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Can Fibromyalgia Cause Hair Loss

Fibromyalgia Can Be Tricky To Diagnose Which Is Why You May Have One Of These Other Conditions Instead

AskDrKanShowEpisode86 – Adrenal fatigue & adrenal stress can cause weight gain, fatigue, hair loss

While no one knows what exactly causes fibromyalgia, doctors do know a few things about the condition: The widespread chronic pain disorder seems to involve the nervous system affects 2 to 4 percent of Americans, mostly women and commonly occurs in people who have other types of musculoskeletal pain, such as different kinds of arthritis.

But unlike many musculoskeletal conditions, fibromyalgia isnt an inflammatory or autoimmune disease when your immune system, which normally protects your body from infection, turns against itself and attacks your own cells and tissues. That can produce chronic inflammation that can eventually damage your body. Fibromyalgia is also not a joint or muscle disorder caused by physical injury.

Instead, experts think that fibromyalgia is neurological in nature.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder in which the sensitivity to pain has been turned up in the brain, says J. Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD, an associate professor in the division of rheumatology at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. Chemical transmitters in the brain have gotten reprogrammed so that they are firing pain signals with very minimal stimuli. A squeeze of the arm, a shake of the hand, a touch on the shoulder all of those things can be very painful for people with fibromyalgia.

Why Does Fibromyalgia Weaken The Immune System

Despite how unpleasant and debilitating it is, pain is unfortunately associated with numerous health disorders. According to a recent survey by the CDC, approximately 50 million adult Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions.

That said, if youve recently been experiencing intense body pain, then you might have Fibromyalgia. Read on to find out more about this condition and everything it entails.

How Hair Loss Affects Those Of Us With Fibromyalgia

I have fibromyalgia and an underactive thyroid, so hair loss is a real concern of mine. For that reason, I have chosen to keep my hair very short. Were talking #2-on-a-hair-trimmer short. After my first buzz cut, I wouldnt go out anywhere without a hat because I was very self-conscious. Now Im pretty comfortable with my look.

Hair loss is not an uncommon phenomenon for those of us with fibro. Are you noticing more hair on your hairbrush, pillow, or in the shower? You are in good company. The technical term for this type of hair loss is telogen effluvium, which is a typically temporary disorder caused by stress or illness that disrupts the normal hair growth cycle.

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain medications and can also occur during times of stress, fibro flare-ups, thyroid dysfunction, and autoimmune issues. Low iron levels can inhibit hair growth, so check with your doctor about getting your levels checked. Ive noticed that my eyebrows and eyelashes arent as lush as they used to be. If I dont use a brow pencil, it would appear that I dont have any eyebrows.

Hair pain is another issue with fibro. That pain, which is emanating from your scalp, can be exacerbated if you gather your hair into a bun or ponytail and it can make washing, brushing, or even touching it feel excruciating. Be gentle when taking care of your hair.

While hair loss is not a serious symptom of fibro, it is personal and affects how we see ourselves.

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Check Out The Shampoos Our Readers Say Are The Absolute Worst Hair Care Products

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Never expected to see Biosilk on the list.

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Thanks for this! And to think, I was going to try Biosilk out!!

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Several Reasons For Chronic Fatigue And Hair Loss

Does Fibromyalgia Cause Hair Loss?
  • May 4, 2019


I am always tired, and I was told by my friend I might have fibromyalgia. Is there a blood test I can take to find out if that is true? What is fibromyalgia?


Chronic fatigue is a common complaint of many people, and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion. There is NOT a lab test to determine if a person has fibromyalgia. It is determined after other diseases have been ruled out for complaints of causes of chronic fatigue, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, medications, poor sleep hygiene, or unhealthy eating habits. There are many reasons that one may be chronically tired, and it takes a long, thorough history and medical exam to be performed. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia is often found after other diseases have been excluded.


I am losing my hair and I was going to buy some over-the-counter medications that say they can help with hair growth. Do you think it will help or are those a waste of money?


Most over-the-counter hair growth products do not help with hair growth as much as you would expect, so I would be cautious with what you spend your money on. Hair loss can be lessened if you avoid using too many harsh chemicals on your hair, such as coloring your hair, styling products, and over-brushing. Hair loss is also genetic and is not something you can avoid.

I look forward to your questions at . Have a good week and try to get a good nights rest and dont worry about your hair, everyone is beautiful!

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How Is Sjgrens Syndrome Managed Or Treated

There is no cure for Sjögrens syndrome, but treatments can relieve symptoms. Depending on your specific issues, your doctor may recommend one or more of these therapies.

Treatments for dry eyes:

  • Artificial tears: Over-the-counter artificial tear eye solutions and artificial tear eye ointments moisturize dry eyes. These products relieve irritation and discomfort.
  • Prescription eye drops:Cyclosporine and lifitegrast prescription eye drops soothe inflamed tear glands and stimulate tear production.
  • Punctal plugs: An ophthalmologist inserts tiny silicone plugs into the tear ducts. The plugs block the ducts so tears stay on the eyes, keeping them wet.
  • Surgery: If punctal plugs work for you, your doctor may recommend surgery to close the tear ducts permanently.
  • Autologous serum drops: Your doctor can make customized artificial tears. The process involves mixing your blood serum with a sterile liquid solution. You receive a one-of-a-kind tear substitute unique to your body. While effective, the pricey treatment isnt always covered by insurance.

Treatments for dry mouth:

Treatments for joint or organ problems:

Treatments for vaginal dryness:

  • Trying vaginal moisturizers or lubricants to add moisture to the vagina daily and to ease sexual intercourse.
  • Using unscented soaps for cleansing. Perfumes and other additives can cause irritation.
  • Asking your healthcare provider about vaginal estrogen therapy.

