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What Really Works For Women’s Thinning Hair

How Long Does It Take For Hair Growth Products To Start Working

Does Toppik Really Work for Thinning Hair & Edges?

Hair growth products dont work instantaneously. Most products will start to work within a few months.

Hair follicles take a few weeks to become stimulated by your product, and after that, it will take a month or two before you notice new hair growth.

While physical hair growth may take several months, most products will improve the appearance of your hairs thickness within a few weeks.

What Are The Types Of Hair Loss

There are three: anagen effluvium, telogen effluvium and FPHL.

  • Anagen effluvium: This is caused by medications that poison a growing hair follicle .
  • Telogen effluvium: This is caused by an increased number of hair follicles reaching the telogen phase, which is the stage where hair falls out.
  • Androgenetic alopecia/female pattern alopecia/female pattern hair loss /baldness: This type is the most common. Hair thins over the top of the head and on the sides.

Natural Treatments For Thinning Hair

With some conditions, such as hair thinning, resulting from a traumatic life event, getting your hair back on track is just a matter of time and patience. If you know your hair loss is not at temporary problem or youre just looking to regain a prior level of thickness, these are the some of the natural treatments for thinning hair that will hopefully help to get your hair growth back on a healthy track.

1. Rule Out Medications

Its important to make sure that you dont take medications that could actually cause hair thinning. There are many medications that have been linked to hair loss. Make sure you know the possible side effects of your current medications as well as your supplements. If you know one of them may cause hair loss, that could be the culprit right there. Below I list some of the most common medications that can contribute to thinning hair and hair loss.

2. Herbs

Saw palmetto extracts and supplements can work well for hair thinning because they keep testosterone levels balanced. Opinions about saw palmetto as an effective hair growth agent are mixed, but there are studies that indicate it to be beneficial.

One study conducted at the Clinical Research and Development Network in Colorado tested 34 men and 28 women, aged 1848 years, who topically applied saw palmetto extract in lotion and shampoo base for three months. The results found that 35 percent of the participants had an increase in hair density.

3. Reduce Stress

4. Balance Hormones

5. Foods that Help

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Physical Or Emotional Stress

It is not unusual to experience hair loss when you are also experiencing elevated stress or anxiety levels. The increase in stress triggers the release of hormones that increase inflammation and can cause hair growth to slow or stop, also causing some hair to fall out.

Some people eat less when stressed or emotionally upset. If food intake becomes too low, this can further contribute to hair loss, also potentially increasing the risk of becoming deficient in the vitamins and minerals needed to support healthy hair growth and function.

Cancer Treatment Is A Trigger

What are the best hairstyles for very thin hair?

Radiation and chemotherapy used to treat cancer are some of the common causes of hair loss in women. Both therapies harm hair follicles in addition to killing cancer cells. People undergoing cancer treatment often experience dramatic hair loss as a result of these therapies. They may wake up with clumps of hair on their pillow or they may lose large amounts of hair in the shower. Rapid hair loss in women often starts within 2 weeks of beginning treatment. It may be worst between 1 to 2 months into therapy. The scalp may be extra sensitive during this time. It may be irritating to wash, brush, and comb hair. The good news is that once cancer treatment is over, hair tends to grow back.

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How Can Hair Loss In Women Be Prevented

Preventing hair loss is not possible when it is due to disease, aging, heredity or physical stressors like injuries. You can prevent hair loss caused by caustic chemicals or tight hairstyles by avoiding them. You might be able to prevent some hair loss by eating a healthy diet that provides necessary nutrients in terms of vitamins, minerals and protein. You can stop smoking.

A Professional Hairdressers Advice For Women With Thinning Hair

Since so many women in the community have asked me to look for solutions to their thinning hair, I recently sat down with Denise McAdam to discuss this issue.

Denise has been styling hair for over 40 years. She has worked with literally thousands of women from all of the world. She has also helped celebrities and royalty to get the looks they want. She is absolutely the perfect person to help us with this problem. Enjoy the show!

