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How To Stop Hair Loss After Relaxer

Use A Gentle Nourishing Shampoo And Conditioner

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Throw away that bottle of sulfate shampoo in your shower.

You dont need it anymore.

Your keratin-treated hair only needs gentle shampoos, ones without harsh cleaning agents that will strip all the keratin off and leave your hair feeling dry and rough.

Find a gently formulated shampoo that doesnt contain any sulfates.

Sulfate shampoos can aggravate your hair loss situation by rendering your hair fragile and brittle, making it prone to breakage.

You should carve out time for deep conditioners at least once a week.

Using intensive hair masks on the weekend helps revitalize your hair and replenish it of the hydration it needs to stay resilient against hair loss.

Its also a terrific way to maintain the silkiness of your hair.

Condition More Often Than You Normally Would

Condition more often than you normally would, bolstering your routine with an intensive conditioner. The key to restoring badly relaxed hair often lies in striking the proper balance between protein and moisture content, so rotate between protein conditioner and moisturizing conditioner on a regular schedule, using each for a few days at a time.

Stop Tugging At Your Hair

Keeping your hair in tight high ponytails, pulling with hair straighteners, and rubbing your tresses dry with a harsh towel after taking a shower are things that can snag and tug at your hair.

This results in pulling more strands out of your scalp.

This rule is especially important if you have a sensitive scalp.

If you tug st your hair, you could pull some out from the root, causing more unnecessary stress to your scalp.

Instead, let your hair down, drop the flat iron, and air dry your locks.

Theres no such thing as being too gentle on your hair, especially when youre facing hair loss.

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Take Supplements For Biotin And Vitamin E

These vitamins are essential for keeping your hair healthy and thick, which prevents it from breaking.

Biotin is a form of vitamin B.

B vitamins are known to oxygenate the scalp and hair follicles, which means your hair can get the appropriate nutrients from all over your body to grow healthy and strong.

Meanwhile, vitamin E is a fantastic antioxidant that protects your hair from free radical damage and oxidative stress from the sun and harsh weather.

It also helps prevent shedding by keeping your hair strong and elastic.

When you keep your hair safe from these, hair loss doesnt stand a chance.

Treating The Hair And Scalp

Keto Hair Loss: 6 Reasons Why and How To Stop It

Your treatment needs to begin with the scalp. Your hair follicles are within the scalp and they may be damaged as well if you are experiencing thinning hair. Massage your hair daily for five minutes with a moisturizing oil like olive, coconut, jojoba or tea tree oil. The oil moisturizes the scalp while the massage stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle. This blood flow will promote healthy hair growth from the follicle. If you have cut the hair down to the virgin roots, many products are on the market that will help bring out your curl pattern. Miss Jessie’s curly pudding is reported to help define your curls. This product should be used with a moisturizing hair dressing or hair butter like Carol’s Daughter’s Healthy Hair Butter to bring moisture, softness and shine back to the hair. This regimen also works well if you have decided to keep you relaxed ends.

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How To Fix Dry Hair After Relaxer

How To Fix Dry Hair After Relaxer

Dry hair after a relaxer treatment is certainly not uncommon! The good news is that you can do some damage control by taking some simple steps to remove the unwanted build-up from your hair so that it feels soft, smooth, and silky again!

Step 01. Clarify Your Hair.

If your hair is super dry after a relaxing treatment, its most likely because there is a surplus build-up of protein in your hair because of the calcium found in the treatment.

A good clarifying shampoo will remove this unwanted buildup and return your hair to a blank canvas. This leaves your hair completely free of build-up so that it can successfully soak up any further moisturizing masks or treatments and reduce the time it takes for your hair to return to its normal state.

I recommend Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo from Amazon, as it specifically targets hair that is burdened by protein build-up after treatments such as relaxers.

Step 02. Chelate Your Hair.

If youve never heard of this before, then its best you learn now! Chelating your hair involves removing any excess calcium buildup or impurities after you have had a no-lye treatment.

