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Can Smoking Weed Cause Hair Loss

Natural Hair Growth Interference

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

For one, drug use can interfere with your natural hair growth cycle. This condition is known as telogen effluvium, and occurs when your hair follicles are shifted into the rest phase of the hair growth cycle. In order to understand this process, lets quickly cover the hair growth cycle.

Your hair moves through three main stages of growth:

  • The first phase is the anagen phase, this is where your hair is continually growing.
  • Next, your hair moves into the catagen phase. This is a resting phase where hair growth does not occur and is the transitional phase before your hair enters the telogen phase.
  • The telogen phase is the last phase and is where hair shedding occurs. On average, it is normal to lose 50-100 hair per day in this phase, but anything more than that is considered hair loss.
  • Research On Marijuana And Hair Loss

    Hair loss is often associated with the activation of androgen receptors. Androgens are male reproductive hormones and include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone . Women also have androgens, albeit in lower concentrations than men.

    DHT is the primary androgen involved in male pattern baldness and may cause similar symptoms in women with increased androgen levels .

    Hair loss treatments like finasteride work by reducing DHT synthesis. But what about cannabis?

    A 1980 study by Purohit et al. found that cannabinoids, including THC and CBN, inhibit DHT binding at androgen receptors. These results indicate that cannabis could potentially prevent hair loss in a somewhat similar way to finasteride.

    However, according to a study from 2007, the opposite could be true. Researchers Telek et al. found that the endocannabinoid anandamide and THC could inhibit hair growth. They suggest that stimulating CB1 cannabinoid receptors could prevent unwanted hair growth rather than loss.

    It is a complex subject, and far more research is necessary to understand how cannabis affects hair loss.

    However, what we do know is that cannabinoids have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety, which can contribute to some types of alopecia. That said, THC can increase anxiety in high doses. Therefore, individuals seeking an appropriate cannabis strain for hair loss should opt for varieties with a low THC content and plenty of anxiety-reducing CBD.

    Can Weed Cause Hair Loss

    If youre a frequent user, then you may have noticed that your hair has started to thin out. You may even have noticed that your hair is starting to fall out. Youre not alone, as it seems that more and more people are experiencing this problem. According to the National Institute of Health, about 10 percent of the population has experienced some form of hair loss. And, while there are many theories regarding why your hair is falling out, the fact remains that you have to find a way to reverse the process.

    You know the THC in weed elevates your testosterone levels which could lead to increased DHT production.

    THC, which is the main and most potent ingredient in marijuana, is responsible for the euphoric feeling we get from smoking or ingesting weed.

    If you smoke marijuana, vape it, or ingest it by any other means, there is an immediate increase in testosterone.

    These increased testosterone levels can cause your skins oil glands to produce more sebum oil, which can lead to scalp inflammation.

    Chronic users of marijuana should take extra care to protect their health, especially their hair because THC affects the nervous system.

    In a study of men, however, researchers found that the testosterone increase was in the order of 3 to 5 percent. The testosterone increase did not affect hair growth, however.

    Were talking about a lot of pot. Pounds at a time.

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    General Link Between Smoking And Hair Loss

    The general toxicity of smoking has been linked to hair loss. The carcinogen content has been shown to slow down cell proliferation in the hair follicles the result being significant hair loss as the follicles prematurely enter telogen until the environment is more conducive to growth. Sometimes hair loss treatments are necessary to promote regrowth.

    Cancer Link Between Cannabis And Hair Loss

    Smoking Weed Cause Hair Loss

    Studieshave concluded that higher consumption of sodium, lower fruit and vegetable intake, lower serum carotenoid levels, higher alcohol intake, higher cigarette use and the compounded carcinogenic effects of marijuana place users at a higher future risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, particularly site-specific cancers such as cervical and prostate. Hair loss has also been linked to cancer, particularly of the prostate, and a recent study suggests frequent or long-term marijuana use may double a mans risk of testicular cancer. Its currently one of the most common cancers in younger men, with approximately 2,000 new cases each year in the UK.

