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Do Laser Helmets Work For Hair Loss

Theradome Works On Damp Or Dry Hair

Do LLLT Laser Hair Restoration Helmets Work? iRestore Pro Review Ep. 4: 6-month Results!

The reason Theradome is effective no matter if your hair is damp or dry is that it acts on your scalp and hair follicles, not your hair.

Theradomes VL680 proprietary lasers penetrate deep and activate your hair follicles 3 to 5 mm below the surface. By using the exact right wavelength of light to penetrate that deep and stimulate hair follicles. Only real lasers and not LEDs can do this. Laser hair therapy maintains an active growth cycle for your hair.

While the difference is very minor, you CAN increase treatment effectiveness by ensuring that the worst portion of your scalp gets the most laser exposure. Heres how to do that:

Who Should Buy A Light Therapy For Hair Loss

Both men and women who find their hair thinning out will benefit well from this kind of product. It is able to prevent losing hair and it also helps stimulate the hair follicles to grow hair. This is also a great product for those who have been using other products to help with their hair growth. Most of the devices found here can be used with other hair loss products.

Do More Lasers Grow Hair Faster

No. Thinking that more lasers will work more effectively is just a delusion. So far, it hasnt been shown that more lasers can stimulate faster hair growth than fewer lasers. However, a hair growth device with extra lasers provides wider scalp coverage, meaning lasers can reach more balding areas, working more effectively for advanced hair loss conditions.

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Best Laser Helmets For Hair Growth

Laser light therapy is one of an increasing number of technologies being used to deal with male pattern baldness and general hair loss. This technology makes use of laser lights which penetrate scalp skin to reach hair follicles which it revitalizes much like sunlight stimulates plant cells for growth.

In this case, the result is reduced hair loss and increased hair growth, which most manufacturers promise within the first six months of use.

Laser helmets

There are a few types of laser devices such as caps, helmets, combs, and headbands.

Caps and helmets provide full scalp coverage, therefore, presenting better options compared to combs and headbands. Laser caps are designed to be conveniently discrete and portable so you can run your errands as your hair follicles get their dose of laser treatment.

However, laser lights in caps are not as powerful as those in helmets. This makes helmets the best option for powerful full scalp treatment.

Here is a list of the top 5 laser helmets in the market and why you would choose one over the other.

Do Laser Caps For Hair Loss Work

Hair Restoration Labs Low Level Laser Therapy 200 Diode ...

The answer is YES! Many doctors are prescribing laser caps and noticing encouraging results in patients. In the course of various studies, LLLT helped slow down and stop hair loss in 85% of patients undergoing the treatment. Patients also saw new hair growth in 55% of these cases.

When compared to hair transplants, laser caps are extremely cheaper and you dont have to undergo the needle to get your hair back. Not to mention laser caps are non-invasive, pain-free, and dont come with the health risks of a hair transplant. According to the National Library of Medicine, some doctors and dermatologists are prescribing laser caps for post-hair transplant surgery patients to help speed up the healing process and boost earlier growth of the hair grafts.

** LLLT does not work in cases where baldness has occurred for many years and hair follicles are unresponsive. LLLT only works on active hair follicles.

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Laser Hair Growth Caps: The Basics

  • Male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss in men, develops as a result of genetic factors and the hormone dihydrotestosterone .

  • The most effective treatments for male pattern baldness work by reducing the amount of DHT in your bloodstream and preventing damage to your hair follicles.

  • Laser hair growth caps and other laser hair devices rely on a technique called low-level laser therapy to stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth.

  • Although these products can and often do stimulate hair growth, they have no effect on DHT levels and dont appear to stop long-term damage to your hair follicles.

  • If youre losing your hair, its best to talk to a licensed healthcare provider to learn more about your options.

