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Does Lipitor Cause Hair Loss

Supplements That Cause Hair Loss

Statin Side Effects | Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin Side Effects & Why They Occur

Yes. Supplements can cause hair loss in some people, and it is usually related to the dosage. It is very important to follow the recommended dietary allowances for each supplement and discussing with your doctor the addition of a supplement to your routine.

Even though vitamins, minerals, and some herbs are very beneficial to your health, there are plenty of natural sources for them and it is difficult to calculate how much you are really ingesting of a particular nutrient. For example, if you are supplementing with zinc, you need to be careful about the orange juice and other zinc-enriched products you might be consuming too.

The most common supplements to trigger telogen effluvium include:

  • Vitamin A RDA 700-900ug

What Happens If You Dye Your Hair Too Much

Over-dying your hair can be really damaging, especially if youre going lighter because of the impact of bleach. The dye exposes your hairs cortex leaving it open to split ends and hair breaks. This also makes your locks more prone to damage from other factors like harsh brushing and hair straightening.

Is Hair Loss From Lipitor Reversible

A study of research literature demonstrates that people who experience hair loss due to taking atorvastatin or other statins find the hair loss reversed when they stop taking the drug, only to return when they start taking it again. This is evidence that, for some patients, statins play a role in hair loss.

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How To Treat Hair Loss Due To Medications

Experiencing hair loss after taking certain medications is usually temporary, and treating it is relatively straightforward.

With most drugs, after three months of stopping, new hair grows back naturally.

Still, treating hair loss due to medications widely depends on the type of medication, its dosage, the pattern of hair loss, and whether it only affects the scalp or the whole body.

However, in rare cases, people may experience permanent hair loss after taking certain drugs, especially those prescribed in chemotherapy.

In this case, people must visit a doctor and follow their instructions. It may take about six months for the hair to start growing back and 12-18 months to return to the normal cycle.

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Congenital Hypertrichosis And Cholesterol

goldwell anti hair loss serum

In addition to hair loss, dysregulation of cholesterol homeostasis has also been observed in a form of congenital hypertrichosis. Of particular note is identification of mutations in the ABCA5 gene, resulting in a condition typified by an excessive overgrowth of hair across the body.,

DeStefano, et al demonstrated widespread expression of ABCA5 in the HF, which was substantially reduced in patients with a mutated form of the transporter. Keratinocytes isolated from the affected patient showed enhanced accumulation of endolysosomal cholesterol as well as lysosomal dysfunction. Although this study was unable to provide a direct link between defective ABCA5-mediated cholesterol transport and associated hair overgrowth, the work nonetheless highlights the likely importance of cholesterol transport and trafficking in maintaining intrafollicular cholesterol levels and normal hair growth.

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What Is Lipitor Used For

Lipitor is a brand-name prescription drug used to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Atorvastatin, the active ingredient in Lipitor, belongs to a family of drugs called statins or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. It works by reducing the livers production of LDL cholesterol and increasing the livers removal of LDL cholesterol from the blood. Also known as the bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein can build up and clog the blood vessels.

Statins also work to increase the levels of good cholesterol and reduce levels of certain fats called triglycerides that can damage the blood vessels. In addition, statins like Lipitor may help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular problems

Learn about Lipitors side effects, contraindications, warnings, and potential drug interactions.

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Serious Side Effects Of Lipitor

Lipitor may cause serious side effects. The list below may not include all possible serious side effects of the drug. For more information, you can refer to Lipitors patient information.

If you develop serious side effects while taking Lipitor, call your doctor right away. If the side effects seem life threatening or you think youre having a medical emergency, immediately call 911 or your local emergency number.

Serious side effects that have been reported and their symptoms include:

  • Immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy . Symptoms can include:
  • weakness in muscles close to the center of your body, such as those in your neck, forearms, shoulders, back, and thighs
  • trouble lifting your arms over your head
  • difficulty climbing stairs or standing up from a chair
  • Myopathy and rhabdomyolysis .*
  • Lipitor may cause several side effects. Here are some frequently asked questions about the drugs side effects and their answers.

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    Known Drugs That Can Cause Hair Loss

    Drug induced alopecia, hair loss that develops due to a side effect of medication, will often occur within three months after starting the particular medication, but the exact timeline will depend on a few factors. The type of drug, type of hair loss, dosage, and your sensitivity to the drug are all important factors in how severe the side effects will be.

    Get Relief From Statin Side Effects

    Hair Loss, Testosterone, DHT, Finasteride and Estrogen – How Does It All Fit Together?

