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What Oil Is Good For Thinning Hair

Tips For Using Coconut Oil In Hair Care

Hair Growth Oil for Thinning Hair (Rosemary Castor Oil)

Coconut oil may benefit all hair types. It is especially good for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

However, theres some concern that repeated use of coconut oil may lead to stiffness for those with coarse hair textures.

To make the most out of using coconut oil in your hair care regimen:

How To Use Essential Oils For Your Hair

You only need a few drops of an essential oil. You can mix one or more types in a shampoo or conditioner. Or mix the drops into 2 ounces of a carrier oil.

Be aware that if you put some essential oils directly to your scalp, they may cause irritation. Read label instructions for how to dilute oils, and never use more than the recommended amount.

If you’re allergic to plants such as ragweed, test the oil on a small area of your skin or scalp to see if you have a reaction.

Try these combos:

  • Cedarwood, clary sage, and lavender
  • Jojoba, clary sage, and cedarwood

After you apply the oil mixture, cover your head in a towel or shower cap.

You can wash out the treatment after 30 minutes, leave it on overnight and shampoo in the morning, or use some as a leave-in conditioner. See what works best for your hair texture.

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Coconut Oil: A Natural Way To Fight Scalp Inflammation

Scalp inflammation can certainly be irritating, but did you know that chronic scalp inflammation can also lead to further hair thinning and loss ?

Inflammation is the bodys way of protecting itself. This occurs during allergic reactions, when the bodys immune system attacks the perceived threat, and it also occurs immediately following an external injury.

And, while short-term inflammation serves its purpose, chronic inflammation can damage the hair follicles and lead to excessive hair thinning and loss.

If you suffer from chronic hair loss, you may be asking yourself whether inflammation played a role.

While there are forms of alopecia unrelated to inflammation, inflammation can contribute to hair loss for a large number of hair loss sufferers.

Whether from inflammation caused by the buildup of DHT and other harmful chemicals or an unchecked bacterial or fungal infection, if you believe that inflammation has played a role in your hair loss, then youll be glad to learn about coconut oils anti-inflammatory properties.

One study, published in 2009, studied the anti-inflammatory effects of lauric acid, a major component of coconut oil .

In this particular study, a bacteria known as P. acnes, commonly linked to acne and acne-induced inflammation, was injected into a small area on the left ears of mice .

Immediately following the injection of P. acnes, the ears were then injected with either a) lauric acid, or b) a control vehicle. These are the results after 24 hours:

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Essential Argan Oil Products

If youd like to incorporate more argan oil products into your hair care routine, take a look at these top picks:

Argan oil conditioner: AG Hair Sleeek Argan & Coconut ConditionerFor a totally sleek finish, pair your shampoo with argan oil conditioner. This one from AG Hair is made with organic Moroccan argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to leave hair irresistibly smooth. Its also fair trade, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced.

Leave-in argan oil treatment:Arvazallia Argan Oil Hair TreatmentEvery now and then, give your hair a deep-conditioning treatment to maintain vibrant shine. This top-selling leave-in treatment from Arvazallia protects heat-styled and overly processed hair. Its also well loved for minimizing breakage and split ends.

Argan oil hair spray:Moroccanoil Luminous HairsprayMaximize shine with an argan oil hair spray like this one from Moroccanoil. This flake-free spray holds your style in place while adding a mild glossy finish. It has a solid reputation for holding strong even in rain and humidity.

Reduce Stress And Balance Hormones With Sage And Lavender

All natural Hair Grow Oil for balding and thinning hair ...

Clary Sage and Lavender are also stimulating oils that can be used to reduce hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles and preventing the thickening of the membrane tissues around them, which can cause hair to fall out. Because they are both commonly used to regulate hormones and stress, these oils can be especially beneficial for hair loss caused by stress or hormonal issues.

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Common Causes Of Hair Loss

The most common form of hair loss is by far androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness.

Despite this, it remains a challenge for dermatologists to treat. As male pattern baldness is the cause in more than 50% of cases, alternative causes, or contributing factors to hair loss are often overlooked. This can lead men down a path of mistreatment for years, wondering why specialist medications or hair growth oils dont work for them.

