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Where To Buy Thinning Shears For Hair

Which Shears Are Best For Me

6 Best Hair Thinning Scissors 2017

The best shears for you are the ones that meet your needs. Give thought to your needs.

  • Do you want to point cut?
  • Do you need a scissor with the extra power to cut larger sections?
  • Do you like to slide cut is this important?
  • What size do you have now what size would best for your new shear?
  • What are your expectations for performance? This can affect the price.

Shears that are comfortable for you to hold and work with. Think about the small things that you are used to, and how important are they to have in your new scissor.

Scissors For Sore Hands

To ease the discomfort of repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, we provide swivel hairdressing scissors, allowing superior thumb/finger positioning that lets you cut hair in a more natural position and helps prevent or reduce hand fatigue.

Our swivel hairdressing scissors are available Australia-wide. Simply place your order and well ship the scissors to you free of charge. For your convenience, we offer several payment options such as After Pay or Zip Pay. We also allow our clients to pay in installments, interest-free. Browse our range of swivel hairdressing scissors and order yours before stocks run out.

Hair Thinning Scissors For Finishing:

Clients are looking for modern haircuts from salons and barbershops in Australia. To achieve the best hairdressing styles, you will need the best hair thinning scissors. There is a common misconception that the scissors at home are the same as what professional hairdressers use. Professional scissors have different styles, from cutting scissors with a convex edge or chunking thinning scissors, lets take a moment to learn about professional texturing scissors.

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Scissor Tech Barber Range

If there is a particular barber scissor that you would like that isn’t on our page please feel free to send us a message as we may be able to assist you further.

We carry professional barber scissors from trusted brands such as Matsui Scissors or Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors that might be just what you’re looking for.

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Where To Buy Thinning Shears For Hair

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Determining The Right Pair Of Thinning Shears To Buy

  • 1Buy a pair of blending and texturizing shears. These shears are very versatile, and are able to cut about 40-70% of hair off in a few quick cuts. They can be used to add a level of texture, or naturally blend different levels of your hair. There are generally 25 teeth on this particular type of shear.
  • 2Add chunking shears to your array of scissors. If you have especially thick hair to cut, these are great. However, they can be difficult to use and leave holes in the cut, so only use them for very thick hair. They can take big chunks out at once , and can cut through thicker hair than a standard pair of shears. These even work best with curly hair, which is hard to cut with normal scissors. These shears have about 7-15 teeth on them.Advertisement
  • 3Get a pair of finishing shears. They remove much less hair than the other two pairs of shears. This is a great pair of shears to go back over your hair after you have already made a pass with the standard shears. They give your hair a softer, lived in look. However, you will have to make more passes with these shears, as they take so little off.
  • 4Find shears with adjustable screws. Most, if not all shears, are stainless steel. However, shears with an adjustable screw can make all the difference in the world. If you find that the tension is off, then the screw allows you to adjust it.Advertisement
  • What Are Hair Thinning Shears

    Thinning shears are scissors that have one blade with teeth and one blade without. These teeth are little grooves on the blade that will quickly take your hair out in even sections to help alleviate excess weight, soften lines, and blend between sections.

    “Dont use thinning shears to build the shape, use them to ‘decorate’ the shape you created,” says LA-based hairstylist Jay Small. These shears are a secondary tool to any haircut and should not be used to achieve your overall shape or structure in the hair. “When using thinning shears, it should only be for the last 10% of the haircut,” Small tells us.

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    Guide To Buying Thinning And Texturising Scissors In Australia

    Hairdressing thinning scissors have various types and sizes, but the main thing you will notice is the number of teeth that are in each pair. Depending on the thinning performance you are looking for, you may want to go for a pair with 20-30 teeth that is quite balanced and allows you to thin with just a few moves.

    You may also want to go for something that performs a bit more for thick and curly hair. These are called chunking scissors and usually have 7 to 16 teeth and are called chunking hairdressing thinning scissors. What makes chunking hairdressing thinning scissors unique is creating notches for extremely curly hair. These thinning scissors are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand.

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    Best Choice: Jaguar Silver Ice

    Men’s Haircuts: Thinning Shears vs. a Razor : Hair Styling & Grooming

    These German-made thinning scissors have 46 teeth with fine V-serration. This ensures a nice, precise hair cutting.

    We love the huge amount of value youre receiving out of these. That is, if you can get them theyre made in Europe. Its sometimes difficult to get your hands on them if youre from the states.

    The Silver Ice 46s have a classic symmetric design. With regular scissors, this would be an ergonomic problem. But since thinning shears get used so much less, were giving them a pass.

    The ball of the scissors have a standard VARIO tension screw. With the use of a coin, youll easily adjust the tension. Read more about adjusting tension on hair scissors here.

    Bottom line:

    These are the Top Pick of our separate hair thinning scissors list. They offer great quality which is why we picked them to be here.

    However, I am a little concerned about Jaguars warranty. There is no information about it on the web.

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    Hair Thinning Scissors For Chunking Hair

    These are used to remove chunks of hairs especially for bulky / curly hair and create notches. When handling curly and thick hair, go for this type of thinning scissors, they will make your work a lot easier. Their number of teeth range from 7 to 15, they have wider gaps and can remove 40-80% of hair.

    Overuse Of Thinning Shears

    If your hair isnt completely dry or you are new to using thinning shears, you may overuse them by accident and cut back too much hair. It is easy to make too many snips without realizing how much thinning you cause. Take your time and work slowly, so you can ensure you wont remove too much hair at once.

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    Begin Cutting Near The Ends

    Start at one inch above the ends of your hair to begin thinning. Then, depending on the length of your hair and how much thinning you want, you may want to continue upwards on the hair shaft.

