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Does Collagen Help Thinning Hair

Does Collagen Help Thinning Hair

Collagen for Hair Growth Update and Q& A [HIGHLY REQUESTED]

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Collagen makes up 70% of your dermis, the middle layer of your skin that contains the root of each individual hair . In particular, collagen contributes to the elasticity and strength of your dermis. … Therefore, providing your body with collagen may help maintain a healthy dermis and prevent hair thinning.

Why Is Taking Collagen For Hair Growth Popular

Collagen has become a popular hair growth supplement thanks to media attention and personal reports from consumers, despite a lack of scientific evidence linking collagen to hair growth.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and it helps build and repair bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, hair and skin, including skin on the scalp.

Some studies have shown that taking collagen improves hair growth, but most of these studies were funded by the cosmetic and supplement industries.According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, this presents a conflict of interest because most of the research on collagen supplements is funded by related industries that may benefit from positive results.

People have claimed that collagen supplementation can help regenerate hair follicles to regrow hair, thicken hair density, stop hair loss and possibly impact hair graying.

More objective and controlled studies are necessary to determine whether collagen supplementation may live up to these claims.

Hair Loss Or Thinning Studies Show Collagen Can Help

You may have heard that increasing your collagen levels can do wonders for your skin, but did you know that collagen is also needed for healthy hair production? With the right amount of collagen at your bodys disposal, you can have thicker and more lustrous locks.

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Hair Loss: Seven Available Treatments And Preventions

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Hair loss could be prevented with collagen. Collagen is a protein in the body that help make up tendons, ligaments and skin. While the body produces collagen, its also available as a supplement and from certain foods like bone broth. There are a number of ways collagen has been proven to improve hair.

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If Youre On The Fence About Collagen Powder These Photos Will Make You A Believer

Hair Loss or Thinning? Studies Show Collagen Can Help

To many, collagen is a mystery supplement. Some suppose that it doesnt have much effect on the body, while others rave about its skin-firming, hair-growing and joint-repairing powers.

Im a personal fan of collagen, which promotes healthy bones and joints, better skin elasticity, hair and nail support and a youthful appearance. I was skeptical about these claims at first: How could a do-it-all powder like this exist? My fears went away when I noticed how much longer, healthier and shinier my hair was just within three weeks of use but Im not the only one thats witnessed life-changing results by adding powdered collagen to my daily routine.

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A quick scan of Instagram tags will show you what millions of women already know: collagen works. The below nine women have credited their newly healthy hair and skin to different products, but they all noticed the same effect. Thank you @vitalproteins for this hair growth, says one user. Its safe to say I will be drinking these unicorn tears for the rest of my life, another raves.

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When To See A Doctor

Before you reach for a collagen product, it might be a smarter move to ask your doctor or dermatologist why your hair is thinning or falling out. A protein deficiency can cause hair loss, although thats rare. More common reasons for thinning, hard-to-grow, or brittle hair are undiagnosed medical conditions or nutrient deficiencies.

We will often check for thyroid disease and may check for iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 levels, says Dr. Katta. If youre experiencing hair loss, flaking, or scalp pain, see your physician or dermatologist.

Whats In Collagen Supplements And Lotions

While natural collagen is made inside your body, supplements and lotions get collagen from an outside source. And all of the products come with big promises.

Collagen-infused shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products tout the benefits of shinier, healthier, and stronger hair. Then there are the all-in-one collagen pills and powders that promise everything from younger-looking skin to joint pain relief, muscle building, andyou guessed itthicker hair.

Collagen is available from three different sources:

  • Animal-based collagen is made from the skin, muscles, bones, and tendons of cows, pigs, or chickens.
  • is sourced from the scales, skin, and bones of various fish, including jellyfish and sponges.
  • Vegan collagen is created without any animal by-products. It is genetically modified yeast and bacteria with human genes that code for collagen and digestive enzymes.

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When To Worry About Collagen Use

The possible side effects of collagen use are usually because the derivative of the collagen are substances that the patient is allergic to. Most complications involving collagen use never progress to anything serious, though repeated use even after evidence of body incompatibility can diminish or negate its beneficial effects.

Because patients often do not consult their doctor or dermatologist about collagen use, its important to ascertain its use during consultations about hair loss. Interactions of collagen supplements with medications have not been extensively studied and may contribute to instances of hair fall.

Theres also the possibility that increasing the amount of collagen in the body may not necessarily manage or stop hair loss. These cases can be attributed to a different underlying condition that may be causing hair fall, like hormone imbalance or improper hair care products. Dermatologists should always be careful to check with their patients about the effects of their collagen supplements, even long after the initial prescription.

