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Does Keeps Really Work For Hair Loss

What Does A Hims Roman Or Keeps Package Look Like

Do KEEPS Hair Loss Treatments Really Work?

Ok so you dont really want to scream out to your neighbors that you are getting anti-balding meds in the mail so what does it look like to get one of these packages? And what does the medicine inside look like, does it seem like something you can trust?

The good news is that Hims, Keeps for Men and Ro have thought about the quality and appearance of their deliveries, and they all send their medicines in discrete packages. Its really unlikely that anyone who sees one will think of it as anything other than any other ordinary thing that you bought online and have delivered. Below are a few pictures of the different packs and bottles that youll get if you order from these companies:

Wes also got some unboxing videos of both Hims and Keeps products. The basic TLDR is that they are well branded so theyve got that quality feel that you want when you are taking a medicine. Plus, they are packaged in a way that they shouldnt get damaged. Check out the videos below.

Typical Types Of Hair Growth Serum

1. Folliboost hair growth serum

Folliboost hair growth serum is a natural topical supplement. Its intended to stimulate hair follicles, prevent hair loss, and promote thicker, fuller hair. The product is manufactured from a proprietary mix that will combat and minimize hair loss, stimulate hair follicle growth, and repair damaged hair. Its a natural hair growth serum that helps to prevent hair loss and promotes overall development. In three months of regular application, the product promises to entirely recover your lost hair.

2. Viabrance hair serum

Viabrance is a hair loss treatment firm based in the United States. This serum appears to be offered mostly to ladies who are looking for a supplement to aid with hair development. The product is described as a system that marries both the science of a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment with a truly hair care system for thicker, more manageable, and healthier-looking hair.

3. Vegamour hair growth serum

Vegamour serum micro-encapsulated hemp oil molecules, which are purportedly more successful at accessing the upper layer of the dermis to boost circulation and minimize alopecia-causing inflammation, improve on their previous composition.

4. Biotin hair growth serum

This is a B vitamin that is frequently suggested for hair health. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss, thus proponents believe that supplementing with biotin will thicken hair and encourage growth.

5. Others products:

Things To Consider Before Buying

Remember that considering the efficacy of the product is just one of three things to consider. Besides the benefits that Keeps hair growth products offers, consider also the affordability and availability.According to the Keeps website, the product is promised to be effective, and low-cost, with three different plans for the degree of a persons hair loss. For three months, you can pay between $20 and $70 a month depending on what potent solution is right for you.Keeps is available through their website, as well as working through a physician. The availability and affordability seem straight forward. But how did the company fare in terms of getting results?

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Non Surgical Treatment Of Hair Loss

Medicines used for hair loss are usually effective for hair follicles that are not yet completely dormant. These drugs can slow or reverse mild hair loss by improving hair growth and fullness in the follicles. As with every health problem, early diagnosis and treatment are very effective in hair loss. With the drugs used in early treatment, dormant hair follicles are supported and loss can be stopped.

In the first stages of hair loss, our advice to you will be primarily drug treatments. Regular, continuous use of drugs will stop hair loss, but hair loss will begin again after discontinuation of use. The question of does keeps really work has been a matter of curiosity for those who are considering a hair transplant. Technological advances also show themselves in the field of hair transplantation with techniques such as Keeps.

Why Fue Hair Transplant

Best Topical Finasteride: Does It Work for Hair Loss ...

FUE hair transplantation and any other hair transplantation methods are available to solve hair loss. Hair loss is something that shakes people deeply on an emotional and even professional level. People who are aware of their appearance or need to look good professionally are deeply invested in their hair. When askeddoes keeps really work, we can say yes it does.

Itâs not surprising to see rich, famous media personalities freely promoting hair transplantation as a solution. This was not always the case though. Before the late 90âs hair transplant was a little secret. On the one hand, few wanted to admit that they did some work. On the other hand, the results were less than stellar before the advent of FUE hair transplant.

