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How To Identify Hair Loss

Your Barber Tips You Off

How to Identify Male pattern baldness || Androgenic Alopecia

Everyones hair is a bit different. But anyone whos been cutting mens hair for a while has seen it all. If youre unsure how youre stacking up, ask. If youve been going to the same cutter for years, he or she might be able to tell you if theyve noticed changes and have been taking any strategic steps, so to speak but any professional is familiar with the signs and will be able to tell you if youre looking spare, as well as advise you on the best hairstyles and styling tips for thinning hair.

Your Scalp Is Clearly Visible

Did you once have a thick head of hair that covered your scalp like the Amazon rainforest? Its far from uncommon to have dense and thick hair that rarely, if ever, exposes your scalp during your teens and 20s.

Over time, male pattern baldness can cause even the thickest head of hair to look much, much thinner, meaning your scalp might become visible when your hair is wet, parted or when youve applied wet-look styling products.

This happens because of hair thinning that occurs across your scalp, even if your hairline hasnt changed in the meantime.

For some men, this form of hair loss occurs at the crown, or vertex of the scalp — the area thats right at the top of your head. You might notice that your skin is visible through this hair when you look at the back of your head in the mirror.

Like a receding hairline, this type of hair loss is common, with about 31 percent of men aged 40 to 55 displaying some signs of vertex baldness.

One side effect of this form of hair loss is that it may expose your scalp to the sun, meaning you might develop sunburn if you spend time outdoors without a hat.

Noticeable Thinning Of Your Hair

Not all people go bald from their hairline. Some men experience whats called diffuse thinning a type of hair loss that either affects the entire scalp or specific areas like the top of the head resulting in baldness that starts from the back or top, rather than from the hairline.

Just like a receding hairline, the easiest way to spot diffuse thinning is to compare photos from different time periods.

If you notice that your hair looks thinner now than it does in photos taken several years ago, theres a chance that its the result of male pattern baldness.

Since you dont normally take photos from behind you, the easiest way to compare the level of thickness in your hair over time is to take photos every two to three months in your bathroom mirror.

If you notice the hair around your crown thinning every year, its worth taking action to prevent any further loss.

Worried about hair thinning? Here are the signs of hair thinning to look for.

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Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease

Any type of thyroid disease can cause a number of different symptoms, but they can sometimes be subtle. In addition to hair loss or thinning hair, be aware of these other symptoms:

  • Changes in mood, such as anxiety, irritability, and increased nervousness
  • Being unable to tolerate hot temperatures or cold temperatures
  • Insomnia or lethargy and sleeping too much
  • Weight changes either weight loss or weight gain
  • Abnormal menstruation

Genetics Underlying Male Pattern Baldness

Eyebrow Hair Loss: Causes And Prevention Tips

A study led by the University Edinburgh in the United Kingdom discovered 287 genetic regions involved in male pattern baldness. Many of the genes that the researchers identified were linked with hair structure and development.

We identified hundreds of new genetic signals, said Saskia Hagenaars, a Ph.D. student from the University of Edinburghs Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology. It was interesting to find that many of the genetics signals for male pattern baldness came from the X chromosome, which men inherit from their mothers.

Not only could the teams findings help to predict a mans likelihood of experiencing severe hair loss, but they could also provide new targets for drug developments to treat baldness.

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How Thyroid Causes Hair Loss

To understand the connection of the thyroid gland and hair loss, one must understand the hair cycle. The three stages of growth, resting, and shedding can take place over several months for each strand of hair. Most hair strands are in a state of growth or rest most of the time. When there is a thyroid hormone imbalance, the resting state of hair is extended, and the growth phase is interrupted leading to hair thinning, hair loss or balding in patches.

Hypo or hyperthyroidism is linked to hair loss of varying severity, it can be patchy hair loss such as alopecia areata or a generalized thinning of hair. This causes circular areas of transient hair loss.

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Theres a lot of terminology in the world of haircareespecially when it comes to hair loss. So before you rush to a conclusion over those extra hairs in your brush, its important to know the difference between hair loss, hair shedding, and hair breakage. Depending on which issue youre dealing with, the products and treatments to get your hair back on track vary greatly.

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Does Thyroid Medication Cause Hair Loss

No. Do not stop taking your medication. Some patients donât notice their hair thinning until after they begin their thyroid medication, leading them to believe that this is the cause of their hair loss. Discontinuing medication will worsen hair loss and may cause other dangerous problems.

Continue to take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Your hair should begin to grow back after starting medication. Give it at least six weeks to take effect.

Hair regrowth is usually successful with treatment, but thereâs a chance it may not return to how it was before disease diagnosis. Consult your doctor if you do not notice any improvement in symptoms after four to six weeks of taking thyroid medication.

Itâs essential to closely monitor your medication to find the optimal functioning of your thyroid. You made need adjustment in the dosing of your medication.

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White Spots Of Lines On Nails

Hair Loss: Identifying, Treating, and Helping To Grow It Back!

Your nails are often a clue to whatâs happening with your bodyâs health. One of the early symptoms of alopecia could be changes to your nail beds. If you notice pitting, small craters, or white patches on your nails, this could be a warning sign.

Itâs important to note that lots of things can cause changes to your nails, but if these signs are accompanied by hair lossâitâs a good idea to consult a dermatologist. âTaking action when one first notices hair loss is important,â says Strachan. âSome types of hair loss cause scarring so treatment may prevent permanent balding.â

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What Causes Alopecia Areata

There is no known cause for alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disease. This means your immune system attacks part of your body by mistake. Scientists think the cause of the disease may be related to a persons genes. In that case, they believe a virus or something in your environment may trigger the disease.