Collagen Supplies Amino Acids That Can Be Used To Create Hair

Collagen for Hair Growth? (Yes!) Treat Hair Loss Naturally & Regrow It Thicker Fast

Collagen makes up 30% of the protein in our bodies and is a synthesis of amino acids, specifically proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. Proline is also the most vital amino acid for producing keratin.

Some researchers hypothesize that consuming proline-rich collagen in foods and supplements can assist your body in creating keratin. Your body can then use these building blocks to promote thicker, healthier hair.

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The Hair Growth Cycle

Each phase of your hair growth cycle is determined by the dermal papilla, which acts as a manager, giving direction to the hair and signaling it to switch to the next growth cycle phase.

  • Anagen phase. During the anagen phase, your hair grows. Cells in the DP begin to proliferate and attach, forming a chain. As these cells grow, they harden and become a strand of hair that pushes upward through the follicle. The cells become keratinized, which means they harden. They harden because they are made of a hard protein called keratin. Your hair is made up almost entirely of this protein. About 90% of your hair is in the anagen phase at any given time. Thats encouraging because it means much of your hair is in a steady state of growth. This growth phase can last for years and is different from person to person.
  • Catagen phase. The catagen phase is a transitional phase of hair growth. During this phase, the root of the hair shaft detaches from the dermal papilla. At this point, it is no longer supplied with blood or nutrients and, therefore, discontinues growth. The hairs that reach the catagen phase are referred to as club hairs. This phase lasts about two to three weeks.
  • Telogen phase. This is the final phase of hair growth and is also referred to as the resting phase. During this phase, the anagen phase of a new hair will begin beneath the club hair that is now resting in the hair follicle.

Does Collagen Help Hair Growth

Does collagen help hair growth and can it help you achieve that elusive thick, lustrous mane?

In pursuit of thicker, healthier locks, you may have asked: ‘does collagen help hair growth?’ If you’re sick and tired of having limp, thin hair, or, if you’re struggling with hair loss, you’ve probably already done a little research around how you can support hair growth and encountered collagen as a potential solution.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body that supports skin elasticity and healthy hair. You’ll often find collagen in the best protein powders , because as we get older, our collagen stores deplete. So, taking a collagen supplement can help you to keep your skin and your hair looking a little more youthful. You can buy pure collagen powder too, and mix it up with water, milk or even coffee in the best protein shaker.

While collagen does contribute to younger looking skin and hair, less is known about whether it can actually lead to thicker, longer hair. Here, we’ll unpack the research and answer, ‘does collagen help hair grow?’.

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Does Collagen Help Hair Loss

Collagen supplementation for hair loss has increased in popularity, and you’re not alone if youve considered taking collagen to increase your hairs growing power. If youre struggling with hair loss, youve probably tried many remedies to slow the shedding of your strands. Understandably, once youve tried a product and been underwhelmed with the results, its normal to be skeptical about other methods.

Let’s clear up some of the misinformation surrounding collagen for hair loss. Well explore whether collagen can address hair loss, what makes hair grow in the first place, and what you can do if you are experiencing hair thinning. Well also explore a revolutionary new way to help stimulate your hair follicles and nourish your roots based on an AI-discovered ingredient.

May Prevent Hair Thinning Associated With Aging

3x OGX Organix Biotin &  Collagen Root Boost Volumizing Spray for Flat ...

Collagen makes up 70% of your dermis, the middle layer of your skin that contains the root of each individual hair .

In particular, collagen contributes to the elasticity and strength of your dermis. With age, your body becomes less efficient at producing collagen and replenishing cells in the dermis. This may be one of the reasons why hair gets thinner over time .

Therefore, providing your body with collagen may help maintain a healthy dermis and prevent hair thinning.

One eight-week study in 69 women aged 3555 found that taking daily collagen supplements significantly improved skin elasticity compared to a placebo .

Another 12-week study in more than 1,000 adults found that a daily collagen supplement improved the amount of this protein in the skin and reduced signs of skin aging .

Since hair grows out of your skin, the potential of collagen to counteract the effects of skin aging may contribute to better hair growth and decreased thinning. However, research on the impact of collagen on hair thinning is unavailable.


Since collagen protects the layer of skin that contains hair roots, it may help prevent age-related hair loss and thinning but research on these effects is currently unavailable.

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Include More Antioxidants Into Your Routine

We are constantly exposed to free radicals. As we age, our bodys ability to fight free radicals starts to decrease, while the production of free radicals increases. This is when oxidative stress occurs. Oxidative stress can cause a range of medical conditions from hair loss to cancer.

While we can always add more free-radical-fighting foods into our diet like dark chocolate, berries, and nuts, supplementing with a powerful antioxidant, like Masqueliers French Pine Bark Original OPC is one of the best forms of protection from free radical damage.