    For longer hairstyles, move one inch upwards at a time to remove additional bulk to thin out more areas. Remember to stay clear of your crown area. Even with extremely long hair, try not to go more than halfway up your hair strands.

    You should never use thinning shears near the root or halo area of your head. Even though thinning this area may temporarily decrease the volume of your hair, once it begins to grow, it will double in the lift, causing significant hair problems.

    The smaller strands will help hold up the longer ones, creating excessive volume, and it will take some time before these cut strands will grow out and settle into the rest of your hair. When you want thinner hair that is more manageable, cutting near the root will have the opposite effect, so stay closer to the ends and away from your crown.

    The Scissor Tech Guarantee

    Aliexpress.com : Buy C8001 6"  Japan Steel Customized Logo ...

    We guarantee that youll love doing business with Scissor Tech and be more than happy with our high quality hair shears. We are experienced, reliable and stock nothing but superior quality steel, professional hairdressing scissors. From our Japanese Damascus Steel shears, to our popular Rose Gold Scissors.. Plus, were friendly, approachable and love what we do so we’re always looking forward to answering any questions you have, pre or post purchase. Get in touch with us today! Thanks for shopping at Scissor Tech!

    • Lifetime Warranty

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    Juntetsu Shears Offset Thinning Scissors

    These Juntetsu Hair Thinning scissors are handcrafted with superior VG10 steel and designed to be lightweight. Juntetsu makes a perfect balanced blade for professional use. The craftsmanship of there clam-shaped blade and ergonomic handle makes for sharp effortless cuts for hours without straining or injury . With 30 thinning teeth on the 6″ inch piece, it has a fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut. These thinning scissors are used by professional hairdressers, and barbers in Australia and New Zealand.


    Types Of Hair Thinning Shears

    There are three main types of hair thinning shears that you need to know. The differences between them? Their size and amount of teeth they have. You should decide which one to use depending on the result you want to achieve. Shears with the teeth spaced close together are usually used to soften and blend all the blunt lines. On the other hand, the wider setting will allow you to take out the weight of the hair quickly.Here’s what you can expect from different types of hair thinning scissors:

    • Chunking shears usually have 7-15 teeth. Their wide setting allows you to quickly and easily remove the unwanted weight of the hair. However, thats not all that you should know. You need to be cautious and avoid cutting too fast, or your customers might become slightly unhappy. The wider the teeth spacing is, the more significant or aggressive the cuts will be.
    • Finishing shears have between 15-22 teeth. They let you create a smooth, blended finish on the ends. If you want to soften the ends of a cut, this type will be the best.
    • Texturizing shears have typically 25 teeth, sometimes even more. They allow you to perform precise, finishing cuts and lift otherwise heavy-looking hair with ease. This way, any hairstyle you create will have a light, airy texture and movement, and those are essential.

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    Professional Hair Thinning Scissors In Austrlia

    A thinning scissor is made to reduce the thickness, blend, and to also better shape your hairstyle. Hair thinning scissors are vary in sizes and the amount of teeth. The difference between each thinning scissor type is with the amount of hair it will cut away with each open and close of the blades. Find out how to use thinning scissors in Australia and where to buy the best shears for thinning out thick and curly hair.

    What Are Thinning Scissors

    Men’s Haircuts: Thinning Shears vs. a Razor : Hair Styling & Grooming

    When hair has too much weight, thickness, curly’ness, and needs better shaping, then you need to use a pair of hair thinning scissors.

    Hair thinning scissors are the second most popular type of shears found in Australian salons, barbershops and hairdressers. Thinning scissors are a critical part to providing shape and style to a hairstyle.

    It can be difficult to choose the best type of thinning scissor due to the size, amount of teeth and teeth or blade edge. When shopping for a new pair of thinning scissors for sale in Australia, look after for these features

    • The Amount Of Teeth: 20-26 is great for texturising, 30-40 is great for thinning, and 10-20 is great for chomping away thick chunks of hair.
    • Teeth Type: the most common thinning teeth use a ‘V’ shaped edge or a prism design.
    • Size: the most popular thinning scissor size used in Australia is 6.0″ inches
    • Material: Japanese steel, German steel, 7CR and 9CR are the most popular types of steel used on thinning scissors

    There are many different kinds of thinning scissors available on the market, and this can be overwhelming, so the best approach to buying a new pair of scissors for thinning hair is to choose a reputable brand.

    The most popular hair scissor brands in Australia that sell high-quality, best value and affordable thinning scissors area:

    • Ichiro Thinning Scissors
    • Joewell Thinning Scissors

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    The Best Hair Thinning Scissors

    This 28-tooth thinning shear is a great option for texturizing and seamlessly adding that “airy movement” Brook was talking about. These shears are made of Japanese steel which will give you a cleaner cut and are designed with an ergonomic grip to make that glide through your ends a little bit smoother.

    With 18 teeth on this finishing shear, you’ll give yourself a nice, soft finish at the ends. Brook uses the analogy that regular straight blade shears are like a new pair of jeans, and thinning shears are like your already worn-in, relaxed-fit jeans. It’s safe to say these shears are bound to give your strands a relaxed fit.

    These shears are only to be used on extremely thick, heavy hair and even so, require extreme caution. For your best shot at using this type of shear at home, make sure to have a consultation with your stylist and get the green light from them on how/where to use these in order to best serve your strands for a lighter fall. As our experts mentioned, these chunking shears can leave holes in the hair or ruin the shape entirely, so steer clear if you consider yourself a beginner.

    If you’re looking to blend a cropped cut or men’s cut, these shears are a great option for beginners. With 30 teeth on this shear adding natural, soft texture to your hair will feel effortless when used correctly.


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