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Does Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

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DOES DRY SHAMPOO CAUSE HAIR LOSS? Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair? Is It Better To Wash Your Hair?

Shampoo is a product thats in almost every persons home and regular use is a good thing. But there can still be problems caused by certain ingredients or using a product incorrectly. If you start to experience thinning hair or other symptoms, you think may be related to shampoo, you should contact a doctor immediately. If you have symptoms that you believe are related to permanent hair loss, then you should contact RHRLI and ask about the ARTAS® system.

Unlike other hair transplant techniques such as strip surgery, which can leave longer recovery times, the ARTAS® system is minimally invasive. To get started, contact us today.

*Please note that the author of this piece is not a doctor and the information in this material is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or medical professional for specific information regarding your individual situation.

Did You Pick The Right Living Proof Shampoo

Before anything, lets see if you bought the right shampoo for yourself. Because not buying the right one can cause hair loss. If that happens, you cant really blame the product.

So, living proof shampoo is available for almost every hair type. Here are some of the living proof shampoos according to different hair types-

Hair Type

Living proof no frizz shampoo

Living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo


Now, have you picked the correct shampoo for your hair type?

Well, we hope you did. Because you see-

The respective living proof shampoos are made to solve specific hair problems. For example, living proof curl shampoo is made to make your curls look healthy, 3x stronger. It even works to make it easier to run your fingers through your curls.


The living proof restore shampoo has quality ingredients to tackle dry hair. It removes the pollution residue from your hair. It also makes the hair stronger and healthier gradually.


Next, living proof full shampoo is made for flat hair. It turns your hair from flat to naturally thick and full hair.


Then living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo works on oily hair. It absorbs oil, odor, and sweat. Therefore, the shampoo makes your hair feel, smell, and look clean.

Source: beautifullyalive.orgSource:

Moreover, all of the living proof shampoo products are safe for color-treated hair. It doesnt fade away the hair color.

Tresemm Products Alleged To Cause Hair Loss

The manufacturer of the hair product brand TRESemmé, Unilever, is facing lawsuits across North America due to catastrophic side effects its customers are currently facing from their shampoo and conditioner lines.

It is alleged that Individuals that have used TRESemmé Shampoo and Conditioner with the ingredient DMDM Hydantoin have been dealing with side effects including scalp irritation, hair loss, and lesions. Unilever markets the brand as salon quality however some users are experiencing hair loss after using their products. Similar lawsuits have also been filed in the United States against Unilever.

If you are currently using TRESemmé hair products, you should make sure to check that DMDM Hydantoin is not one of the ingredients. DMDM Hydantoin, which is used as a preservative in TRESemmé products, has been suggested to be chemically similar to formaldehyde, a carcinogen that can cause cancer when it makes contact with human skin. Therefore, applying DMDM Hydantoin to the scalp has been causing serious issues to users. An action has been started against Unilever due to their alleged inability to warn users of the potential risks, and use an alternative to DMDM Hydantoin when there are examples of safe alternatives on the market.

Products that have known to include DMDM Hydantoin include:

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What Ingredient In Shampoo Causes Hair Loss

My biggest mistake was not known what ingredient in shampoo causes hair loss, and I wont make you make that mistake like I did.

There are chemicals in shampoo that causes hair loss, so before you start blaming your hair loss on your DHT or genetics, think about what youre using to wash your hair.Its possible that the underlying cause of your hair loss is there in front of your eyes: your shampoo and conditioner.

Many ingredients in hair cleansing shampoos are developed to remove impurities from the scalp and having your hair feeling clean and light. Some shampoo and conditioner ingredients, on the other hand, may be doing the exact opposite of what you want, such as harming your hair but also causing hair loss.

The One Biosilk Shampoo That Does Not Cut It

FACT CHECK: Does Suave Shampoo Contain an Ingredient That ...

Biosilk is at at the top when it comes to hair care. Most of their products are A-class goodies, but this shampoo failed us. It gets a 2.3 out of 5 on Makeup Alley, with some scary reports, such as this one:

“I will never buy this product ever again, even if it is the last shampoo on earth. It makes my scalp physically sore. So sore. It causes my hair to fall out, to the point I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Please don’t waste your money or your hair on this crap product.”