Many dermatologists still doubt biotins potential benefit in reducing hair loss, for example, despite widespread use for hair and nail strength.

A review of all the available scientific research on the subject shows there have been almost 20 high-quality studies into the effect of biotin on hair. Each found that supplementation of biotin led to improved hair and nail growth.

But what are the chances you have a biotin deficiency?

This is the reason for so much misinformation surrounding hair loss. It is known in the medical community that bacteria in your gut make large amounts of biotin every day more than your body needs. So for a long time, it was assumed that biotin deficiency was very rare.

When scientists studied over 500 patients, they found something fairly surprising: Not only were 38% of the participants found to be completely deficient in biotin , 49% of participants were in a marginal state. That is, they were close to having a clinical biotin deficiency.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Lavender Oil

Extracted from lavender flowers, it is an essential oil that has many purposes. Research shows that it also promotes hair growth leaving the hair looking fuller and thicker. It helps increase the number of hair follicles and is known for antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. When massaged with a carrier oil, it can improve circulation in the scalp and reducing hair loss.

Advantages: The most important one is that it improves hair growth right from the follicles. It moisturises the scalp and balances the sebum production in the scalp. Lavender oil is also known to relieve stress.

Best For:All hair types, especially those who tend to have oily hair in the front and back and dry scalp in other areas.

Using it: It is an essential oil, so it is best used with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Best not to use it directly on the hair or scalp. You can mix about 10 drops of lavender oil in two tablespoons of carrier oil and massage into the scalp. Keep it overnight.

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Essential Oils For Preventing Hair Loss & Alopecia

Now lets cover some specific oils to use for hair loss. Later, well cover specific recipes and application methods to keep your hair healthy and strong

So how do essential oils combat hair loss?

The main ways they help is by stimulating the hair follicles and promoting healthy circulation. They also provide important oil balancing qualities along with a nice dose of nutritional support for the scalp and follicles.

Below youll find oils that will do just that.

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The 7 Best Essential Oils To Promote Hair Growth And Prevent Loss

Growth Oil For Thinning Short Hair | Wild Growth Oil | Kaye Wright


According to Dr. Henry, rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils to promote new hair growth. It stimulates hair growth by dilating the blood vessels and promoting cell proliferation, and in some studies its been shown to be equal in efficacy to 2 percent minoxidil , she says. Its also used to help thicken hair. Dr. King agrees, noting that rosemary essential oils growth benefits might be due to its enhancement of microcapillary perfusion, or the blood flow through the network of tiny blood vessels in the skin.


You may already be familiar with peppermints soothing and cooling properties, and in essential oil form its thought to promote hair growth due to its ability to boost blood flow and circulation in the scalp. It causes a tingling sensation when applied to the scalp because it contains menthol, which acts as a vasodilator that promotes blood flow and circulation in the areas its applied to, says Dr. Posina. It may help those especially suffering from hair loss due to decreased blood flow to the hair follicles.

While there isnt official clinical evidence to prove its efficacy on humans, it has shown some promising results for our furry friends. In a 2014 hair-growth study on mice, peppermint oil was compared to minoxidil, saline, and jojoba oil in terms of efficacy. The peppermint oil group showed more prominent hair growth effects in terms of increase in follicles, folic depth, and dermal thickness compared to others, she says.

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Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Tea Tree Oil

A lesser-known essential oil in India, this one is an ingredient in several body, hair and skincare products. It has powerful cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

Advantages: With proper use, you will be able to unplug hair follicles with this oil and increase hair growth. It is also known for its soothing and pain-relieving abilities.

Ideal For:It works with all hair types, but avoid it if you are allergic to strong essential oils. It is ideal for those who want to repair hair follicles and strands.

Using it: Mix three drops of tea tree oil with two tablespoons of carrier oil. Apply it on your hair and scalp and wash it off after half an hour. You can also mix 10 drops of tea tree oil to your bottle of shampoo or conditioner and use it regularly.

