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How To Reverse Thinning Hair Male

Hair Cycle Dynamics And Androgenetic Alopecia


Hair is lost and replaced cyclically. Follicles undergo corresponding cyclic phases of growth, involution, quiescence and regeneration . The growth phase lasts for 3-5 years . As hair elongation is relatively constant at 1 cm per month, the duration of the growth phase is the primary determinant of the final hair length. At the end of anagen the involutional phase lasts for a few weeks. The period of hair follicle quiescence that follows lasts approximately 3 months . Hair follicle regeneration occurs in approximately the first week of anagen and once regenerated, the anagen phase continues until the hair reaches its final length.

Hair Loss Can Ruin Lives But It Doesnt Have To Ruin Yours

I suffered hair loss for seven long years. During this time, my hair loss rapidly developed . But, eventuallyI found the solution I was looking for. By usingthese simple techniques, I managed to reverse my hair loss,regrow healthy hair and keep it ever since.

So, for both men and women, hair loss can be reversed. By applying the same techniques I used, I believe you too can keep the hairyou have, and regrow hair youve lost.

Your Diabolical Follicles: Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Some of Hollywoods most badass leading men rock a bald head. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Bruce Willis, just to name a few. But we get that its not for everyone.

Are you one of the 70% of men suffering from male pattern baldness? Do you want to stop it, and even, possibly, reverse it? Boil a cup of mustard oil with 4Tbsp of henna leaves, let it cool, then massage it daily onto the balding areas. Better yet, create a paste from honey, beer, and boiled wheat, and have it applied gently by the hands of a virgin. Or you could rub goose droppings onto your dome, the way the Vikings did. Other types of animal excrement could work as well: Cow feces and pig urine are both good topical solutions. And if the business end of a cow doesnt provide relief, turn her around and have her lick a combination of molasses and oats off your head. Theres a baldness clinic in South America that swears it will return your hair to its teenage luster.

Kobren should know. He started losing his hair in his early 20s, and he panicked. He reasoned that women would rather date a man with all his hair. . So he hung upside down with gravity boots after taking niacin capsules to create a flushing sensation rubbed cayenne pepper on his scalp to stimulate hair growth and wrapped his head in scalding-hot towels to draw out the oily matter called sebum from the sebaceous glands, because hed heard the theory that oil buildup beneath the scalps surface can damage hair follicles.

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What Is Male Pattern Baldness

Put simply, male pattern baldness refers to a loss of hair on the scalp in men. It can be identified by the hair it affectsthe condition wreaks havoc upon the top of your head, Dr Friedmann explains, while the back and sides are spared.

Male pattern baldness generally progresses in one of three ways: a receding hairline, thinning of the hair on the crown, or a general thinning of the hair all over the top of the head, he says.

How To Thicken Hair Naturally

How He Reversed Male Pattern Hair Loss (Step

Of course a hair specialists intervention can help with hair loss, but you dont have to rush to a doctors office as soon as you notice your hair is thinning or falling out. There are many methods of natural treatment that can address your hair loss concerns. Lets explore best treatment options in-depth below:

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What Is Finasteride And How Does It Work

Finasteride is often prescribed for hair loss under the brand name Propecia. In a different prescription strength and under a different brand name, doctors also prescribe finasteride to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia .

Finasteride works totally differently from minoxidil in treating hair loss. This medication is whats known as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. Rather than improving blood flow, finasteride acts on hormones that cause many of us to lose our hair. Specifically, it fights male pattern baldness that is a result of the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone . Finasteride blocks the conversion into DHT.

Male Pattern Balding Stage : Hairline Receded To The Crown & Very Little Thin Hair

If you have reached stage 7 of the Norwood Hamilton Scale, you know that this means that you have lost most of your hair. Your hairline has receded to the crown, and the very little hair remaining on the sides is too thin.

How to treat stage 7 of male pattern baldness?

