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How To Curl Thin Hair

Messy Thin Curly Hairstyle

How To Get Curls In Thin Hair

The best way to combat thinning curly hair is to let it go wild. Use the natural volume of large curls to fill in the gaps where your scalp may be showing through. Adding highlights to a rich base color also creates a sense of depth and texture. Once your hair is dry, avoid touching it, so the ringlets stay neat and frizz-free.

If Your Hair Is Dry Or Oily

Oily hair and dry hair dont require special haircuts, John D. says. Instead, they benefit most from a dry shampoo or a light-weight hair mask, which works to repair damage and bring back your hairs health. When applying the mask to fine hair, you want to coat from mid-lengths to ends and let it sit for a few minutes before shampooing. He recommends the Tresemmé Repair & Protect 7 Instant Recovery Mask Sachet, $3. For dry shampoo, we recommend the cult-favorite Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, $20.

How To Make Fine Thin Hair Look Fuller Without Losing Curl Definition


Those of us with fine hair are often faced with a choice: moisturized, frizz-free, well-defined waves and curls, or volume with a halo of frizz. For me, scrunching out the crunch used to mean scrunching out the ringlets I had spent so much time creating in the shower. Then someone on Facebook told me about mousse, and it revolutionized my routine.

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With Velcro Or Foam Rollers

1. Dry first. Blow-dry hair in small sections using a round brush, twisting each around a roller once dry to set the curl. “This allows the hair to cool as you continue to the other sections,” she explains.

2. Work on the rest. Repeat on the remaining hair.

3. Secure the style. Once all sections are in rollers, spritz them with hairspray to set the bend, then wait a few minutes to unwind each. “If you have time, leave them as long as possible to help them retain their shape and bounce,” Campos suggests.

Use The Shearing Method To Manage Thick Hair

How to: curls for fine hair. Curls and volume with favorite # ...

Dont panic! We dont mean to cut your hair off entirely. Simply ask your stylist to thin your hair with thinning shears: This will cut down the amount of volume in your hair, but you wont lose the shape of your hairstyle. Alternatively, you can also get a long, layered cut to balance out the volume of your hair.

However, if youre just over the thickness of your hair and just want a new look altogether, cut it! Get a short crop like a pixie, but may we suggest going for one with more rockstar appeal? An edgy pixie has a spiky finish, which can be obtained with the use of thinning shears and it gives the hair a stylish texture. If a pixie is too short for your liking, try a shag, as this layered cut removes volume and makes your thick hair appear finer.

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Protect Your Hair Against Heat Damage

Heat styling is the primary cause of hair damage in most people and damaged hair does not hold a curl. Applying a heat protectant cream or spray before using any of the heat styling tools such as the curling iron or curling wand will protect your hair against heat damage from these tools. Choose a good quality heat protectant from your local drugstore or hair salon. The mist formula is preferable for fine hair because it does not weigh your hair down.

Skip The Round Brush Until The Very End

Flip your head upside-down and start by rough drying, Colette explains. In other words, use nothing but your hands. This will lift the roots and rough up the cuticle, maximizing volume. When hair is 60 to 70 percent dry, flip back over and start blow-drying using a ceramic brush to smooth ends and add softness to the style. But be careful not to pull too hardthatll just flatten everything out.

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What Hot Tool To Select

You may curl your hair with a curling iron, a wand, or a straightener. As you might have seen from the video tutorial, each tool works fine for creating natural, trendy curls its all about the technique that you use to curl your tresses. Thus, what we recommend is practicing with what you already have.

If you do not have any hot tools and you do sometimes straighten your hair, investing in a good flat iron for straightening and curling your hair would be a great idea. If curling is part of your regular styling routine, do investigate the best curling irons and wands, which are designed for curling hair in the first place.

The difference between the curling iron and a wand is that the latter doesnt have a clip. The wand is often easier to use and creates looser curls. However, you can achieve the same effect by not putting the clip of the iron down, as we did for the first two curling techniques. The size of the barrel is very important too. We are using a 32mm curling iron to create full clumps smaller barrels will help you achieve tighter coils.

Layered Bob With Dimensional Babylights


If youre trying to figure out new creative ways to wear your really thin curly hair, consider a layered bob with a slightly off-center part. The long tendrils frame your face by cascading down towards your shoulders, and the strategically placed babylights add an illuminating 3D effect.

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Solutions For Styling Thinning Hair

If youre experiencing thinning hair, there are a few solutions that you can try.

One solution is to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These products will help to add some volume to your hair and make it look thicker.

You can also try using a dry shampoo to add some texture and volume to your hair.

And finally, you can try using a hairpiece or clip-in extensions to add some extra volume and thickness to your hair.

Option : Experiment With Other Haircuts

Often called an undercut, you see this hairstyle quite a bit in humid climates.

Shaving a few inches of hair off the nape of your neck is not going to thin the hair evenly, so you will be limited with the type of styles you can wear.

Also, this type of haircut is pretty much only possible with a shorter style.

And keep in mind that if you do decide to go with the undercut, that you will have to visit your stylist for a touch up once every couple months. Sooner if you want to keep it looking neat.

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Blonde Curly Bob With Darker Roots

Haircuts for thin curly hair are often shown in solid colors, but by adding a full spectrum of blonde tones over dark brown roots, youll create more volume. A side part, tousled top, and slightly shorter back bring out the best aspects of the classic inverted bob.

