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Will Rogaine Cause Hair Loss

Why Does Hair Loss Get Worse With Rogaine

Hereditary Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment | Mens ROGAINE®

Rogaine, in many individuals, will increase hair loss for up to two weeks . This occurs because Rogaine the latent period of the hair cycle.

The latent period in the hair growth cycle is defined as the time between the telogen phase and the anagen phase.

During the ‘telogen’ phase of the hair cycle , hair follicles are dormant/inactive and may fall out. Extended telogen phases are very often the cause of noticeable hair thinning/loss.

The ‘anagen’ phase of the hair cycle is the growth phase, with hair typically growing around 0.3 to 0.4 inches per month.

As Rogaine application accelerates hairs shifting from the resting telogen phase to the growing anagen phase, you may visibly notice hair shedding in the first few weeks of use.

Hair Loss And Thinning Will Just Go Away


Some types of hair loss are temporary and do go away on their own, such as those caused by extreme stress or childbirth. However, the most common type of hair loss stems from hereditary causes and will continue if left untreated.

To ensure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label and package insert

What Type Of Shampoo Should I Use

You can follow your normal hair care routine when using ROGAINE® products. However, if your scalp is dry and flaky, we recommend the use of a mild, gentle shampoo. Topical medications are not recommended while using ROGAINE® products. If the condition persists and it is bothersome, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

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How To Avoid Topical Minoxidil Side Effects

To avoid Rogaine side effects, use it as directed. Hair growth can be a naturally slow process. Visible results may be noticeable in eight weeks but may also take up to four months to see a difference in hair growth. Hair loss may even occur at first as the new hair pushes out the older hairs, but if hair loss persists, discontinue the use of the product.

Each product has a specific set of instructions for that formula. Most people apply the medication twice a day some require a minimum of a one-hour application, though it can even be used overnight. If you miss a dose, apply the missed dose as soon as possible. If the application time for the next dose is near, wait, and apply the medicine then. Do not double doses.

Rogaine has a shelf life of two to three years, depending on the formula. Keep the product at room temperature conditions of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures can cause the product to lose effectiveness. Also, the product could be flammable and should be discarded after the expiration date.

Don’t Exercise Too Much Or Starve Yourself

Rogaine for Hair Loss

Regular exercise offers a plethora of benefits to your body and your mental state. However, please avoid dieting to lose weight rapidly and routinely pushing yourself too hard in the gym .

Remember, Accutane caused your body to enter a state of extreme shock and distress. You want to avoid everything that might cause your body to enter a further degree of survival mode, as your ability to withstand bodily stress and cortisol spikes has What a normal athlete may be able to cope with might force YOUR body to shut down ‘unnecessary processes’ , exacerbating your delicate condition.

Not to mention that if you are female, doing too much cardio exercise can cause less estrogen to be produced which can result in amenorrhea. This temporary disbalance in hormones is enough to initiate an additional period of hair loss, which you definitely do not need.

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How To Avoid Oral Minoxidil Side Effects

Oral minoxidil is usually prescribed with both a diuretic and a beta-blocker. Swelling is one of the potential adverse effects of minoxidil, but a prescription diuretic pill can help reduce unwanted fluids. Your doctor will most likely prescribe these medications together. Your hands, feet, ankles, stomach, or face can swell as a result of salt and water retention caused when taking minoxidil. Water retention may cause a sudden weight gain of five pounds or more. Excess fluids in the body can be damaging and lead to congestive heart failure if treated incorrectly.

In addition to a diuretic pill, your healthcare provider will likely also prescribe a beta-adrenergic blocking medicine. Because minoxidil can increase ones heart rate, a beta blocker can lower blood pressure by blocking epinephrine . Seek medical attention immediately if you are taking minoxidil and are experiencing chest pains or difficulty breathing.

Are Men Or Women More Likely To Suffer Rogaine Side Effects

Rogaine is available in two concentrations – a regular 2% strength liquid product is suitable for women, and an “Extra Strength” 5% liquid product is suitable for men only . Rogaine can also be applied as a 5% strength foam. Initially, this was for men only, but a 5% foam product for women is now available as well.

So it seems likely that men who use the liquid product might be more likely to suffer side effects simply because their liquid product is much stronger than the liquid product for women .

