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How To Curl Fine Thin Hair

How To Figure Out Your Hair Porosity

How To: Curls for Fine Hair! Easy Voluminous Hair Tutorial

The best way to figure out your hair porosity is to take a shower and wet your hair.

Do you feel that your hair easily becomes soaking wet? Does it absorb water easily? If you feel that your hair takes a long time to get wet, you probably have low porosity hair. And if your hair gets soaking wet straight away, you probably have high porosity hair.

Also, ask yourself whether your hair likes thick creamy consistencies. If it does, your hair is probably highly porous.

Theres really no specific test you can take.

If you have low porosity hair, you should aim for non-oily and light consistencies and if you have high porosity hair, you can try thicker conditioners for additional moisture.

Check out my post on Approved Curly Girl products for a full list of approved conditioners.

Use A Different Wrapping Technique Depending On The Type Of Curl You Want

This might seem like a no-brainer, but different types of waves and curls require you to wrap your hair around the barrel differently. If you want an old-school glamour curl, you want all your hair around the barrel,” Stone says. “If you want modern, messier waves, leave the ends out and start lower down on your head.

This is also where an iron with a clip can come in handy , whereas a rod iron will help to keep the ends out and loose.

What Temperature Should A Curling Iron Be For Fine Hair

This is not an easy question to answer. If your main goal is to minimize the damage done by hot tools, you want to keep your curling iron at or below 300° F. Youll still be able to create some dimension and waves at this lower temperature so if you just want to add a boost of life to flat, limp strands, this is the temperature to be at.

However, fine hair already struggles to hold a curl so if your goal is to lock curls in place and avoid having them fall out the minute you put the iron away, you need to crank it up as high as it will go, ideally 400° F or above.

You definitely shouldnt apply this high of heat to your hair on a daily basis but its a necessity for days when you want well-defined ringlets that actually last.

To make sure that youre always able to set your iron to the right heat level each day, be sure to choose a curling iron with a wide temperature range.

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Set Hair With Velcro Rollers To Add Extra Lift

Colette suggests that after blow-drying, you section off pieces of hair at the crown, roll them up into Velcro curlers, and use the cool setting on your dryer to set the style. Finish with a texturizing spray like Oribe Texturizing spray, $22, or Ouais Wave spray, $26, spraying at the root in sections. That way, when the style starts to fall throughout the day all you need to do is flip your head over, massage your scalp, and fluff your hair up, Colette adds.

Get Curls With Your Flat Iron

Tips For Low Density &  Fine Curly Hair
  • Start at the root. Clamp your flat iron near the roots of a 1-inch-wide portion of hair.
  • Spin the iron. Twist the iron away from your face and pull, moving down to the ends as if you were curling a ribbon with scissors, Scarlett says.
  • Repeat on the remaining sections.
  • A curling wand, which has no clamp, creates looser curls and waves . The best method, from Matilde Campos, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles:

  • Protect your hand. Slip a heat-resistant glove on the hand that’s not holding the curling wand to shield it from getting burned, especially if you are new to the method, she advises.
  • Smooth and section. Just like using a curling iron, brush your hair completely and separate it into 1-inch sections.
  • Get curling. Hold the wand vertically, pointing the tip down, Wizemman recommends. Take a section of hair at the roots and wrap it around the barrel of the lowest section of the wand, twisting away from your face until you reach the ends. “You can curl all the way to the ends of your hair, or you can leave the ends out for a beachy look,” Campos says. Repeat all over.
  • Curling hair using rollers has added benefits beyond creating bouncy spirals. “Rollers are an easy way to add and retain volume,” Campos says. “If you’re ever in a rush, hot rollers can smooth and define hair quicker than a blow-dry.” Here’s her technique for different roller types:

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    Guide To Curling Fine Hair

    Shopping for a curling iron when you have fine hair takes a little more research and planning. Some of the features that work great on normal or thick hair can leave your hair looking flat or fried.

    To help make the shopping process easier, well answer some of the most common questions people about curling irons.

    Fine Wavy Hair Routine: Step By Step Guide

    First thing first. If you have fine wavy hair, you cannot expect to get 3C curls on the Curly Girl Method.

    Its just not going to happen. However, if you have been straightening your hair for years, you might not even know what your real hair type is. You could be a Curly Girl but think you are a wavy girl.

    That is why it is important to follow the method so that thetrue structure of your hair can be determined.

    An important note. When you start the Curly Girl method, you do not need to do a final wash with shampoo. There are many misconceptions about this floating around in online forums, but this is not, nor has it ever been, a part of the Curly Girl Method.

    With that said, lets look at the Curly Girl Method routine for fine wavy hair.

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    You Need To Rinse Your Hair More

    Even if youre already using quality products, you want to ensure youre thoroughly rinsing your strands in the shower. Not throughly rinsing out the conditioner creates an oily residue which doesn’t react well with heat, and it also creates a barrier that stops the heat from activating the hair curl, says Laura Courtie, bridal hair expert from Laura Courtie Hair.

    Use A Texturizing Spray


    Spray a little texturizer to finish off. This will add texture and volume to your hair without weighing it down. It will neutralize the natural oils in your hair and keep your curls in place for a longer time. Buy the texturizing sprays specially formulated for curly hair as this will help to hold your ringlets in place for a longer time

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    Pay Attention To The Angle At Which Youre Holding The Iron While You Curl

    If you want more volume, heat the root of your hair first and hold the iron perpendicular to the sectioni.e., at a right angleyou’re curling,” Stone says. It should be straight off your head. “If you dont want volume, hold the iron straight down instead. If you’re going for big, bouncy curls or a classic blowout look, you’ll want the extra volume. Beach waves more your vibe? Stick holding your wand straight up.