While the fundamentals of the process have remained the same since its inception, the tools and techniques used have changed considerably. So much so that the modern results of FUE hair transplantation are like night and day, according to the technique of the 1950s. The âpunch graftsâ by Dr Norman Orentreich from New York were the first commercially viable transplant. The question of does keeps really work has started to be researched quite often on the Internet.

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What To Expect When Taking Folital

Dr. Cyrus claims his formula helped his patient, Steven Perkins, regrow a full head of hair within weeks of taking the supplement.

In fact, that patient started to notice faster, fuller hair growth within days of taking the supplement. Heres how Dr. Cyrus explains the process:

So Dr. Phillips and I gave him the formula and instructed him to follow the program according to our lab tests results. Now, for the first few days, nothing major happened.

Steven documented his experience over the next few days. Eventually, he returned to Dr. Cyruss office with a full head of hair:

he turned his eyes at me, grabbed his hat, took it off, started smiling, and pointed at his head. And let me tell you. This beautiful mans hair had fully grown, and it was absolutely shining! He wanted to fool me for a second, wearing that big old hat. But his hair was all there, all of it.

Dr. Cyrus describes the treatment as the most incredible transformation I have ever seen in my life.

Motivated by his successful treatment of Stevens balding, Dr. Cyrus tested the formula on a group of other people. In his test, Dr. Cyrus observed a 98% success rate:

In a week, we had more than 70 volunteers ready to confirm our theoryWithin just a few short weeks, 98% of the participants reported a major increase in their hair density, showing zero traces of heavy metal toxicity in their system.

Do Studies Show That Finasteride Works For Hair Loss

In one clinical study from 1998 involving ~1500 balding men over two years, 1 mg/d of finasteride slowed the progression of hair loss and increased hair growth in the balding vertex . Meanwhile, the control group experienced progressive hair loss. Efficacy was evaluated by scalp hair counts, patient and investigator assessments, and review of photographs by an expert panel.

A similar study from 1999 demonstrated an equally significant increase in the hair count in the frontal scalp of finasteride-treated patients .

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Keeps Review: Does This Hair Loss Treatment Actually Work

The telehealth provider Keeps offers clinically proven FDA-approved hair-loss treatment for men. In this review, we discuss the companys biggest strengths, as well as a few of their weaknesses, to help you decide if Keeps is worth your money.

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Medically reviewed by: Gerardo Sison

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Keeps is a healthcare company that focuses on one issue: mens hair loss. They offer a selection of medications, both over-the-counter and prescription-strength, to help men overcome this common issue.

Male pattern baldness affects a large number of men. According to the Keeps website, two out of every three men will experience this condition before the age of 35. Thats nothing to laugh at.

So, if youve dealt with hair loss, just remember that youre not alone. And although it can be embarrassing and frustrating, theres no need to give up hope just yet. There are treatment options out there, and Keeps is working to provide affordable, convenient access to those treatments.

Read on for everything you need to know before trying out Keeps.

Minoxidil + Finasteride For Generalized Hair Thinning Or Loss

Does Keeps Really Work? Can You Stop Your Hair Loss?

This Minoxidil + finasteride bundle targets men with both a receding hairline and hair loss at the crown. The shipment includes 90 tablets of finasteride 1 mg, plus either three bottles of minoxidil solution or three cans of minoxidil foam.

Evidence indicates that this combination treatment yields the highest success rate. These medications work well together, treating male hair loss in different ways.

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Is Keeps Hair Loss Worth It

You shouldnt have to go broke to avoid going bald. Ive seen men go down that road, and its far from pleasant. This is where Keeps scores. Keeps is affordable. Keeps is reliable. Keeps is fair.

As mentioned in the preceding sections of this Keeps hair review, while its competing subscription services like Hims have ventured to other services, Keeps stays focused on hair loss treatments.

Making a profit is not the sole driver of this business. For Keeps, their main aim is to keep that hair on your head and combat male pattern baldness.

No review of Keeps is complete without mentioning that they are the only online hair loss player to offer both foam and regular liquid Minoxidil. So if you like the foam option, the brand is a great choice.

The final verdict of this Keeps review? This is a keeper.