As for the foam product, it might be easier to overdose from the recommended amount – “half a cap” of foam twice a day sounds a bit vague to me, especially when compared to the liquid which comes with a dropper to accurately measure two 1 ml doses per day.

But if minoxidil does start changing the tiny vellus hair on the face and body into mature terminal hair, this side effect would probably be more of an issue for women than it is for men.

Clearly then, you would need to be very careful not to get minoxidil on your skin and wash your hands thoroughly every time you use it.

Note: Another reason why you need to wash your hands thoroughly is because the high alcohol content also makes Rogaine products highly flammable.

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How To Use Rogaine 2 % Topical Solution

Read and follow all directions on the product package before using this product. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Clean and dry the scalp area before applying the medication. You may apply this product to damp hair. To use the solution, fill the applicator with 1 milliliter of medication , or use 20 drops. Part your hair in the area of thinning and apply the solution evenly to the affected area of the scalp. Gently rub in. Allow the solution to dry completely before using other styling products or before going to bed.

To use the foam, rinse your hands in cold water and dry well. Apply about 1/2 capful of foam to the scalp and rub in gently. Allow the foam to dry completely before styling or going to bed.

If scalp irritation is a problem, you may need to avoid using minoxidil on the same days that you have your hair colored or chemically treated .

Do not use on other parts of the body unless directed by your doctor. Do not use on skin that is red, painful, irritated, scraped, cut, or infected. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Avoid getting the medication in your eyes. If this occurs, rinse your eyes with large amounts of cool water.

What Side Effects Are Possible With This Medication

Regaine (Rogaine) for hair loss – pharmacist review

Many medications can cause side effects. A side effect is an unwanted response to a medication when it is taken in normal doses. Side effects can be mild or severe, temporary or permanent.

The side effects listed below are not experienced by everyone who takes this medication. If you are concerned about side effects, discuss the risks and benefits of this medication with your doctor.

The following side effects have been reported by at least 1% of people using this medication. Many of these side effects can be managed, and some may go away on their own over time.

Contact your doctor if you experience these side effects and they are severe or bothersome. Your pharmacist may be able to advise you on managing side effects.

  • backache
  • changes in hair colour or texture
  • cold- or flu-like symptoms
  • continuous itching or skin rash
  • dental problems

Stop taking the medication and seek immediate medical attention if any of the following occur:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Some people may experience side effects other than those listed. Check with your doctor if you notice any symptom that worries you while you are taking this medication.

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Is Hereditary Hair Loss The Same In Women And Men

Women experience a general thinning of the hair, with the most extensive hair loss occurring on the top of the head and along the part. Often the hair loss experienced by women resembles an evergreen pattern.

In men, hair loss is characterized by a receding hairline and a gradual disappearance of hair from the crown .

What Are The Reasons For Hair Loss

There are two types of thinning hair in women: hereditary and non-hereditary hair loss. Knowing which type you have is the first step to regrow thicker hair.


Hereditary hair loss starts with a progressive shortening of the hairs growth cycle and a gradual shrinking of your hair follicles so they eventually no longer produce new hair and lead to a general thinning of hair.


Non-hereditary temporary hair loss, telogen effluvium, happens when stress, diet, hormonal imbalance, or a traumatic event causes hair follicles to remain in a resting state, increasing shedding and temporarily thinning hair.


Another type of non-hereditary hair loss is alopecia areata, an auto-immune disorder that causes defined patches or complete hair loss that may happen rapidly. If you experience this type of thinning hair, consult your doctor.

For women with thinning hair, Womens ROGAINE® hair regrowth products are FDA-approved and clinically proven to regrow hair by reviving your follicles so you can grow thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair.

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Temporarily Using Topical Minoxidil

Topical minoxidil is a growth stimulant, designed to strengthen and maintain hair in cases of progressive genetic balding. It works by causing vasodilation of the capillaries that supply your blood follicles, providing them with a steady flow of nutrients and minerals. It is also believed that it decreases scalp inflammation by decreasing the concentration of pro-inflammatory cytokines around the hair follicle.

