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How To Stop Hair Loss And Breakage

How Common Is Hair Loss In Women

How to STOP Hair Shed, Loss Breakage on Natural Hair

Many people think that hair loss only affects men. However, it is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss. The most significant cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss , which affects about one-third of susceptible women, which equals out to some 30 million women in the United States.

Solution: Get A Holiday Trim

“It’s always best to get a trim before summer,” Moodie recommends. “The sun will do extra damage to hair that is already dry, so remove those dead ends. Spray some water on your hair before you go into the pool or ocean too, as it adds an extra layer of coating. This means, when you go swimming, your hair isn’t as likely to absorb 100 per cent of the chlorinated water.”

Having regular trims will also keep your hair healthier in general as the longer you leave it between cuts the more likely it is to split and break, especially at the ends. This can make fine hair appear even more so, while taming your ends through even an ‘invisible haircut’ can ensure your hair looks healthier.

Causes Of Hair Breakage At The Roots

As mentioned earlier, it is hair shedding that mostly happens from the root. However it is also thought that hair can break from the root because of

Dry or chemically damaged hair: When your hair is lacking the oils and moisture it needs to thrive, it becomes damaged and breaks off easily. Dry, weather conditions and certain hair care tools can damage the strand, creating the appearance of frizzy hair which easily breaks off.

Your dietary habits reflect upon your hair. For example, food items that are rich in sodium can cause your hair to shed and break. Also sugary products tend to interfere with protein absorption so this could be the reason why your hair is breaking at the roots.

When you are not brushing properly: Many women tend to put much pressure on the hair while brushing. They also use plastic brushes that electrify the hair making it lose nutrients and oils. If you want to prevent hair breakage at the roots, you have to be very careful about your hair. Brush and style it carefully, offer it the nutrients and oils it needs and add to your diet super foods that promote good hair health.

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How To Stop Your Natural Hair From Breaking

In order to reduce breakage, you need to reduce environmental stress on your hair. Here are some tips to fix breakage.

  • BEGENTLE. High manipulation styles, excessive touching, combing, and even weather can cause breakage. Use low manipulation or protective styles to give your hair a break from styles and environments that can cause breakage. Use gentle wide-toothed combs for detangling, and adopt a nightly routine that is gentle on your hair through the night.
  • DONT TOWEL-DRY. Towel material snags and pulls on your hair and is especially harmful on curly hair. Youll see your breakage drop significantly once you switch over to using a microfiber towel to dry off your hair when you get out of the shower
  • DETANGLE. You might be tempted to avoid detangling because you’ve noticed combs causing breakage. Detangling can cause breakage, especially if you tug too hard or detangle when your hair is dry. However, if you dont detangle often enough, your tangles will get worse and cause much more breakage when you finally do detangle. As long as you comb slowly, patiently, and regularly, your hair will thank you.
  • DONT DETANGLE DRY…OR SOPPING WET. Hair is least elastic when its dry, but most fragile when its sopping wet. Avoid combing or detangling when your hair is in either state, because detangling puts tension on your hair and makes it vulnerable to breakage. We recommend combing or detangling your hair when it is damp.
  • Solution: Change Your Style

    How To Stop Hair Breakage  Causes, Remedies, And ...

    If you are struggling with very fine hair or areas of sparseness, how you wear your hair can help minimise its appearance. In general, if you have finer hair, don’t grow it too long,” suggests Moodie. “The longer it gets, the weaker the hair gets and so it can tend to look lank, straggly and not healthy. Instead, focus on creating layers within shorter styles, to get a bit more height. I wouldn’t recommend really short layers though because they can highlight the fineness of the hair.”

    Less is also more on fine hair. You might assume that using lots of volumising products will help but it can actually show how fine your hair is by lifting it up. Instead, keep styling to a minimum and focus on adding moisture to your regime to maintain the elasticity of each hair. Plus, if you feel you’ve lost hair, try changing your parting, or use a tinted product, such as Color Wow’s Root Cover Up, to fill in any gaps.