Although no-lye relaxers tend to be softer on the hair and less likely to leave any damaging buildup, I still recommend following this step to stop any problems before they happen.

Step 03. Moisturize Your Hair.

Step 04. Give it a Trim.

Step 05. Invest in a Good Shampoo & Conditioner.

How To Stop Hair Falling Out And Thinning From Stress

Its really not the nicest experience to end up with handfuls of hair whenever you brush it. In fact, it can be downright alarming! The thing is, losing 100-150 strands of hair per day is completely normal, but there are some women and men out there losing far more and that is where the worry starts. This is known as stress hair loss, and its a problem. Stress can cause hair loss as it can affect other areas of the body, too, but the good thing is that there are plenty of things that you can do to prevent and treat stress hair loss.

Stress causes hair thinning for both men and women, and thinning due to stress happens to a lot of people. It can begin feeling like your hair just isnt as thick as it once was. When life is full of stress and pressure, your body reacts to it, affecting the hair follicles. This causes them to fall out far more than is normal.

Stress hair loss is not permanent and once you relax, your hair will stop falling out and your hair can restart its natural cycle. There are treatments out there including Finasteride that will help to put your hair back to its original healthy fast-track.

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Solution: Get To Know Your Hair

Educate yourself on your own hair so you have a better idea of its limits, advises Smart. Get a good grasp of its physical characteristics such as density and diameter . As well as how it behaves, for example, its porosity levels and elasticity. By learning more about your hair, you can learn to avoid doing things that it doesnt like.

Then, be mindful of how you handle your hair, which means once its in that ponytail, loosen it just one last time to ensure it isnt too tight and avoid doing any intricate styling when you are in a rush, continues Smart. Insist that braids, extensions and weaves are installed loosely and if they prove too tight, remove them without hesitation. Resist the urge to constantly slick hair tightly into a style and finally, change it up. One of the key issues with traction is the repetitive tension so attempt to avoid this by varying styles.

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Is The Hair Loss Permanent

How to Prevent Relaxed Hair Shedding

Hair loss caused by radiation therapy may be temporary or permanent. At lower doses, hair loss is often temporary, but at higher doses, hair loss can be permanent. Your provider can discuss whether the hair loss is expected to be temporary or permanent, based on the planned dose of radiation. Each patient’s situation is unique, however, and it is not possible to guarantee regrowth of hair even at lower doses of radiation therapy. Hair loss caused by chemotherapy is often temporary.

When regrowth occurs, there may be changes in texture and color. It is common for hair to grow back curlier than it was however, a change of color is less common.

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How Long After A Relaxer Can I Wash My Hair

You can wash your hair anytime after you get it relaxed, however, you might want to hold on for a few days for your hair to fully adjust to the relaxer, this way, you can be sure the effect of the relaxer will last longer.

Final Thoughts

Chemical treatments can cause a lot of damages to your hair. You shouldnt use them as often if you have to use them at all. Using more than one chemical treatment on your hair at a time can cause more severe damages than normal.

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Go For A Complete Health Checkup

In addition to post COVID-19 telogen effluvium, your hair loss could be caused by a number of other reasons as well. The reasons include stress, poor diet, weight loss, hormonal fluctuations and other co-existing health problems. Health issues such as poor thyroid function and deficiency of vitamins D3 or B12 can worsen the hair loss that you are already experiencing. Consider seeking medical advice from a dermatologist or hair specialist to make your hair restoration journey easier.

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Should I Stop Using Relaxers

If youve been reading this blog and thinking, Maybe relaxing my hair all these years has been causing more harm than good, listen to the signs! Your body could be telling you that embracing your naturally curly hair is right for you at this moment. Here are some additional indications that you may want to take a break from relaxing your hair.

Whats At The Root Of Stress

Use one oil and start your hair growth

The culprit is cortisol, the bodys main stress hormone. When too much cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands, as it can be when the body is in state of chronic stress, the dysregulated hormone is powerful enough to disrupt cell signaling in hair follicles.