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Is It Bad To Wash Your Hair Every Day

Shampoos are meant to clean the extra sebum, dirt, and product buildup on your scalp. Frequently washing your hair with harsh cleansers can strip off natural oils from your scalp, making it dry.

Most people shampoo twice or thrice a week which is ideal. But not everyone would be comfortable with the same schedule. People who work out, practice dance or indulge in regular physical activities like cycling, sports may need to wash their hair daily. They tend to sweat a lot which makes their hair greasy.

Thats why many brands have introduced mild shampoos that can be used daily. Such shampoos dont contain harsh chemicals. If you are one of those people who needs to wash their hair regularly, choose a shampoo that does not contain any harmful chemicals and more importantly matches your hair type. You may also switch to naturally-formulated alternatives to shampoo to serve your purpose.

Does Living Proof Shampoo Cause Hair Loss


Hair loss is absolutely painful for everyone. Its especially annoying when your expensive hair products are causing that. But you have to be sure whether its actually the hair product youre using or not.

So, does living proof shampoo cause hair loss?

Well, yes it does for some people. Weve seen some complaints about this. Living proof shampoo products make your hair fall out at an abnormal rate. Furthermore, the shampoo can also start thinning out your hair. Which is just another step towards hair loss.

Now, you might wonder what you can do now. Well, weve discussed if the shampoo is actually responsible for your hair loss. Then if yes, we have mentioned the treatment as well.

Therefore, we hope you wont take any more risks and keep reading our piece.!

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Chemicals In Shampoo That Cause Hair Loss

Before you start blaming your genetics for your hair loss, you may want to consider your hair washing products. The true culprit of your hair loss may be right in front of you: your shampoo and conditioner.

Hair washing products contain numerous ingredients that are meant to lift impurities from the scalp and leave your hair feeling clean and weightless. However, some ingredients in shampoo and conditioner may be doing the opposite of what you hope for, such as damaging your hair and causing hair loss.

Beneficial Ingredients In Shampoo

Is your shampoo causing hair loss?

While there are many ingredients to be wary of when selecting the best shampoo for your hair, there are also a lot of beneficial ingredients that you can specifically search for. Keeping these ingredients in mind may also assist with narrowing down your search for the right shampoo for you.

Here are some of the healthiest and most useful:

  • Capixyl: Capixyl is a peptide used to treat hair loss and invigorate hair growth.
  • Redensyl: Redensyl reactivates hair follicle stem cells and stimulates the growth of thicker hair.
  • Ginseng: Ginseng contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.
  • Biotin: Biotin is an essential nutrient that improves your hairs overall health.
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract supports healthy hair growth and regrowth.

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Bad Habit: Using The Wrong Brush

These are tools you use on your hair every day, and the wrong brush can do a lot of damage, cause a lot of breakage, says Kingsley. She explains that popular boar-bristle brushes are actually the least hair-friendly option, even though people like them for styling because they give the best traction. Need convincing? Kingsley says that if you run a boar-bristle brush against your skin, youll feel how scratchy it is. And if you brush a wool sweater 50 times with one, youll see that sweater become frayed.

So skip expensive boar-bristle brushes and skip metal brushes, too, since they can get very hot during heat styling. Instead, Kingsley recommends a brush with rounded plastic prongs, preferably with a vented plastic base so you dont get a lot of concentrated heat when you style your hair. Plastic brushes tend to be less expensive than metal or boar bristle, and theyre the most hair-friendly option. A win-win!

Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Frequently

Since everyone is different, theres no one-size-fits-all number of days to wait in between washing and conditioning your hair.

Instead, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your hair based on the amount of oil your scalp produces.

If you have an oily scalp , you may need to wash it on a daily basis. On the other hand, if your hair is naturally dry , its usually better to wait a few days between washes.

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Bad Habit: Playing With Your Hair

Weve all noticed people meditatively twirling their hair around their fingers, absent-mindedly scratching their head, or pulling hair as a nervous habit. Unfortunately, compulsively twisting, rubbing, or pulling your hair can contribute to hair loss over time, Todorov says. Theres usually no permanent hair loss from most of these habits, but its important for people to be aware of them.