I decided to try minoxidil, but suffered from some immediately-accelerated shedding. Devastated, I thought “why is the universe testing me like this”, but stuck with it and hoped it was the initial, short shedding phase that everyone speaks about. It is well-known that minoxidil can induce a rapid telogen phase, meaning that some growing hairs are prematurely shed this only lasts for 2-3 months, and the hair recovers fully.

Sure enough, the above turned out to be true, and the excess shedding stopped after 2-3 months of using Rogaine 5% foam. Within the first 8 months of using it, I experienced tremendous growth and recovered 95-100% of my hair.

After 2 years, I decided to risk stopping using it, in the hope that I’d be able to maintain my hair density with other, more natural topicals and a healthy diet. To my delight, I didn’t experience a shed upon stopping and believe I owe this to the fact that I transitioned straight to using peppermint oil.

Yes It’s Normal To Lose More Hair When You Start Minoxidil

Why Minoxidil Doesn

The beginning of any hair loss treatment regimen can feel like your moment. After seeing your hair do nothing but fall out, youre finally taking matters into your hands and putting an end to it. Many guys turn to minoxidil, a topical solution thats proven to stop hair loss and even regrow hair for some men.

The problem with minoxidil? Its not an instant cure for male pattern baldness. Most men dont start seeing results for the first 4-6 months of treatment. In fact, some guys even see their hair fall out in even larger quantities in the first few months of their treatment. This increased hair loss is referred to as minoxidil shedding, and its an infamous term among men starting minoxidil.

The good news? This is expected. Its a significant indicator that youre on your way to growing new and healthier hair. At first glance, this might not make a lot of sense. So we talked to one of our Keeps advisors to understand how this all works.

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How To Use Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a topical treatment, meaning that you apply it directly to your scalp, not your hair. Typically, dosing instructions are as follows:

  • Minoxidil 5% topical foam: Apply ½ capful once daily
  • Minoxidil 2% topical solution: Apply 1 mL two times a day

Massage the minoxidil into the scalp with your fingers, and make sure to wash your hands immediately afterward. Ideally, apply the treatment at least two hours before bedtime to allow it dry completelythis may help prevent the minoxidil from inadvertently spreading to other parts of the body while you sleep . Minoxidil can also stain clothing or bed linen if your scalp is not fully dry after using the medicine. Continue using minoxidil daily because after stopping treatment, your hair loss will return within three months.

How Long Until You See Minoxidil Results

Because of minoxidils mechanism of action, you wont experience immediate hair growth after you start using this medication.

Instead, as we mentioned earlier, you may shed slightly more hair than normal during the first few weeks of treatment with minoxidil as your hairs rapidly move through their growth cycle to begin a new anagen phase.

Most research shows that it takes a few months before youll notice any improvements in your hair after you start using minoxidil.

For example, the studies featured above — all of which showed positive outcomes — looked at the results of minoxidil after at least three months of regular use.

Although results can vary from one person to another, you should generally expect to see some improvement from minoxidil after about three to six months, with more significant results after a full year of treatment.

In the meantime, its important to be patient and continue using minoxidil even if you dont notice any day-to-day change in your hairline.

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Use Topical Peppermint Essential Oil

You need to buy yourself an affordable but top-quality bottle of essential peppermint oil and apply it to your scalp regularly. I am normally very sceptical about holistic claims, but am managing to maintain thick hair 3 years after Accutane with this product. A scientific study has shown peppermint oil to be more effective in rapidly regrowing hair than minoxidil when applied to C57BL/6 mice, compared to a control and jojoba oil. It appears that peppermint oil acts as a powerful growth-stimulant and an anti-inflammatory due to the effects of L-menthol and other beneficial plant compounds.

Mammalian models do not always translate fully to human conditions, but my success convinces me that peppermint has the potential to act as a non-toxic growth stimulant and improve Accutane-induced hair loss.

I consistently use peppermint oil every single time I wash my hair, and find it an enjoyable and quick part of my routine. I add 5 drops of it to a hand-sized squirt of shampoo, and apply this mixture to my dry scalp . I leave it soaking in for 30mins-1hour and then wash it out.

I’m delighted to have found this cheap and well-tolerated treatment, as minoxidil can be expensive. 2 years ago, I had been off Accutane for nearly 2 years yet was still suffering with heavy shedding and steadily-worsening, thin hair. Now, I have a clean, irritation-free scalp and thick hair once again.


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