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Can Keratin Cause Hair Loss

Can I Do Keratin Treatment At Home


Yes, you can do keratin treatments at home but the results of a salon treatment are better. Make sure to check the ingredients of keratin treatments available in the market. Most of them might just be silicon and conditioning treatments.

Also, read the instructions on washing, blow-drying and straightening. Home keratin treatments wash out in a few weeks, while salon treatments can last for a few months.

Wrapping Up

If you want to cut down on blow-drying and straightening on a regular basis and still want super smooth and shiny hair, go for keratin treatments. Talk to your hairstylist about glyoxylic acid keratin treatments in case you have extremely thin hair prone to heat damage. Also, remember that is not recommended for pregnant women.

How Serious Is The Formaldehyde Risk

Part of the issue with formaldehyde in keratin treatments is that products may contain much more formaldehyde than advertised.

For example, a 2014 study of keratin brands marketed in South Africa found that 6 out of 7 products contained 0.96 percent to 1.4 percent formaldehyde levels five times higher than the recommended safe level of 0.2 percent.

An earlier study from 2011 similarly found higher-than-advertised levels of formaldehyde across 4 different brands of keratin treatments.

Its worth noting that keratin treatments are typically done in a salon, where others are likely receiving keratin treatments throughout the day.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry notes that exposure to a formaldehyde level 0.1 to 0.5 parts per million can cause nose and eye irritation, neurological effects, and increased risk of asthma and allergies. At levels of 0.6 to 1.9 ppm, people might experience eczema or changes in their lung function.

The 2011 study mentioned above found that formaldehyde concentrations in the salon during the blow-drying portion of a keratin treatment ranged from 0.08 to 3.47 ppm. During the flat-ironing portion of the treatment, it ranged from 0.08 to 1.05 ppm. The upper limit of both ranges is well beyond what most people can tolerate.

If youre just going in for a single treatment, you might not feel many effects. But if youre a stylist regularly working in a salon, this kind of exposure could have a larger health impact.

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Keratin Treatment For Thin Hair

First things first, what is a keratin treatment? Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair, skin, and nails, and when added to your regular hair care regimen as an ingredient, it can serve as a sort of protection against damage. Keratin has the ability to both repair and protect, so it can help you rewind damage thats been done. It can also guard against future trouble by reinforcing proteins in the hair shaft lost by heat, overstyling, or chemical processing.

The truth is, keratin treatments come in many different forms: There are in-salon professional treatments, keratin-infused shampoos and conditioners, and of course, keratin-based styling products. While many people do love the silky smooth benefits of an in-salon professional treatment, not everyone is a candidate for one. Those with thin or thinning hair might find that the treatment can either be too harsh on their thin strands or flatten them, thereby making the appearance of their thinning hair more noticeable.

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Does Keratin Cause Hair Loss A Detailed Explanation Of Things You Must Know About Keratin

January 21, 2022 by Kathleen

Keratin is a protein that is found in the hair shaft. It helps to form and maintain hair. However, recent studies have shown that there may be another cause of hair loss keratinopathy. Keratinopathy is a condition caused by the over-production of keratin. This can lead to hair thinning and baldness. If youre thinking of starting a hair loss journey, you need to know does keratin cause hair loss.

How To Stop Hair Fall After Keratin Treatment A Foolproof 4

Perfect Curls Hair Booster Repair Damaged Anti Hair Loss ...
  • If you have no doubt that your hair loss started after applying keratin, you should start a plan to stop it.
  • The first thing you have to do is to trim the damaged ends because they weaken the hair.
  • Then, you should include some nourishing and repairing treatments like Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and serum with biotin. Ill tell you how to use them later.
  • Finally, dont tie your hair back to avoid breakage. Also, allow the scalp to breathe and dont abuse heat tools.

Does your hair fall out after a keratin treatment?

I know that right now, all you can think about is stopping hair loss.

To find the best solution, you need to think about whether keratin is the cause of hair loss.

Usually, hair loss actually starts before the keratin treatment.

Then, if the keratin treatment wasnt the correct one or wasnt applied correctly, the hair loss could worsen.