These tablets are clinically studied and scientifically proven to neutralize excess free radicals and toxins and strengthen your vascular system for maximum blood flow and blood circulation throughout the body, including the scalp.

This antioxidant also acts as a protector and vitamin for collagen, which can improve the quality and health of the hair and scalp. With regular use of this treatment, women typically also experience other benefits like a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a more supple complexion, and a strengthened immune system.13

Do Collagen Peptide Supplements Help With Hair Growth

Many people take a daily collagen supplement as part of their daily nutritional regimen. Many positive effects are attributed to collagen, from stronger, more limber joints to fresher, smoother skin. One other benefit claimed for collagen supplements is that they can improve your hair, making it thicker, stronger, and glossier. Is there any evidence to support the use of collagen? Specifically, does collagen help hair growth?

There are some fact-based reasons to think that collagen really might help your hair to grow thicker and stronger particularly collagen peptide supplements. Here are a few reasons to try collagen peptide powder for your hair.

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What Time Is Best To Take Collagen

Timing for collagen supplements depends on the reason you are taking them. If you have experienced gases or gut issues with these supplements, it is best to have them in the morning blended in with your smoothies or in a cup of coffee. If you want a good night sleep, you can take it at night with a glass of milk.

What Should I Do About Thinning Hair

How Collagen can help the Scalp & Hair

Its normal to search for alternative treatments for hair loss, as hair loss and thinning can be disheartening.

Thats why we created our Hair Revival Serum. Revelas innovative, AI-discovered ingredient, ProCelinyl, targets the very same dermal papilla we mentioned earlier to stimulate your hair follicle and reawaken your roots. It’s effective, hypoallergenic, and even safe for pregnant or nursing women.

Using our Hair Revival Serum is easy, and youll see results in six to eight weeks or your money back.

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What Can Collagen Do For Your Hair

The short answer is that its still up for debate.

Collagen is an essential protein for your skin, and studies have shown that taking a collagen supplement could lead to skin that is more hydrated, has better elasticity, and has a better overall appearance.

Because your hair follicles reside in your skin, we can expect that healthy skin will naturally help support your hair follicles. However, it would take a giant leap to connect collagens potential skin benefits to the idea that it could stop hair loss or help you grow new hair. Theres just not enough scientific evidence to support this hypothesis.

That doesnt mean that taking a collagen supplement is a bad idea, but the fact that it probably wont stop you from continuing to lose hair may not make it a viable or useful option for some.

How Does Biotin Help Prevent Thinning Hair

According to the National Institute of Health, consuming foods that contain healthy minerals and vitamins will benefit the overall health of our hair, and the best natural sources of biotin are eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, and nuts. Biotin can also be taken in supplement form. Adults should consume around 30mcg a day, and breastfeeding women should increase their intake to 35 mcg a day with the support and guidance of a doctor .

These minerals will help revive your hair follicle by increasing keratin production. Its important to note that some shampoos contain biotin with the claim they help decrease hair loss however, there is no actual evidence that this works.

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Collagen Pills: The Myths

Since collagen is a form of protein, it also cannot be digested whole in its pure form. Rather, it needs to break down and get digested just like any other protein you eat. Hydrolyzed collagen is a broken down into more easily dissolvable amino acids type of collagen. Your body processes the amino acids namely lycine, glycine and proline releases them into blood stream, and transforms into the building blocks that can become collagen in your scalp and hair follicles.

However, if your body is deficient in these amino acids in other parts of your body, for example, your skin, bones or cartilage then it will prioritise those areas to top them up with these amino acids and not your hair. While some amounts of protein consumed as part of your diet or supplements can absolutely end up in your hair follicles, youre leaving it up to your body to decide where it goes.

Collagen Pills Dont Improve Hair Growth And Here Is Why

Hair Loss or Thinning? Studies Show Collagen Can Help

Whether in the form of collagen pills, collagen powers or collagen serums, collagen is often featured in hair growth supplements, whether on its own as a powder or liquid or as part of the additional ingredient to other vitamins, often biotin. However, taking collagen supplements have challenges related to collagens biochemistry, bioavailability and the size of its molecules. Today we answer a question do collagen pills help hair growth and can you trust the hype?

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Use Only The Best Collagen Supplement For Hair Growth

There is ample evidence to support the notion that raising the bar on your collagen levels, in general, may help bring back healthy hair. You can do this is many ways. Reducing stress and eating a diet that is rich in amino acids and minerals such as zinc, iron, and vitamin C is definitely one step.

Broccoli, bell peppers, dark, leafy greens, and fish like salmon are just some examples of foods that can help support the natural mechanisms in the body that build collagen.

Collagen supplementation is also a good option for restoring low collagen levels. Be sure you obtain the best collagen supplement for your needs that is of the utmost quality.


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