A Primer On Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

While the idea of scrambling to secure every last fiber to ones scalp may seem funny, I assure you hair loss is no laughing matter to most grown men. With two-thirds of American males experiencing appreciable hair loss by age 35, and 85% noticing full-blown thinning by age 50, its an extremely pervasive source of insecurity and stress. As a result, Hims, Keeps, and Roman are vying for their share of a massive market. Heres an overview of what these three brands offer when it comes to hair loss treatment, and how exactly they work to keep your precious locks flowing. If youre already familiar with what Roman, Hims, and Keeps have to offer, skip to the end for our take on if they actually work.

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When Deciding On Hair Transplantation

There are literatures about hair transplantation that are easily found on the internet and that confuse you rather than inform you. As such, it becomes extremely difficult for the patient to choose the right solution. There is never the same solution for everyone, so this decision should be made by an expert. The question of does keeps really work is wondered by many people who are considering a hair transplant.

Often, surgeons or clinics may have the expertise or equipment to perform only one type of procedure. Therefore, they may prefer one method over the other. Itâs like visiting a car dealership does marketing without understanding your needs. He advises that a petrol car is better than a diesel car just because he deals with petrol cars.

How Does Finasteride Work For Hair Loss Prevention

Keeps Hair Review

Finasteride works by blocking DHT , a hormone derived from testosterone that is known to shrink hair follicles and cause male pattern baldness .

While some patients have reported experiencing partial regrowth for a brief period immediately after starting treatment, finasteride is generally intended to maintain ones current head of hair, not promote regrowth after its already fallen out.

Hair follicles begin shrinking again the minute you stop taking finasteride, which is why patients often report hair loss immediately after stopping. The key takeaway is that continued use of finasteride is required to maintain results.

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Medical Consultation With Keeps

Keeps medical consultations combine an interactive online questionnaire with pictures of your scalp or problem areas and, in some states, a telephone conversation with a doctor.

Your first consultation is free of charge and gets you unlimited access to your doctor for one year. Your follow-up consultation a year later will be $5.

Right now, these medical consultations serve four purposes:

  • First-time review. A licensed physician reviews each persons information when they first sign up to ensure that their type of hair loss is a fit for the program and that theyre not at high risk for any adverse effects from finasteride or minoxidil.

  • Let the doctor decide. This type of initial visit helps patients who dont know if they should be taking finasteride, minoxidil, both, or neither.

  • Follow-up consultation. This service is for people who have already started their program between six and eight weeks prior. During this consultation, a licensed physician will discuss your treatment experience and check whether everything is proceeding as it should. Our testers had their doctors reach out via email in a friendly but professional manner, and a simple reply was all that they needed. Afterward, you will need at least one $5 consultation each year so that Keeps can continue to refill your prescription.

  • What Do These Companies Offer

    The one solution they all offer is a hair-loss pill called finasteride , the generic version of the brand-name drug Propecia, which youre probably familiar with. Basically, the medication can stop a hormone called dihydrotestosterone from causing hair loss in men. As Dr. Davis told us, roughly 80% of men experience hair regrowth or maintenance with finasteride, so its the most effective solution available. But the mens health services offer additional solutions, too. All three offer minoxidil in topical drops or foam , which Dr. Davis put around a 60% effectiveness rate. Hims and Keeps also offer hair-wash products , and Hims goes the extra mile with biotin gummy vitamins.

    More than that, all of these services offer some form of online doctors visit to prescribe treatment as well as home delivery, and as finasteride is now available in its generic form they also purport to offer cheaper-than-pharmacy prices.

    In other words, these services say theyre faster, cheaper and easier than dealing with hair loss at an in-person doctors office. But is that the whole story?

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    Does Keeps Really Work For Hair Loss

    Keeps is not guaranteed to work in every clients case, but they do list many reviews of satisfied customers and have been reviewed favorably in magazines like Esquire and The Wall Street Journal.Bear in mind that hair loss is not always natural and may be related to other serious medical issues not related to androgenetic alopecia. This is why its important to consult with a doctor before seeking to cure hair loss, so you can rule out any other conditions or potential interactions with existing medications.


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