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    Lifestyle Tweaks To Reduce Hair Loss

    You can also make lifestyle changes to help manage hair loss especially to the tune of a balanced diet.

    As mentioned above, marijuana use can lead to munchies, which dont always involve the most healthful food options.

    Beyond biotin, studies have shown that not getting enough iron and zinc in your diet can be bad for hair health.

    This study also found that those who increased their iron and zinc intake saw an improvement in hair growth.

    Some good sources of zinc include crab, cashews and oatmeal. To increase iron intake, add spinach, meat and seafood to your diet.

    According to researchers , there may also be a link between smoking cigarettes and hair loss.

    Cigarettes have been found to damage the DNA of your hair follicles, and smoke is a pollutant that can damage your hair.

    Nixing your smoking habit could help your hair health.

    Hair loss treatments, delivered

    Why Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

    Though smoking causes hair loss, it might not be the primary reason for your hair loss problems. Nevertheless, there is a connection between smoking and hair loss. Below are some of the reasons why smoking causes hair loss and why smoking is bad for hair

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    How Does Hair Testing Detect Thc

    There are a lot of variables in hair testing for marijuana that make it a very controversial way to decide whether or not a person is fit to have a job. As mentioned above, false positives are very possible. Its still not entirely clear, for example, whether hair can incorporate marijuana-derived compounds after simply being in the same vicinity as marijuana smoke.

    When your hair is thinning one of the first things you should do is try to figure out what is causing your hair loss. Knowing can help stop or reverse the loss in some circumstances. Hair loss has been proven to come as a result of many factors, but can smoking weed cause hair loss?

    Approximately 50 million men in the United States suffer some type of hair loss and approximately 30 million women are also affected.

    Does Weed Affect Facial Hair Growth

    Top 10 Terrible Things Smoking Does to Your Body

    Okay, so if theres no clear link between smoking weed causing hair loss, what about hair growth? Specifically, facial hair growth? Does weed affect facial hair growth?

    You might have come across stories of heavy marijuana consumers growing thicker and bushier beards because of increased levels of testosterone. And while facial hair growth is largely driven by testosterone, for every success story out there, there is an equal number of failures of men with unchanged facial hair growth after consuming weed. Long story short, there is no clinical evidence showing that weed affects facial hair growth, only anecdotal stories. Thats usually a sign.

    Similar to the relationship between smoking weed causing hair loss, what might really be going on is something indirect. So for the guys out there worried about weed affecting facial hair growth – dont stress . The weed itself wont do you harm, but all the other changes in your hormonal system, diet, and metabolism that come from smoking weed just might.

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    Symptoms Of Hair Loss

    Although it ultimately involves the loss of hair, hair loss appears in various ways and can be temporary or permanent. Typical signs and symptoms include:

    • Gradual Hair Thinning: This is the most common form of hair loss in both genders. In men, it results in the hair receding from the forehead in a line like the letter M. The hair is retained on the forehead in women, but the parting in their hair becomes broader.
    • Patchy or Circular Bald Spots: These bald patches can occur on the scalp, beard, or eyebrow. Occasionally, the skin becomes itchy and flaky before the hair falls out.
    • The Hair Suddenly Becomes Looser: A physical or emotional shock could cause the hair to loosen, and handfuls of it can come out when trying to wash or comb it.

    How To Properly Use Cannabis Oil

    Apply cannabis oil directly to your hair as a topical and your follicles will soak up the formula filled with beneficial nutrients. In addition to feeding and moisturizing your hair, you will stimulate hair growth as you massage the cannabis oil into your scalp. As you work your scalp with your fingertips, blood flow to the scalp increases.

    Together, the nutrients and the massaging action boosts new hair growth, strengthens existing follicles, and prevents damaged strands from breaking.

