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Does Xeljanz Cause Hair Loss

What If I Miss A Dose

Does smoking cause hair loss? Secondary hair loss cause

If you miss a dose of Xeljanz, let your healthcare provider know. Theyll recommend whether you should take the missed dose or wait until your next regular dose. Dont take more than one dose of Xeljanz at a time. This can lead to serious side effects.

To help make sure that you dont miss a dose, try setting a reminder on your phone. A medication timer may be useful, too.

Taking Xeljanz And Xeljanz Xr

Xeljanz and Xeljanz XR come as tablets that youll take by mouth.

Xeljanz is an immediate-release form of the drug, which means its released into your body all at once when its taken. Xeljanz XR is a long-acting form of Xeljanz. Its released into your body over an extended period of time after its taken.

Xeljanz also comes as a solution that can be taken by mouth in children.

You can take Xeljanz or Xeljanz XR at any time of day. Theres not a time of day thats best to take it. But try to take the drug at the same time every day to avoid missing doses.

If your doctor prescribes Xeljanz to be taken twice a day, take your two doses about 12 hours apart, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Does Xeljanz Cause Hair Growth Or Hair Loss

It depends. Some studies have shown that people with alopecia may benefit from taking Xeljanz. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. At this time, Xeljanz isnt used to treat alopecia.

As for hair loss, you shouldnt experience this as a side effect of Xeljanz. Hair loss wasnt reported in people who took Xeljanz in studies.

If youre concerned about hair loss, talk with your doctor. They may be able to recommend medications to decrease hair loss.

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What Are The Main Side Effects Of Tofacitinib

  • Tofacitinib has potential side effects and should only be prescribed by a physician who is very knowledgeable about the drug and should only be used by patients who are very knowledgeable about the potential side effects.
  • As an immunosuppressant, the drug can increase the risk of infection. In fact, serious infections occur in approximately 2 % of patients.
  • Long term risk for cancer also needs to be considered.
  • The drug can reduce heart rate by approximately 5 beats per minutes and sometimes cant be used in patients with heart problems.
  • Frequent blood monitoring is needed while on the drug as the drug can irritate the liver, sometimes lower blood counts and sometimes raise cholesterol levels.

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Xeljanz Hair Loss

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Alternative Treatments For Alopecia Universalis

Until the Tofacitinib Citrate study outlined above, the most effective treatment for Alopecia Universalis was thought to be topical Immunotherapy. This shocks the hair follicles into production by creating an allergic reaction on the affected areas of the skin. The treatment has a success rate of around 40% and needs to be ongoing for hair growth to continue, but reported side effects most commonly including persistent dermatitis, generalized eczema and blistering can be unpleasant.

What Are Xeljanz And Xeljanz Xrs Side Effects

Like most drugs, Xeljanz and Xeljanz XR may cause mild or serious side effects. The lists below describe some of the more common side effects that Xeljanz and Xeljanz XR may cause. These lists dont include all possible side effects.

Your doctor or pharmacist can tell you more about the potential side effects of Xeljanz and Xeljanz XR. They can also suggest ways to help reduce side effects.

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Xeljanz For Ulcerative Colitis

Xeljanz is FDA-approved to treat moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis in adults. This drug is used for people who didnt receive enough benefit from other medications called tumor necrosis factor inhibitors. Xeljanz is also used in people who had bothersome side effects from TNF inhibitors.

With UC, the lining inside of your colon or rectum is inflamed. This long-term condition can cause belly pain, diarrhea, and blood in your stools.

Effectiveness for ulcerative colitis

In clinical studies, Xeljanz has been found effective for helping people with UC to achieve remission and also to stay in remission.

One study looked at UC treatment over 8 weeks. Remission was reached by 10% to 13% more people taking Xeljanz than by those taking a placebo .

Another clinical study looked at peoples results after 1 year of treatment. Remission was reached in 23% to 30% more people taking Xeljanz than in those taking a placebo.

