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How To Conceal Hair Loss

Hairstyles For Hair Loss & Traction Alopecia


If you recently found out you are showing signs of traction alopecia, it can be a very stressful and upsetting time. You may feel overwhelmed with how to style your hair. The good news? There are many tips and tricks for hairstyles to cover traction alopecia so you can feel stylish and confident. Remember, you are not alone and many women experience traction hair loss but have discovered hairstyles to hide traction alopecia while protecting their thinning hair.

Gain Hope By Learning More About Your Treatment Options

It can be disheartening to suddenly start losing hair, but there are many treatment options to combat hair loss and regrow your hair, says Michele Green, MD, a New York Citybased cosmetic dermatologist.

By talking with a dermatologist about the options that are available to help treat alopecia areata, this can also take the focus away from the more frustrating aspects of this condition. Also, you can ask about potential future treatments that you should be on the lookout for.

Learning about the exciting treatments on the horizon can also provide much needed hope and optimism, says Dr. Craiglow. She points to the promise of Janus kinase inhibitors as one example of a treatment that could potentially be approved as an official AA therapy.

Is Hair Loss Normal

We all lose hair. Some hair loss is perfectly normal, as hair falls out after it completes the 2 to 6 year growth phase. You may notice loose hairs that have fallen out on your clothes or in your comb or hairbrush. The average person loses about 50 to 100 hairs per day. This is normal. What is not normal? Excessive hair loss in women may be apparent by the following: If your hair starts to fall out in clumps, especially when you brush or comb it or are in the shower, you should see your doctor. If you notice that you can see larger areas of your scalp or that your hair is thinning, see your dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment of your hair loss condition.

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Use A Product Like Nanogen

I haven’t ever used this product, but Nanogen is like these tiny micro fibres that you apply to your scalp with a roller, and it’s supposed to hide hair loss. It works best if you have short hair, I would imagine. It is rather easy to spot the people who use it though, seeing as the hair looks unnatural in my view.

Dyeing your hair can help you hide hair loss.

How To Hide Thinning Hair Tip #4

Should I be concerned about this hair loss/thinning? : FemaleHairLoss

4. If you are a brunette, then dyeing your hair will make it look fuller. So while the darker shades cause more contrast with the scalp, the hair dyes of the darker colours coat the hair shaft and that makes hair thicker. Unfortunately the greys, blondes and whites look more transparent. Which leads us to tip for hiding hair loss number 5…

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Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Men can experience baldness or hair loss for different reasons.

While there are many causes of hair loss, the most likely cause is genetics. Finding out whether hair loss is due to genetics or another factor can help a doctor determine the best course of treatment.

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition and the most common cause of male baldness. It can start as early as puberty or develop much later in life. It often occurs gradually and in predictable patterns, affecting the temples and the front of the middle of the scalp.

Most often, a man will be left with a horseshoe pattern of hair. Heredity affects how fast, at what age, and to what extent someone will experience baldness.

Men with male pattern baldness inherit hair that is sensitive to DHT, the hormone that can shorten the lifespan of the individual hair follicles.

Some of the other more common causes of hair loss for men include:

Some less common causes of hair loss include:

  • Radiation treatment: If a man receives any sort of radiation treatment near the scalp, the hair may fall out and grow back in a different way than before.
  • Hairstyles or treatments: Wearing hair in ways that pull it excessively or treating it with oils and color can cause permanent hair loss.
  • Natural triggers:Stress, childbirth, fever, surgery, or extreme trauma may result in loss of hair. Often, the thinning will reverse when the triggering event is over.

Hair Loss Trigger: Pcos

If you have polycystic ovary syndrome , your hormones are always out of whack. Your body makes more male hormones, or androgen, than it should. This can cause extra hair to sprout on your face and body while the hair on your head thins out. PCOS can also lead to ovulation problems, acne, and weight gain. But sometimes thinning hair is the only obvious sign.