    Cannabis oil quickly penetrates the hair shaft to lock in nutrients and moisture, but it does not leave behind a lot of heavy residues that can make your hair look greasy. The moisture inside the strand combined with a light coating of the oils fatty acids on the outside plump up the strands for added volume and thickness.

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    The Impact Of Marijuana On Hair

    Whether recreational or medicinal, there is vast scientific and anecdotal evidence suggesting that marijuana has anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anti-cancer properties. Cannabis can also be used to provide relief to adults suffering from chronic pain, seizures, muscle spasms, and glaucoma.

    As for the impact on hair, some regular smokers claim that it thickens their hair while others report no significant changes, positive or negative. On the other hand, one can find evidence to suggest that marijuana use sometimes triggers hair loss. The truth is, people have vastly different physiological and emotional responses to marijuana, including how hair follicles respond to it.

    Physiological Effects

    Lifestyle Effects

    Cortisol, a hormone produced naturally within the human body during periods of stress, is known to affect the function and cyclic regulation of the hair follicle. Contrary to popular belief, THC can increase cortisol levels in the body. This can trigger telogen effluvium, an acute form of hair loss that occurs when hair follicles enter the telogen phase of the cycle prematurely.

    Frequent cannabis use also can lead to poor nutritional choices. A diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can lead to poor hair health, including dryness, breakage, and even thinning or loss.

    What You Can Do

    If you suspect that marijuana is having a negative impact on your hair, here are some steps you can take.

    Determine The Real Cause

    How Smoking Can Cause Hair Loss?

    It is important to note that smoking pot does cause hair loss in some individuals. However, with hair loss, there are typically multiple contributing factors.

    From medication to genetic predisposition to blood flow, hair loss causes are tricky to pinpoint. Take note if you have some weed previously with no ill effect. If so, your balding problem might have a more significant medical issue behind it. Once you identify the leading cause of your hair loss, you will have a better idea of treatment.

    One of the easiest ways to find the main culprit is by eliminating diet, which means dismissing food triggers.

    Ideally, you get rid of the usual suspects for about 23 days. This means no alcohol, no soy, no gluten, no dairy, egg, and fast food for 23 days.

    After this, you introduce one food at a time for over 96 hours.

    For instance, reintroduce gluten into your diet on the 24th day. Eat gluten, and pay attention to the way your body reacts within the next 96 hours. Continue eating the food and take notes. If you dont have any reactions , you may reintroduce gluten fully into your diet.

    If some foods leave you feeling lazy, tired, or dizzy, you may be suffering from an autoimmune response. These foods could be triggering your hair loss.

    Your hair loss could e en be due to hormonal imbalance or an underlying medical condition. If you are feeling lost, try consulting with your physician to identify the cause of your hair loss.

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    Is Weed Good For Your Hair

    Cannabis contains vitamins that help protect your hair from damage, making it a particularly good choice for brittle, damaged hair.

    Specifically, cannabis contains biotin and niacin.

    While some people claim cannabis can improve scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis, there isnt much research to back up those claims.

    But if youre curious about whether weed could help your hair grow faster or healthier, theres not really a harm in trying it outjust make sure you have one of these three strains in your stash!

    These strains are best known for their high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, which means they dont contain any psychoactive effects at all.

    Smoking Also Causes Hair To Change Color

    Aside from all the mentioned reasons, smoking can also cause graying of hair. This can be a mild form of hair loss, but it can become a severe condition because tobacco leaves a residue on the skins surface, which causes grey hair to appear. Grey hair can make you look much older than your actual age. People who have grey hair will look dull and lifeless. So if you want to keep your youthful look, stop smoking.

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    How Weed Affects Our Bodies

    One of the two main ingredients in weed is tetrahydrocannabinol . When you smoke, vaporize, or otherwise ingest it, there is an immediate increase in testosterone levels. As a result, these increased testosterone levels can cause your skins oil glands to produce more sebum oil, which can lead to scalp inflammation.

