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What Is Microneedling For Hair Loss

Clinical Trials On Microneedling For Hair Loss

Microneedling / Derma Rolling for Hair Regrowth

A study on the effect of microneedling on male-pattern baldness found better regrowth of hair in people who used microneedle treatments in conjunction with Minoxidil gained 91.4 hairs. Those who used only Minoxidil only saw 22.2 hairs. The findings were also corroborated in another study of women with hair loss conditions such as telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. Researchers concluded that a combination of microneedling and a topical treatment can stimulate better hair growth than the topical lotion alone.

A topical treatment is useful only if its active ingredients can penetrate through the exterior layer of the scalp known as stratum corneum. In micro needling, thousands of micro-perforations are created through the stratum corneum, allowing the topical solution to deeply penetrate the scalp, and delivers better results.

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Microneedling For Hair Growth

Male Pattern Baldness , also known as androgenetic alopecia, results in nearly 95% of hair loss in men. Studies show that by the age of 35, nearly two-thirds of American men will suffer from some degree of hair loss, and by the age of 55, nearly 85% of men will have significant thinning. As a result, we have a variety of options to treat hair loss using conventional methods – minoxidil and finasteride – but not everyone is a good candidate to hair loss medication. A growing number of people also avoid taking minoxidil and/or finasteride due to the possible side effects it can inflict. As a result, some people have sought different unconventional methods, one of which is microneedling.

In this post, I will explain the benefits of microneedling and how you can incorporate it into your weekly hair treatment regimen to stimulate hair growth!

I will also cover various research studies which show that microneedling for hair loss treatment is effective especially one study that proves that microneedling in conjunction with minoxidil 5% results in 4x more effective hair re-growth! Towards the end, I will also explain the importance of microneedling your scalp properly to avoid and prevent any damage that might happen to the scalp.

What exactly is Microneedling?

According to this study, hair growth induced by microneedling the scalp involves the following mechanism:

2. Activation of stem cells in the hair bulge area under wound healing conditions which is caused by a derma roller.

What About Other Microneedling Devices

You may have researched microneedling devices and seen products on Amazon or Alibaba that look like the real deal, but for some reason, are only two dollars. These are knock-offs. When purchasing a microneedling device, it is best to pay a little more money for the reliability of some of the name brands. These devices are produced in a sterile environment, are inspected for quality, and are medical grade. The same cannot be said for cheap imitations, and they may not be safe to use. Some name brands are available on Amazon, so doing your research and reading reliable reviews is key.

Cutting edge devices are also constantly in the works, including combining microneedling devices with radiofrequency . These devices cost roughly $1,300 to $1,700 USD and they work by using both microneedling and by emitting tiny radio waves, heating up the structures underneath the skin and coaxing them to form new collagen and elastin. Their role in hair growth is still being studied, but this combination has shown success in skin.

Another device being developed is known as DermaFrac. The devices themselves cost between $5,000 to over $11,000 USD! Treatments using this machine at a spa or clinic that operates one however cost around 225 USD. They work by administering a combination of microneedling, microdermabrasion, serum infusion, and LED light therapy! This allows for a great deal of individualization in treatment, as serums can be adjusted for skin type and desired effect.

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What Are The Safety Precautions That You Need To Take

The most important safety precautions to take before performing microneedling are sterilizing the needles and cleaning the area of injections to avoid infections of your scalp. You should also avoid using too much force when rolling the device as this can lead to dermis or scalp damage.

If you notice any bleeding after microneedling, do not panic. It is a common thing that requires proper clean-up.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Microneedling for hair loss

There’s evidence that stress and hair loss are linked, so if you’re experiencing hair loss, you might want to consider the sources of your stress. Incorporating meditation, a quick afternoon walk, or a little stretching into your daily routine are proven ways to reduce overall stress. When your body doesn’t have to maintain a constant state of flight or flight, it’s able to focus on the important things, like hair regrowth.

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Microneedling Healing And Risks

Some things to think about before deciding to try it:

Itâs not a quick fix. It takes time to notice a difference. Thatâs because your body is healing itself. Most people need a few treatments before they see any change.

Healing time. It may take days or weeks to heal, depending on how deep the needles pierce your skin.