Some people may start just by pulling or twirling their hair, but then get to a point where theyre actually pulling hairs out of their head to relieve tensiona condition called trichotillomania, Dr. Rieder explains. Even if you never get to that point, just twirling your hair can lead to breakage. Find out what your compulsive habitslike hair-twirling and nail-bitingreally mean.

Aveda Leaves You Frizzed Up

Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

This is why we say cost does not always necessarily mean quality. The Aveda Clove Shampoo that retails for $30 is quite the disappointing shampoo considering its hefty price tag.

If you want to buy the shampoo because it smells great, go ahead, but do not expect it to work miracles on your hair. This shampoo is supposed to act as a colouring agent, but instead, hair gets stripped of colour. Oh, it will also make you look like you just experienced a humid day in Florida.

Reviewers on Total Beauty seem to agree: hair is frizzy and stripped. Next!

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Bad Habit: Not Shampooing Frequently Enough

Shampooing is so important to the health of the scalp and hair. Your scalp is skin, and the way to keep the scalp healthy is to shampoo frequently, says Anabel Kingsley, consultant trichologist for the Philip Kingsley clinics, who explains that regular shampooing ensures that hair grows at its best rate and helps avoid thinning hair. How often should you wash?

That varies a bit from person to person, based on how oily your scalp is, says Melissa Piliang, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. But most people should wash their hair at least every other day. If you dont, things like oils and pollutants can build up on the scalp, leading to inflammation and dandruff . The inflammation can disturb hair growth, and dandruff can lead to itching, which leads to scratching . . . and breakage. Make sure you know how to properly wash your hair too.

What About Sulfates

You have probably heard a lot about sulfate-free shampoos. Some forms of sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate can cause significant scalp irritation, especially in people with sensitive skin. If sulfates cause enough irritation, they could contribute to hair damage and hair thinning in some people. If you have sensitive skin, you may benefit from trying a sulfate-free shampoo.

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How To Stop This

Limiting your use of dry shampoo is the best way to ensure that you do not face a huge build-up of dry shampoo at the root of your hair, inhibiting growth and potentially causing hair loss. Try using dry shampoo twice a week at the maximum and make sure that you are shampooing and cleaning your hair twice a week at a minimum. This will make sure that your roots are kept clean and there is a limited amount of dry shampoo build up.

Schedule An Appointment For A Hair Loss Evaluation Today

Does Sodium Laureth Sulfate cause Hair Loss?

While washing your hair every day wont cause hair loss, plenty of other things like your genes can. If you are concerned about your hair loss and are ready to do something about it, we invite you to schedule a hair loss evaluation at the Miami Hair & Skin Institute today. To receive a personalized assessment and treatment plan, contact us online or call our office directly at 305-925-0222.

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Wash Your Hair With Shampoo That Reduces Hair Fall

So, you have stopped using living proof shampoo. Now, you need another shampoo.

We suggest you use a shampoo that helps reduce the amount of hair youre losing. Youll find lots of shampoos that are made for stopping and repairing hair loss.

For example, carrot-based shampoo and conditioner are a good option. As weve mentioned carrot has vitamins and minerals that prevent hair fall.

However, you can consult a dermatologist and ask his/her opinion on this.

Selecting The Right Shampoo For You

One of the best ways to determine which shampoo is safe and beneficial for your hair is to base it on your hair type. A mans hair type is genetically determined by the shape of your hair follicles. It is believed that there are four different hair types:

  • Straight
  • Curly
  • Coily

Determining your exact type is also based on how loose or tight your strands of hair are. It is important to recognize and note these distinctions because extremely curly hair functions differently than slightly curly hair.

Identifying your hair type will allow you to identify its natural tendencies and necessities. This will help to narrow down your search for the perfect shampoo. For example, if your hair is straight, there is a higher chance that it tends to be oily. Therefore, you should avoid shampoos containing excess amounts of oil.

You should also base your shampoo selection on the quality of your hair. After determining your hair type, determine your hairs health, or lack thereof. Identifying any signs of damage is necessary for knowing what issues your hair products will need to address.

Your hairs health relies heavily upon your inner hair cuticles from dead skin cells responsible for protecting your hair. These dead cells overlap and create protective scales for the hair shaft. When the scales become damaged, they can begin to fall apart, resulting in a loss of protection and an increased opportunity for harm to your hair.

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