Results Of The Yale University Of Medicine Study Using Tofacitinib Citrate To Treat Alopecia Universalis

Drug Restores Hair Growth in Patients with Alopecia Areata

Scientists at Americas elite Yale University School of Medicine used the drug to treat a 25 year old patient who was referred to them for treatment of plaque psoriasis, a chronic immune-mediated skin disease, and the most common strain of psoriasis, which displays as inflamed, scaly skin.

However, his diagnosis of Alopecia Universalis which had never been treated was also noted by the medical team and they decided upon the tofacitinib citrate treatment in order to try to cure both conditions.

The unnamed patient was almost completely hairless when he started the treatment, with the only hair being within the psoriasis plaques on his scalp.

After taking an 8 month course of tofacitinib citrate which involved 10mg per day for two months, followed by 15mg of the drug per day for another three months, the treatment was deemed to be mildly effective in treating the patients psoriasis, however, he saw amazing results in terms of hair regrowth.

The subject had completely regrown scalp hair, developed eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair, armpit hair and other hair the first hair the man had grown in seven years.

This Yale study is the first reported case of a successful, targeted treatment for the rare Alopecia Universalis condition.

He concluded, There are no good options for long-term treatment of alopecia universalis. The best available science suggested this might work, and it has.

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Xeljanz Use In Pregnancy

There isnt enough information available to know if Xeljanz is safe to take during pregnancy. In animal studies, harm was seen in fetuses when pregnant females were given Xeljanz. But animal studies dont always predict what will happen in humans.

Keep in mind that there are known risks to fetuses of pregnant women who have active rheumatoid arthritis or ulcerative colitis .

If youre pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, talk with your doctor about whether Xeljanz is right for you. Your doctor will discuss the benefits and risks of using Xeljanz during pregnancy. Theyll also discuss the benefits and risks of not treating your condition during pregnancy.

If youre taking or have taken Xeljanz during pregnancy, youre encouraged to enroll in the Xeljanz pregnancy registry. A pregnancy registry allows healthcare providers to collect information about the safety of using certain drugs during pregnancy. To enroll in this pregnancy registry, call 877-311-8972 or visit the registry website.

Can I Take Xeljanz With A Biologic

No, you shouldnt take Xeljanz with a biologic drug. Biologic drugs are made in a lab from living cells. Many biologics are designed to suppress the ability of your immune system to fight infections. This is because biologics are generally used to treat autoimmune disorders, which are caused by your immune system mistakenly attacking your own body.

Taking Xeljanz with biologics can suppress your immune system too much. This can increase your risk of very serious infections that your body wont be able to fight off.

Talk with your doctor to learn more about which medications are safe to use with Xeljanz.

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Are Hair Growth And Hair Loss Possible Xeljanz Side Effects

No, Xeljanz isnt known to cause hair loss or hair growth. Neither were reported in clinical trials of the drug.

According to a review of some small clinical trials , Xeljanzs active drug might be an effective treatment for hair loss thats caused by alopecia areata . But more studies are needed to confirm this. At this time Xeljanz is not approved to treat hair loss.

If you have questions or concerns about hair loss or growth while taking Xeljanz, talk with your doctor.

Clinical Trials & The Reported Side Effects Of Xeljanz

Does Xeljanz Cause Weight Gain  Blog Dandk

The studys co-author, Dr. Craiglow, said, By eight months there was full regrowth of hair. The patient has reported feeling no side effects, and weve seen no lab test abnormalities, either.

The results from this study are extremely encouraging, however, further, wider-scale clinical trials are required in order to establish whether the use of tofacitinib citrate in combating Alopecia Universalis, as well as potentially other forms of hair loss, is safe. Particularly given the alarming side effects associated with the drug in connection with its treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in adults and various other conditions it has been tested for as a potential remedy, including Crohns disease, dry eyes, plaque psoriasis, renal transplant rejection,ulcerative colitis, and ankylosing spondylitis.

Many clinical trials of Xeljanz have been, and continue to be carried out in relation to the drugs suitability and safety as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Yales Dr. King has already submitted a proposal for a clinical trial involving a cream form of tofacitinib as a treatment for alopecia areata.