    Scalp inflammation is another contributor to hair thinning and hair loss. They occur when the skin around your hair follicles becomes inflamed and weakens the hair root, making you more vulnerable to hereditary hair loss.

    Contradicting studies also indicate that cannabis has anti-aging properties.

    Up until now, research has focused on the fact that smoking weed causes hair loss. Studies that found optimistic evidence have seemed to be ignored. One such example is the 1980 study which suggests that the THC in cannabis prevents DHT from binding to hormone receptors.

    Why is this important? Because hair loss treatments such as Finasteride work by reducing your overall DHT levels. Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen. An androgen is a sex hormone that contributes to the development of what is thought of as male sex characteristics, such as body hair. But it can also make you lose your hair faster and earlier.

    The consumption method of cannabis is really critical. It is recommended to use a vaporizer if you want to enjoy its anti-inflammatory benefits, or perhaps edibles or even tinctures.

    Can Cannabis Help Prevent Hair Loss

    How do cigarettes affect the body? – Krishna Sudhir

    Losing a few strands of hair every day is normal. Anyone ranging from a small child to an elder can undergo hair loss at a standard level.

    Sometimes, though, a person can experience hair loss that involves losing vast chunks of hair. As a result, they can suffers premature balding, which impacts an individual’s self-esteem.

    Cannabis continues to grow in popularity in regards to the numerous benefits it delivers to the human body, and some medical experts have wondered whether or not cannabis can also aid in preventing hair loss.

    Let’s take a look at what cannabis has to offer in your fight against hair loss!

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    Can Marijuana Truly Contribute To Hair Loss

    This drug also has the potential to be contaminated with toxins like ammonia. Depletion of ATP by ammonia may contribute to hair loss, according to some animal research.

    Additionally, THC is believed to directly antagonize hair growth through the activation of the CB1 receptor. Contrastingly, THCs non-psychoactive counterpart, CBD, is a CB1 antagonist. This cannabinoid may even confer protective effects to hair.

    Despite these consequences, marijuana is a drug that can have dangerous long-term downsides. Examination of the literature tells us that adolescents may be at a higher risk.

    Whether you are experiencing hair shedding or not, rethinking marijuana use is a good idea.

    Have you experienced marijuana-related hair shedding? When did you begin to notice it? What was your experience? Leave a comment with your story below.

    Cannabis Use Among Patients With Alopecia Areata

    Cannabis use was defined as use of any of the following: Smoking marijuana or cannabidiol ingesting marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol , or CBD inhaling vaporized liquid THC, hash oil, or CBD, and CBD lotions and creams. The definition of current cannabis use was adapted from the CDC, defined as use within the last 30 days. Participants with a history of use but no use within the last 30 days were categorized as former cannabis users.

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    It Can Slow Cellular Activity

    From the outside, the growth of hair seems to be a simple process. But there are actually a lot of factors which contribute to hair growth .

    One factor is the rate at which cells divide.

    Cellular division occurs in the part of the hair follicle known as the matrix. When cells divide as they should, this results in hair growth. But when division is slowed down or even halted entirely then problems will arise.

    The most common problem is that of thinning, or poorly growing hair. And if not treated, it can result in total loss of that particular hair strand and any other strands affected.

    So, what does marijuana have to do with cellular activity? According to a 2007 research study, quite a lot actually !

    Cellular activity can be impacted by many things and, according to the results of the aforementioned study, endo- and exocannabinoids are two of them.

    Cannabinoids are a class of chemical compounds that utilize cannabinoid receptors in cells to alter neurotransmitter release in the brain . Endocannabinoids are those which are naturally produced by the body, while exocannabinoids are found in plants such as marijuana.

    There are cannabinoid receptors all throughout the body, including at the hair follicle. And cannabinoids such as marijuana have been shown to inhibit cellular division in the follicle.

    In some cases, the presence of cannabinoids even caused the hair to prematurely enter catagen phase!


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