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Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss

How To Prevent Traction Alopecia From Clip

Clip in Hair Extensions Damage – Bald Spots – Hair Loss | Instant Beauty

I recommend three to five extensions , forming the path of a headband. The total number of extensions will depend on the width of the track.

It will also depend on your hair texture and the clip-ins texture. In my case, the texture is fluffy, so I need only three extensions to add desirable volume.

Two are located on either side of the upper side top of my head, and the third is between these two but further back.

Insert the track in the same direction that your hair will be when pulled into a ponytail.

In other words, if the track is above your ear, it cannot be perpendicular to your ear. The track must be at the same angle, or going with the flow, of your hair when its pulled into a ponytail.

Once the clip-ins are in place, brush your hair over them, doing your best to conceal them, and bind everything into a moderately high ponytail.

This technique will also work for a low ponytail.

Now, heres the part that will surprise you: Once your ponytail is in place, all set and perfectgently and carefully unclip the extensions!

If youve worn extensions before, you should know that all you need do is pull up on either side of the track to release it.

It takes only a LITTLE tugging to do this. You will NOT dislodge the track. It is already securely bound in place by the ponytail.

Just gently, with a tiny tug, release the clip you will hear the little snapping sound.

Now look in the mirror can you see the tracks?

Let’s Get Better Hair

In conclusion, extensions are good if you have good quality hair and application technic.

And more than all, taking care of them thoughtfully.

Following these points that I share with you will have peace of mind about your natural hair and the only danger will be

Falling in the love of extensions more than your natural hair.

I hope they help you too.

Let me know in the comments.

Do Hair Extensions Cause Headaches

What if you dont feel comfortable wearing them and are getting headaches? This could be due to the improperly attached clips or too much hair. For the first solution, all you need to do is spend a few more minutes adjusting them and the issue disappears. Another thing to avoid is sleeping with clip-in extensions. This is not a permanent method and you should not sleep with clip-ins. Thats by design. Doing so can cause harm not only to the extensions but to your hair as well.

If you have read our hair extension guidelines, one should never attach more than 200 grams of hair extensions. Unless you have long-term experience and your head is used to extra weight!

What if you need a 100% safe method that is more permanent? Go with the cold fusion, also known as micro ring extensions. These will fuse your strands with tiny rings or beads. There is no heat nor do you need any glue. Microbeads are also easy to remove while causing no harm. The hairstylist simply opens beads and the extensions come right off. Just to be extra safe, we recommend that you hire a hair professional to attach the beads.

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How To Correctly Install Hair Extensions

The most important thing to keep in mind while installing any type of hair extensions is to secure a stable bond with the real hair while also making sure not to suffocate the roots by using too much glue or attaching the wefts too tightly. This issue most commonly occurs with weave-in hair extensions. Thats exactly why we would always recommend getting the expertise of a professional hair stylist if you want to avoid hair loss from hair extensions. After that, your only job is to maintain the hair extensions properly, such as gently massaging while shampooing, not roughly brushing your hair, avoiding tight and pulled back hairstyles to remove stress from your roots. Also, make sure that you hair is in a healthy condition before using any kind of hair extensions.

What Are The Safest Hair Extensions

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

The safest hair extensions that we recommend and that have the lowest amount of risk are clip-ins.

You dont even need a stylist to apply them and in case you decide to go with highest quality clip-ins . You can always pick just the correct weight, from 50 to 200 grams.

The application of clip in extensions does not involve any chemicals, glue, tape, heat, beads, or anything like that. It consists of wefts with clips that can be safely and easily installed. You can do it at home, and even if you dont get it right the first time, you can always remove the wefts and start again without doing any harm or putting any strain on your locks.

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Thanks So Much For Talking With Me About Extensions Is There An Email Address Where People Can Email Any Additional Questions

Yes! Any of our stylists around the world are great resources, you can email us at: or follow us on and DM us.

This post is part of a blog series I did with Hairdreams before the Coronavirus closed our local salons. Support them and your local hairdressers during the Coronavirus pandemic by buying now to use later. Get a discount with your purchase here.

Check out my complete Hairdreams review here and how I take care of my extensions here.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions

Synthetic fibers or real human hair are used to create and design hair extensions. What sets them apart is how they are applied. One method of application is called clip-ins. These types of hair extensions are simply added anytime, whenever they are needed. This also means that you can remove them whenever you want. This makes them the safest of all other types of hair extensions.

Other hair extension types are called tape-ins. As the name suggests, these types of hair extensions are taped together first. They are much smaller than clip-ins. They are then taped to the natural hair and stay in the hair for a period of four to eight weeks. There are also other hair extensions that may be applied semi-permanently. They include fusion types that involve using different types of adhesives such as glue. Some types of glue require using a heated device to remove it. But, do hair extensions damage your hair?

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When A Haircut Will Not Suffice

Sometimes hair loss and damage caused by extensions and weaves cannot be corrected with a simple change of hairstyle. For women who have discernible patches of thinning hair, a trip to a hair loss specialist is recommended.

At The Belgravia Centre we see many women who have experienced patchy hair loss as a direct result of overuse of hair extensions and offer a number of highly successful hair loss treatments for correcting it. Using our wide experience we consider the needs of each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the correct treatment plan can be created for their specific needs.

Many of these treatment plans use the clinically approved Minoxidil medication which has been formulated to prevent further hair loss and promote regrowth. Minoxidil helps to increase blood flow to the scalp, ensuring that vital nutrients are delivered to hair follicles for maximum hair growth potential. It is licensed for use in Britain by the MHRAfor female pattern hair loss but is also known to work well for other forms of hair loss such as traction alopecia.

