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How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last

Thirty To Sixty Percent Of Women Experience Postpartum Hair Loss Said Cosmetologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta

Postpartum Hair Loss, How To Grow Hair Long FAST!

From certain health conditions to lack of sufficient nutrients in ones diet, reasons for hair loss could be many. But did you know that is also equally common for women to lose hair after giving birth? Postpartum hair fall is quite normal and is usually caused by hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy and after delivery.

Thirty to sixty percent of women experience postpartum hair loss. This condition is called postpartum alopecia and it happens because of the hormonal changes in the body. The good news? Its temporary, said cosmetologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta.

In case you have been looking for remedies to manage postpartum alopecia, Dr Mittal-Gupta shared five effective ways to manage the condition:

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Dont stop taking hair supplements

Post childbirth, dont stop taking hair supplements unless advised by your doctor. The supplements have essential vitamins in them and will help prevent hair loss to a great extent.

Eat a nutritious diet

Eat a diet that is balanced and filled with dark leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, etc. If you dont have fish in your diet, consider taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements. What you eat, contributes a lot to how your hair and skin looks.

Switch your hair care treatment

Sleep well and get good rest

But if you still see clumps of hair falling post the first birthday of your baby, then it is time to see an expert, she suggested.

How We Wrote This Article

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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Losing hair can be upsetting at any time, but it can be especially distressing if youve just gone through childbirth.

You may have noticed that your hair was thicker during pregnancy, when you shed less hair than usual. However, it can then start to fall out more and get thinner a couple of months after giving birth.

Known as postpartum hair loss, this can feel alarming. But its actually just your hair going back to its usual cycle of growth and loss after the changes of pregnancy. Its completely normal, and temporary.

Here, we explain why postpartum hair loss happens, how long its likely to last and what you can do about it as well as looking at other possible causes of hair loss after pregnancy.

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Hair Growth After Postpartum Hair Loss

Due to the nature of our hair growth cycles, the shedding of a hair from its follicle typically signals that a new hair shaft has already begun to grow. This means that once the onset of postpartum hair loss subsides, you should expect to see new hair on the horizon.

Remember that hair grows about a half-inch per month, so it will take some time to be able to really see your hairs fullness coming back. The American Academy of Dermatology Association advises that most mothers see their hair return to its normal fullness within a year of giving birth, if not earlier.

If you dont see hair growth getting back to normal within the first year after childbirth, consult with a health care provider to make sure there arent any underlying health issues at play.

Chronic diseases, nutritional deficiencies, significant emotional stress, some hormonal diseases like thyroid disease, some medications, and infections of the scalp may be associated with this type of hair loss, explained Dr. Buyuk. If extreme hair loss persists, then women should see their dermatologist to make sure that there is no other underlying condition.”

Get The Full Picture: How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

When Should I Expect Postpartum Hair Loss To Start

Postpartum Hair Loss: The Hows and Whys

Even though many women experience longer, fuller and thicker hair while pregnant, that can all change after giving birth. Around three months after childbirth, during the postpartum period, you may notice excessive shedding on your pillowcase and in the shower drain. This type of hair loss, known as postpartum alopecia, normally peaks around four months, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

While its normal to lose about one hundred hairs a day, new moms may shed hundreds of hairs a day, said Dr. Zachary Okhah, M.D. and cosmetic surgeon at PH-1 Miami. But don’t be alarmed. This type of hair loss is temporary and a result of your body beginning to return to its pre-pregnancy norm as your estrogen levels decline, he added.

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What Causes Hair Loss After Giving Birth To Your Baby

Pregnancy hormones can affect your body in several different ways. You may have noticed, for example, that your hair became thicker when you were pregnant. The hormone oestrogen was responsible for this, making your hair grow faster and less likely to fall out. However, after giving birth to your little one, you may find that all that extra hair you gained during your pregnancy now starts to come loose and shed. This is why you may experience postpartum hair loss in the first few months after your baby is born.Essentially, the surplus hair that grew during pregnancy is now falling out. In a way, although it may seem like hair âlossâ, itâs actually just things returning to as they were before you were pregnant.By the way, these same pregnancy hormones may also mean that you find your hair is oilier or drier than usual or even a slightly different colour and texture during pregnancy and afterwards.

When Does Hair Stop Falling Out After A Baby Is Born

After pregnancy, a lot of new moms experience a lot of hair shedding. Approximately four months after giving birth, hair losing normally peaks. Most mothers restore their natural hair growth by their childs first birthday. If your hair has not returned to its original fullness after a year, you should consult a dermatologist.

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What Does Postpartum Hair Loss Look Like And How Long Will It Last

You may notice increased hair shedding, especially while showering, brushing, and styling the hair. Often, hair loss occurs around the hairline. In most cases, hair shedding will slow down around 6 – 7 months postpartum. That said, for women with a genetic background of thin hair or baldness, hair may not regrow to its pre-pregnancy glory.

Does Postpartum Hair Loss Grow Back


Yes! Postpartum hair loss is a temporary condition. The hair loss that occurs is a result of the shedding phase of the hair growth cycle, which occurs in order to make room for new growth. As a result, the hair that is lost during postpartum hair loss will grow back, though perhaps not with the same density as pre-pregnancy. If the alopecia, or excessive hair loss, continues for longer than fifteen months postpartum, it is best to seek out an expert dermatologist, such as Dr. Michele Green. Hair loss that continues for longer than fifteen months may be a sign of a larger problem with your thyroid, low Vitamin D levels, or anemia. If you ever have any questions about your postpartum hair loss, you can schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Green, who will be able to advise you on the best methods to ensure new hair growth.