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Noticeable Hair Loss In Women Can Be Deeply Distressing Here Are Some Medical Treatments That May Help

About one-third of women experience hair loss at some time in their lives among postmenopausal women, as many as two-thirds suffer hair thinning or bald spots. Hair loss in women often has a greater impact than hair loss does on men w, because it’s less socially acceptable for them. Alopecia can severely affect a woman’s emotional well-being and quality of life.

The main type of hair loss in women is the same as it is men. It’s called androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss. In men, hair loss usually begins above the temples, and the receding hairline eventually forms a characteristic “M” shape hair at the top of the head also thins, often progressing to baldness. In women, androgenetic alopecia begins with gradual thinning at the part line, followed by increasing diffuse hair loss radiating from the top of the head. A woman’s hairline rarely recedes, and women rarely become bald.

There are many potential causes of hair loss in women , including medical conditions, medications, and physical or emotional stress. If you notice unusual hair loss of any kind, it’s important to see your primary care provider or a dermatologist, to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. You may also want to ask your clinician for a referral to a therapist or support group to address emotional difficulties. Hair loss in women can be frustrating, but recent years have seen an increase in resources for coping with the problem.

What Can Women Do About Hair Thinning After Menopause Does Hormone Therapy Help And Is It Safe


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About half of all women find their hair thinning by age 50. Although some websites promote estrogen as a way to prevent hair loss, the hormones effects on hair growth are not well known, and long-term hormone therapy is linked to serious health risks, so unless you need to take it for other reasons, its not something I would recommend, said Dr. Paradi Mirmirani, the regional director for hair disorders at Kaiser Permanente-Northern California.

The gold standard medical treatment for hair thinning is a drug applied to the scalp called minoxidil, widely known by the brand name Rogaine. The Food and Drug Administration has approved minoxidil for women as well as men, and you dont need a doctors prescription to buy it.

The directions say patients will see an improvement in hair growth in six weeks, but Dr. Mirmirani suggested trying it for six months before deciding whether it works or not. About a third of patients who use it see significant improvements, another third find it prevents hair loss from getting worse, and the remainder dont see any effect, she said.

Its like fertilizer for the hair its not going to give you new blooms where you dont have any, but it can potentially increase the size of the blooms, and make them last a little longer, she said. Some women experience unwelcome side effects such as increased facial hair.

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Expanding Treatments For Androgen

Treatment for female pattern hair loss is presented in two forms: topical and systemic, most of which are directed to reduce production of excess androgens .2

In selecting a treatment, your doctor will first make a determination of whether or not the hair follicles remain open is necessary. If your hair follicles are still active, then hair regrowth is possible using one of several effective treatments, depending on the circumstances of the particular patient.1

Possible treatments include starting with topical minoxidil, anti-androgen medications, or finasteride (although this one has had mixed results. Other options which have proved successful include oral contraceptives and medications like spironolactone-a diuretic that has anti-androgen properties, and flutamidewhich while useful has the potential to cause liver toxicity.

Alternatively, there are treatments that have less evidence of success such as low-level laser therapy and microneedling, that may be done in an effort to increase absorption of topical medications, platelet rich plasma therapy, and topical ketoconazolean antifungal medication that is often used in male pattern baldness.

Even melatonin has been suggested for some women. Hair transplantation is also an option when the hair loss becomes significant and unresponsive to medical therapies.

What Types Of Health Conditions Can Lead To Hair Loss

Hair loss itself is sometimes treated as a diagnosis, but it is often asymptom of something bigger. “Hair loss can be a sign of an underlying health issue and act as an early warning system,” says Richard Firshein, an expert in integrative and precision-based medicine and founder of the Firshein Center. “The health of hair follicles is directly related to health and the functioning of our endocrine system.”

For conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome , which is often difficult to diagnose, hair thinning is often one of the first tell-tale signs along with acne and body hair caused by the increased levels of testosterone. “Patients with PCOS can have overall elevated testosterone leading to androgenetic alopecia,” explains Henry. Talking about it openly with your dermatologist, OB-GYN, or general health provider can help get you to a diagnosis and treatment plan earlier.

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Where To Buy Rogaine

If you are planning to buy Rogaine, you can easily do so at your local pharmacy because it is sold over the counter. You can also order your supply in from major online suppliers. The best place to order from, however, is their website. It is available in two forms: a 2 percent minoxidil solution and a 5 percent minoxidil solution. The 5 percent solution is marketed as ‘extra strength’ and is used for men’s hair loss. It is more expensive than the women’s 2%. Once you buy it, you will need to apply it twice a day to the affected area.

A pro tip when buying Rogaine is to remember that Prescription generic Rogaine and over the counter Rogaine are the same product sold under different labels. Get whichever one works for you or whichever of the two is cheaper.

The 5% Men’s Rogaine Unscented foam is hands down the most popular Rogaine product. Why? It is so easy to use. Plus, it was the first unscented foam product to be FDA approved. It also dries quickly and leaves no trace after being applied.

One thing to consider is this: Once you start using Rogaine, you will need to make several subsequent purchases of the product every time you run out. Otherwise, most of the hair that would have grown by then will be lost within a few months. This is why it is so great that Rogaine is quite cheap. It is one of the cheapest hair loss treatment products on the market today. Which is ironical, because it is the only one that works.

Use A Topical Treatment

As they age, women lose their hair, too. Which treatments ...

The only topical treatment that has been approved by the FDA for hair loss in women is minoxidil, better known by the brand name Women’s Rogaine . Topical minoxidil is the gold standard standard of treatment, Dr. Zeichner says. It helps lengthen the active growing stage of hairs and promotes healthy delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.

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Are There Complications/side Effects Of Treatment

Minoxidil may irritate your scalp and cause dryness, scaling, itching and/or redness. See your dermatologist if this happens.

With Minoxidil you might also see hair growing in other places other than your scalp . Wash your face after you apply Minoxidil and make sure you avoid other areas when you apply it.

Does Rogaine Work For Thinning Hair

Premature hair loss can be a distressing issue. Thinning hair is often the first sign of hair loss, and it can happen to anyone at any age.

So does Rogaine work for thinning hair? Short answer, yes it does. When it was introduced to the market a little over 20 years ago, it took the world by storm. Its nearly instant success was primarily due to one thing it worked! Rogaine is a liquid or foam solution that you apply directly to your scalp by rubbing it in the affected area. It is one of the few hair loss treatments that has been approved by the FDA. It reduces hair thinning and slows down hair loss.

It is true that Rogaine works for thinning hair. However, it comes with a few caveats. Here is everything you need to know about Rogaine and how it works for thinning hair.

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What Can I Do About Traction Alopecia

To protect your hair from traction alopecia and prevent further damage:

  • Ask your stylist to create looser braids or dreadlocks.
  • If you have braids, remove them after three months.
  • If you wear a weave or hair extensions, remove them after eight weeks.
  • If you have relaxed or dyed hair, make sure these treatments are applied by a professional. If you still notice breakage or hair shedding, avoid chemical treatments completely.
  • Minimize heat styling, including hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. These wear out the hair and can lead to major hair loss.

Better Not Younger Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo

Does Keranique Really Work? Real Results Revealed! | Keranique Hair
  • Price: $$$

The Better Not Younger Hair and Scalp Duo includes a hair and scalp serum with ingredients like niacinamide, caffeine, and gotu kola. It also boasts a scalp massaging applicator to help distribute the serum.

While its on the higher end of our pricing scale, youre essentially extending the bang for your buck by getting two products in one set.

According to the Better Not Younger website, 97 percent of women using the serum daily for 8 weeks in independent consumer trials saw improvements in hair quality and hair fall.

The action of massaging the scalp with the scalp massaging applicator may provide additional benefits.

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