    Get Acquainted With A Good Dry Shampoo

    Dry shampoo is the best friend of any woman with fine hair, Townsend says. I find I get a better hold and long-lasting volume using dry shampoo over hairspray. Instead of spraying and then brushing out like you would to absorb oil, leave it be. He explains, If you leave it in there, the powder and starch will literally build on each other. He recommends Dove Style + Care Volume dry shampoo, $5.

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    Not Holding The Iron For The Right Amount Of Time

    For type 1A hair, holding your iron to your hair for about 10 seconds is the sweet spot. Any less than that and your hair would hold the curl for long enough and any longer you risk burning your hair. If your hair isnt holding a curl with 10 seconds of heat, check your temperature setting you might need to take it up a notch. Just make sure to hold each section of hair for the same amount of time to get a consistent outcome.

    Tips On How To Style Thin Fine Hair

    7 Products for Thin, Curly Hair

    4. Invest in a good volume spray. Try and find a volume spray that is light and allows movement. I absolutely love Davines Volu Hair Mist. Follow step 3 when drying the hair, but before you start to blow dry, spray the volume mist at your root and crown area and massage into your hair. Dont go overboard as you dont want to weigh the hair down, but enough so you feel a slight bit of texture as the hair drys. Flip your head over and dry the hair in the opposite direction it grows for added volume. But remember to wait until the very end when your hair is ready for the round brush.

    5. Use a Dry Shampoo. Im aware that thinner hair gets greasier faster, but if you can hold off on washing your hair every other day and invest in a good dry shampoo, you can get great volume in your hair. I swear by dry shampoo and I live for Big & Sexys Dry Shampoo. It gives the hair enough grit and texture for day two hair and it gives it that tousled lived-in look that is so popular now. Take small sections around the crown area and spray the dry shampoo 6-8 away from the scalp. Repeat wherever you feel the hair needs it. Let it sit for two minutes to absorb the oils, then flip your hair over and brush your hair from root to ends. Instant volume! Visit for a new tip posted every Tuesday!

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    If You Have Fine Wavy Hair

    Fine, wavy hair usually doesnt have enough thickness in the fiber to really hold its natural waves, so shorter lengths and more layers are better, Livermore says. Shag haircuts are making a comeback this year, and Atkin recommends one with loads of layers to bring out the natural waves. She says its an easy-to-style cut whether youre rocking your natural texture or adding some bends using a flat iron or curling iron.

    The Truth Is That Each Product Offers Its Own Unique Benefits

    How to use styling mousse for curly hair. If you have fine hair use a leavein to moisturise your hair or try using mousse alone for best results. If you have straight hair, use a round brush to add volume and lift. A pump or two of this curl mousse will keep your hair full, sleek, and shiny without leaving it heavy or sticky.

    Heres how to get the most out of your mousse: Before you pick a hair mousse, always check the ingredients list to ensure your hair is protected. With the hair mousse product applied to the hair, your next step to achieving some serious height and body is using your hair dryer.

    If your hair is naturally straight, thin or flat, adding a product such as mousse for volume before you curl will help give your curls big, bouncy body. Garnier fructis style curl construct is a styling mousse for curly hair that works like a miracle to define and elevate your curls. If you have curly hair, use the blow dryer with a diffuser hair on the medium heat setting and work in circular motions.

    For loose curls and wavy hair, use a lightweight mousse. The product is being revisited not for just its major volumizing properties, but for its ability to nourish and define a number of different hair types, most notably curly hair. For curly hair, use a denser mousse.

    Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, and let it air dry. Carol’s daughter mirabelle plum styling mousse: #3 raw curls organic mousse/styling foam.

    No Gel!!! Sleek Low Bun Tutorial On Type 4 Natural Hair

    Pin on Ivy Mboto

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    Ghd Classic Curl 1 Curling Iron

    Leo Izquierdo is a hairstylist and co-founder of IGK Hair Care. He also recommends GHD curling irons, calling them his “go-to” hot tools. “Not only are they sleek-looking, but they also maintain the heat all day in the salon with tons of clients coming in daily, last a long time through wear and tear at the salon, are easy to use and don’t have any complicated buttons or instructions, heat up quickly, and have many different sizes so I have options based on my clients’ length and density of hair.”

    If You Have Fine Straight Hair


    For fine, straight hair Livermore recommends clean, straight, one-length cuts, like bobs, lobs, or long, one-length hair with a little face-framing. Layers can make fine straight hair look stringy very easily, he adds. Lightweight volumizing products like the Oribe Maximista thickening spray, $19, are great if youre blowing your hair out, because they provide volume with the added benefit of thermal protection from heat styling. The Phyto Phytovolume Actif volumizing spray, $30, can help with thickening.

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    Fill In A Finer Hairstyle With A Fibrous Hair Powder

    Spritz hair fibers into your roots for a more naturally full appearance. Hair fibers work for all hair types and textures, and are great for filling in part lines, covering extension tracks, or touching up roots between hair color appointments. John D. recommends the Toppik Hair Building Fibers, $25, which is made of keratin protein to give thin hair an instant boost and is available in nine shades to suit your color. Alternatively, you can try Kloranes leave-in spray with flax fiber, $18, which is formulated with organically-farmed flax fiber for an on-the-go styling and texturizing treatment.

    Curly Girl Method For Fine Wavy Hair

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    Caring for fine wavy hair can be difficult if you are unsure of which products to use. In this article, we teach you how to manage fine wavy textures using the Curly Girl Method and give you a full rundown of the best products to buy.

    Youll be surprised at the results you can achieve, simply by changing your hair routine.

    So if you have fine wavy hair and want to have stronger, healthier curls, read on for a full breakdown of how you should follow the Curly Girl Method.

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