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What Is Keranique Hair Loss Treatment

Summary Keranique Vs Nioxin

How to use the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

If youre looking to invest money into shampoo for thinning hair, Keranique is a better choice because its a healthier option as well. They are similar in some aspects, but Keranique ends up being a better bang for your back altogether. Its not easier to use and youll maybe have to invest in the whole line, but youre getting a better formula.

How To Use New Keranique Regrow Kit Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Ingredients List Keranique Hair Ingredients

The ingredients contained in Keranique Regrowth Treatment will bring your hair follicles back to life, making them stronger than ever to get your hair growing again.

And if you treat your hair twice a day with this treatment then you will get back the healthy and rich hair youve been longing for.

  • Biotin This can help treat weak hair and improve the keratin infrastructure, Biotin deficiency may result in hair loss. It helps us keep a young, attractive appearance since it plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair.
  • Propyleneglycol It is a moisture holding ingredients which along helps keep the hydrology of the scalp at check over dehydration and desiccation.
  • Alcohol Water and moisture provisioned.
  • Pure water Hydration

Advantages of the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

  • Certified ingredients FDA Approved
  • Moisturize hair and give it a glossy appearance
  • Boost your natural hair care routine
  • Regrow Thicker,Longer, Stronger,Healthier Hair!

Keranique risk free trial is your chance to judge this product you can order the product online for 30-day risk free trial. You will also be able to order the other products in the kit, such as the shampoo that nourishes hair and scalp and helps manage tangles.

One product that women have found to be very effective is the mousse. It contains keratin amino acids which moisturize hair and give it a glossy appearance.


A Quick Overview: About Keranique

If you dont know what Keranique is, read this short post to get you acquainted with its line of hair care products.

Basically, the well-established brand, based in New Jersey, markets a range of as-seen-on-tv products for men and women with thinning hair . The most popular combination is the full hair regrowth system.

This system contains:

  • Lift and repair treatment spray
  • Hair regrowth treatment

Since these kits are advertised in infomercials, Keranique has a distinctly salesy approach with lots of before and after photos and incentives like free trial periods.

Still, the Keranique hair regrowth system has clocked up quite a bit of credibility over the years and is a firm favourite in professional salons. One of the reasons canny marketing aside is that it has science on its side.

LA Says: Keranique contains 2% Minoxidil, an FDA-approved formula for combatting hair loss and encouraging regrowth. But the results that this can lead to arent always positive, which well be exploring more in this post.

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Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Ingredients Are They Safe & Effective

The scalp is among the great determiners of the hair regrowth & regeneration. Therefore, actually, this supplement is directly applied to the scalp on the affected area through which it has always had a very fast penetration to the reaching the hair follicles, which are the base for hair growth.

Therefore, Minoxidil, which is among the main components of this product works on a one on one basis affection of the phases of growth curves and timelines. It by increasing the quality and the service timeline of the anagen phase, the product then contributes to defining how longer or nearer the progressive hair development is enjoyed. Among the active ingredients includes:

  • Minoxidil Increases the anagen phase of hair development.
  • Propyleneglycol It is a moisture holding ingredients which along helps keep the hydrology of the scalp at check over dehydration and desiccation.
  • Alcohol Water and moisture provisioned.
  • Pure water Hydration

Three Keranique Lift And Repair Treatment Spray

Keranique Hair Regrowth System  30 Days

This promotes to be a combination treatment and a styling product that adds lift and style to a womans hair while protecting the hair.

It is said to be a unique heat activated spray. It should protect the hair against damage from styling tools and environmental factors, infuse the hair with the proprietary Keratin Amino Complex, repair damaged hair, restore shine and ultimately create a support system for a touchable hair volume.

According to my research and findings, a third party clinical study is said to have proven that this formula gives 24 hour frizz control and amends 96% of split ends by sealing the hair shaft.

More details below!

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Talk To Your Healthcare Provider

Sometimes, hair thinning is caused by physical health issues, such as nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress or polycystic ovary syndrome .

If you think you might be shedding hair or developing female pattern hair loss due to a health issue, its important to talk to your healthcare provider.

This type of hair loss often improves when you treat the underlying condition. Your healthcare provider may be able to use testing to identify the root cause of your hair loss and suggest an appropriate form of treatment.