Best Hair Growth Oils Recommended By Ayurveda

  • 2 August 2019
  • 11 mins read

Did you know that Ayurveda recommends regular hair oiling? Massaging the hair with the best hair growth oils at least twice a week is known to improve the hair quality, texture, and thickness.

Even if the idea of oiling your hair seems old school, you must not miss out on the benefits of oil massage for hair. All you need to do is take out 10 minutes, twice a week to make it a part of your hair care routine.

Thinning of hair, hair fall, hair loss, split ends and hair dryness – are these some of your main hair growth concerns?

If yes, then the simplest way to healthy, long and lustrous hair is a regular head massage with the best hair oil for you.

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Black Castor Oil And Sweet Almond Oil For Hair Re

Black Castor oil for thinning hair helps in the growth of new. It has to be mixed with other carrier oils.

Youll need

  • Black Castor oil-2 tbsp
  • Sweet almond oil-2 tbsp

Mix the oils in a bowl. Massage it onto your scalp. This process works best on slightly damp hair. You can keep it up to an hour and shampoo your hair or leave it overnight. The properties of all the oils help in nutrition and hair growth.

Do it twice a week for best results.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Olive Oil

The 5 Best Hair Oils For Thin Hair

A versatile oil, it has protective and moisturising properties. It shields the natural keratin in your hair and is a natural conditioner with its antioxidant content. Use the organic, extra virgin version for best results. Rich in vitamin E, it is great for hair growth, and oleic acid in the oil locks in the moisture. It revitalises the scalp, nourishes the hair roots and promotes the growth of hair strands.

Advantages: It softens the hair, giving it a smooth texture. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can help combat dandruff, especially when combined with lemon juice. Olive oil also protects against heat damage, giving damaged hair a healthy appearance.

Best For:Damaged, dull, dry or frizzy hair, as well as for those who suffer from dandruff. Great for improving hair growth.

Using it:Lea more about how to use olive oil for hair growth by watching this video.

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Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Grapeseed Oil

Although it is not really well known in our country, grapeseed oil is gaining momentum when it comes to hair care. As the name suggests, it is extracted from grape seeds. It contains emollients, antioxidants and nutrients that are essential to the growth of healthy hair. This oil is not greasy and it odourless so using it becomes that much easier.

Advantages: It moisturises the scalp, promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair structure, and it excellent for treating brittle and weak hair. It helps combat hair loss as well.

Best for:Those who suffer from dry and brittle hair, but excellent for those who are looking at regrowth of lost hair, since it revitalises the growth of hair follicles. Also great for those whose hair and scalp tend to get greasy.

Using it:

Can Peo Be Used To Regrow Hair

There is no doubt that PEO is a highly versatile ingredient. But where does it stand when it comes to treating hereditary baldness?

As will be discussed further below, PEO has a variety of properties that make it an excellent addition to anyones hair regrowth routine.

This article will highlight four main properties of PEO that help in the regrowth of hair, including:

  • Stimulation of the anagen growth phase
  • Improvements in blood supply
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
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    How To Use Sunflower Oil On Your Hair

    Sunflower oil is easy to acquire and safe to use, though if you have an allergy to sunflowers, youll obviously need to avoid it.

    One of the most important things to keep in mind when using any plant extract, essential oil, or other substance to improve your scalp and hair health is that a little can go a long way.

    That is especially true for essential oils and substances such as sunflower oil. In fact, too much can cause your hair to become greasy.

    Worse still, if you heat your hair up after applying a lot of oil well, think of an oil-greased fat fryer and you can probably imagine for yourself how painful the consequences can be and how that can cause heat damage to your hair shafts.

    Instead, youll want to apply sunflower oil sparingly, either in a shampoo mixture or by massaging it into your hair directly.

    Let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it out with warm water .

    If you are new to using sunflower oil, try a bit on your skin before rubbing it all over your scalp.

    A couple of ounces of sunflower oil should be sufficient. Measure out a couple of tablespoons or so and rub it into your scalp.

    Creating a moisturizing sunflower hair mask can be a great way of treating your hair and scalp at once.


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