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Does Collagen Help With Postpartum Hair Loss

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How Does Collagen Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss

The science of it: Years ago collagen was mainly marketed as the component surrounding the bones and as helping out joints move smoothly. Further studies showed it had the ability to keep muscles and tendons together and even rebuild cartilage as well as help ease lower back pain.

Collagen and postpartum hair growth: So when did collagen make the jump to the postpartum world? It’s now considered a fundamental component triggering hair growth. Collagen contains proline, considered a building block for hair. It actually is the most abundant protein in humans making up 75% of our dry weight and 30% of our total protein mass. As we get older and start to lose more collagen, and then factor in sun damage that can further decrease our production we start to see signs of aging more clearly. Then you factor in a significant change to the body such as pregnancy and the sudden shedding of vitamins and you tend to see further signs such as hair loss.

Consuming Collagen: It’s not surprising that people are turning to Collagen to reverse these signs of again and give us back thick shiny hair. But will collagen supplements fight hair loss? Right now there are simply a lot of theories.

Theory 1: Consuming collagen back into the body can increase the bodies levels and in turn give postpartum hair growth a boost.

Theory 2: The amino acids in collagen will help my body make more keratin that will in turn contribute to healthy thick hair.

What Happens To Your Hair After Birth

Estrogen and progesterone levels remain elevated immediately after birth, but they start to decline back to normal levels, especially after the first 3 months. What that means, however, is that all those hairs that didnt shed during pregnancy will start falling out around that time.

This postpartum hair loss is just your hair resuming its normal hair growth cycle, but because youll have more hair enter that shedding phase all at once, it can feel like youre losing a lot of hair. We know that can sound worrisome, but this doesnt mean youll notice bald spots, just more of a general thinning of your hair overall. The bulk of postpartum hair loss starts 3 months after birth, but it should subside by month 6 postpartum. If you are concerned about the amount of hair you are losing, be sure to speak with your doctor.

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Switch Up Your Hairstyle And Products

With a newborn demanding your time, chances are good you wont have time to spend hours on your hair. But still be mindful of your haircare routine.

Think about how youre styling your hair, says Dr. Newlin. Dont put a lot of heat or chemicals on your hair. If your thinner hair is bugging you, try a new haircut or invest in a volumizing shampoo.

How Do I Get Started Today With Treatment For My Postpartum Hair Loss

Why I Take Collagen

Dr. Michele Green is an expert in hair loss, whether it to postpartum hair loss or hair loss related to hormonal or metabolic changes. If you are experiencing hair thinning or new hair loss, please consult Dr. Green at her private discreet NYC dermatology office today. Dr. Green is a specialist in hair loss, and hair loss treatments, including Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss. It is important to address the first signs of hair thinning early on, in order to prevent excessive hair loss, which cannot be treated. If you are experiencing postpartum hair loss or other types of hair loss, please contact Dr. Michele Green today at or contact her online.

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Taking Care Of Yourself

The postpartum period is one of the best times while also being one of the toughest times.

During the postpartum period, it is important to take good care of yourself. Taking care of yourself will help to reduce your postpartum hair loss.

Good nutrition is important, as you read about in this post. But you need to take care of your whole self. It can be tough but you should also pay attention to what you are putting on your body.

Summary Of Best Postpartum Hair Loss Vitamins Under $50

Thats it mommy, the BEST postpartum hair loss vitamins under $50. I hope you were able to find the perfect postpartum hair vitamin gummies, biotin, and collagen gummies for you to try. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Whats your experience with postpartum hair loss? Which postpartum hair loss vitamins do you like the best?

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Stopping Postpartum Hair Loss

A combination of vitamins, minerals, and supplements can help to decrease the amount of hair you will lose after having a baby.

Did you lose hair during the postpartum period? Do you have any great tips or tricks to share to help make the hair loss easier? Leave a comment and let me know.

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The Science Behind Collagen And Hair Regrowth


While every person will experience different results from the same supplement, I can say that I affirmatively saw the result of using collagen in my routine fairly quickly.

Of course I did my own research, and talked to my health care providers, and I learned a lot about what collagen could be doing to help my system. Among other beneficial side effects, regular collagen supplementation provides your body with amino acids that essentially give your body the building blocks it needs to grow healthy hair. Read more here.

Additionally, many users of collagen supplements reports healthier-looking skin, and sometimes even improvements in digestion.

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Can Postpartum Hair Loss Or Changes Be A Sign Of A Problem

After giving birth, your life wont be the same. Your hair might always be a bit thinner now than it was before you became a parent, too. Although, it will grow normally.

You might also be surprised to see hair growing in places other than on your head. During pregnancy, increased levels of androgen hormones can also cause more hair to grow on your abdomen or face. Luckily, this extra fuzz usually goes away by about six months postpartum. Waxing or shaving this hair is a solution if it bothers you.

While postpartum hair loss is normal, medical conditions such as thyroid problems or anemia can cause hair loss. If you feel like youre shedding a whole lot of hair with no end in sight, mention it to your doctor to rule out other issues.

Why Does Your Hair Fall Out After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your high levels of estrogen prevented your usual rate of hair loss. Normally, your hair falls out in small amounts every day. During pregnancy, your hair loss decreases. The effect is compounded by your increased blood volume and circulation, which also causes your hair to fall out less than normal.

So after your baby arrives and your hormone levels drop, your hair makes up for lost time by falling out in much bigger clumps than it normally does. The total volume of your hair loss probably isnt more than you would have lost over the last nine months, it just seems like it because its happening all at once.

