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What To Take For Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve

You Are Eating Far Less Than You Ever Have Also You Are Restricted On The Types Of Foods You Can Eat


Which means there are foods that you once enjoyed in bounty that you may never tolerate the same again. Food is hugely emotional it is linked to strong memories of certain people, places, or holidays.

We use it to celebrate, and many of us have used it as an emotional band-aid. Because of the level of restriction created by gastric sleeve surgery, a mindset change is absolutely required for long term success.

The hard truth: Your eyes will almost always be bigger than your stomach. It can be incredibly frustrating to prepare meals that you are only able to eat a few bites of. Dinners out, especially those with multiple courses, will require you to pick and choose what you have a bite of and what you pass.

At first, this isnt a huge struggle because youve been mentally preparing for several months AND you are still physically recovering. When your normal appetite returns, the real battle begins.

Personally, this is still something that I wrestle with even at 15 months out. Sometimes it really annoys me that I cant sit down and eat an entire sub. But then I quickly remember that sitting down to eat entire subs is part of what led me to obesity in the first place.

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Bariatric surgery is not just a procedure to help you shed off excess pounds and reclaim a proportionate, attractive figure. With good nutrition and the right back-up of bariatric vitamins, it can keep you fit and healthy for decades to come. If you are ready for a long, fulfilling, and disease-free life after your weight loss surgery, stay committed to your recommended bariatric vitamins and be in charge of your own health and beauty.

For more information about your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass vitamin schedule, consult with a bariatric surgeon today. Accomplished and resourceful surgeons will have an in-house team or a network of nutrition consultants who can provide you professional guidance and support. Bariatric vitamins are an essential element in your post-surgery toolkit to lead a healthy, happy, and wholesome life.

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Why Am I Losing My Hair After Bariatric Surgery

Is your hair looking shorter, thinner, and falling out months after your weight loss surgery? Youre not alone.

Many bariatric patients experience hair loss in the first six months after their surgery. While it can make many patients feel self conscious and can negatively impact their self esteem, hair loss after bariatric surgery is common and doesnt last more than six months.

Hormonal Changes And Hair Loss


Hormones are the most common cause of hair loss for both women and men. The table below taken from this study illustrates well the dramatic changes in the hormonal profile after bariatric surgery.

Its these hormonal changes that occur after bariatric surgery that have the most significant impact on weight loss however, it does stand to reason that they can contribute negatively to short-term and long-term hair loss after bariatric surgery.

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Studies Regarding Hair Loss And Bariatric Surgery

A study that followed forty-two women after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy found that 41% of the participants experienced hair loss following their procedures. The culprits for the loss of hair, according to the study administrators, were low levels of zinc and iron. Incidentally, taking zinc supplements stopped the hair loss in a majority of the participants.

A different study analyzing hair loss and bariatric surgery discovered that young women with low levels of B9 , zinc, and ferritin , tended to experience the most hair loss.

Learn What To Do When Experiencing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Hair loss after bariatric surgery can be quite scary and may defer people away from choosing bariatric surgery. But, hair loss is not permanent, and the hair grows back with proper nutrition. Those who undergo bariatric surgery are more likely to experience hair loss than those who have undergone a Lap-Band procedure. It is because in bariatric surgery, the weight loss is quick, and there is a higher chance of nutrient deficiency in the body once the surgery is completed. But, in the Lap-Band procedure, the weight loss is gradual, so people experience less amount of hair fall.

But, it might be interesting to understand why Bariatric surgery hair loss happens and what you can do to prevent it. Researchers have found out that because the body starts to shift its nutrient usage to the vital organs after major surgery, other cosmetic functions like hair growth take a back seat. Even though the hair is indispensable for us, it is not something that is needed for survival. Thus, it causes hair growth to stop temporarily, causing hair loss. It is usually common during the first few months post-op, but as the body starts to adjust to the new changes, hair loss automatically decreases and eventually stops.

There is a misconception that hair loss after bariatric surgery is inevitable, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. Here are some of the simplest yet effective tips that will allow you to enjoy your new body without worrying about losing hair

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The Facts About Hair Growth

Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass Natural Hair Tips

Human hair has a two-stage growth cycle. Anagen is the growth phase and telogen is the resting phase. In the telogen phase, normal hair loss lasts about 3 months on average. This shedding time commonly is shorter in women after childbirth and in newborns about 1 month after birth.