My Thoughts The Jurys Out

Ive heard some great feedback from friends about Keranqiue. And Ive seen first-hand how it promotes glossy, healthy locks. But because I havent used it as a hair regrowth product yet I cant say for certain whether or not it will work.

I also dont love the many complaints and negative reviews that the company has clocked up thanks to its auto-renew policy basically, you get a free 30-day trial and in doing so, agree to have subsequent products auto-shipped at a much higher price.

So although Id normally recommend buying through the manufacturers site, if youre wary of their auto-ship process, you might be better off going through a trusted online retailer.

For instance, you could instead but just make sure to avoid scams by ensuring the retailer has good reviews.

Still, if you can get on board with the cheesy marketing, the somewhat spurious claims that its designed exclusively for womens unique body chemistry and the reservations around its auto-ship policy, I think its well worth a go.

It has to be its won so many awards and is a salon favourite for a reason!

Let me know how you get on.

Lady Alopecia xxx

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The Bottom Line: Is Keranique Worth It

For those looking to regrow their thinning hair, Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment does contain minoxidil, which has been proven to work, even in cases of hereditary baldness.

However, minoxidil has been approved by the FDA for almost two decades and is readily available in many other products that might provide the same benefits as Keranique, but at a lower cost and without auto-ship enrollment.

From a hair growth standpoint, you might be better off buying something with a 5% concentration of minoxidil than Keranique, which has just 2%. Clinical trials find this higher concentration to be more effective against the symptoms of hair loss.

If your only goal is to regrow your hair, we suggest looking elsewhere than Keranique. Otherwise, youre spending money on more than you need.

We recommend purchasing from Keranique if the full product line appeals to you. Youll likely have a positive experience, similar to the majority of reviewers.

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Hair Health And Looks

Keranique 90Day Hair Regrowth Kit Lift Repair Included

Its important that your hair doesnt fall out anymore and that it feels healthy, but its also very important that it looks good in the process. Who wants to have constantly greasy and completely dry hair every day as long as youre getting treatment?

Hair Health and Looks Keranique

This shampoo will nourish your hair, but it will also deep cleanse it all volumize it, which means that it will be looking elegant and rich in the process. The soft and silky result will help you achieve your low-effort get ready vibe. Were rating it 4/5 because you will get drier hair with long use.

Hair Health and Looks Nioxin

The Nioxin shampoo will clean your hair as well. It will make it look thicker when new follicles grow, but youre not going to get that volume during use. This means that youll have to put in a bit more effort into your hair on daily. Were going to rate it 2/5 because it does a great job with the hairs health, but the looks are not so good during the treatment.

Hair health and looks winner

Keranique won in this section! Thats 1:0 for Keranique.

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Keranique Promotions & Discounts

This Keranique hair regrowth review found multiple ways for customers to save money right now:

  • 1-month supply of Keraniques best-selling Regrowth System on sale for $49.95
  • Sitewide sale and free US shipping under the Keranique Birthday Sale
  • 50% off their Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Hair Mask and Anti-Breakage Brush & Detangling Comb

Follow the brief steps below when youre ready to try Keranique:

1. Visit the Keranique product catalog on their website or call customer service at 1-800-504-4753

2. Use this Keranique hair regrowth review as a guide for choosing which products are right for you

3. Check for discounts and special sales

4. Decide if you want to sign up for a 3-month supply of the product, sent to you every 90 days, on a monthly payment schedule

5. Add your desired items to your Keranique cart

6. Place your order

Keranique Hair Regrowth Reviews

This product is awesome! I was struggling with traction alopecia from wearing weaves non stop for years, I began wearing wigs to give my edges a break and used this twice a day and within 2 months the hair was back.

I purchased this product for my mother who lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Her hair was starting to come back but was extremely thin in the top . We could see dramatic results within the first 2 weeks. Everyone is amazed at her hair growth within the first month. She now has a full head of hair!!!

Ive been experiencing on and off hair loss for the past 10+ years. After having my second baby though the hair loss became scary to the point where I would find bald patches!!!! I was horrified! I finally gave in to try Keranique system. Lo and BEHOLD, the smaller bald patch disappeared after 4-6 months of continued use. I am currently using it on another loss area and seeing new hair growing in.