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Using Our Salon Quality Hair Pieces

Thankfully, hair pieces can help. Entirely seamless and unnoticeable, hair pieces can restore the length and volume lost by women suffering from hair loss. Whether youre looking for a semi-permanent or temporary solution, our varied hair piece systems are professionally applied to give you the best results and help you restore your best self.

What Can I Do About Thinning Hair In Front


Wondering How can I hide thinning hair? While it can be tricky to conceal your scalp, there are some solutions you can try. Some of them are meant to disguise the problem in a matter of minutes. Such is the case of toppers, make-up, haircuts, hairstyles for thinning hair. Others are meant to become your lifestyle adjustments. Such is the case of using natural shampoos and adopting a healthy diet. But there are so many ways to care for thinning hair. And so many ways in which you can harm your hair without even knowing it:


  • Adjust your diet and include protein, since your hair is made of keratin, a protein. A balanced diet, rich in vitamins good for the hair is also helpful. Not to mention minerals such as Zinc and Iron. Foods such as egg yolk, almonds, nuts, bananas, whole grains, fish, beans, lean meats are super helpful when it comes to thinning hair.
  • Scalp massages are amazing for boosting hair circulation towards the follicles. Frequent scalp massages may play a significant role in preventing thinning hair.
  • Using natural shampoos and hair thinning products is essential. Some enhance your hairs volume. Others replenish it with nourishment. Look for hair care products containing biotin, natural oils , and botanical extracts . Go for a rich, nourishing, and protecting hair care routine. Including castor oil in your routine can help revitalize your thinning hair. It helps circulation to the scalp and makes the shaft stronger.


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How Do Celebrities Conceal Hair Loss Problems

A week or more of red spots and crusts in the recipient region are the most common adverse effects of current hair transplant surgery. Blood, infection, or scarring are not apparent. Modern hair transplant surgery provides patients with solid results and a high level of satisfaction. As a persons hair loss progresses, the procedure will continue for the remainder of their lives. Those who wish to keep their hair loss under control or improve its density might choose repeated hair transplantation. The number of operations necessary to get the same results has decreased since more hair follicles may be extracted in a single session. A long-term option is to have your hair transplanted. Testosterone has no effect on transplanted hair follicles since those follicles are genetically resistant to the drugs effects on hair loss. For the remainder of ones life, hair that has been transplanted will stay in situ.

How To Cover Up Bald Spots: Tips For Disguising Thinning Hair

Medically reviewed by Kristin Hall, FNP

Bald spots are, to some extent, an unavoidable part of life. Given enough years, every person will experience hair thinning on the sides and crown of their heads.

But just because something might happen by the time youre 90, doesnt mean you have to start accepting it when youre 30.

Men old and young hate losing hair, and for many the bald spot is a frustrating reminder of mortality. If nothing else, it doesnt always offer the self-confidence we want to feel when we look in the mirror.

So what is to be done about bald spots? Well believe it or not there are actually quite a few solutions for covering, masking, or disguising a bald spot in some cases, theres actually the possibility of regrowing hair before things are too far gone.

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How To Conceal A Hair Transplant

Nearly 25% of all men show signs of thinning by the age of 21, even though the general population assume that hair loss is something only men deal with that couldnt be further from the truth. In fact, an estimated 40% of hair loss sufferers are female and nearly 50% of women will be dealing with some degree of pattern hair loss by the age of 50. In this article, we will discuss the different options available to hair loss sufferers and how to cope with hair loss psychologically and emotionally.

You are not alone: As with all forms of hair loss, individuals dealing with hair loss may experience emotional and psychological trauma. Its important to reach out to close family and friends, join an alopecia support group and/or seek help from a mental health professional. While balding can leave an individual feeling alone and isolated, the fact is that nearly all men experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives and nearly half of all women deal with some degree of thinning or balding at one point in their lives. Do not suffer in silence and seek help if experiencing intense, prolonged and overwhelming psychological effects. Get support, information and find real hair restoration solutions by visiting our hair restoration discussion forum.