How To Tell If Youre Going Bald

Unlike the flu, male pattern baldness isnt a medical condition that youll suddenly wake up with one morning.

Instead, hair loss is typically a gradual process that takes place over a period of months, years and even decades.

So, how do you know when its time to take action? These six early signs can often signal that youre beginning to lose your hair:

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Can Male Pattern Baldness Stop On Its Own

Unfortunately, male pattern baldness will not stop on its own. Its up to you if you want to treat it or accept it. It can be stopped or slowed down through various forms of treatments, and may also be reversed in some cases.

It may be hard for genetic male pattern baldness to be stopped permanently, but with treatments and medications that are taken according to a doctors prescriptions and suggestions, ones hair may be maintained at ones current stage for years or decades longer than in the case of no treatment at all.

How Will A Healthcare Provider Diagnose Hair Loss In Women What Tests Are Done

If you have been taking any anti

The tests performed to diagnose hair loss in women can be simple or complicated:

  • Gently pulling on your hair to see how many hairs come out.
  • Blood tests. These check for vitamin and mineral levels and hormone levels .
  • Scalp examination under a microscope and trichoscopy.
  • Scalp biopsy to remove and examine a very small piece of scalp skin.

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How To Stop Your Balding

Now that you know a little bit about what to look for, its time to cover some of the ways to stop male pattern baldness from becoming more severe.

For starters, its important not to let yourself become stressed and upset about hair loss. Hair loss is something that happens to the best of us, and with modern medicine, you can protect yourself from further hair loss and keep your head of hair without breaking the bank.

The biggest problem surrounding male pattern baldness and hair loss isnt coming up with an effective treatment plan — its the ignorance and misinformation floating around.

Youd be surprised to learn how many guys feel powerless when they notice the early warning signs of hair loss.

Theyve often been told that homeopathic “remedies” like rubbing cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar on their head will cure them of their baldness. Not surprisingly, it wont!

But this doesnt mean that you need to accept that youre losing your hair. There are several science-based hair loss treatments that have been thoroughly tested in clinical trials and are viable solutions to baldness.

Currently, the two most effective medications for treating male pattern baldness are minoxidil and finasteride .

Minoxidil is a topical treatment that works by stimulating growth and increasing blood flow to your scalp, while finasteride is an oral medication that works by reducing your DHT levels.

What Are The Myths About Hair Loss

Myths about hair loss are widespread. Nothing in the following list is true:

  • Youre losing hair because you shampoo it too much, or because youve colored it or gotten a perm.
  • Dandruff causes permanent hair loss in women.
  • Stress causes permanent hair loss in women.
  • If you shave your head, your hair will grow back twice as thick.
  • If you stand on your head youll increase circulation, stimulating hair growth.
  • If you brush your hair 100 strokes a day that will make your hair healthier.
  • Hats and wigs cause hair loss in women.
  • Hair loss only affects intellectual women.

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Symptoms Of Hair Loss Due To Hypothyroidism

The hair loss itself is something you will spot yourself. But knowing how to distinguish hair loss that is rooted in hypothyroidism as opposed to other causes is important, so you can get the right treatment. The British Thyroid Foundation points out some of the key features that include:2

  • Hair loss is diffused.
  • Hair loss at the edge of the eyebrows, beginning with thinning on the outer edges, is a noticeable feature.
  • Loss happens across the scalp, not in discrete sections.
  • Hair seems uniformly sparse.
  • Hair loss appears many months after the thyroid disease itself has taken hold, so watch for symptoms of thyroid disease like weight gain, fatigue, puffy face, constipation, joint or muscle aches, difficulty with cold temperatures/weather, less sweating, dry skin, heavy/irregular periods, and slowed heart rate.3

If the hair loss is discrete or in patches, its probably caused by alopecia areata, not hypothyroidism. Use onion juice to cure hair fall due to alopecia areata.

When Should I Consult A Doctor

Why Is My Hair Thinning? 5 Tips To Find Hair Loss Causes in Women – Why is MY Hair Falling Out?

If your hair loss is not related to pattern baldness, you must consult a dermatologist or a certified professional to identify its root cause.

Also, if you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of hair you are losing, and if a receding hairline is giving you stress, you must speak to a doctor about the early signs of hair loss and treatment to avoid further damage.

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What Is The Total Count Of Hair On The Human Scalp

At an approximate rate, healthy hair in a human grows at 0.35 mm/day . And, the terminal count of hair on a human scalp ranges from 80,000 to 120,000.

Different Ayurvedic texts present different Kesha Sankhyas . While Acharya Charaka enumerated it as 29,956, Acharya Sushruta believes that the number of hairs on the human scalp is innumerable.

Why Is My Hair Thinning

Remember, the vast majority of time about 95% thinning hair is the result of male pattern hair loss. Thats caused by DHT , a sex hormone known as an androgen. Androgens contribute to adult male characteristics, such as muscle mass and a deeper voice. But for reasons researchers dont entirely understand, although DHT is essential for the growth of body hair, it can attack hair follicles on the scalp and cause them to shrink.Hair follicle shrinkage is called follicular miniaturization. This process causes the follicle to produce shorter, thinner hairs known as vellus hairs instead of the more robust terminal hairs that youre used to on top of your head.Less common reasons for thinning hair include:

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What Are The Signs Of Balding

There are several different signs that you might be starting to experience hair loss .

From thinning hair all over your head to a receding hairline, male pattern baldness comes in many forms.

Recognizing the signs of male pattern baldness is an important part of the treatment or prevention process.

Because male pattern baldness occurs in stages, it may be possible to recognize the signs early enough to reverse hair loss or prevent any further damage to your hairline.

Below, weve listed three warning signs that you should be aware of, as well as simple but effective ways that you can take action to prevent your hair loss from getting worse.


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