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How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last What Timeline To Expect For Hair Shedding After Giving Birth

Postpartum hair shedding is very common for women in the months after giving birth. And, while this is startling and frustrating, it is perfectly normal and most women can expect their hair to bounce right back.

Sometimes, part of the frustration from hair loss can be not knowing what to expect, or how long shedding will continue.

Below, we will outline some of the most common timelines for postpartum hair loss including when it normally begins, how long the shedding tends to last, and when you can expect your hair to look relatively back to where it was pre-pregnancy.

How To Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Because postpartum hair loss is a normal result of your changing hormones, it is not something that you can immediately stop. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the effects of postpartum hair loss and help promote healthy hair growth.

Here are six things you can try for postpartum hair loss treatment:

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What Can I Do About Postpartum Hair Loss

For many people, it can be disappointing to lose the thicker hair that they enjoyed during pregnancy. But while you cant prevent postpartum hair loss, there are things you can do to look after your hair while you wait for it to go back to normal, including:

  • using a volumising shampoo to help make your hair look thicker and fuller
  • using a conditioner designed for fine hair and applying it to the ends of your hair only
  • avoiding conditioning shampoos and intensive conditioners these will be too heavy for your recovering hair

You might have to try a few products before you find a new routine that works for you. You may also want to try a different hairstyle to help disguise any postpartum hair loss or thinning. A shorter style can help your hair look thicker, and may also be more practical when caring for a new baby.

And remember, once your hair returns to its normal volume, your haircare routine can probably go back to what it was before pregnancy.

Handling Postpartum Hair Loss

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Sometimes postpartum hair loss means your hair falls out evenly all over your head. Sometimes it means that clumps come out when youre brushing it or washing it in the shower. Oftentimes, though, women lose the most hair around their hairline, making their hair look very fine and as if theyre balding. Even if you know its temporary postpartum hair loss can take a toll on you and your confidence. Here are some simple things you can try to help you with the transition.

Try a new cut or color. A professional stylist will be happy to help you work with your postpartum hair! A shorter cut, bangs, fresh color, or layers can all help camouflage any thinning you might notice in your hair.

Keep it moussed and moist. Using the right product can go a long way in giving your hair some extra fullness. Volumizing mousse, for example, can help give your hair a boost. Conditioner is also essential during this timedo a deep or leave-in conditioner regularly to keep your hair soft and strong.

Change up your part. If you normally part your hair in the middle but notice your hair thinning around your temples, dont be afraid to switch your hair part around to cover certain spots youd rather not show.

Add texture. Sleek, straight hair can make thinning hair more visible. Try embracing your natural curl or adding some waves to give your hair extra body.

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How Your Hormones Change During Pregnancy And Postpartum

During pregnancy, your hormones change dramatically.

One of the first to spike is human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. Thats the hormone your pregnancy test measured and its rising levels indicated that you were pregnant. Pregnancy also causes several other hormone levels to rise, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin. Your blood volume also rose during pregnancy, to as much as 50 percent greater volume than normal by your due date.

Immediately after your baby is born, several of your hormone levels drop quickly, including estrogen and progesterone. Those hormones will be almost back to normal levels within 24 hours after birth, although prolactin will stay high as long as youre breast-feeding.

Your blood volume also decreases, but its drop is more gradual. It gets back to normal a few weeks after your baby arrives.

What Happens To Your Hair During Pregnancy

While pregnant, hair sheds more slowly than normal. This can result in fuller and thicker-looking hair since you’re just not losing as much each week. When you are pregnant, you are in a privileged hormonal state,” says Dr. Yates, MD, FACS, a Chicago-based board-certified hair loss surgeon. “In your third trimester, your estrogen levels are six times higher than normal. Both estrogen and progesterone support hair growth and decrease shedding by keeping the hair in a constant anagen phase. This explains why your hair looks the most radiant at the time of delivery.

In addition to the increase of hormones while pregnant, overall lifestyle changes can contribute to a fuller-looking head of hair. Most patients experience better hair while pregnant probably due to prenatal vitamins and better nutrition overall as well as a healthier lifestyle, says Kavita Mariwalla, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York.

A normal, healthy scalp loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day. One study showed that a normal head of hair is usually 85 percent actively growing, and 15 percent in the resting phase. After a stressful event, like giving birth, the resting phase percentage can increase to 70 percent.

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Discover Why Pregnancy Hair Loss Is Common For New Mums And The Difference Between Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss When It Comes To Postpartum Hair

Firstly, congratulations Mama on the birth of your bundle of joy. We want you to know we LOVE you and youre doing AMAZING! Our bodies go through many changes during motherhood and if youre experiencing pregnancy hair loss you are not alone. The postpartum period involves you moving through many changes, both emotionally and physically. Are you wondering how long does postpartum hair loss last? And what can help during this new journey youre on? Keep reading for our postpartum hair loss tips to help you rebuild your strength.

How Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out After Pregnancy

Postpartum Hair Loss With Locs

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent postpartum hair loss. As Dr. Green stated above, the hair loss you experience after pregnancy is typically the hair you would have lost during a regular growth cycle. While there is no way to prevent postpartum shedding, Dr. Green recommends strengthening the feel of your strands with supplements, a healthy diet, and making sure your locks stay clean, conditioned, and moisturized.

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