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How To Take Care Of Thin Straight Hair

What Is Permed Hair


Perming chemically alters your hair structure to form different types of curls or waves. The technique to straighten hair is called hair relaxation. It breaks down the disulfide bonds in your hair and gives it a new structure. There are many techniques to perm your hair:

  • Spiral Perm: This is characterized by tight, well-defined curls with volume. The curl coil is determined by the size of the rod use. The rod is placed vertically into the hair to achieve a corkscrew curl.
  • Pin-Curl Perm: This involves a chemical solution applied to the lengths of your hair. Then, pin curls are styled and set in place.
  • Root Perm: If you have thin and fine hair, the root perm will give you volume and thickness.
  • Stack Perm: Curls and layers are added to medium or long hair to build volume.
  • Spot Perm: Perm rods are placed at a particular area to give you curls in that region. It is hairstyle specific.
  • Body Wave Perm: This process uses long curling rods to give your hair tousled, beachy waves.
  • Multi-Textured Perm: This process mixes different types of curls to give you a unique hairstyle.
  • Your Ultimate Guide To Caring For Fine Thin Hair

    We all are born with a hair type and have no choice over deciding its texture. If it had been up to us, we would have hand-picked the best traits and customized a perfect hair type of our own. But it doesnt work like this, does it?

    Thus, you must learn what kind of unique characteristics genetics have chosen for your hair type and plan your hair care regimen from there.

    First Things First: Whats The Difference Between Fine And Thin Hair

    While thin and fine hair are similar sounding and often go hand in hand, these are two different traits that hair can have. Fine hair refers to the thickness of the strand. Having thin hair references the density of the hair strands, how close individual strands are to each other and how many there are overall.

    It is entirely possible to have thin hair that is actually coarse in nature , as well as to have fine hair and a LOT of it! The two terms usually are found together on straight haired folks.

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    Dont Forget Conditioners And Volumizers

    Applying conditioner after shampooing your hair is essential to maintaining healthy locks. Conditioner is a vital hair-care step that adds moisture to help replenish hairs sheen and natural oils lost during shampooing. And volumizers work like a splint to strengthen each strand of hair, plumping it to provide more volume per strand.

    A Healthier You Means Healthier Hair

    Thin Hair Care Tips : How to Take Care of Thin Straight Hair?

    Your hair is no different from your beard in that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help it to reach its full potential. Taking care of yourself is obviously great for your health for a lot of reasons including that youll lessen your risk of suffering from serious issues such as heart disease and obesity and your hair will also appreciate your positive habits.

    For example, theres a strong correlation between excess stress and premature graying, although thats not true in every case. Meanwhile, youve certainly heard the expression that this job is causing my hair to fall out! Theres some truth to that, too, because stress restricts proper circulation to your scalps blood cells.

    A lack of protein has a definite impact on hair growth. After all, hair is made of protein and protein creates the building blocks for repairing and replacing bones, skin, muscles and hair. People who dont get enough protein in their diet will have slower new hair growth.

    What you eat also affects the overall health of your beard. Its always important to maintain a healthy diet, of course, but a diet thats particularly good for your hair should include the following:


    Your scalp can become dry just like your skin so its important to drink plenty of water daily. Make sure youre staying hydrated if you exercise frequently or live in a warmer climate.


    Vitamin C and E

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    Brush Hair The Right Way

    It is tempting to smooth the unruly hair with a brush, but brushing frizzy hair when its dry will only make matters worse. More so, never ever brush dry curly hair. For the best TLC, comb your hair with a leave-in conditioner in it this will add a protective layer and effectively tame the strands, making them less frizzy.

    Using a wide-tooth wooden comb can help beat the frizz too. Unlike plastic or metal brushes that can lead to a frizzy finish, wooden combs detangle gently and keep statics away from your locks.

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    Mistake #: Using Too Much Product

    You might think that fine hair needs layers of gels, mousses and sprays to lift it up, but too much product can actually weigh your roots down more than you think. Always use lightweight, water-permeable products,” says Nasta. She suggests picking a root lifter”only on the roots and not to the entire length of the hair” thoughand a mousse or volume spray on the mid-length and ends and not the roots. Never use heavy moisturising products on the crown area or anywhere close to your scalp.”

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    A Playa Textured Spray So You Can Bring Beach Benefits To Your Haircare Routine Without Having To Well Go To The Beach This Blend Of Sea Salt And Chia Seed Extract Easily Delivers That Sought After Tousled But Voluminous Look The Kind That Otherwise Takes A Ton Of Tears Time And Hot Tool Use

    Promising review: “This spray is the only way I can wear my straight, fine hair down without using hot tools. I spray my hair , twist into two buns, spray again, and leave the buns in while I do my makeup . Then I take the buns out and give my hair one more spritz. It gives great texture, a bit of volume, and soft wave. Ive tried other similar products, but this one is by far my favorite.” Bruin2015

    Get it from Sephora for $24.

    Mistake #: Using Products With Sulfates


    While we always make it a point to stay away from products containing sulfates , its especially important to do so when youre dealing with curly hair.

    Sulfates have a propensity to strip and dehydrate strands, causing them to become brittle and frizzy. When it comes to textured hair, you want to look for moisture-based products that gently nourish your hair shafts without stripping them of their natural oils.

    This is where our customizable formulas come into play. In addition to being 100% sulfate-free, our hair products also give you the option to add up to five curl-approved hair goals to your formula. This includes anti-frizz, deep condition, and curl definition, so your curls can stay smooth and bouncy all year-round.

