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Does Lack Of Protein Cause Hair Loss

You Dont Eat Enough Protein


Known as the building blocks of the body, protein and the amino acids its made of are crucial for healthy and strong body tissueshair included.

Hair is made up of proteins, most notably keratin. Eating a wide variety of protein-rich foodsincluding eggs, meats, poultry, nuts, seeds, and seafoodprovides the balance our hair needs, says board-certified dermatologist Lauren Eckert Ploch, M.D.

Can Malnutrition Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women and is not confined to any age. Crash dieting, unhealthy foods and nutritionally poor diet can lead to hair loss. Hair loss and malnutrition are often an index of an unseen, severe mental or physical health concern. One of the ideal ways to keep a healthy hair is to eat a nutritious diet.

What Is Whey Proteins Connection To Hair

For a head full of healthy hair, protein intake is really important. The very hair follicles in our head are mostly made up of proteins.

In women, a high level of testosterone may lead to hair thinning and gradual receding of the hairline, but this condition can be handled by therapy to regulate testosterone levels.

In men, the most common problem is pattern balding of the head by slowly increasing hair loss.

A 2017 study concluded that whey protein isolate might be a factor behind this. The truth, however, is that there is a lack of acute scientific data to back this claim.

Because in some cases, whey protein supplement intake has been shown to have accelerated hair growth. In some cases, genetic factors also play a huge role in this context.

If we are to look at statistics, then more men go bald than women, and it can be traced back to their genes.

In fact, according to some data, genes may play a larger role in causing hair loss than whey protein or any nutrient for that matter.

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Protein And How It Affects The Hair

Our hair is primarily made up of chains of amino acids and proteins called keratin. Think of the hair as a building with keratin as the bricks. Because of overstyling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors, keratins become worn out, creating gaps in the hair which eventually leads to damage and breakage.

Below are some of the blatant signs your clients hair is in dire need of protein.

Should You Stop Taking Whey Protein

5 Body Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies You May Have

There is no one answer to this. Depending on ones condition, they can decide to either start or stop consuming whey protein. People with a past history of having hair loss issues should ideally refrain from taking it.

In general, protein is medically prescribed for many health issues and is also said to boost hair growth. It, however, should be taken in a prescribed way to avoid side effects.

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Specific Deficiencies That Can Cause Hair Loss

When certain nutrients are missing from your diet, you could experience hair loss. The following deficiencies are often linked with hair loss:

  • Iron deficiency: Inadequate consumption of iron-rich foods, or diseases that interfere with iron absorption, can cause hair loss. Talk to your doctor if you believe you have an iron deficiency. Most of the time, diet modification or iron supplements can reverse iron deficiency and initiate hair regrowth.
  • Zinc deficiency: Low-calorie diets that lack red meat can cause a zinc deficiency, which leads to hair loss. See a doctor if you believe you have a zinc deficiency. It is difficult to diagnose, and zinc supplements should only be taken under direction of a physician, as zinc overdoses are dangerous to your health.
  • Biotin deficiency: Biotin is a B vitamin found in numerous foods, so the typical cause of a biotin deficiency is a very low-calorie diet. Consult a doctor and make sure your calorie intake is appropriate and healthy.
  • Protein deficiency: Vegetarian diets that fail to include plant-based proteins, as well as very low-calorie diets, cause a protein deficiency that can lead to hair loss. Make sure that your diet has plenty of protein, and contact your doctor if you are concerned about protein deficiency.

There are several causes of hair loss that can be treated with both surgical and non-surgical procedures. .

Hair Has Been Colored Recently

Hair color, bleach, and treatments contain chemicals that alter the bonds of the hair, leading to damage. These chemicals elevate the pH of the hair and causes the cuticles to rise. The longer the cuticles are raised up, the longer the cortex of the hair is exposed and, therefore, makes the hair more susceptible to protein loss and breakage.

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Can Protein Shakes Cause Hair Loss

While protein is actually linked to hair growth, it is most likely not responsible for being the cause of balding. This doesnt necessarily mean that the more protein you have the healthier you and your hair will be. You just need to get the recommended daily value of protein, which actually isnt much. The average diet for a healthy adult includes around 50g of protein daily, which is very easy to obtain. Most people do not have to worry about having a protein deficiency. However, if you are using protein shakes you may be consuming too much protein at the detriment to the other nutrients your hair and body needs. Although this is highly unlikely, an unbalanced diet over time can cause medical issues and hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is most likely due to something other than your protein shakes. Any drugs that increase your hormone levels for example may be to blame. First and foremost, you should seek your physician to rule out any medical causes to your hair loss. In any case, if you would like to go about restoring your hair, Bosley Medical can help. Bosley offers the only permanent treatment to balding available, which is hair transplantation surgery. Hair transplants are a great solution to balding as they are a viable option for everyone. If you would like to learn more about Bosley and what they have to offer you, visit

Treat Your Hair Gently

does protein powder cause hair loss

As your hair grows back, it is important not to strain it too much. This means no rough combing, vigorous towel-drying, and no brushing when hair is wet or weak. For female patients, it is good to avoid skipping styles that pull like updos or tight ponytails. Over-styling and daily blowouts can also irritate your scalp as well.

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How Protein Can Affect Hair Loss

Having healthy hair is a top priority for most people, as hair loss solution for men and women is all the rave right now. It is as important as taking care of your general well-being as the stages of male pattern baldness are often difficult to bear. The hair has two various phases which are the growing phase and the resting phase. If you are not able to eat sufficient protein, then your body will adjust to the lack of Protein which will cause hair loss, and end up in the resting phase instead of growing and it will begin to either thin or diminish. Hence, protein intake is vital for it to thrive.

One significant and common reason for protein deficiency is either malnutrition or low diet.