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Using A Deep Conditioner

10 Curling Irons That Turn Fine, Thin Hair Into Bouncy Waves ...

If you have fine curly hair and its feeling a bit dry or frizzy, you can try using a powerful conditioner once a week. This will help to improve the texture of your hair strands and make it look healthier.

These are powerful conditioning treatments that are designed to infuse the hair shaft with moisture. They typically contain ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil, which are all known for their ability to improve hair health.

Start by shampooing your hair and then applying the conditioner to your hair. Make sure to concentrate on the ends of your hair, as they are the most damaged.

Then, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the conditioner in for 20-30 minutes. After the time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly and style as usual.

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Option : Shave Off All Your Hair

Okay, we kind of put this one in as a joke. Buuuuut

We know that if youve had long hair for a long time, its likely driving you crazy.

But its kind of like a love-hate relationship. You love your thick beautiful hair, but sometimes you just wish you could shave it all off.

Well.. you can. Youll look like a cancer patient for a while and will probably regret it. But its something that I believe every woman should do once in her life, just so she appreciates what she has.

Use A Texturizing Spray

Spray a little texturizer to finish off. This will add texture and volume to your hair without weighing it down. It will neutralize the natural oils in your hair and keep your curls in place for a longer time. Buy the texturizing sprays specially formulated for curly hair as this will help to hold your ringlets in place for a longer time

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How To Figure Out Your Hair Porosity

The best way to figure out your hair porosity is to take a shower and wet your hair.

Do you feel that your hair easily becomes soaking wet? Does it absorb water easily? If you feel that your hair takes a long time to get wet, you probably have low porosity hair. And if your hair gets soaking wet straight away, you probably have high porosity hair.

Also, ask yourself whether your hair likes thick creamy consistencies. If it does, your hair is probably highly porous.

Theres really no specific test you can take.

If you have low porosity hair, you should aim for non-oily and light consistencies and if you have high porosity hair, you can try thicker conditioners for additional moisture.

Check out my post on Approved Curly Girl products for a full list of approved conditioners.

Why Does Your Hair Become Thinner With Age


First, why does you hair become thinner? Perhaps youve always had fine hair. How thick your hair is as you get older is really down to all sorts of factors, including genetics, diet, medication, hormones and general health.

If you feel you need a helping hand when it comes to make your hair look thicker, below are some ideas

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Why Styling Naturally Curly Hair Is Different

The first thing you need to understand about styling curly hair is that it needs moisture. Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types, so you need to make sure youre using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

You should also use a leave-in conditioner every time you style your hair. This will help to keep your curls looking hydrated and healthy.

Now that you know how to style your hair, lets talk about some specific styling tips for thin curly hair.

If you have thin hair, you should avoid using heavy products like gels and pomades. These products weigh hair down, making it look greasy. Many of them also contain harsh chemicals that will dry hair out leaving it thinner and more damaged than before.

Using The Wrong Technique

First, divide your hair using sectioning clips like the Kitsch No Slip Crocodile Clips so you dont miss any strands. If youre curling from bottom to the top, it means the ends of your hair are receiving the bulk of the heat from your iron and your curls are tighter at the ends than your roots, which makes curls fall flat. If you find that youre not getting enough volume and curl at the roots, try holding the wand vertically and wrap a 1 section of hair around the barrel with the hair thats closest to your scalp. Leave the ends hanging out to give curls a natural, lived-in look.

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Option : Use A Flat Iron To Make Your Hair Look Thinner

If you already have straight hair, this little trick isnt going to work for you.

It works best on people with curly or textured hair. For that hair type, a great way to reduce unwanted volume is to straighten it with a flat iron.

Flat irons are great for making your hair look and feel thinner. Thick/curly hair takes up a lot more space because of its shape. Its like a road that twists around a mountain instead of just going straight.

Maybe youve been around a curly-haired friend when she straightened her hair and then noticed how much longer it was when it was straight? Its the same concept.

An added benefit is that flat irons can reduce frizz without permanently thinning the hair, like with shears or thinning scissors. Plus, when you have thick hair, its harder to damage it with a flat iron.

So now you can have THICK and STRAIGHT hair!

Pay Attention To The Angle At Which Youre Holding The Iron While You Curl

Curly Hair Routine for Thinning Hair Over 40

If you want more volume, heat the root of your hair first and hold the iron perpendicular to the sectioni.e., at a right angleyoure curling, Stone says. It should be straight off your head. If you dont want volume, hold the iron straight down instead. If youre going for big, bouncy curls or a classic blowout look, youll want the extra volume. Beach waves more your vibe? Stick holding your wand straight up.

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Option : Did You Know You Can Thin Hair With A Layered Cut

Layered hair is one of those things that will never go out of style.

It may not be the most glamorous hairstyle, but it solves a lot of problems and is a great go-to look if you want to change things up and arent sure what to do.

Having your hair stylist give you a layered style is a great way to thin out thick hair without over-thinning it.

Its unlikely that theres a single hair salon in the United States that does not have someone in it who knows how to give a good layered cut, so you have options!

Ask your hair stylist for long layers if you have fuller hair. Avoid shorter haircuts, as your hair will stick out too much, making it look weird especially if they are using thinning shears .

But these long layers will help re-shape the hair, giving the illusion of a shift in volume from the top to the bottom. The hair will look less poofy as well.


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