    Your doctor may be able to suggest some ways to relieve the side effects you have with statins. These changes may help, but talk to your doctor first:

    • Take a break from statins, which can help you know if the drugs are the cause of muscle aches or other side effects
    • Try a different statin drug or dose
    • Change your exercise routine gradually and skip intense workouts if youâre not used to them
    • Try another type of medication to lower your cholesterol
    • Take coenzyme Q10 supplements, which may stave off side effects in some people

    The statin medications that are approved for use in the U.S. include:

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    Adhd Medications That May Cause Hair Loss

    Doctors usually prescribe Adderall for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Adderall is a combination of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine.

    Hair loss is a potential side effect of taking Adderall. Patients who take Adderall report that they experience hair loss but note that their hair regrew after stopping the drug.

    One of the most common side effects of using this drug is a decreased appetite. Loss of appetite can lead to nutritional deficiencies, which are often a causative factor in hair loss. Other ADHD and Narcolepsy medications that may cause hair loss include Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine and Lisdexamfetamine.

    There are ADHD medications that may not cause hair loss, so if you experience severe hair loss or hair thinning, you should talk to your doctor.

    ADHDMedications could affect hair growth

    Wrapping Up The Discussion

    Statins are one of the most effective medicines for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, you might need to undergo its treatment despite experiencing its side effects.

    As far as the answer to will statins cause hair loss is concerned yes, it can, but it is rare only a few people experience it. A clear relationship between the two hasnt yet been established.

    However, case studies do show that some patients lose their hair after taking statins. Cardiovascular diseases make the intake of statins a necessity, as they can cause death by stopping or reducing blood flow to the heart.

    You need to weigh the risks and benefits of statins. They do lower the risk of heart diseases. It may also be that whenever youre experiencing something unusual, you might end up thinking that its happening because of statins.

    Before deciding to stop taking statins altogether, you should always talk to your doctor. It is not a good idea to do so on your own. Moreover, it is possible that your doctor recommends some alternative drugs or chalks up another treatment plan for you.

    Keep in mind that people aged 45-70 take this medicine. So, they might also experience hair loss as a result of ageing in combination with drug-induced alopecia. You should take this into consideration as well.

    Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Hassan Soueid.

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    Here Are Some Medications That May Cause Hair Loss:

    – Blood pressure medications

    – Drugs that suppress the immune system

    – Epilepsy drugs

    – Chemotherapy medications

    – Parkinson’s disease drugs

    Note that there are other medications that may cause hair loss, which are not presented in the list above.

    Heres a list of medications that could cause hair loss or hair thinning

    Vitamin D And Hair Growth

    Lipitor And Hair Loss

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin made in the skin. When your skin comes into contact with the suns UV light, it becomes activated and travels to the liver and kidneys. It then undergoes further chemical reactions to produce its final active form. This nutrient helps control calcium and phosphorous levels in the blood, regulates the immune system, and exerts anti-inflammatory properties.

    Hair follicle cells contain receptors for vitamin D, making it important in hair growth. People with genetic mutation of this receptor, like those with type II rickets, have very little to no hair growth on their bodies.

    Evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency is linked to alopecia areata, an autoimmune form of hair loss. A meta-analysis found that the average vitamin D level in alopecia areata patients is significantly lower compared to people without this type of hair loss. Additionally, alopecia areata patients were more likely to be vitamin D deficient.

    This study did not find a significant link between vitamin D levels and the severity of hair loss. However, a more recent test in 45 adults found a negative correlation between vitamin D levels and the severity of alopecia areata. Another study showed the same results in 50 individuals with androgenic alopecia , with a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of the disease in these patients, as well.

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    Dyslipidaemia Cholesterol And Steroid Hormone Synthesis In Aga

    A number of studies have examined links between AGA and cholesterol levels, in particular focusing on cardiovascular disease risk- and metabolic syndrome., – Recent meta-analysis by Kim, et al highlighted the association between dyslipidaemia and AGA. The findings show significant increases in both total cholesterol and LDL levels, coupled to lower HDL, though the picture for HDL is less clear with some individual case studies reporting no changes or only small, non-significant reductions in HDL.-, -, , Total cholesterol and LDL levels were more consistently increased across the studies., -, -, , , –

    Does Metformin Cause Hair Loss

    One of the most common questions. The answer: Maybe. There is no clear scientific evidence that this drug directly causes hair loss but there are some anecdotic reports that link Metformin and hair loss. There is no warning about potential hair fall as a side effect on drug labels of boxes of Metformin.

    However, some people have experienced this problem after taking the drug.

    A patient taking Metformin for diabetes type 2 experienced a sudden loss of eyebrow and eyelash hair about 4 months after starting his treatment with the drug. Other people have reported losing body hair after taking Metformin and hair regrowth when stoping the drug.

    Studies have also shown that Metformin depletes the bodys levels of folate and vitamin B-12, both important for hair growth and health.