So, I ask you to put your anxiety or despair aside. At this point, I want you to do a memory exercise.

Try to remember the days before you applied keratin to your hair. Focus on that.

  • When you washed your hair, did you notice many hairs in the bathtub?
  • When you untangled your hair, were there a lot of hairs caught in the brush?

In that case, the reason for the hair loss may be a hormonal imbalance in your body due to a genetic problem, stress, diet, etc.

If so, I recommend asking a dermatologist to reach a diagnosis and treatment.

Shall I take your word for it?

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What You Can Do For Healthier Hair

How you wash your hair and the products you use can affect the health of your hair. Here are some tips to get healthy hair:

  • How often you wash your hair depends on how much oil your scalp makes. An oily scalp may need to be washed every day, but with less oil, less washing may be needed.

  • When washing your hair, focus on cleaning mainly your scalp, not the length of your hair which can make it dull and coarse.

  • Choose products specific for your hair type . Using a sulfate-free shampoo may also help if you have sensitive skin or are getting scalp irritation.

  • Protect your hair when swimming.

  • Minimize things that can damage your hair, like coloring, blow-drying, and curling.

Why Won’t Some Hairstylists Perform Keratin Treatments

Part of the concern with keratin treatments revolve around one of the ingredients found in most traditional salon formulas: formaldehyde. The Centers for Disease Control defines it as a colorless, strong-smelling gas that is usually used to make building materials, household products like glue and fiberboard, and used as a preservative when dissolved in water. In keratin treatments, it’s responsible for locking the hair into that new straight and smooth position for months. But these treatments don’t actually contain formaldehyde, because, well, it’s a known carcinogen. What they contain instead is ingredients like methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol, that release the carcinogenic compound when mixed with water during the treatment. So while the formula might technically be formaldehyde-free, it’s not once mixed with water.

This poses potential risk not only to youbut also the salon technicians who preform the treatments over and over again in enclosed spaces. “Some stylists refuse to do keratin treatments, because there is research that shows that continued use of formaldehyde overtime can have some serious consequences,” says Cooper. “The risks can be as minor as watery eyes and skin irritation, to as serious as cancer and respiratory illness.”

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It May Seriously Harm Your Wellbeing

Like any other chemical hair treatment, Keratin treatment comes with a wide array of short-term and long-term side effects. Dissolving the molecular bondings that cause frizziness results in weakened, fragile, and sensitive hair. As the roots lose pieces of themselves and Keratin washes away, your hair becomes more prone to detachment from the scalp. This is why hair loss is one of the most common Keratin treatment cons. Hair breakage, split ends, decoloration, and scalp itchiness are other by-products of weaker follicles.

Chemicals do not go well with natural body tissues, which is why allergic reactions like scalp irritation and severe coughs are reported after Keratin treatment. Inhaling the gases released during chemical treatments may also cause respiratory problems and lung cancer in the worst cases, especially for technicians.

What Does The Keratin Treatment Process Look Like

Home Keratin Treatment 4B Hair – Washing After 3 Days

You can get your keratin treatment professionally done at a trusted salon or give yourself a treatment at home.

If you choose the latter, just be sure to pick the most high-quality keratin treatment products for you preferably one that is formaldehyde-free.

The first step is to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

Its vital to chelate the hair, or get rid of all the minerals from washing your hair with hard water or swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Its important to have a fresh and clean base for the treatment, so you dont want any gunk on your hair.

Dont use conditioner after you rinse out the shampoo.

You dont want anything blocking the hair cuticle when you apply your serum, so keep the hair as porous as you can by skipping conditioner for now.

Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles in your hair, so you have a smooth base thats easy to brush through.

Now that your hair is tangle-free, you can start applying the keratin serum to your hair.

Its easiest to do this in sections, so you can be sure that your serum is evenly distributed and that every single strand can absorb some of that potent keratin.

When youre all done, sit for about half an hour to give your hair time to absorb the keratin.

When your timer goes off, you can choose to proceed to the next step or rinse off some of the keratin with water if theres too much product in your hair.