Since hair loss is so severe right now, embracing it could be a good idea. You could wear toupees, fedoras and sun hats. Alternatively, you could opt for scalp reduction and micro-pigmentation to cover your male pattern baldness.

If you still want a fuzzy head, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Wearing a wig made of hair colour and hair texture that resembles your hair is an excellent way to hide male pattern baldness.

Stop Hair Fall Now

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How Quickly Do You Hope To See Results

This is also partly about setting realistic expectations to avoid disappointment or the abandonment of a potentially effective treatment prematurely.

While all of the treatments in this guide start working positively as soon as you begin, the positive effects will not be visible for a while. It is usually about 4 months before you predictably begin to see positive results. So once you choose a plan, stick to it unless there are negative side effects. You wont know if its effective until you give it enough time.

  • Not recommended for receding hairline
  • Some people are sensitive to minoxidil
  • Application can be annoying and messy

Analyzing The Price And Our Recommendation


The main downside of LLLT devices is a big, up-front price. These devices are not cheap. Our top recommended LLLT device has a regular price of $799, though there is currently a deal for $50 in savings and frequently you can find sales of up to $100 off on this item because it is one of the companys most popular devices. There are a few reasons why we recommend this device over other high-quality laser hair devices.

  • There is a 2-year warranty and, very importantly, a 6-month money-back return policy.
  • The device is much cheaper than some other options, which cost up to $3k. Its also much cheaper than the HairMax laser hair cap, which costs almost $2k.
  • The clever design of the LaserBand device allows it to deliver robust laser therapy into your scalp for all of the therapeutic value it can deliver, but at a much lower price. Its a smaller device and relies on you moving it along your scalp at timed intervals dictated by the device itself. It has far more lasers than any laser comb laser density is on par with top-level caps and helmets but it does feature comb teeth that part your hairs to allow the therapeutic laser energy to get to your scalp rather than being blocked to an extent by hair. Laser caps and helmets lack the comb teeth, requiring more energy and in many cases much longer sessions of treatment.
  • Not only was HairMax one of the first to market, but it has also been studied longer and in more clinical trials than any other device.

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Talk To A Dermatologist And Be Realistic With Your Approach To Hair Loss

You always hear these stories about people who take a homeopathic approach to fighting baldness.

Its usually some off-the-wall remedy like smearing a paste of ginger and cayenne pepper on your scalp three times a day or eating a special type of ginseng farmed only in a rural village in Tibet. We’ll go on the record to say that it’s highly unlikely that these remedies work at any level.

Theres a lot of misinformation, half-truths, and pseudoscience regarding hair loss, and there are also treatment programs that have been well-researched and tested in clinical settings. So, how do you find the difference? For starters, talk to the experts in the industry like dermatologists and general physicians about treatment programs.

Avoid people advertising secret cures, all-natural remedies, and permanent fixes. If there was a way to stop baldness from happening, wed all know about it already.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects To Prp Treatment

Some temporary inflammation or tenderness may occur after the injection procedure is complete, but this usually lasts less than 24 hours. Dr. Green administers all injections for PRP hair treatment, and the safety and satisfaction of her patients is her top priority.

48 year old treated with PRP for Hair Loss, after 4 treatments

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How To Reverse The Signs Of Thinning Hair In Men

Did you know the average man loses over 100 hairs every day? When you think about it, we all lose hair, but that doesnt automatically mean it is a bad thing. This shedding phase is necessary to ensure that new hair can grow and that it retains moisture and protein. As hair is not alive, it is critical to invest in a hair care routine that protects the roots, as without looking after this area is it almost impossible to reverse the signs of damage that happen later.

The Bossley thinning starter repair pack is a three step pack for men with thinning hair and gets to the root of the problem. Now you know what causes thinning hair, its easy to put these steps into place to reverse the signs and promote new thicker hair growth. Step 1 contains a deep cleansing shampoo to remove residue. Step 2 contains a stimulant that has a tingly effect on the scalp, improving blood flow. Step 3 replaces then replaces lost nutrients.