    If you are taking Metformin and experiencing hair loss, talk to your doctor about other options or about how you can modify your diet or supplement to get enough vitamin B12 and folic acid.

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    What Are The Long Term Side Effects Of Lipitor

    What are statin side effects?

    • Muscle pain and damage. One of the most common complaints of people taking statins is muscle pain.
    • Liver damage. Occasionally, statin use could cause an increase in the level of enzymes that signal liver inflammation.
    • Increased blood sugar or type 2 diabetes.
    • Neurological side effects.

    Watch For Signs Of Possible Side Effects

    My PCOS Journey! Hair Loss Balding & Regrowth | Detailed Timeline Products Used Real Results!

    Many of Lipitors most serious side effects may not be evident until theyve become serious problems. Keep watch for any muscle problems, including muscle aches, tenderness, or unusual weakness. Even if the muscle pain seems mild, tell a doctor who can order special lab tests to see if there is any muscle damage.

    Rarely, Lipitor can cause changes in thinking or memory. If mental abilities seem to be deteriorating, talk to your prescribing doctor. Lipitor can also damage the liver, so look for signs of liver impairment, such as jaundice , dark urine, tiredness, or pain in the upper right part of the stomach area.

    You may need to switch to a different medication or discontinue statins altogether if you experience any muscle, liver, or cognitive problems.

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    What Are Lipitors Side Effects In Males Vs In Females

    Lipitors side effects didnt differ between males and females during clinical trials.*

    To view some of Lipitors side effects, see the sections above for lists of mild and serious ones. For a full list of side effects that the medication may cause, check out Lipitors patient information.

    * Sex and gender exist on spectrums. Use of the terms male and female in this article refers to sex assigned at birth.

    Cholesterol Homeostasis: Links To Hair Follicle Biology And Hair Disorders

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    Iain Haslam, School of Applied Sciences, Department of Biological and Geographical Sciences, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK.

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    Can Lipitors Side Effects Include Dizziness Cough Hair Loss Or Memory Loss

    Dizziness, cough, hair loss, and memory loss werent reported by people taking Lipitor in clinical trials.

    Since Lipitor was approved, there have been a few reports of people having memory loss. Its important to note that memory loss has been reported with all statin drugs, which is the type of drug Lipitor is. And it usually goes away when the statin is stopped.

    If youre concerned about possible side effects from Lipitor, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. They can review with you the risks and benefits of this drug. And theyll help you find the best treatment for your condition.

    High Blood Sugar Levels

    Lipitor And Hair Loss

    Uncontrolled or untreated diabetes can result in a persons blood sugar levels becoming too high. Persistently high blood sugar levels can lead to damage in various tissues, organs, and blood vessels within the body.

    Damage to blood vessels can restrict blood flow, resulting in certain cells getting less oxygen and nutrients than they need. This deficiency can negatively impact the normal growth cycle of hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss.

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    Pravachol Statins And Hair Loss


    I couldnt seem to find any answers to this type of question. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Paul Rose and mentioned I take Pravachol for high cholesterol. He mentioned that statins in some cases are said to cause hair loss. Up until this time I thought my hair los was due to age or hormones as Ive had all the bloodwork done and it is all normal. I have been taking Pravachol for 5 to 7 years now and am not sure when I started experiencing thinning hair, but I am just noticing it now because of the amount Ive lost. Is there anyone here that has experienced this type of hair loss? If so, did you stop taking the statin and did your hair grow back?


    From what I have read, statins can affect your hormones, and hormonal changes can cause hair loss.The good news is, most hormonal related hair loss is reversible if the hormonal problem is rectified. This is even true with female and male pattern baldness which is why Propecia can be effective. Successful hair regrowth will ultimately depend on how much hair loss youve experienced and getting your hormones back to normal.

    You may consider asking your physician to prescribe you another cholesterol medication that doesnt contain statins and see if your hair grows back.

    What Can You Do To Prevent Hair Loss From Statins

    One way to go about it is that since its cardiovascular diseases that make a person take statins, they can focus on preventing heart disease. For that, you need to have a healthy diet that is low in trans and saturated fats, sugar and salt. You should also make sure to exercise to stay physically and maintain a healthy body weight. In addition, you should avoid smoking at all costs as it can also cause cardiovascular diseases.

    Many people learn about hair loss from statins after theyve already started the treatment. However, if one statin drug is causing too many side effects, you can talk to your doctor about switching to another one. You can also discuss the option of lowering the dosage of the drug by taking it every other day, for instance. It can also help relieve some of the side effects of statins.

    You can also consider taking Coenzyme Q10 supplements as they can also help with the side effects of statins, but make sure to only take them after consulting your doctor. It might also be that youre experiencing pain, a side effect of statins, as a result of old age. So, you should discuss with the medical professional if taking a break from statins therapy is an option that you have.

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