Currently scheduled until November 2019, on-going clinical trials for the drug started in February 2007. In April 2011, four patients died after beginning clinical trials with tofacitinib citrate Pfizer said that only one of the four deaths was related to tofacitinib.

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Effectiveness And Safety Of Tofacitinib In Patients With Extensive And Recalcitrant Alopecia Areata

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : January 11, 2019Last Update Posted : February 10, 2021
  • Study Details
Condition or disease
Phase 4

Alopecia areata or spot baldness, is a condition in which hair falls off from areas of the body. It often happens on the scalp, causing a few bald spots and it may result in psychological stress even though people are generally healthy. AA is believed to be an autoimmune disease progressing from a breach in the immune privilege of the hair follicles that causes hair to fall out in small patches, it may remain unnoticeable until the patches eventually connect and then become noticeable. It can develop slowly, and also recur after years between occurrences.

The investigators propose the study to assess the safety and efficacy of Tofacitinib for extensive and recalcitrant AA and to evaluate the economic impact effecting the AA patients. Tofacitinib is an expensive medicine and needed to be taken up to 6 months to finish the course to have a best outcome so it is not a popular choice of AA treatment at present time unless it can show a promising result in recalcitrant AA.

Arthritis Drug May Help With Type Of Hair Loss

Researchers saw regrowth in patients with the autoimmune disease alopecia areata

HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, Sept. 22, 2016 — For people who suffer from a condition that causes disfiguring hair loss, a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis might regrow their hair, a new, small study suggests.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes patchy or complete hair loss, including on the head, body, eyebrows and eyelashes. Learn more about this type of hair loss and some of the more common alopecia myths.

Researchers found that more than 50 percent of 66 patients treated with the drug Xeljanz saw hair regrowth in three months.

“There is hope now that we will have more to tell patients than get counseling and a wig,” said lead researcher Dr. Brett King, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine, in New Haven, Conn.

Xeljanz appears to work by stopping the immune system‘s attack on hair follicles, King said. In addition, the researchers have identified genes that might predict a patient’s response to treatment, he said.

King said it is doubtful that Xeljanz will work for the most common types of hair loss , which are not the result of an autoimmune disease.

Whether the hair regrowth will last or how long someone would have to take the medication isn’t known, King noted.

“It may be that if we can treat people for long enough the condition might go into remission, but we don’t know the answer to that,” he said.

Side effects were mild, he added.

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Is Depression A Side Effect Of Xeljanz

No, depression isnt a side effect of Xeljanz. It wasnt reported by people taking Xeljanz in clinical trials.

Keep in mind that its not uncommon for depression to occur in people who have the conditions that Xeljanz is approved to treat, such as psoriatic arthritis . In fact, some studies suggest that treating PsA may also improve depression in people who have both of these conditions.

If you have questions about depression or how taking Xeljanz might affect your mood, talk with your doctor.

Drug Forms And Administration

Going Bald? This Could Be Why…

Xeljanz contains the drug tofacitinib. It comes as a tablet thats taken by mouth, once or twice a day.

Humira contains the drug adalimumab. Its given as a subcutaneous injection, typically once every other week. Your healthcare provider may give you the injection, or they may show you how to self-inject Humira at home.

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How Can I Prevent Infections While Im Taking Xeljanz

Its important to try to prevent infections while youre taking Xeljanz. This is because Xeljanz is an immunosuppressant .

The recommends several easy ways to reduce your risk of getting an infection:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water:
  • before preparing or eating food
  • after changing diapers or using the restroom
  • after touching any items that have been in contact with people who are sick
  • Properly wash and cook your food.
  • Make sure your water is safe to drink.
  • Avoid touching farm animals and the stool of any pets.
  • Avoid swallowing water from any natural bodies of water, such as lakes or rivers.
  • Practice safe sex by using condoms or other barrier methods.

Talk with your doctor about specific ways that you can prevent infections in your daily life.


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