Tip : Get Your Hair Cut

Products to Hide Women

This may seem like an odd suggestion when youre battling thinning hair, but seriouslya hair cut can lessen the appearance of thinning hair. It is the perfect example of less is more. Longer hair is heavier, resulting in less volume and holding the locks down against the scalp. However, getting a shorter haircut complete with texture and layers can easily result in boosting your hairs body, giving the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

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Before You Buy: 6 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Hair Loss Concealer

No one wants to make a bad choice when purchasing any product or service.

Making the wrong choice when buying a hair loss concealer may lead to some embarrassment, however, and you dont want to be that person at the party the one person everyone else talks people talk about for all the wrong reasons.

So, before you buy a hair concealer, we think its important to keep the following things in mind:

Dealing By Concealing: How To Cover Up Male Pattern Baldness

1) Toppik

The 30-second hair transplant is actually electrostatically charged microfibers made out of the same keratin protein as your own hair. Apply it by shaking the color-matched fibers over your thinning areas. It intertwines with your own hair, is undetectable even at intimate range, and washes out easily with shampoo. Our tester said, It gave me an immediate appearance of fullness and looks totally natural. Dont use it if youre going to sweat a lot, and carry an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain. Cost: $43.95 for a 75-day supply.


This lotion works by eliminating the contrast between thinning hair and scalp. Although pool water and sweat wont wash it off, dont run your fingers through your hair, as it will come off on your skin. The same is true for pillowcases, so wash it out with shampoo before bedtime. Cost: $21.95 for a 60-day supply.

3) DermMatch

This is a hard-packed, powdered formula that matches the scalp color to the hair, and also coats thin hair with thickening agents to give the appearance of fullness. You can swim and sweat in it, and it washes out with shampoo. Cost $47 for an eight-month supply.

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Try These Hairstyles For Female Hair Loss Sufferers

If you thought that your options for hairstyles for female hair loss sufferers were limited, then we hope you now know you have plenty of hairstyles to choose from! You can try all these looks and keep yourself trendy whether it is your professional workspace or parties. You can try treatments like Nizoral which is popular lately Theres a thorough guide on HairGuard about that But in the meantime also try these styles listed above and be sure to switch it up from time to time.

Just not hairstyle ideas but we got a lot more on fashion and lifestyle, you can always keep visiting on trending us!

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Apply Concealer Where Hair Already Exists

Hide hair loss with Toppik – how to apply Toppik to hide hair loss

Remember, hair loss concealer doesnt generate hair growth but rather gives hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller.

Thats one reason youll get the optimal results if you apply to areas of the scalp where hair is growing, albeit hair thats thin, but theres no reason to apply concealers to areas of the scalp that are bald already.

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Hair Loss Trigger: Cancer Treatment

Chemo and radiation therapy, two of the most widely used therapies, can take a toll on your hair. In their quest to kill cancer cells, both can harm hair follicles and trigger dramatic hair loss. But the damage is almost always short-lived. Once your treatment is finished, hair usually grows back.

Why You Have A Bald Spot

Bald spots are typically caused by androgenic alopecia, which is both the most common hair loss type for men and the typical cause of thinning and balding crowns, as well as receding hairlines.

Androgenic alopecia is a complicated condition, but the easiest way to explain it is that an imbalance of the hormone DHT makes individual hair follicles stop growing.

Men will start to show symptoms as early as their 20s, but it can manifest much later as well.

Other types of hair loss are less common, and can result from excessive physical or mental stress on the body, or physical damage to the hair, or autoimmune conditions like alopecia areata.

In many cases these conditions can be arrested and even reversed, though they can never be cured. Treating bald spots, therefore, is a question of two solutions: regular or daily applications like cosmetics, medications and hair pieces or permanent solutions like tattooing and hair transplant.

There are a lot of options, and some may make more sense for your lifestyle and reason for hair loss than others, so check with a medical professional before you begin any treatments.

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