Pain and redness. You may have some minor pain after the procedure, and your skin may be red for a few days.

Peeling. Your skin may feel tight and flake a bit while it heals.

Bruising and bleeding. Thereâs usually no bleeding during microneedling. But deep microneedling treatments may cause the skin to bleed or bruise.

Possible scarring. Microneedling isnât a good idea for people whoâve had keloids, scars that look like large bubbles on the skin. It could make the condition worse.

Infection. Microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin, which could let germs enter, especially if the equipment isnât cleaned well. But the risk of infection is very low. If youâre healthy, an infection from microneedling is unlikely.

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure, so insurance doesnât cover it. Your doctor will tell you how many treatments you need, and give you an idea of how much theyâll cost.

How Often To Microneedle For Hair Loss

Experts recommend starting off microneedling the scalp once a week for the first month, then twice a week for the second month. After that, you can switch to microneedling just once a month for overall maintenance.

Listen to your scalp, and if your scalp seems irritated or it is still healing from using too much pressure previously, do not microneedle that day. If you canât seem to get it right, go see a professional for microneedling treatments.

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Is The Cost Of Prp Micro

Hair loss is a sad reality that many people in the world have to face. However, with innovations and improvements in the medical industry, hair loss does not have to be permanent. PRP micro-needling is a medical procedure that works wonders for hair loss. This begs the question of what the cost of PRP micro-needling for hair loss is.

Hair thinning and straight-up loss is usually a result of the natural ageing process. However, it is not uncommon for people to lose their hair prematurely. This may lead to a loss of confidence and may even make some feel embarrassed. Quite fortunately, PRP micro-needling for hair loss is a treatment that benefits both men and women.

Whether your hair loss is hereditary, due to ageing or a medical condition, you dont have to remain self-conscious for life. Our PRP micro-needling hair loss treatment is safe and, more importantly, very effective.

However, we may as well tell you now PRP micro-needling does not come very cheap. But, you can think of the expense as an investment in your body as treatment results are often incredible.

If youre considering PRP micro-needling to combat your hair loss, there are probably several questions on your mind.

Perhaps youre asking, What is the price of PRP micro-needling hair loss treatment? or Is PRP micro-needling for hair loss worth it? While we can just say a resounding Yes! and let things be, well instead help you see things for yourself.

What Is Prp Micro

MicroNeedling for Hair Loss: Treatment Tips | Online MicroNeedling Training

The first thing you should know about PRP micro-needling for hair loss the PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. This platelet-rich plasma describes a very concentrated group of human blood cells that can promote healing and cellular growth.

This is because the plasma contains stem cells and growth factors that work wonders for other sections. They promote tissue repair, collagen growth, and, of course, healthy cell production.

Therefore, PRP micro-needling for hair loss is a non-surgical treatment during which your doctor will extract platelet-rich plasma from your blood and inject them into the necessary areas of your scalp. The procedure has proved to be quite effective for both age-related hair loss and alopecia areata .

Now heres the science that guides the treatment. You see, platelets are cells in your body that help with blood clotting and healing. Plasma, on the other hand, is the liquid that moves the platelets around, alongside red and white blood cells.

When the PRP goes in your scalp, it increases blood flow to your hair follicle and prolongs your hair cycles anagen phase. This then promotes new hair growth.

Typically, there are three stages to a PRP micro-needling for hair loss treatment:

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Why You Should See A Professional For Microneedling

To prevent infection and ensure you’re achieving the correct needle depth to encourage new hair growth, you should see an expert with experience using microneedling for hair regeneration. While it will cost more than doing it at home , the potential damage of DIY microneedling at home is far too risky.

Here’s why you should go ahead and book an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician for microneedling:

Derma Roller For Hair Growth Benefits Sizes Uses Faqs

  • Blog
  • Derma Roller for Hair Growth Benefits, Sizes, Uses, FAQs | Man Matters
  • Derma rollers really work. It can solve hair loss and regrow your lost hair and there are results to prove it. Find out how in this article.


    If youre wondering whether lost hair can grow back or whether hair grows back after balding, you need to read this.

    Derma roller is the new trend to solve hair loss and the regrowth of hair, and there are results to prove it.