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    Use Heat Tools Sparingly

    Dont get us wrong: We love our blow-dryers, curling irons, and flat irons as much as the next person, but when it comes to learning how to treat hair breakage, its imperative to understand that heat is one of the top causes of damage. We understand that theres a time and a place for this, and sadly, that shouldnt be as often as you think, especially if youre troubleshooting already-vulnerable locks. That said, be sure to choose special days to apply heat to your locks, then simply revive your look on your off days with the help of a little dry shampoo, like Dove Style+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo. This handy little product will absorb excess oils and allow you to extend your current look for longer. Also never ever skip a thermal protectant, like TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray, as it really is the last line of defense against that blow-dryer. Just trust us on this!

    Q Is A Hair Plant Advisable In Case Of Balding

    A. Having a natural mop of hair post hair transplant is not something that happens instantly. It takes around 6 months for the roots to take. Along with this, there are complications associated with the recovery period. Its best to consult a trichologist regarding this as only after a full check-up you can understand whether this procedure is needed or not.

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    What Is The Best Product To Stop Hair Breakage

    What is it about healthy hair that we love so much? Maybe its the fullness, the elasticity, or the strength. After all, there are more than 100,000 strands on a healthy head of hair, each can stretch nearly 30% longer when wet, and a hearty fiber can support three ounces in weight.

    On the other hand, when your hair is unhealthy and dry, a simple run-through with your comb can snap it in half. Hair breakage can indicate weakened keratin, lack of moisture, and other issues. When the chemical bonds that once kept your hair fibers in one piece are damaged, you are left with brittle, broken strands. Is this the end of the line for your once-beautiful locks?

    To give your tresses a second chance, read on to discover the best product to stop hair breakage in the first place.

    Hair Breakage Treatment & Repair Products

    How To: STOP Hair Breakage//Hair Loss IMMEDIATELY | Natural Hair

    Hair Breakage Repair and Best Treatment Products

    The first anti breakage hair treatment is going for hair breakage treatment products available in the market. Some of the best hair breakage treatment products include:

    Hair treatment conditioner: You should go for leave-in conditioners which will reduce breakages as you comb your hair. Some of the best conditioners to try including Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner.

    Alternatively, you can use your regular conditioner but add about two teaspoons of olive oil and let it remain in your hair for about 5 minutes before washing it off and do this once a week.

    Best shampoo for hair breakage: Shampoos can also be used as hair treatment products for breaking hair. There are quite a number of such products in the market which can be used for hair breakage. Going for products such as:

    • Pantene Pro-V Anti-Breakage shampoo.
    • Anti-Breakage shampoo
    • John Frieda Root Awakening Health Infusing Shampoo and other best shampoo for hair breakage can help.

    Protein Hair treatment: One of the hair breakage treatments at home you can try is the protein hair treatment. It is highly recommended for people whose hair is breaking at a high rate. You should try products such as Two-Step Protein Treatment which can be really good as an extreme hair breakage treatment and it will help people who are losing so much hair through breakages.

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    Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia

    Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia may occur as a result of hair products or styling techniques that damage hair follicles. The use of hair relaxers, blow dryers, curling irons, and hair extensions can cause central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, as can the process of creating a permanent wave, or a perm.

    The frequent application of oils, gels, or pomades can also cause this condition, which may be reversible if you stop using these hair products or styling techniques. Our dermatologists may recommend taking medication to help hair grow back.

    And Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It:

    Ok, so now you know what triggering the hair loss, here’s how to deal with it…

    Recognise the problem

    Hair loss doesn’t happen fast, our strands grow in cycles, which means it can take up to 3 months for hair to fall out after a trigger has caused it. “If you notice excessive daily hair shedding for longer than 3 months, see a trichologist or your GP, there could be an underlying factor that needs to be addressed”, Anabel advises. “Very importantly, try not to panic. Telogen effluvium is almost always self-eliminating and hair will start to grow back as usual once any internal imbalance is put right”.

    Change up your diet

    1) Get More Protein

    “Hair is made of protein, making adequate daily intake of protein rich foods essential. Include at least a palm sized portion of protein at breakfast and lunch .” Anabel recommends.

