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Does High Blood Pressure Cause Hair Loss

What Questions Might Your Healthcare Provider Ask To Diagnose And Categorize Your Hair Loss

Blood Pressure : Can High Blood Pressure Cause Hair Loss?

Your healthcare provider might ask about your habits:

  • What kinds of hair products do you use?
  • What kinds of hair styles do you wear?
  • What types of food do you eat ?
  • Do you have a habit of pulling your hair out ?

They might ask about your history:

  • Has anyone in your immediate family experienced hair loss?
  • Is there anything stressful going on in your life?
  • What medications and supplements do you take every day?
  • Has hair loss ever happened to you before?
  • What foods are in your diet?

And, they might ask about your observations:

  • How long have you been losing hair?
  • Have you been shedding more?
  • Have you noticed hair loss in places other than your scalp, like your eyebrows? Leg and arm hair?
  • Does anything worsen your hair loss?
  • Does anything improve your hair loss?
  • Have you noticed hair loss occasionally or has it been going on continuously?
  • Have you noticed if your hair growth has changed?
  • Has your hair been breaking more often?

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Blood Pressure Medications That Do Not Cause Hair Loss

  • Avapro and Hair Loss
  • I know anything is possible and you will say you can still lose hair on it. Heck you can probably say that about every substance on earth. It is reassuring that these two dont have it listed and I think it would be helpful for your worried readers to look into which medications statistically have the lowest reports. Maybe that is something you can research.

    Over 4000 people in the trials and no reports. The problem I find with post-marketing data is there are too many variables like other medications, consumer stress ect ect. Also since 40% of those people who need HPB medication also fall into the 40% of the population who lose hair. So what came first right?? Might be good for your worried readers to talk to their doctors about. I have read a few blogs that claim hair loss in one or two people but those people seemed to be on more than these two drugs and even had been on a beta-blocker recently which clearly states hair loss.

    I though I would share my research with you. Also, dont you think having HIGH BP for an extended period of time can cause diffuse hair loss over the entire head?. I have often wondered if my untreated high BP could have caused my diffused thinning over my entire head w/out any real pattern of MPB. That is until now when I have gotten treatment. I guess I will find out if it thickens up. Thanks

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    How Is Hair Loss In Women Treated What Medicines Or Supplements May Help

    Treatment depends on the cause of your hair loss.

    • In cases where the loss is due to stress or hormone changes like pregnancy, there might be no treatment needed. The hair loss will stop after a period of time.
    • In cases of hair loss being due to hair styling practices, like tight braids or ponytails or certain chemicals, treatment means not doing the things that caused the damage.
    • In cases due to nutritional deficiencies, you might be told to take supplements. For instance, you might be told to take a multivitamin and three to five milligrams of biotin daily.
    • Minoxidil is approved for treating FPHL. The 2% or 5% solution can be purchased in stores. However, you have to follow directions exactly and use the product indefinitely. Dont use this product if youre pregnant, if you plan to get pregnant, or if youre breastfeeding.
    • The HairMax Lasercomb® low light laser is approved by the US FDA to treat FPHL. Another FDA-approved laser product is the Theradome LH80 PRO® helmet and low light laser helmets and caps.

    Other medications that have been studied, but not approved, for hair loss in women include:

    • Spironolactone and other anti-androgens.
    • Steroids.
    • Other light treatments.

    It is important to note that premenopausal women should not take medications for hair loss treatment without using contraception. Many drugs, including minoxidil and finasteride, are not safe for pregnant women or women who want to get pregnant.

    What Blood Pressure Meds Cause Hair Loss

    Does High Blood Pressure Cause Hair Loss : New Findings ...

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    Propranolol And Hair Loss


    After just a couple Of months with 25 mg per day, I experience a massive hair loss. Even diarrhoea, even if that might be caused by other things. When I started with medication, I read about the side effects including the hair loss. I was hoping it wouldn’t affect me. I have a tendency to alopecia, but the hair always comes back to the bald spots. This is something else. Is there someone here who has experienced this and can give me some advice? Thx in advance.

    2 likes, 41 replies

    • Posted 6 years ago

      I have been on propranolol for 13 yrs and never had any side effects apart from needing it.. Daily. I think this sounds like an alopecia condition.

    • Posted 6 years ago

      Hi and thx. Unfortunately, I really believe this is a side effect Of the medication. The hair is really falling off. With the alopecia I hardly notice it, it’s my hairdresser who points it out to me. I’ve seen a lot of posts on other forums but I wanted to listen here, becos I’m comfortable here.

    • Posted 6 years ago

      okay .. is a good idea to Follow other people we all have different experiences.. Yes is a good site.. Can give a lot of advice with expert advice.

  • 6 years ago

    Hi Conta 10

    I have been on this medication for over 2 years and apart from the weight gain i cant say that i have experienced any other side effect?

    Hope this clears up for you

    Take care

  • Posted 2 years ago

    hi I’m about to start propranolol how long did it take for your hair to fall out?

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    Can High Blood Pressure Medicine Cause Hair Loss

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    Hair Loss & Health: Why Consulting A Physician Is A Big Deal

    Do high blood pressure cause hair thinning? – Dr. Sachith Abraham

    Researchers say their findings are important for at least two reasons. First, the study provides a serious word of caution to young men and women who first begin to lose their hair. With such a strong correlation between hair loss and hypertension, individuals who experience hair loss are wise to consult a physician about their physical health. Hypertension causes blood pressure to rise, which also causes the heart to work harder to circulate blood. Over time, this can make a patient more prone to heart attack and stroke. Hypertension is also associated with arterial diseases, kidney disease, and shorter life expectancy. In addition to consulting a physician about these conditions, individuals who experience hair loss may also wish to have blood analysis conducted to assess hormonal health.

    Second, researchers say this study, along with others, helps to spread awareness for the way in which hair can be an external barometer for internal health. Lead researcher Dr. Erling Thom explains :

    Through our research with Nourkrin and female hair loss, we have discovered that there are many health issues for men and women that can actually be identified at an early stage through looking for hair loss and thinning hair

    Losing hair is one of these very early signs , which up till now has not been treated with the respect it deserves, as a precursor to a more serious condition.

    Hair Loss Could Be a Sign of Hypertension. Maidenhead Online. Accessed 1 June 2013.

    See above.

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    A Definitive Guide To Oral Minoxidil For Hair Loss By A Dermatologist

    Minoxidil is a successful hair treatment and it is applied on to scalp as a scalp tonic or foam. This is the preferred and first choice of Minoxidil treatment as topical Minoxidil products are well established for their safety and effectiveness. There are certain circumstances that Minoxidil can be taken orally as a tablet.

    Hair Loss Due To Blood Pressure Medications

    The following blood pressure medications that treat both hypertension and hypotension are known to cause hair loss or thinning as a side effect:

    • Cholesterol management medications
    • Beta blockers
    • Ace inhibitors

    Before you commence treatment using any of these medications, make sure you speak to your doctor about the potential side effects. If you have any concerns about the medications youre taking, dont hesitate to ask the important questions and obtain a complete list of potential side effects.

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    Red Wine And Blood Pressure Medication

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