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    How I Get Away With Only Washing My Fine Straight Hair Once A Week


    Six months ago, I put up a story on Byrdie about how I’ve cut my morning hair routine down to five minutes. A strong affinity for sleep and general lack of patience have rendered a lightning-fast hair regimen necessary, and in the spirit of wanting more sleep and productivity for all, I offered my real-life secrets for making sure your styling routine never gets in the way of your life. I also filmed a , where I challenged myself to go from bedhead to presentable with a five-minute timer running. .

    In the video, I mentioned that I never wash my hair in the morning, which saves me tons of timein fact, these days, I generally only wash it once a week. This seemed like a fairly benign statement to me, but viewers had a lot of opinionsespecially considering the texture of my hair, which is fine and straight . One viewer asked how on Earth I can go a week without shampooing and not have my hair look like an oily nightmare. “You lost me when you said you only wash your hair once per week,” another commented. “Nope, not my cup of tea.”

    But other readers were more curious than appalled . One asked if I could explain a little more about my weekly haircare routine so that is exactly what I’m doing. Keep scrolling to learn more about why I only wash my hair once a week !

    Skip The Round Brush Until The Very End

    Flip your head upside-down and start by rough drying, Colette explains. In other words, use nothing but your hands. This will lift the roots and rough up the cuticle, maximizing volume. When hair is 60 to 70 percent dry, flip back over and start blow-drying using a ceramic brush to smooth ends and add softness to the style. But be careful not to pull too hardthatll just flatten everything out.

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    Washing And Styling Tips For Fine Hair

    Thicker and coarser hair types typically only wash their hair one to three times a week, to maintain the moisture levels that their drier strands may need.

    This is not the case for people with fine hair who may need to wash their hair every other day, or even every day for some.

    How much shampoo are you using, and what kind?

    Too much of any product, even shampoo, can weigh down your hair and cause it to look limp and lifeless. Instead of applying your shampoo all over your hair from root to tip, concentrate your shampoo on the scalp and roots, because this is where the oil tends to gather.

    No fear, the rest of your strands will still be cleansed enough with the run-off from rinsing the shampoo from your strands.

    It is a good idea to use a shampoo that is volumizing, or at the very least, one that doesnt advertise itself as hydrating or moisturizing.

    One of the key points for maintaining fine hair is to not weigh it down with too much product and products that overly coat the hair can contribute to the onset of premature oily roots.

    Use a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo once a week. Over time, products build up on the hair shaft which weighs down fine hair even more than its natural state. Regular shampoos are not always very effective at removing excess product build-up, so its important to work a clarifying shampoo into your routine

    Massage your scalp

    Conditioning Dos and Donts

    Overly-moisturized hair can end up flat and lifeless.

    Be Gentle to Your Hair

    Shampooing And Conditioning Fine Hair

    How To Care For Fine Thin Straight Hair

    Daily shampooing helps grant bounce and shine to all hair types, and particularly to finer tresses. This is because your hair accumulates dirt, dust, oil and grime every day, which can really weigh it down. Daily shampooing also helps keep your scalp healthy and clear of flakes and skin cell build-up.

    If you have fine hair, dont be afraid to use a conditioner the right one will leave your locks feeling smooth and shiny without any limpness. Furthermore, some conditioners are especially formulated to help add bulk to individual strands. Never apply conditioner to your roots, only to your mid-lengths and ends where moisture is needed most.

    Choose a shampoo formulated for your hair texture and pair this with a conditioner suited to your hairs length and level of heat damage or chemical processing.

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    Whats The Difference Between Fine Hair And Thin Hair

    Guess what? Fine hair and thin hair are not one and the same. You may have fine hair thats also thin, but while fine relates to the diameter of your strands, thin is how much hair you have on your head. You could have fine hair but lots of it! You could have fine straight hair or fine curly hair too.

    What Is Fine Hair

    Fine hair is a kind of hair texture that refers to hair strands that have a small circumference. If you have fine hair, you probably already know it! Fine hair is very prone to tangling and highly susceptible to greasiness. Also, since the strands are so fine, this hair type is more prone to split ends and even breakage .

    If youre not sure if you have fine hair, try this simple test. Pluck a strand of hair and rub it between your fingers. If you cant feel the hair between your fingers, you have fine hair.

    But dont despair! Theres nothing wrong with having fine hair . In fact, there are definitely some benefits to having fine hair. For example, fine hair requires far less product than other hair types, which means youll save money in the long run. Its also quick and easy to style fine hair .

    As you can see from these before and after pictures, it is possible to create volume in fine hair in less than 30 seconds – all you need is the right products:

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    A Verb Volume Spray That Uses Polymer Seed Extract Patented Copolymer Quinoa Protein And Soy Protein To Deliver Strength And Volume For A Commercial

    Promising review: “This is the best volumizing spray I’ve ever used. I use this all over my roots but especially in my wet bangs before I blow dry out a nasty cowlick. It gives me some hold and control but is not sticky. It is not a spray gel. It’s hard to describe. It goes on like water, feels like water and smells like water. But it works like MAGIC. I have use this for a few years and it is the best.” MMF

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    What Causes Hair To Go Gray

    Current Hair Care Routine for Fine/Thin Hair

    It all starts with melanin-producing cells called melanocytes, says Cristina Boatman, stylist and colorist at Takamichi Hair. “These cells are responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and hair. Each hair bulb has a stock of active melanocytes and a stock of dormant melanocytes. When the hair growth phase is complete, the hair follicle reconstitutes and imports dormant melanocytes to replace depleted active melanocytes. But when the stock of dormant melanocytes is also exhausted, the hair can no longer pigment and becomes white. As we age, our hair stops generating melanin, which is what gives our hair color.”

    Boatman adds that when we go gray and the shade of gray we go is largely determined by genetics. Stress however, seems to be a major factor in your hair going gray according to a number of colorists and hair experts.

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