One thing that is necessary to note when fighting off thinning hair is that this is not an instant solution. You will have to wait for new hair to grow in, and that can vary between men and how fast your hair tends to grow. The exciting news is if you are consistent, and are able to provide your hair with the necessary vitamins and proteins to grow, theres no reason why you cannot obtain naturally thicker, fuller hair.

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Does Prp Reverse Male Pattern Baldness

Combat Hair Loss on Men with Scalp Micropigmentation

PRP is designed to reverse the appearance of thinning hair, receding hairline, and other signs of hair loss. However, its best for patients who are experiencing signs of early male pattern baldness. PRP treatment is designed to help improve the health of hair follicles to increase hair growth, but if a hair follicle is already dormant, it is unlikely to be restored.

PRP hair restoration is often also associated with stem cell hair restoration too, since PRP can stimulate the hair follicles in order to achieve regrowth. The treatment procedure aims to grow thin hair into a restored thickness. As a result, the procedure is ideal for males who are experiencing thinning hair and starting hair loss as opposed to males with complete bald areas. A good rule of thumb is to examine the texture of the hair: if the skin is smooth, its unlikely that PRP will cause the hair to regrow in those areas of the scalp.

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Could Your Hair Loss Be Stress

Excessive levels of stress can cause hair loss in men and women. Many people do not realize that stress can have a physical impact on your body. Severe stress over the course of a few months can lead to extreme fatigue during the day and hair loss.

If you start to notice your hair thinning, eliminating stress is a great first step. You can start engaging in more activities you enjoy and try to decrease the number of extreme stressors in your life. If stress was the cause of your hair loss, then when your stress level decreases, it’s likely that your hair will grow back.

Causes Of Thinning Hair

Its not entirely clear what causes thinning hair in men.

We do know that male pattern baldness has something to do with androgens. These are hormones responsible for controlling bodily processes that happen during and after puberty, including hair growth.

Testosterone is the most well-known androgen. An androgen called DHT is most involved in hair growth. High levels of T and DHT may influence the speed of your hair cycle, which can lead to thinning hair.

First, heres a quick refresher on hair growth:

  • Your hair grows out of little capsules in your skin called follicles.
  • Each follicle supports the growth of a single hair by a little under half an inch per month for about 2 to 6 years this is called the anagen phase.
  • The follicle eventually shrivels up and cuts the hair off from the blood supply underneath, pushing the hair out permanently this is called the catagen phase.
  • The follicle spends a few months resting and eventually generates a brand-new hair this is called the telogen phase.
  • The process restarts back at the anagen phase and goes through the same phases again.
  • These phases go on for many years until a follicle eventually cant produce any more hairs.

Its believed that the androgen receptor gene may increase T and DHT levels and speed up this cycle.

But a 2017 study found that at least 200 other possible genes may contribute to your chance of male pattern baldness.

Some environmental and lifestyle factors can also affect hair loss, including:

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Male Pattern Balding Stage : Visible Scalp & Enlarged Bald Patches

In Stage 6 of male pattern baldness, the hair on your head is thin and bald patches widen, making your scalp more visible. The Norwood Hamilton Scale suggests that hair loss is at the head’s sides.

How to treat stage 6 of male pattern baldness?

While micro-pigmentation and hair transplants are an option, you can also opt for a scalp reduction procedure. This procedure reduces regions on your scalp with no hair and brings the hair growth areas together. Therefore, it can reduce the baldness on the head. This procedure can be clubbed with a hair transplant to give you a fuller-looking scalp.

What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss


Male pattern hair loss is the most common type of diffuse thinning of the hair and balding that occurs in adult males.

  • It is due to a combination of hormones and a geneticpredisposition.
  • Male pattern hair loss is also called androgeneticalopecia.
  • It is characterised by a receding hairline and hair loss on the top and front of the head.
  • A similar type of hair loss in women, female pattern hair loss, results in thinning hair on the mid-frontal area of the scalp and is generally less severe than occurs in males.
Male pattern balding

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