Will Using The Advanced Laser Helmet Help With Dermatitis And Itching

Some patients have reported positive results with the above condition/symptoms using the Advanced Laser Helmet as it is designed to reduce inflammation of the scalp, which is the root cause of dermatitis and itching. Please note that the FDA has not cleared us for treatment of either dermatitis or itching, hence we cannot market usage of the Advanced Laser Helmet for these conditions.

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Illumiflow Laser Helmet For Thinning Hair Customer Reviews & Results

It seems that the number of people who find this product helpful outweighs those that arent happy with it. Currently, the device has a 3.9-star rating out of 5 stars on one major retailer website. On the producers website, however, the rating is above 4.0 stars on average.

A 66-year-old lady comments saying, I am so grateful that this product works for me despite the fear I had. I thought I was too old to see on-time results but, wow my hairline is growing back. Darlene on the hand says, I feel I was taken for a fool because these things havent worked a bit for me.

What Are The Negatives Of Laser Treatment For Hair Loss

5 Tips For Effectively Using A Laser Helmet To Prevent Hair Loss

There are a number of reasons that some people are not as positive about the procedure, such as:

  • Its time consuming. To see results, treatment often requires several sessions a week for a number of months. Although the number of sessions might taper off, most providers suggest that you continue treatments for the rest of your life.
  • Its expensive. Clinical laser treatments for hair loss can cost thousands of dollars a year.
  • It may not be effective. The procedure appears to be less effective for people in the advanced stages of hair loss as opposed to those in the early stages.
  • It can interact with certain medications. Laser therapy should not be performed on people taking medications that are photosensitizing. Photosensitizing is a chemical alteration to the skin that increases someones sensitivity to light.
  • Long-term safety and effectiveness have not yet been established. Laser devices are classified as medical devices by the FDA so they dont have the same level of scrutiny and testing that medicines go through prior to approval. Long-term safety and long-term effectiveness have not yet been established.

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Who Is The Theradome Lh80 Pro For

This hair growth device is designed for men and women, and it can benefit virtually everyone with hair loss issues. It has a cordless design with a battery that lasts almost twice as long as the LH 40, so you dont have to recharge it quite as much. You can use any micro-USB cable to charge it.

The LH 80 helmet helps with growing back hair that has been lost due to stress, poor nutrition, hormones, genetic factors, environmental factors, and inflammation. This makes it perfect for a vast majority of people.

Even those who are in late-stage hair loss can still potentially benefit from using this device. It weighs only 1 pound, compared to the nearly 3-pound weight of the LH 40 model. This device has foam pads and soft rubber pads to keep it in place on your head at all times while keeping you comfortable.

Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet Pro Lh80

  • No. of lasers: 80

Or you can buy this laser hair growth helmet that doesnt use LEDs but only medical-grade lasers for maximum results. Theradome PRO LH80 works to reduce the shedding and loss of hair in the first months, after which it restores its fullness and thickness. It does all that in just six months with 20-minute sessions, two times weekly. Dont worry, this laser device comes with a large battery that can last up to 18,000 usages, covering a lifetime treatment. Plus, if you are not satisfied with your hair growth results, you can always get a full refund.

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Are Laser Hats/helmets Proven To Regrow Hair

A 2019 study published in Lasers in Medical Science found that a laser therapy helmet increased hair thickness and covered bald patches in men and women with androgenetic alopecia.

Similarly, a 2018 study in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology linked low-level laser therapy to improved outcomes and image satisfaction in androgenetic alopecia patients.

All the laser caps youve found here have been clinically shown to:

1. Grow new hair.

2. Double the follicle diameter of existing hair .

3. Slow hair loss.

(See EXACTLY how red light therapy for hair loss works!


If you truly want it to work youll have to be consistent with your home treatments. According to dermatologist Dr. Anna Chacon, it is ideal to repeat the treatment routinely for best results. The hair cycle lasts every three months, and about 15% of our hair is always in a shedding mode.

Can you do that if the result is new, shining baby hair?

Of course you can.

Is It Ever Too Early To Use The Advanced Laser Helmet

iGrow Reviews: Does This Laser Hair Growth Helmet System Work?