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Other Keranique Hair Products

Best For: Hair strengthening for thinning hair

Keranique Shampoo for Hair loss Benefits:

  • Promotes scalp microcirculation
  • Protects the hair against cuticle damage, nourishes and rejuvenates the hair follicles, and helps strengthen & thicken hair

Pros: Sulfate-free and paraben-free

Cons: Takes time to see results, and contains chlorphenesin which can cause skin irritation

Keranique Scalp Stimulation Shampoo:

Another product from Keranique best for thinning hair is the Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo. Its infused with biotin to help nourish thinning hair strands and hydrolyzed keratin that coats and protects hair from damage. Aside from these two, the Keranique shampoo contains natural ingredients like peppermint oil and ginseng that stimulate the scalp and promote new hair growth.

Although filled with powerful hair stimulating ingredients, the Keranique Scalp Stimulation Shampoo is a gentle shampoo. It has a sulfate-free and paraben-free formula that is suitable for daily use. It is also suitable for all types of hair and comes in a minty smell that both men and women will love.

Other Keranique Shampoo Ingredients:

Aside from these two, the Keranique shampoo contains other ingredients like:

How often should you wash your hair with Keranique?

Bottomline: A lot of users love the Keranique shampoo for its powerful hair growth benefits and gentle hair cleansing formula. To maximize your hair growth, use it along with the Keranique Hair Treatment Serum.

Keranique Vs Viviscal: Which Is Better For Hair Loss


Both Keranique and Viviscal offer several products for hair loss like vitamins, serum, hair spray, shampoo, and conditioner. While Keranique contains minoxidil and powerful hair growth ingredients, Viviscal is a better choice for its natural ingredients and clinically proven formula. In fact, a lot of dermatologists recommend Viviscal for their patients suffering from hair loss and alopecia.

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Keranique For Women Hair Regrowth Treatment

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jan 31, 2022.

Dosage form: liquidIngredients: MINOXIDIL 20mg in 1mLLabeler: Pure Source, LLC

KERANIQUE For Women Hair Regrowth Treatment KERANIQUE For Women Hair Regrowth TreatmentActive ingredient

to regrow hair on the scalp


Flammable: Keep away from fire or flame

Do not use if

  • your degree of hair loss is different than that shown on the side of this carton, because this product may not work for you
  • you have no family history of hair loss
  • your hair loss is sudden and/or patchy
  • your hair loss is associated with childbirth
  • you do not know the reason for your hair loss
  • you are under 18 years of age. Do not use on babies and children.
  • your scalp is red, inflamed, infected, irritated, or painful
  • you use other medicines on the scalp

Ask a doctor before use if you have

heart disease

When using this product

  • do not apply on other parts of the body
  • avoid contact with the eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with large amounts of cool tap water.
  • some people have experienced changes in hair color and/or texture
  • It takes time to regrow hair. You may need to use this product 2 times a day for at least 4 months before you see results.
  • the amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. This product will not work for everyone.

Stop use and ask a doctor ifMay be harmful if used when pregnant or breast-feeding.Keep out of reach of children.DirectionsOther InformationInactive ingredientsQuestions or comments?

Change Your Habits And Lifestyle

Using the right hair care products is just one part of preventing damaged hair. You can also cut down on hair shedding and promote the growth of thicker hair by making the following changes to your hair care habits and lifestyle:

  • Limiting stress. Stress can cause hair loss. More specifically, it can trigger a form of hair shedding called telogen effluvium. Try to limit your exposure to stressful people, situations or anything else that causes you to feel anxious or worried.

  • Being careful with heat treatments. Anything that heats up your hair can potentially damage it, causing breakage and thinning. Be careful when using a hair dryer, curling iron or straightener. Use these tools infrequently and stick to the lowest heat settings.

  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Hair shedding can often occur as a result of crash dieting or nutritional deficiencies. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that provides your body with the macronutrients and micronutrients it needs for optimal hair growth.

  • Use hair growth supplements. Numerous supplements can stimulate hair growth and keep your hair healthy. Try adding our Multivitamin Gummies, which contain biotin and niacin, to your daily hair care routine.

Our guide to thickening your hair shares other techniques that you can use to keep your hair in optimal condition.

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