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How Much Zinc For Hair Loss

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Benefits Of Taking Zinc For Hair Loss | Zinc For Hair Growth

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It is important to get enough of the mineral Zinc for hair growth as it plays a powerful role in maintaining a healthy hair shaft. Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in numerous cellular reproductive activities including normal immune function, cell division, tissue growth and wound healing, protein and DNA synthesis. Because hair growth depends on normal cellular reproduction and protein-building, a deficiency of zinc can lead to hair shedding or hair loss.

Zinc Sensitivity And Areds2

In the course of this research, I started seeing articles questioning the amount of zinc in the AREDS 2 formulation for some people.1 That it may not be the best option for everyone. I switched to a formula with less zinc, which was difficult to find at that time. Then I read about a company that tests for zinc tolerance and I sent off my swab, which showed I was one of the 15% who is zinc sensitive. I started buying the lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins, and minerals individually.

Treatment #: Thyroxine + Zinc + Multivitamin

The clinicians continued giving the woman thyroxine, but also started her on zinc monohydrate supplements twice daily 140mg capsules each . They also gave her a multivitamin since safe mega-dosing on zinc often demands the consumption of other nutrients like selenium and iodine.

So what were the results?

After one month, the scaly lesions on her face and scalp disappeared.

After four months on zinc, she regrew all of her hair. Dont believe me? See for yourself.

So what can we glean from her hair recovery? The answers might not be what you expect.

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Tips To Eat Your Way To Thicker Fuller Hair

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Research shows that certain nutrients, including iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C and omega-3s are essential to healthy-growing hair,

Did you know that what you eat affects your hair? That’s news to most people, especially those who are dealing with hair loss. While there are many possible causes for hair loss – stress, the environment, health problems – achieving thick, full and healthy hair ultimately starts with your diet. That’s because the nutrients you get from food and supplements provide the building blocks for your hair growth.

Research shows that certain nutrients, including iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C and omega-3s are essential to healthy-growing hair, while lack of these nutrients and certain inflammatory foods can lead to hair loss and slower-growing hair.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Maria Marlowe has partnered with NIOXIN, the No. 1 globally selling salon brand for thicker, fuller-looking hair, to spread the word about how nutrition contributes to achieving a beautiful mane. Here are her best tips about what to eat – and what to avoid – for optimal hair health.

What to consume:


Iron helps boost circulation and carries oxygen to your hair’s roots, which helps the hair grow faster and longer. An iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. Some good sources of iron include clams, beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, oysters, grass-fed beef and bison.


B vitamins


Vitamin C


What to avoid:

How Can I Tell If Im Zinc Deficient

Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!

We know that serum zinc tests are unreliable. So how can we tell if were zinc deficient?

Well, there is evidence to suggest that the concentration of zinc in hair is the most reliable sign of chronic zinc deficiency. Zinc levels are normally 150 to 240 mcg per gram of hair, but levels < 70 mcg/g indicate zinc deficiency. So, you could just get a hair analysis test

But one case study suggests that the best way to test for zinc deficiency might just be to start supplementing with zinc, and to start tracking if your symptoms go away.

So you can try that!

First, determine if youre at risk for a zinc deficiency. Are you an athlete, a vegetarian, or a vegan? If so, you might be zinc deficient.

Secondly, are you exhibiting any of the symptoms of a zinc deficiency? For instance: hypothyroidism, cold hands / feet, depression, irritability, hair loss, or diffuse hair thinning.

If so, then you might be zinc deficient. That means that zinc supplementation might be a good option for you.

BUT please! Be warned

Too much zinc is dangerous. If youre going to supplement, you have to do it safely. Otherwise, you might worsen your condition and even cause neurological impairments.

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Benefits Of Zinc Pyrithione For Hair

The benefits of zinc pyrithione extend beyond the skin of the scalp. By improving the health of the scalp, the health of the hair benefits as well. While not specifically formulated to help with hair, by helping to treat the scalp and improving overall scalp health, it is thought that zinc pyrithione may help promote hair regrowth. “One study showed that daily use of 1 percent pyrithione zinc shampoo over 26 weeks showed an improvement in hair growth,” Garshick shares. Engelman agreed that zinc pyrithione can have the potential to impact growth. “Since a number of thinning hair and hair loss concerns are related to the scalp, zinc pyrithione can help clear dead skin cells or conditions that prevent hair growth and thus promote fuller, healthier hair,” says Engelman.