No, it is never too early to use the Advanced Laser Helmet laser helmet, as it helps with the various stages of hair loss and will add volume to your hair, even if you havent yet experienced major hair loss. The Advanced Laser Helmet can also be used as a preventative measure or simply for maintenance of healthy hair.

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How Does Laser Cap Therapy Regrow Hair

LLLT uses lasers that emit photons to enable weak hair cells. It stimulates the hair follicles and increases the blood flow that results in hair regrowth. The photons go deep in the scalp and give required nutrients that make hair follicles thicker to regrow hair.

The best part is these laser caps look like a normal baseball cap. Some of the laser caps come with a rechargeable battery that gives ease of movement. For every brand, the time to wear the cap is different, but red laser light is penetrated to the scalp and promotes hair growth in all cases.

As the laser light goes into the scalp, all the inactive hair cells become active and promote hair regrowth. It means all the cells in the resting phase become active, and prolonged use results in hair growth.

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Casco Para El Crecimiento Del Cabello Con Lser Infrarrojo Lescolton Potenciado Por Elos Me

El casco Lescolton con tecnología dual de Elos Me combina la terapia con láser de bajo nivel LLLT con luz infrarroja para maximizar la activación del folículo piloso en el cuero cabelludo. El casco Lescolton puede evitar la caída del cabello al mismo tiempo que su uso prolongado puede hacer que el cabello vuelva a crecer.

How To Use Laser Cap To Get The Best Result

UPDATE 1 Year and 8 months Using iRestore Laser Hair Helmet

LLLT is most effective when combined with other treatment optionssuch as minoxidil and finasteride. LLLT may have synergistic effects when combined with them to enhance hair growth. However, LLLT inhibits potential effects in treating both male and female pattern baldness either as monotherapy or when accompanied with other treatments. Laser hair growth caps can also be combined with exosomal injections or a blend of hair regrowth medications such as Platelet-rich plasma injections. They can also be worn on hair transplants.

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Does Theradome Really Work

There are three stages of regenerations hair follicles can go through. Its called the growing stage, the resting stage, and the inactive stage. As the laser light penetrates the scalp area at its depth of 3 to 5 mm, it already reaches the base of the persons follicles. In order to achieve this, a special LED is used as the light source. Theradome EVO consists of medical high-grade cool lasers, and its the only in-home hair loss device that can provide 680 NM wavelengths, which can stimulate the resting stage follicle back to the growing stage.

Therefore, Theradome is a wearable laser treatment, developed for five years researched by biomedical engineers, doctors, and experts. The laser helmet is weighted less than 16-ounce, and it can fit the 98% of the population. It still gives the same results, power, concentration, light level even in your own home. The manufacturer says that the laser of this device consists of energy or joules you cant find in other laser helmet therapy. It emits a specific wavelength of 680 nm lights, which is ideal for clinical rejuvenation and remains cool even while using.

The laser helmet also claims that it increases the blood flow into the users scalp and hair follicles too. It stimulates and gives out protein and nutrients the tresses needs, which promotes volume and thickness in the end according to the review.

Excessive Use Of Hair Products

Chances are that the pores will be blocked, and leads to hair loss. It should be noticed that the hairspray should not be used in the very close distance to the scalp, as the concentrated chemical sill coagulate on the scape. It the hairspray is not cleaned thoroughly, the follicle will be occluded. If the channels are blocked, the efficiency of the red light therapy helmet will be reduced.

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Can You Use Theradome Every Day

FDA made it very clear that the product can be used four times per week. You have to follow this instruction for the device to be effective and efficient. This simple warning serves as your safety ground, too, because too much can be damaging as well. Do not go further than what is required for this product. Though there are no recorded side effects yet, you have to prioritize your safety first and gain excellent results at the end of the process.

But in just any case that you go beyond the required time and recommended usage unintentionally, allow you to have a 12-hour rest in between each treatment.


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