Our hair loss specialists can also suggest a number of complementary therapies designed to work in conjunction with Minoxidil. Our unique HairVitalics dietary supplement contains a number of vitamins and minerals believed to help condition existing hair and prevent further thinning.

Is That True For All Real Hair Extensions


No, especially for your kind of hairyou have a natural curl. And most extension companies straighten their hair before it comes to you. So its straight, like straight straight. If it were to dry, it would be straight and your hair would have its texture and not blend at all.

And most populations have curly hair. For the clients who dont have curly hair who have naturally straight straight hair, this can actually add texture to their hair. So if they let it air dry, it would encourage their hair to have waves, so it looks really nice.

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Braids Can Cause Hair Loss If Worn Tight

Traction alopecia is often noted when hair is braided tightly , says Dr. Schlessinger. Alopecia means hair loss.

Clearly, there is no benefit from braiding hair tightly it is a very significant cause of hair loss in my practice, so it is best to avoid if at all possible.

If you want to volumize your hair by wearing braids overnight, first put the sections that you want to braid in a loose ponytail.

What this means is, the rubber band is loose, and the rubber band is NOT right against the scalp: So what you then have is a floppy ponytail.

Then you braid below the rubber band. This way, there will be virtually no traction between the rubber band and the scalp.

If you feel the braid snagging or pulling while youre lying in bed, gently bobby-pin the tip of the braid to the top of your head to relieve the pulling sensation.

Its not news that any woman wants to hear, but over time, those fabulous clip-in extensions that you love so much will cause some degree of hair loss.

Just how much of your hair will fall out beyond whats normal in a typical day depends on variables such as how hard you brush, how often you wear the extensions per week, for how long the clip-ins are in your hair in a given day, and how tightly you have the tracks teeth embedded into your scalp.

Braids are so cool, and tight braids are common with certain hairstylesbut unfortunately, they will stress the hair root as well.

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair

There will always be a risk of damaging your hair with hair extensions since they are attached to the natural hair, which tugs your hair and scalp. This creates tension to the hair follicles. This tension causes what we call traction alopecia, a type of hair loss that develops when the hair follicles are constantly subjected to pressure. Most of the time, it is the application method that damages the hair instead of wearing them.

As a matter of concern, many of the people who want to get hair extensions ask themselves do extensions ruin your hair? Damages to the hair and pain in the hair follicles may be caused by working with the inexperienced hairdresser. Such hairdressers dont have enough techniques and experience to style up hair with hair extensions. It is also not a good idea to apply hair extensions on your own if you lack the needed experience. When you do this, you may end up creating more harm than good.

It is critical to ensure that hair doesnt get tangled. The hairstylist will give you instructions needed for proper upkeep. If you have applied semi-permanent types of hair extensions, after a while you need to reposition it. This is to avoid putting a lot of pressure on one side of the scalp.

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Hair Extensions Are Expensive: Fact Or Fiction

Ha ha. It depends on what you want. I get this question all the time. The price of the extensions will depend on the quantity that you want and the length that you want. So if you want a lot of really long extensions, the price is going to be higher.

Erin used 22 Hairdreams hair strands in my hair and applied it with the Laserbeamer Nano.

What Is Traction Alopecia

Hair Extensions Causing Hair Loss

And celebrity stylist Noushin Arshad from Arabella Rose said tape-in extensions could be detrimental in the long-run.

“Methods of applying hair extensions, such as a tapes, wefts and clip-ins can be especially heavy for hair that is already fine,” she explains.

“The most important factor when considering hair extensions is that they should always be of equal weight in comparison to the weight of the section they are attached to.

“Uneven weight ratios will cause the extensions to pull, hurt and be uncomfortable to wear and manage.

“The constant weight is only supported by a fine section of the hair and can cause breakage more easily, and for the hair to come out from the shaft due to the constant pull on the roots.”

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Are You Essentially Saying That Your Hair Takes On The Texture Of What Your Extensions Are Or Does That Only Go One Direction Because I Notice That My Hair Is Becoming Less Curly And I Thought It Was The Weight

Yes, thats true. The weight will hold it down so its less curly. But if you had no curl to your hair, and these have curl, it will add curl to your hair.

Erin applied Hairdreams Root Shadows to create the ombre effect for my summer look. No damage from dying my hair blonde when Im using extensions!

What Can Cause Hair Damage

The biggest issue with hair extensions is not the extensions but the people that are handing them. Be it from inexperienced stylists that damage your hair or from super heavy hair sets that do indeed cause headaches/scalp pain and even hair loss. For more on which weight hair extensions you should get, please see our buying guide. Whats the magical number? The weight should not be more than 200 grams.

Also, damage from hair extensions can occur when someone is trying to install extensions themselves. DIY installation can easily go wrong when someone doesnt know what theyre doing! Especially if were talking about more complicated methods like hot or cold fusion. If youre not a professional or at least have some experience with those methods, there is a big chance that youll do something wrong and end up damaging the extensions or your natural strands. So again, its not the fault of extensions, but bad installation jobs. Anybody who is not confident in applying any extension type at home should contact a hair professional with a lot of experience.

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Do Extensions Cause Thinning With Certain Types Of Hair

Usually, as long as there are no abnormalities with your hair, you should be able to wear extensions without experiencing any problems.

However, there are certain factors that must be considered when applying extensions to different types of hair.

For instance, its recommended to match the density of your own hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss from other causes, you must avoid hair extensions.

Wearing hair extensions in such instances can lead to a false impression of the extent of your thinning, and this may prevent you from taking the necessary steps to treat it.

Apart from that, its also not recommended to wear hair extensions if you have sparse hair. In such instances, the extensions can cause extra strain on the follicles.


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