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss: Myth Or Miracle

Androgenetic alopecia: Male and female hair loss

Hair loss in both men and women is called androgenetic alopecia, and its common as everyone ages. Its caused by the hormone testosterone, and its conversion into a molecule called DHT. This alteration causes hair follicles to shrink, resulting in hair loss. Men have more testosterone than women do, so balding is more common in men.

Men typically experience an M-shaped pattern of thinning hair, known as male pattern baldness. Thinning usually occurs all over the scalp in women and rarely results in complete baldness. Because hair loss is so common, its no wonder people turn to herbal remedies. Saw palmetto is one of the most popular that people use to try to slow down hair loss or to regrow hair.

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What To Eat To Help Ward Off Cancer

Zinc supplements are traditionally capsules that are swallowed whole, while zinc lozenges are essentially cough drops with zinc as the main active ingredient. Lozenges arent always well tolerated, because theyre designed to dissolve in the mouth and dont always taste great. Also keep in mind that zinc lozenges typically contain less zinc than standard zinc dietary supplements, Dr. Cole says. So if youre looking to increase your zinc intake to improve overall immune function long term, a dietary supplement may be the best, most effective option, she says. To find out if a zinc supplement may be beneficial for you, consult your healthcare team.

But Why Bother About Zinc

YOU MIGHT WANNA Watch THIS IF You HAVE ALOPECIA or HAIR LOSS! Zinc deficiency hair loss! Zinc pills

You need this bluish-grey shiny metal for division and growth of every cell in our body . Its also necessary for a healthy immune system, and people with low levels of zinc have a higher rate of cough and cold. And their wound, cuts and infections take a longer time to heal. This is because zinc plays a role in repair and healing of injuries.

Moreover, zinc is important for creating DNA, the genetic blueprint of your cells. Its also required for activity of 300 + enzymes, thyroid function I can go on and on about zincs role in our body. But now you get the idea how very important zinc is.

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So What Have We Learned

Zinc seems to play a major role in hair thinning and regrowth, depending on the amount of zinc a person consumes. We know that too little zinc can lead to follicle miniaturization, while too much can also lead to hair loss. Balancing hormones seems to be key in correcting the problem.

We know that zinc-rich foods can help, but supplementation might also be necessary depending on the type of alopecia and the extent of the damage to the hair follicles.

If you suspect your hair loss is caused by a zinc deficiency, its ideal to have blood tests done to verify that.

Talking to a qualified medical professional is the first step to correctly treating any hair loss issues.

Some Brand Names Of Biotin Supplements

Here are a few biotin pills for hair growth to consider:

Appearex: With 2500 mcg biotin per tablet, Appearex works for strengthening hair. Biotin affects the protein structure, called keratin, found in hair. The product is proven to be safe as it has not interfered with any medications you are using.

Natures Bounty Biotin Supplement: you can improve your hair strength with Nature Bountys 10,000 mcg. It is formulated by quality ingredients, no blending artificial flavor or sweetener. Aside from biotin, the item contains beeswax and soybean, offering shiny and silk hair.

MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair 2: As the name, the product supports strengthen hair, nails, and complexion. It comes in an organic formula with biotin, zinc, organic oranges, and so on. Although you can take biotin in most food sources, you can take this supplement to get all nutrients.

Read more

If you are suffering hair loss and need biotin to improve hair quality, tell with your doctor first. Then taking the right biotin dosage for hair growth to get the maximum benefits.

Many supplements contain more biotin than the allowed amount you need per day, from 1,000 to 10,000 mcg of biotin per tablet. If you consume too much biotin, your body will peel out what is unnecessary.

biotin supplements

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Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Help

Zinc is important in the healthy functioning of our bodies, but too much of it can create hair loss . Zinc helps build cells and it keeps our hormones balanced . It also assists with the assimilation of other vitamins, and it assists the body with assimilating protein, all of which are important for growing hair.