Besides childbirth, other factors that affect the anagen/telogen cycle include:

  • Any type of surgery
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Extreme dieting
  • Medications such as beta-blockers, excess vitamin A, and anticoagulants

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Reason #: Lack Of Balanced Meal Planning

If you are four or more weeks out, it is important to slowly incorporate more solid proteins and healthy fats into your meal plan. The first step is to make sure you are getting enough protein. You can determine your baseline protein needs by taking your ideal healthy weight and dividing it by 2.2.

For example, if you aim to weigh 150 pounds, you would take 150 divided by 2.2 and your optimum protein would be 68 grams. Remember, this is a general baseline recommendation, for best fat loss results you may need a higher percentage of protein.

After determining protein needs, look at the overall balance of macronutrients. A common question many people ask is how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates should I have for optimally fat loss. There is no exact number that will work for everyone so it is important to take these general guidelines and play with the percentages until you find what works best for you.

Daily Macronutrient Goal

Macronutrients make up most of the calories we eat. These major food categories include protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Balancing macros after gastric sleeve could very well fix your weight loss problem and get you back on track with a more balanced diet.

After gastric sleeve, we recommend a high-protein macronutrient distribution of 10-35% Carbohydrates, 30-40% Fat, and 35-50% Protein. Also, be sure that your overall total sugar intake is less than 25 grams per day.

Bariatric Surgery And Hair Loss

Major surgery can cause emotional stress, which we just learned can impact hair growth. But during surgery, our bodies go through true physical trauma which sends distress signals to our brains and central nervous system.

And bariatric surgery is major surgery

During surgery our bodies prioritize nutrients and blood flow out of survival instinct.

Its likely that this physical distress causes hair follicles to take a step down in importance , and remain in the resting phase until our bodies decide is safe to restore resources to less critical bodily functions.

Due to the stress, more hair follicles can enter into the resting phase. This is important because the hair in the resting phase at the time of surgery is most likely the hair you will shed.

This is why your hair sheds between 1 to 6 months after surgery . When the hair starts to grow again the old hair follicle is released and you lose hair.

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How Long Does Hair Loss Last After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Hair loss is one of the more common initial symptoms following Gastric Sleeve Surgery. However, it should not be a long-term issue. Most often, people experience hair loss about 3-6 months following their surgery. After surgery, your body may take time adjusting to changes and hair loss can occur, however hair growth should resume its normal rate as your body begins to regulate. During this time though, it is important to address any nutritional deficiencies and ensure you’re consuming protein regularly. Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss and slow hair growth.

How Often Does Hair Loss Happens In Patients Undergoing Gastric Sleeve


Hair loss after gastric sleeve surgerycan happen in 30% to 40% of patients. However, this situation is something merely temporary if the patient follows the advice of the bariatric surgeon.

Speaking specifically of patients with gastric sleeve surgery, this situation arises in them less frequently because it is a pure restrictive procedure, in other words, the absorption of ingested nutrients is not affected as in malabsorptive procedures such as the gastric bypass, minigastric bypass, duodenal switch, etc.

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Dumping Syndrome After Gastric Bypass


  • Dumping syndrome happens when food moves too quickly from your stomach into your small intestines
  • The symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, bloating, fainting, anxiety, and weakness
  • You can treat it by making changes to your diet

We have an entire page dedicated to this topic because it is a possible side effect of other bariatric procedures like gastric sleeve surgery and duodenal switch.

The side effects that result from gastric bypass dumping syndrome include bowel movement changes, weakness, dizziness, flushing and warmth, nausea and palpitation immediately or shortly after eating and produced by abnormally rapid emptying of the stomach especially in individualswho have had part of the stomach removed.

While this sounds like a bad thing, many patients view it as a blessing in disguise. The symptoms of dumping syndrome are completely avoidable by eating a proper bariatric diet can you think of a more convincing way to keep you on track? In fact, some patients who do not suffer from dumping syndrome will comment that they wish they did, as dumping removes some of the choice involved in food selections.

See our Dumping Syndrome page for more details.

  • Dehydration is the depletion of your bodily fluids
  • The cause is not drinking enough hydrating fluids
  • You can treat dehydration by increasing the amount of fluids you drink

In severecases of dehydration patients may need to return to the hospital for IV fluids and vitamins.

Who Is Most At Risk Of Hair Loss After A Gastric Sleeve

Recent studies have confirmed that young women are more likely to experience hair loss after surgery. But it can happen to men and older individuals too.

Those with a nutrient deficiency before surgery are at higher risk. If you have seen a dramatic weight change, some of your hair may be sacrificed in the process.

You may not notice hair loss right after your surgery. It may only show about one month post-op for a gastric sleeve or later.

You can read through gastric sleeve surgery testimonials to understand how hair loss effects different patients and what the experience was like over time.

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