    2) Complex carbohydrates are essential

    “They provide our hair with the energy it needs to grow. Snack on a healthy carbohydrates if longer than four hours is left between meals as energy available to hair cells drops after this amount of time.”

    That being said, Anabel explained that if you are losing your hair because of something other than diet, like stress or an illness, changing what you eat will not remedy it.

    Take a supplement

    Anabel recommends looking out for the following ingredients: Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and the essential amino acids, L-Lysine and L-Methionine.

    Head message = more than self-care

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    Try Essential Oils Mixed With A Carrier Oil

    A. Almond Essential Oil

    This oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid and other compounds that help retain the moisture and lipid metabolism balance in your hair. It helps to reduce breakage and softens the hair as well.

    B. Chamomile Essential Oil

    The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of this oil is what makes it effective in reducing breakage. It can help treat inflammation caused by fungal infections on your scalp and contribute to hydrating your hair.

    How Much Hair Breakage Is Normal

    Top 10 Effective Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

    It is normal to lose 50-100 strands in a day as a process of your natural hair growth cycle. But, it is not normal when your hair breaks off due to imbalanced Vata energy. Hair breakage is unhealthy for your hair growth and it needs to be addressed immediately by bringing elevated Vata levels to balance.

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    Hard Water/mineral Build Up

    If you live in a place full of hard water, your hair will tend to accumulate minerals and as a result it will respond less to some products or at times you will see no improvement at all. This is because the minerals create something sort of a layer/deposit that covers the hair.

    The accumulation is what others refer to as mineral build up. Some of these minerals that are found in hard water include, calcium, Sulphur among other metals. This often leads to breaking off of your hair.


    Use a cleansing shampoo to remove the mineral deposits

    Inappropriate Hair Styles And Styling Tools

    Blow dryers

    The use of different styling tools for example blow dryer causes significant damage to your hair because the heat from the dryer strips the serum from your hair making it look dry and dull. To reduce damage on your locks, you should set your hair dryer on a low setting and constantly move it in up and down motions.

    A 2011 study published in the Annals of Dermatology reports that using a hair dryer causes more surface damage than natural drying. When using a dryer you can use it at a distance of 15cm with continuous motion which causes relatively less damage.

    Other styling treatments like straightening and curling contribute to more hair loss when done frequently.


    When using a hair straightener or curler to style your hair, you should use less heat to avoid hair breakage. Minimize the frequency of use.

    Hair Claws/Clamps/Clips

    This are tools used to hold hair. These tools can lead to hair falling not only when used inappropriately but also when used correctly.


    Of course the best way is to avoid these hair holding tools if you can. If you must use them, make sure to evenly separate your hair before sectioning. This will help reduce occurrence of pesky crosshairs.

    Heat Damage-Flat Irons etc.

    Heat also causes mid-shaft splits which opens and results to hair breakage, it also leads to the issue of split ends widening.


    Trims are the best way to end this problem. If you carry out this process ensure not to overdo it. Just once in a while.


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    How Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hair Loss And Thinning

    According to various research, vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss.

    In fact, the studies have suggested that vitamin D deficiency is linked to auto-immune disorder Alopecia a condition in which a person loses hair in patches.

    Adding to this, vitamin D deficiency is one of the causes of diffuse hair loss which happens because of a disturbed hair growth cycle.

    As a result, a person dealing with vitamin D deficiency has hair follicles that have trouble regulating hair re-growth.

    Moreover, a lack of vitamin D can cause hair loss in both men and women.

    In fact, low vitamin D can cause hair loss more in women than men.

    In a case-controlled study, 45 women with Female Pattern Hair Loss were compared with the same number of healthy women matched with the same age, BMI, and hours spent in sunlight. ELISA was used to measure serum 25 D3 level.

    It was concluded in the study that serum vitamin D3 levels in patients were 13.45 and control groups were 17.16 respectively.

    Furthermore, the study indicated the relation between Female Pattern Hair Loss and decreased serum levels of vitamin D3.

    Now that you know how vitamin D deficiency causes hair loss, lets see what effects it has on your hair.


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