like Alterna Haircare.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Men can experience baldness or hair loss for different reasons.

While there are many causes of hair loss, the most likely cause is genetics. Finding out whether hair loss is due to genetics or another factor can help a doctor determine the best course of treatment.

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition and the most common cause of male baldness. It can start as early as puberty or develop much later in life. It often occurs gradually and in predictable patterns, affecting the temples and the front of the middle of the scalp.

Most often, a man will be left with a horseshoe pattern of hair. Heredity affects how fast, at what age, and to what extent someone will experience baldness.

Men with male pattern baldness inherit hair that is sensitive to DHT, the hormone that can shorten the lifespan of the individual hair follicles.

Some of the other more common causes of hair loss for men include:

Some less common causes of hair loss include:

  • Radiation treatment: If a man receives any sort of radiation treatment near the scalp, the hair may fall out and grow back in a different way than before.
  • Hairstyles or treatments: Wearing hair in ways that pull it excessively or treating it with oils and color can cause permanent hair loss.
  • Natural triggers:Stress, childbirth, fever, surgery, or extreme trauma may result in loss of hair. Often, the thinning will reverse when the triggering event is over.

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How Can I Prevent Hair Loss

There are things you can do to prevent further hair loss. Dont wear tight hairstyles like braids, ponytails, or buns that put too much pressure on your hair. Over time, those styles permanently damage your hair follicles.

Try not to pull, twist, or rub your hair. Make sure youre eating a balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of iron and protein.

Certain beauty regimens can worsen or cause hair loss.

If youre currently losing hair, use a gentle baby shampoo to wash your hair. Unless you have extremely oily hair, consider washing your hair only every other day. Always pat the hair dry and avoid rubbing your hair.

Styling products and tools are also common culprits in hair loss. Examples of products or tools that can affect hair loss include:

  • blow dryers

Types Of Womens Hair Loss

Glemme Biotin Hair Growth Products Kit, Microneedle Derma Roller for ...

Before we get into specific treatment options for hair loss, its important to explain how and why female hair loss happens in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, theres no single condition thats referred to as hair loss.

Instead, a variety of different issues may cause you to shed hair, from genetic factors to physical damage to your hair follicles, scalp inflammation and others.

If youre experiencing hair loss and want to stop it from getting worse, its important to be able to identify its cause.

This is because different types of hair loss often require different treatments.

For example, hair loss thats caused by stress usually wont respond to a medication thats used to treat hair loss caused by androgenic hormones.

Weve listed the most common types of womens hair loss below, along with the key symptoms of each type of hair loss.

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Treatment For Other Causes Of Hair Loss

If a disease, medicine, or stress is the cause of hair loss, then treating the disease, changing medicines, or managing stress may stop the hair loss. And your hair is likely to grow back. For example, if an underactive thyroid is causing the problem, taking thyroid medicine may help. And most hair lost during chemotherapy will grow back after the treatment ends.

If alopecia areata is the cause of hair loss, medicines such as corticosteroids can be used to treat it. But because hair often grows back within a year, you may decide not to have treatment. Understanding the come-and-go nature of hair loss with this condition can help you make the best treatment decision. Children and teens may need counseling to help them adjust to the hair loss.

How Effective Is The Combination Treatment

Each of these two medications separately is quite effective for many men with male pattern baldness, but neither is universally effective. Because of this, your chances of seeing dramatic positive results improve if you take both of them. Data from clinical research suggests that as many as 90% of men with male pattern baldness can experience at least moderate hair regrowth by taking this combination.

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Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment Vita Balance Folexin

Hair loss is a critical issue for most people and many are interested in using natural treatments instead of depending on drugs. Supplements with natural ingredients are more appealing and considered less likely to cause side effects.

About Vita Balance Folexin

Vita Balance Folexin is an all-natural hair loss treatment that has been formulated with powerful plant-based ingredients and other nutrients to promote the natural growth of hair in adults. It can be used by men and women and works for any type of hair.

Folexin cannot be considered as a miracle cure and one cannot expect overnight results. But the proprietary blend of ingredients along with added vitamins and minerals aims to provide adequate nutrition to ensure naturally strong, thick, and healthy hair.

Made in the USA, Folexin is produced using local and imported ingredients in an FDA-registered facility following strict GMP protocols. The product is third-party tested and validated for purity, quality, and hence safe for consumption.

What it Contains:

Each serving of 2 capsules has:

  • Proprietary blend 409 mg
  • Vitamins A, C, D3, E
  • B Vitamins
  • Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium

The proprietary blend has potent natural ingredients such as Horsetail extracts, Fo-Ti, Bamboo extract, Nettle root, Peony, Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Plant sterols, PABA, and L-tyrosine HCL which provide synchronized support to ensure healthy hair growth.

The Pros:

Is Hair Loss Common And Why Do People Experience It

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women with NO SIDE EFFECTS!

Hair loss is fairly common and various people experience it due to different factors such as nutrient deficiencies, improper hair care, hormonal imbalances, age, stress, etc. Hair loss resulting in balding medically termed as Androgenetic Alopecia can occur in both men and men due to genetic tendencies and age.