Postpartum hair loss can set in any day after your baby arrives, and it sometimes continues as long as a year. It usually peaks around the 4-month mark, so if your baby is a few months old and youre still losing clumps of hair, that doesnt mean its time to panic!

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Is It True That Coconut Oil Can Aid With Postpartum Hair Loss

One of our favorite natural treatments for postpartum hair loss is coconut oil, which is a key ingredient to seek for in a good anti-breakage shampoo or conditioner. This oil, which can be obtained in practically any grocery shop, has been shown to decrease hair loss by reaching the hair shaft and preventing protein loss.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss

Why Does Postpartum Hair Loss Happen?

When you are pregnant, your hormones cause your hair to grow faster and fall out less. After you have your baby or stop breastfeeding, that process is reversed, and your hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels. When that happens, all the hair you didnt shed during pregnancy begins falling out. It can be quite dramatic!

If you are experiencing postpartum hair loss, youre not alone. Its simply a normal part of your oestrogen levels dropping after pregnancy.

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Postpartum Hair Loss Vitamins

Most hair loss products on the market are geared and advertised towards men, so itâs refreshing to find one that was actually created for women. Nutrafol is a 100 percent drug-free, super-concentrated natural product thatâs clinically shown to boost hair growth performance. The companyâs âWomen Core Plusâ has proven to be one of the most effective and healthy supplements to help with postpartum hair loss. âI have baby fine hair & am going through menopause. My hair is silkier, thickening, and growing faster!â states one happy Amazon reviewer. âI am getting compliments on how terrific my hair looks.â

Sometimes, all you need is a vitamin boost to help your hair and skin â and Natureâs Bounty makes a vitamin thatâs sure to help. One of the biggest nutrient in these capsules is biotin, which is thought to help hair, skin, and nails look their best. Itâs worked for plenty of Amazon customers. âThis was an add-on product so because of that I thought I would give them a try. Just under a 2 week trial my hair stopped falling out and my nails stopped splitting and peeling,â one of them wrote. You get 60 caplets per jar.

Whats The Cause Of Postpartum Hair Loss

During pregnancy levels of the hormone estrogen rise to higher levels than a woman will experience in her lifetime.

This is what helps the uterus and placenta bring life to the growing baby. It is also because of this sharp rise in estrogen that normal hair fall stops during pregnancy.

Women normally shed up to 100 hairs a day. During pregnancy, this normal hair fall stops and the hair becomes fuller and thicker.

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How Hair Growth Is Affected By Collagen

The most visible signs of the resulting collagen deficiency are problems with the hair, skin, and nails. As our collagen levels drop, our skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles and sag. Our cartilage and bones grow weaker, causing joint pains and an increased risk of fractures.

Our follicles depend on collagen too, to help keep them moisturised, strong, and well-supplied with the raw materials of hair. Hair produced by collagen-deprived follicles is brittle, dry, and dull. Theres also much less of it, as the follicles simply give up and stop growing.

Although its important for social conventions and personal happiness, hair isnt a biological priority. When a person has a nutrient deficiency of any kind, from protein to vitamins and minerals, the body focuses on the necessities, and hair falls to the wayside. The body naturally reallocates its remaining resources to ensure that critical organs like the heart and brain receive what they need. The result is thinning hair, and eventual baldness.

A recent study at Tokyo Medical and Dental University found that the hair follicles of older people convert themselves into skin cells, as a direct cause of baldness. Follicles naturally regenerate over time using stem cells, but only if those stem cells are protected by collagen type 17A1. The collagen depletion that also occurs with age causes incidental damage to the stem cells in the scalp, rendering them useless.

Dont Panic Postpartum Hair Loss Is Normal

Doctors explain BEST REGIMEN FOR HAIR LOSS!!!!

It can be an alarming discovery. Youre going about your regular hair-care routine savoring those moments alone where you can tend to your own self-care. When all of a sudden you look down at your brush and find large clumps of your hair tangled in the bristles!

Dont panicpostpartum hair loss is normal. Learn more about what causes postpartum hair loss, how long it lasts, and some postpartum hair loss remedies to help treat it.

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Best Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I recommend products Ive personally used or think youd be missing out on if I didnt share them with you. Clicking my link costs you NOTHING extra It might only give YOU a DISCOUNT and I might earn a commission. Read my disclosure for more details.

Looking for the bestpostpartumhairlossvitamins? Perhaps youre wondering what vitamins you should take for postpartum hair loss? With so many postpartum vitamin supplements on the market, you want to make sure youre spending your money on products that work.

Yes mommy, unfortunately, losing your hair after pregnancy is a very real possibility. So, how can you prevent post partum hair loss?

Thats why in this post Ive rounded up the best products for postpartum hair loss, the best collagen products for postpartum hair loss, the best biotin for postpartum hair loss, hair loss vitamingummies, and the best vitamins for postpartum hair loss while breastfeeding, as well as capsules and tablets as recommended by moms.

Personally, I prefer gummies over tablets that are hard to swallow. The other thing I like about gummies is that they dont have a weird aftertaste. You have plenty of choices to choose from, so I hope you find one that suits you.

Keep Taking Your Prenatal Vitamins

Folate is a complex B vitamin that offers multiple health benefits, including protecting embryos in the first few months of pregnancy. Thats why taking a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, is so important.

Once youre given birth, though, dont ditch the vitamins just yet. Folic acid can be helpful in helping with further hair and nail growth, advises Dr. Newlin.

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