Activate the keratin with some heat.

You can use a hair dryer to get your hair from wet to damp.

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Can Keratin Treatment Cause Hair Loss

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair treatments that women widely use to achieve smooth, straight, glossy hair. Keratin treatment involves usage of keratin protein which is a hair protein originally present in our hair. Because of pollution and other environmental factors, excess heat and chemical styling, hair loses its natural keratin protein, and as a result, you end up with limp and lacklustre hair. This is the reason why girls today opt for keratin treatment, but similar to all other treatments, keratin treatment comes with its own set of pros and cons. Hair loss is one of the most concern post keratin treatment. Many girls are confused when it comes to keratin treatment that it may trigger hair fall, but can keratin treatment cause hair loss? We will tell you about that in this post here:

Keratin treatment involves usage of chemicals like formaldehyde and heat. Higher degree of heat is applied to achieve the desired smoothening effect on the hair. Salons might claim that keratin treatment is 100% harmless but thats not entirely true. Keratin treatment involves usage of high amount of heat and many other chemicals which are harmful for your hair.

Whats The Best Product To Fix Hair Breakage From A Keratin Treatment

Let me show you how to prevent your hair from snapping and how to retain more length.

When your hair is healthy, the cuticles on the outer layer line up nicely without causing friction. This is why your hair also looks smooth and reflects more light.

But when the hair cuticles slay apart in every which way after a hair processing treatment, this easily results in frizz and rough texture, which causes friction and breakage.

To prevent friction and smooth down the cuticles, you need hair products that can seal the cuticles without leaving extra residues.

You need products that can improve the texture of your hair and make the fragile ends lay flat and nice so that they dont rub against each other.

In short, you need an anti-breakage oil that can:

  • Lock in moisture
  • Condition fragile hair with a light touch
  • Conceal existing hair breakage
  • And help you style your hair easily

You need a versatile oil that can do many things so that you dont have to layer your brittle hair with too many products.

So without further ado, here are the best products weve hand-picked for you after trying them out ourselves.

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What Can You Do To Prevent Keratinopathy From Happening

If you have keratinopathy, your doctor will prescribe treatment to address it immediately. Treatment options include:

  • Medications that reduce the amount of protein in your body .
  • Medications that block certain enzymes .
  • Medications that dissolve excess proteins from around your body .

In some cases, surgery may be needed to remove excess protein from the body or scalp.

Many medications can be prescribed for keratinopathy. Depending on the type of keratinopathy and your health, your doctor may use one of these drugs:

Stop Tugging At Your Hair

TRESemmé Keratin Shampoo Maker Facing Class Action Lawsuit ...

Keeping your hair in tight high ponytails, pulling with hair straighteners, and rubbing your tresses dry with a harsh towel after taking a shower are things that can snag and tug at your hair.

This results in pulling more strands out of your scalp.

This rule is especially important if you have a sensitive scalp.

If you tug st your hair, you could pull some out from the root, causing more unnecessary stress to your scalp.

Instead, let your hair down, drop the flat iron, and air dry your locks.

Theres no such thing as being too gentle on your hair, especially when youre facing hair loss.

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How Good Is Keratin Treatment For Thin Hair

It must be remembered here that Keratin treatments are designed for thick, coarse hair. This treatment may prove to be beneficial for thick and unmanageable hair stands, but it would help very little in treating thin hair. Fragile and thin hair strands may be overwhelmed with a Keratin treatment and may result in further hair damage and hair breakage.

Eat Foods Rich In Protein And Iron

Your hair itself is made of protein, so its important that you ingest enough of it to keep your locks strong and full.

An amino acid called lysine is present in many proteins, and its crucial for healthy hair growth.

Add more meats, eggs, cheeses, and nuts to your diet to have enough protein in your body.

Theyll keep your body healthy and lean, and your hair long and full.

On the other hand, iron deficiency is linked with hair loss, so you shouldnt slack on having enough of it in your system either.

Iron-rich foods include spinach, beans, red meats, liver, beetroot, and dates.

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