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How We Selected The Best Products For Thinning Hair

When selecting products for hair growth, we spoke with dermatologists and spent hours combing the web for the best and most effective products. After taking all of our options into consideration, we determined which to feature based on a few key criteria as recommended by dermatologists: key ingredients, form, and lifestyle habits.

Once we narrowed down our options, we compared each treatment’s benefits to its price tag. While some choices on our list may be more expensive, we wanted to give a wide range of options that would fit all needs and budgets. Based on all of these factors, we compiled this list of the best OTC hair growth treatments.

The Trouble With Supplements

There is still much research to be done on the topic of hair loss. Because it can often be a symptom and not the actual condition itself, there is no definitive way to tackle it and no way to guarantee that youll be able to stave off its advance well into your later years.

The currently approved and tested hair loss remedies were not initially developed with hair loss in mind, and even then they only address very specific aspects of the condition which may or may not be a viable alternative for certain types of hair loss. Perhaps due to the currently limited scope of vetted treatments, you may notice that there are a staggering number of products that advertise themselves as being a natural alternative to combat hair loss.

Many will make claims that they are FDA approved. Given that most, if not all of these are supplements, they are not under the direct purview of the FDA and as such, not subject to the same scrutiny as Minoxidil and Finasteride. If the companies that manufacture and market these alternative treatments are being transparent, they will state that their supplements are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, which means they operate in an environment deemed safe by the FDA. That does NOT, however, say anything about the effectiveness of their products.

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Hair Loss Cure: Myth Or Fiction

There is a common mistrust towards hair regrowth treatments, to an extend that hair transplantation and masking the problem are often seen as the only viable ways to deal with thinning. This is often due to the common misconceptions about how hair loss solutions work and when they can help or not.

One of the best ways to combat female hair loss is to invest in products designed exclusively for female pattern baldness that are backed by science or at least have much evidence from personal experience. Let us review them all.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

2 Pack Hair Growth Products For Men Women Natural Oil Serum Loss Grow ...

PRP therapy involves having your blood drawn and put into a centrifuge to retrieve plasma. This plasma is then injected directly into your dome for 3 months, and then every 3 to 4 months for 2 years.

A 2017 study found injections of non-activated PRP increased hair count and total hair density in participants.

PRP therapy sounds fancy , and thats because it is. The cost of PRP therapy ranges from $500 to $1,000 per session.

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The Type Of The Treatment

Hair treatments work in two ways its either they coat the hair or they penetrate the cuticle to provide hydration and moisturization. They are of these common types:

Hair Serum

The most popular of them all, hair serum is used on all hair types because it performs both functions coating and penetrating. You can choose either a smoothing serum or a repairing one.

The smoothing serum works wonders on frizzy hair and ensures your hair stays smooth, glowy, and healthy. If you notice your hair has started to crinkle or curl unnecessarily, you need this hair treatment.

The repairing serum helps to prevent further damage to already damaged or thinning hair. It improves the general appearance of the hair and as a scalp treatment, gets rid of dirty scalp.

Deep Conditioners & Masks

This hair treatment is also suitable for any hair type. Its many benefits include improving hair texture, moisturizing hair, and reducing split ends. Its recommended that you apply them on your hair at least once a week to keep it healthy. In addition, hair masks are way better than rinse-out conditioners.

So if you are losing hair while combing, you suffer from split ends, your scalp feels greasy and uncomfortable, then just go out and grab a bottle of a deep conditioner for your hair type. One more takeaway deep conditioners shouldnt stay more than 30 minutes on your hair.

Hot Oil Treatments

Protein Treatment

Hair Gloss & Hair Glaze Treatments

Keratin Treatment

Bond Builders

Hair Reconstructors

How To Treat Hair Loss And Thinning Hair Respectively

The workup for hair loss or diffuse thinning typically starts with a series of blood tests, Mack explains. With blood work, I am able to figure out if the hair loss is related to a systemic condition like a vitamin deficiency or thyroid disease.

If the blood work is normal, she recommends a small scalp biopsy to determine the state of the hair follicles .

That said, there isnt one best treatment for hair loss. Speak with your doctor to find out whats best for you.

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How Should I Select A Hair Loss Treatment

You can select hair loss treatment based on a few factors such as your requirement, the ingredients, suitability, and more. If you are nutritionally deficient, adding a supplement with essential vitamins and minerals can do the job.

If it is a specific condition such as Androgenetic Alopecia, minoxidil has been proven useful. Check with your doctor to determine the cause of hair loss and which may be the right hair loss treatment for you.

Hair Growth Support + By Nuzena

Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Nuzena is a brand-new supplement company known for their potent formulas.

Nuzenas Hair Growth Support + contains several ingredients that help to promote hair growth such as biotin, folic acid, and Fo-Ti ingredients we have seen before, but are in larger dosages here.

It also contains several vitamins and trace minerals that help to support hair volume and nourish hair quality something we know is also important for people looking for hair growth supplements.

Nuzena claims that their formula will support hair growth, hair volume, and hair structure and by looking at the ingredients inside the formula we can certainly see why.

Another encouraging sign for first time buyers is that there are plenty of verified positive customer reviews on their website a great sign to see.

Easily a top-3 option and one of the cheapest options, too.

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