    Derma rollers are medical devices that need to be used with care and handled hygienically.

    Derma rollers really work for your hair growth. Find out how in this article.

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    What Are Growth Factors

    Im sure youve heard this time and time again but the outward appearance of our skin is really just a direct reflection of whats happening down below the surface. Your body is bound to age over time. With some of the most common signs of getting up there being fine lines/wrinkles, loss of elasticity, hair thinning, and uneven skin tone. The average patient is immediately drawn to Botox and Fillers to minimize their lines and wrinkles but what they may NOT know is there is a far less invasive option. Que Derma Rolling and Growth Factors!

    So lets get technical here for a minute. Growth factors are large proteins that float between cells communicating crucial messages relevant to growth, healing, and survival. Growth factors are manufactured by all types of cells. In the skin, this includes those comprising both the outermost epidermal layer and in the deeper dermis. Im talking about the keratinocytes, , and the fibroblasts and melanocytes nestled beneath. Then when these proteins bind to receptors on the cell surfaces, they send off commands to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

    Derma rolling with growth factors will not only remove the outer layer of skin but it has an additional kick to encourage healing and skin growth. A win win, especially for an increase in hair growth after dealing with hair-thinning and hair-loss!

    How Does Microneedling With A Derma Roller Work

    Microneedling: A Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

    Researchers in the mouse study collected blood samples from treated mice and found that the derma roller application increased expression of cellular growth signaling compounds such as Wnt3a, -catenin, VEGF, and Wnt10b.

    In addition to increasing the expression of certain growth factors, microneedling may work to increase the bioavailability of certain topical treatments. This makes sense as the inflammation and trauma to the scalp after microneedling will make it more porous to active ingredients of topical treatments like minoxidil and DHT blockers.

    In conclusion, microneedling could help to increase hair loss in men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Since derma roller devices are relatively inexpensive and the risks are low if no bleeding is caused, it may be worth adding microneedling with a derma roller to your skincare routine.

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    Is There Any Side Affects With Micro Needling

    All types of micro needling are minimally invasive and most patients experience mild to no pain and discomfort. Most people report that the process feels like tiny pinpricks on the skin with a fleeting pain.

    While skin may initially appear inflamed, this is just the bodys natural reaction and any redness will usually calm down between 24 and 48 hours after treatment. You may also notice some bruising but this will fade shortly after each session.

    Potential Side Effects And Complications

    As microneedling involves intentional wounding, there is always the risk of complications and adverse effects.

    The most common side effects include redness, tingling and irritation, bruising, and even oozing from the wounds. Redness and inflammation are very common. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, they should subside after 5-10 days.

    Certain patient populations should not perform microneedling without proper medical supervision. These include:

    • pregnant women
    • people with hemophilia or other conditions that inhibit healing
    • patients on blood thinners or similar medications
    • people with acne, eczema or any other skin condition

    Regardless of which device you use, over time the needles will become blunt. When that happens, you should dispose of them and replace them with a new device .

    Finally, never share your dermaroller with anyone else.

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    Evidence For Microneedling And Hair Loss

    There have been several studies on the effectiveness of microneedling treatment of androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness.

    For instance, a 12-week 2013 randomized study of 100 men in Mumbai was the first to examine the hair growth results of microneedling in humans.

    Previously, researchers had seen promising results in mice. In this study, half of the participants were given minoxidil and the other half underwent microneedling procedures once per week, with the topical treatment minoxidil.

    According to the researchers, participants who used microneedling in conjunction with minoxidil saw greater hair count changes and overall patient satisfaction. Eight months after the study, the participants still showed positive results.

    A similar study several years later also showed promising results.

    This 2018 study recruited 68 men and split them into two groups. The first group used minoxidil hair growth treatment twice daily, and the second used minoxidil twice daily and underwent weekly microneedling.

    Study participants in the microneedling group experienced greater hair growth and satisfaction.

    However, the researchers noted the results were not cosmetically significant.

    In other words, the men didnt walk away with a full head of healthy hair, or anything close to.

    The results of their six month microneedling period were positive three patients reported satisfaction greater than 75 percent, and the fourth greater than 50 percent.


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