The Bad Triple Threat Of Ogx

Hair can make you or break you, and their shampoos certainly does the latter.

You know what OGX contains? Salt, silicones and sulfates. These three ingredients combined are so harsh on your locks, theyll totally ruin your hair. If youre looking for that salt-water hair, head over to the ocean. Realistically, this shampoo will make your hair feel like hay because of those unfavourable ingredients.

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Hair Loss Caused By Lyme Disease

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Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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How To Treat Hair Loss From Fibromyalgia

Can Adrenal Fatigue Cause Hair Loss

There is some good news, in most cases, hair loss among those with fibro is only temporary.

As mentioned in the outset, telogen effluvium is when there is a disruption in the hair growth cycle. This disruption means that the cycle is delayed, but your hair will grow back again.

There may be some things though, that can help slow down the hair loss or promote healthy regrowth.

Some have found biotin, or B7, to help increase hair growth and improve overall health of their hair. Biotin is found in a number of food sources, such as nuts, whole grains and bananas. Biotin can also be taken as a supplement, but as with anything, it is good to talk to your doctor before adding a new vitamin or supplement.

A change in hairstyle may also help to conceal hair loss, or possibly reduce the amount of hair you lose. I have found that my hair loss slows down drastically when I keep it short.

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How Does The Brain Perceive Pain

There are over 20 different kinds of nerve endings in your skin that tell you if among other sensations something is hot, cold, or painful. These nerve endings convert mechanical, thermal, or chemical energy into electrical signals that convey information to the brain and spinal cord — also known as the central nervous system or CNS. These signals travel to areas of your CNS where you perceive the stimuli as the sensations you actually feel — sensations such as searing, burning, pounding, or throbbing.

Research suggests that the pain associated with fibromyalgia is caused by a “glitch” in the way the body processes pain. This glitch results in a hypersensitivity to stimuli that normally are not painful. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases , research has shown that people with fibromyalgia have reduced blood flow to parts of the brain that normally help the body deal with pain.

Worst Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia And How To Deal With Them

Over 5 million people affects by fibromyalgia in the U.S also the numbers are keep on increasing. There are numerous uncomfortable signs of Fibromyalgia. It is recognized as an unseen illness as people cannot see the way where people hurt from the disease. Usually, Fibromyalgia is a quite severe situation that the victims experience and its signs should be identified. For support and Discussion join the group Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness

Takeout time and read all of these 40 Symptoms and their coping methods.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor If I Have Sjgrens Syndrome

If you have Sjögrens syndrome, you may want to ask your doctor:

  • What lifestyle measures can I take to make my symptoms more livable?
  • Can certain medications, drinks or foods dry out the eyes or mouth?
  • Should I look out for any signs of complications?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

While there isnt a cure for the dry mouth, dry eyes or other problems caused by Sjögrens syndrome, you dont have to live with discomfort or pain. Talk openly with your healthcare provider about how the disease affects your everyday life. Eating, swallowing, speaking and seeing are all critical for enjoying life. Your provider can help you find the right combination of therapies to relieve symptoms.

How Common Is Hair Loss With Fibromyalgia

The Most Common Symptoms of Lupus

As with many other symptoms, the best we can do is rely on the testimony of others with fibromyalgia. I posted a poll on a fibromyalgia social media page, asking who had experienced hair loss with fibromyalgia. Out of 112 people polled, 85 of them said they had experienced hair loss. I also received a few comments that there could be other factors that at the root of the problem.

The issue remains that it is not understood why people with fibromyalgia lose their hair. Little research has been done on this area of fibro, considering it is one of the less bothersome symptoms.

Even if pain and fatigue are more consuming, hair loss is still a distressing problem that many of us want to be addressed. Self-esteem can certainly take a hit when dealing with the many symptoms of fibromyalgia. Thinning hair may just be yet another unneeded blow.

It appears that people with fibromyalgia primarily experience hair loss from their head. I personally have dealt with losing hair from both my head and eyebrows. So, it could vary from person to person.

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Hypothyroidism And Your Thyroid Gland

Hypothyroidism is amongst two relatively common Thyroid Gland disorders, with the other disease being Hyperthyroidism. When a patient is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, it means their Thyroid Gland is not producing enough hormones to support the functions these hormones are responsible for. Hypothyroidism is a relatively complex condition, as numerous issues may cause the development of this disease.

The condition may be caused by an impairment of the Thyroid Gland, leading to a reduction in the overall production of T3 and T4 hormones.

In some cases, however, the disease may also be caused by the inadequate release of TSH , which is released by the Pituitary Gland in response to the bodys need for Thyroid hormones.

In the majority of cases where a patient is diagnosed with primary Hypothyroidism, the cause of the disease can be linked to an autoimmune reaction4.

This means the immune system produced antibodies and then sends these antibodies toward the Thyroid Gland, where they start to attack the Glands healthy tissues as if the cells are pathogenic invaders within the body.

The diagnosis of Hypothyroidism5 is often complex, as medical experts have found that the older methods of testing for the disease does not yield the best results.

In most cases, a physician will start by requesting a series of blood tests from the patient to determine levels of Thyroxine and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone present in their blood circulatory system.

Leave It Down Under: Aussie 3

Once upon a time, wed buy the Aussie shampoo because the purple bottle with the kangaroo on it was irresistible. However, if youre still into this drugstore brand, it is time to say goodbye yes, even if it gets good reviews.

The ingredients in Aussie hair shampoo are harmful and toxic. With parabens that are linked to breast cancer, and soldium lauryl sulfate that potentially increases your carcinogenic exposure, we highly urge you to take it out of your trolley and leave it behind.

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