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The Best Foods You Can Eat For Healthy Hair

When hair looks limp, dull and lifeless, people often turn to new shampoos and conditioners for that extra oomph. But really, a poor diet could be the culprit for lackluster locks.

is usually coming from the inside out, says Michael Stranko, a hair stylist at Hair Designs by Karen Greb in Pittsburgh.

Stranko notices that when a clients hair changes, many times diet is to blame. One woman was on a doctor-ordered, low-fat diet and even two month after it ended, the stylist saw a difference.

Her hair turned very thin, very brittle, and there was no life to it. When you arent getting a proper nutrition it comes out through the hair, Stranko says.

Though there is a limited amount of science to back up Strankos observation, eating protein and certain fats is said to help give you lustrous hair.

If you dont have enough protein, you can end up having hair that is dry and thinner. Protein is the building block for keratin, says Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a New York City dermatologist at NY Skin Rx.

Meat, fish, beans, and soy will arm the body to make keratin, a fibrous protein that builds hair and nails. While omega-3 fats, found in fish, walnuts and flaxseed, help make hair shine.

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Treatment Options For Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair loss as a result of protein deficiency, the best option for treatment is to adjust your diet so that you receive the right amount of protein each day. Typically the lost hair will grow again by improving your diet and upping your protein intake to normal levels. If you need help with this, you can discuss your dietary needs with a dietician or your general practitioner.

It’s very rare that hair restoration surgery or medications will be necessary to address hair loss caused by protein deficiency. If a patient does not regrow lost hair several months after improving his or her diet, treatment options can be discussed based on the patient’s needs.

How Lack Of Protein Causes Shedding Of Hair

Protein Deficiency: 10 Signs &  Symptoms to Watch Out For

Since protein is the building block for our body, lack of protein can certainly lead to hair loss. We already know that hair is made of an exclusive protein called Keratin. So what exactly does Keratin do for your hair?

Keratin helps in creating and building hair follicles by providing it sufficient nutrients to help it grow and stay glued to your scalp. When there is a shortage of protein in the body, the body immediately starts to safeguard protein for vital organs. Since hair is not important for survival, it ends up being the first to go. Therefore, lack of protein will cause heavy hair loss as the body deems it unnecessary to provide hair with the valuable protein.

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Hair Has Low Elasticity

Perform the Wet Stretch Test. Take about 10 strands and spray some water. Make sure to hold them tight then gently pull the hair. If the hair stretches and bounces back to its normal length without breaking, it means the hair is healthy. If it stretches and doesnt return or stretches and breaks, then chances are your hair is missing protein.

How You Can Regrow Thin Hair After Malnutrition

As alopecia and hair thinning have a negative effect on self-esteem, science continues to look for solutions to hair loss and similar problems. If you experienced hair loss due to malnutrition, you can make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to discuss possible treatment options.

Male and female pattern baldness, for example, can be treated using a hair-regrowth drug like finasteride or minoxidil for cosmetic reasons. Surgical options like a hair transplant are also available but can be much more expensive.

If the main cause of hair loss and thinning is malnutrition, however, a healthy hair diet is your best bet. Studies have found that deficiencies in nutrients like iron, zinc, and biotin due to eating disorders, starvation, or malnutrition are closely related to hair loss or thin, brittle hair. As hair is made of the keratin protein, a diet with sufficient levels of protein is also essential to keep hair healthy and strong.

In order to strengthen new hair follicles and prevent further hair loss, a nutritionist can work with you to devise a healthy hair diet plan that includes certain foods to encourage regrowth. Expect a hair-focused meal plan to include:

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Is Protein Good For Hair Loss

Protein is a vital nutrient in the promotion of healthy hair. Your hair follicles are primarily composed of protein. There are many sources of protein from meat and eggs to lentils, beans, and nuts that help your body get this important nutrient. Other nutrients you ingest can help your body create other proteins as well.

A natural protein your body creates is collagen. Vitamin C helps your body to produce collagen which in turn helps to provide your body with amino acids which can be used to promote hair growth.

Collagen can also be used by your body to fight back against free radicals that can harm your hair through stress, pollutants, and more. Its also possible that healthy amounts of collagen in your system could delay hair graying as it fights against color fading.

You Dont Get Enough Biotin

Does Whey Protein Cause Hair Loss? Truth about Protein Shakes!

Although data directly linking increased biotin intake and hair growth is somewhat limited, biotin has been linked to keratin production, says Hicks-Graham. Thats why this B vitamin is known for making hair stronger, adds Ploch.

Although rare, deficiency in biotin can cause hair thinning and hair loss. The average recommended daily intake of biotin for adults is 30 micrograms, and youll find the vitamin in all sorts of supplements formulated to support hair, skin, and nails.

People with hereditary conditions that influence hair loss may especially benefit from biotin supplementation, says Ploch.

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What Is Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency is when your intake is unable to meet your bodys requirements.

An estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from inadequate protein intake .

The problem is especially severe in Central Africa and South Asia, where up to 30% of children get too little protein from their diet .

Certain people in developed countries are also at risk. This includes people who follow an imbalanced diet, as well as institutionalized older people and hospitalized patients .

While true protein deficiency is uncommon in the Western world, some people get very low amounts from their diet.

Too little protein may cause changes in body composition that develop over a long period of time, such as muscle wasting.

The most severe form of protein deficiency is known as kwashiorkor. It most often occurs in children in developing countries where famine and imbalanced diets are common.

Protein deficiency can affect almost all aspects of body function. As a result, it is associated with many symptoms.

Some of these symptoms may start to occur even when protein deficiency is marginal. They are listed below, along with some typical symptoms of kwashiorkor.

Summary: Protein deficiency is when people do not get adequate amounts of protein from their diet. Kwashiorkor, its most severe form, is most commonly seen in children in developing countries.


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