However, zinc can also raise the level of the hormone DHT . DHT is considered the primary culprit for pattern baldness in both men and women. It is a chemical that is derived from testosterone.

Testosterone in and of itself is not the problem the problem is caused by the level of DHT that can bind to certain receptors in the hair follicle. DHT can cause the hair follicle to shrink, and this can lead to male pattern baldness.

It can happen to both men and women, since women also have a certain amount of testosterone in their bodies. Although women have a much smaller amount of testosterone, even this small amount can cause DHT to aggravate further thinning.

So for men, this is obviously an even bigger problem, since the amount of testosterone in their bodies is much higher. Even if the levels are normal according to a blood test, DHT can still create a hair problems.

Because there is such a delicate balance between the hormones in the body, if there is a drop in the female hormone , the male hormone , can become more dominant thereby leading to the problem of hair thinning and recession.

Thorne Zinc Picolinate 30 Mg

Zinc for Hair Loss

Thorne zinc picolinate contains 30 milligrams of zinc, bound to the organic acid picolinic acid. The picolinic acid helps the body to absorb zinc.

According to the company, this product is NSF Certified for Sport Details.People should take Thorne zinc picolinate once a day or as recommended by a doctor.

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Biotin To Promote Hair Growth

Biotin is a B vitamin that has long been recommended by dermatologists and other experts to prevent hair loss. Biotin supports your scalp and hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth. Like fish oil, it can also reduce inflammation that may lead to hair loss. Taking a B complex supplement is a great way to ensure that youre getting enough biotin, as well as other B vitamins like folate and panthenol that may help with hair growth. I always tell my patients to choose a B complex that contains methylated forms of B vitamins. Why does methylation matter? Up to 30 percent of the population has an MTHFR genetic abnormality that prevents their bodies from metabolizing unmethylated B vitamins like folate and B12. If youre in this 30 percent and youre taking an unmethylated B complex, youre throwing your money awayand possibly hurting your health in the process. You can also get these vitamins in foods like avocado, beans, nuts and eggs.

How Zinc Can Reverse And Prevent Hair Loss

There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence suggesting that zinc can halt hair fall and reverse hair loss, but only a few clinical researchers have taken an earnest look at whether or not these first-hand accounts are true. The few scientists who have studied zincs effect on hair loss and hair growth have not only corroborated the experiences of ordinary people , but they can explain why it works.

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Saw Palmetto And Hair Loss

There are many treatments for hair loss. In recent years, hair pieces and hair extensions have gained popularity. Topical medications and oral drugs are other popular methods people use to treat thinning hair. Surgical procedures such hair plugs also work well. But medications can have side effects and surgery can be expensive.

Saw palmetto is an alternative remedy used to treat hair loss. Its a plant with small berries that has been used by Native Americans as medicine and food for hundreds of years. Theres evidence that this herbal remedy may treat an enlarged prostate. It also has been used to treat:

  • hair loss
  • prostate cancer

Research on whether saw palmetto works to treat hair loss is limited but promising. An extract of saw palmetto berries may block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is the molecule responsible for hair loss and also is involved in the enlargement of the prostate.

One study showed promise in saw palmettos ability to treat an enlarged prostate. Researchers hope it can slow or stop hair loss too. In fact, the components of saw palmetto that block the enzyme work in a similar way as synthetic ingredients in prescription medication for hair loss.

Saw palmetto comes in several different forms, including:

  • whole dried berries
  • liquid extracts
  • powdered capsules

How Much Biotin Can You Take For Hair Loss


Biotin is present in many foods, including eggs, fish, meat, seeds, nuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.

For supplementation, Cleveland Clinic dermatologists favor amega-B vitamin combination that includes:

  • 3 milligrams of biotin.
  • 200 milligrams of vitamin C.
  • < 1 milligram of folic acid.

Occasionally, the mega B-vitamin combination gives somepatients minor gastric trouble, but switching them to biotin alone relievesit, Dr. Bergfeld notes.

And if you cant find the mega B-vitamin combination, youcan buy biotin, zinc and vitamin C separately, she says.

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