This happens, some researchers say, because high cortisol levels trigger an excess of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and its these cytokine molecules that prevent the hair growth cycle from moving from the telogen/resting phase to the anagen/growth phase. Cytokines may also disrupt follicular melanocytes, the part of the follicle that produces hair pigment, helping to explain why stress seems to hasten the appearance of gray hair.

In one recent study on mice, researchers pinpointed signaling receptors on hair-follicle stem cells that are influenced by cortisol. Researchers observed that when mice had low levels of corticosterone, the animal version of the stress hormone cortisol, hair/coat growth was abundant. In mice with high levels of corticosterone, hair growth stopped and shedding increased.

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What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Or Slow Hair Loss

Unfortunately, certain types of hair loss are genetic, and very little can be done to prevent them. Genetic types of hair loss include alopecia areata and female pattern hair loss.

But other types of hair loss can be brought on by stress and a poor diet. Do your best to eat a balanced diet, and find ways to take care of your mental health.

For added benefit, stay up to date with your routine checkups. Anemia, low levels of vitamin D and abnormal thyroid hormones can all affect the health of your hair. Simple bloodwork from your primary care physician can determine if these conditions are contributing to your hair loss.

Black women in particular are prone to a type of hair loss called traction alopecia, which is caused by heat, chemicals and tight styles that pull at the hair root, including some braids, dreadlocks, extensions and weaves.

Why Is My Relaxed Hair Breaking Off

The relaxing process breaks down the protein bonds in the hair to achieve straightness. This leaves the hair with less strength than unprocessed hair . If the hair is exposed to too much protein, this can cause breakage as there needs to be a balance between protein and moisture within the hair strand.

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How To Stop Using Relaxers

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Many women use chemical relaxers to change the texture and manageability of their hair, especially black women, but it is not necessary. Even in the corporate world, a woman does not have to have ‘straight’ hair to get ahead. As long as it is neat, clean, and attractive, you can stop using relaxers.

Your Scalp Is Sensitive Or Itchy

HOW TO HEAL A RELAXER CHEMICAL BURN FAST: Avoid chemical burns on the scalp

If you have a scalp condition like psoriasis, dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis, then you should consider discontinuing your use of relaxers. Theyre likely to irritate your scalp further, and you may even experience burning when your hair is being treated with relaxers if youve scratched your scalp previously.

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Traction Alopecia Treatment Options You Should Know

There are many types of hair loss, medically known as alopecia. Traction alopecia is caused by repeated trauma to hair follicles or from pulling your hair back into tight hairstyles. But there are treatment options available to help you.

If you have traction alopecia, you may have some of these common symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Multiple short broken hairs
  • Thinning hair or hair loss

Itâs important to act quickly to avoid further damage to your hair. Although there is no cure, hair can regrow if treated early. Treatments include behavioral modification, topical applications, and injectables.

Behavioral Modification â Hairstyles that cause traction alopecia include:

  • Braiding
  • Tight ponytails or buns
  • Hair extensions

âHairstyles should be changed regularly to avoid strain on any area of the scalp. Chemicals such as relaxers may contribute as well and should be limited as much as possible,â Hadley King, MD, a dermatologist in New York tells WebMDâs Connect to Care.

According to a 2019 article in theInternational Journal of Womenâs Dermatology, breakage increases when traction is applied to chemically-treated hair, such as with relaxers or dyes. Dancers who often wear their hair in tight buns may also experience traction alopecia.

Topical Applications â According to the Skin of Color Society, scalp tenderness, bumps, or inflammation can be treated with topical antibiotics or topical corticosteroids.

You Love To Color Your Hair

If you want to color your hair, then it may be time to go natural. Double processing your hair can cause major issues. Even if you wait two weeks to add permanent color or bleach to your hair, you still risk causing damage. Your hair may become dry and limp, or worst of all, it could break off.

Instead of loading your hair up with chemicals and hoping for the best, just choose one.

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