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What To Do If You Have Thin Hair

Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Hair Care : How to Tell If Your Hair Is Thinning

Today, there are many fantastic shampoos available for men with thinning hair. Designed to nourish hair and encourage growth, these products can be highly beneficial for those with sparse strands. In particular, shampoos that contain blockers for DHT can be highly useful for preventing the thinning of hair. Additionally, selecting products that are as natural as possible is also ideal.

When To See A Doctor For Thinning Hair

Although its common to lose hair throughout the day, its a good idea to speak with your doctor if youre losing more than 100 hairs per day.

You should also talk with your doctor if youre worried about persistent hair loss or a receding hairline, or if you notice sudden patchy hair loss. Patches of hair loss could signify an underlying medical condition.

You Have Low Iron Levels

The American Academy of Dermatology also says that not getting enough iron into your diet can lead to unwanted hair loss, too.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute , iron-deficiency anemia occurs when you don’t have enough iron in your bodythe symptoms of which include fatigue, tiredness, shortness of breath, or chest pain. To help remedy this, your doctor might suggest iron supplements or other healthy lifestyle choices, like increasing your intake of both iron- and vitamin-C rich foods.

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Wash Your Hair Less Often

African hair is naturally dry and brittle, which is why it is important to wash your hair less frequently to avoid stripping the minimal moisture that you have. Try to limit your washes to once or twice a week. If you live in a very dry climate, you may have to wash your hair even less frequently than that. Do the opposite if you sweat a lot or live in a humid area.

When you do wash your hair, avoid using hot water. Hot water strips away the moisture and oils from your hair and scalp, which causes hair follicles to break easier. It might be uncomfortable to shower with cold or lukewarm water, but the level of protection it gives your hair is worth it. Learn more about black hair for beginners here.

When To See A Doctor

14 things you should avoid if you have thinning hair

In most cases, thinning hair is not linked with overall health problems. If a person is concerned about hair loss, or if it affects their mental well-being, they can see a doctor.

If a person loses a lot of hair with no known cause, they should see their doctor. This is especially important if they have recently made dietary changes or started taking supplements.

The doctor may recommend that a person sees a skin specialist, or dermatologist, to determine the best ways to treat thinning hair.

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Understand What Causes Balding

In order to properly treat balding, it is important to understand why you are losing hair in the first place.

While the most common cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness, there are other potential conditions to make note of when considering why your hair falls out. Some of these include:

Medical Conditions

  • Thyroid conditions: Severe thyroid disorders like Hashimotos Disease can cause hair loss. However, if this is the cause, you will likely experience other symptoms, like fatigue or weight gain.

  • Malnutrition. Severe malnutrition, especially in protein, can result in hair changes. However, this cause is unlikely without extremely low intake of calories and protein.

  • Alopecia areata. This condition causes hair loss in small, typically unnoticeable patches. Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles

  • Telogen effluvium. This is a temporary type of hair loss often caused by very stressful, anxiety inducing or traumatic events, hospitalization, or even certain side effects of medication. It can be confused with permanent hair loss, but it is reversible.

  • Tinea capitis. This condition is a fungal infection on the scalp that causes small, scaly spots and pustules on the scalp. Tinea capitis, if left untreated, can lead to hair loss from permanent scarring.

Other Causes Of Hair Loss

  • Excessive styling with harsh products

Underlying Causes For Hair Loss

Numerous problems can trigger female hair loss. Some are external, such as taking certain medications, frequently wearing hairstyles that pull the hair too tight, or even a stressful event such as surgery. In other cases, thinning hair is triggered by something going on inside the body for instance, a thyroid problem, a shift in hormones, a recent pregnancy, or an inflammatory condition.

Hair loss may also be genetic. The most common genetic condition is known as female-pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia. Women with this condition might notice a widening of the part at the top of the head, often beginning when a woman is in her 40s or 50s. You might experience this if you inherit certain genes from one or both parents. Hormonal shifts that occur during menopause may also spur it.

Another trigger for hair loss in women is an inflammatory condition affecting the scalp. That might be eczema, psoriasis, or a condition called frontal fibrosing alopecia, which typically causes scarring and hair loss sometimes permanent at the front of the scalp above the forehead.

Other common causes of hair loss include overuse of damaging hair products, or tools such as dryers and other devices that heat the hair. Underlying illness, autoimmune conditions such as lupus, nutritional deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances may also cause hair to shed.

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How Can I Get Thick Hair Fast

You probably know by now that there is no magical hair growth oil or natural remedy that’ll make it easy to growing your strands longer or thicker overnight. But what do you do when you have an event, like, tomorrow and need some help ASAP? You use the below tried-and-true tips that are approved by this flat-haired girl right here.

Wash Your Hairwith The Right Shampoo

Do These things if you have fine/thinning hair.

Forget what youve been told about dirty hair being the secret to volume. Yes, this is the third time we’re talking about washing your hair, but it’s important! Kingsley stresses that frequent cleansing not only helps to keep your scalp healthy to support hair growth, but it also removes excess oils at the roots, which is “especially important for fine or thinning hair, as it easily gets weighed down, Kingsley says.

Plus, skipping out on shampooing too oftenor relying on a constant stream of dry shampooing insteadcan also lead to a flaky scalp, says Kingsely, “which can exacerbate hair loss. Don’t know which shampoo to use? Look for words like “volumizing” or “thickening” on the label, and you usually can’t go wrong.

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You’re Getting Too Much Vitamin A

Overdoing vitamin A-containing supplements or medications can trigger hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Just FYI: The Daily Value for vitamin A is 5,000 International Units per day for adults and kids over age 4 supplements can contain 2,500 to 10,000 IU. So any more than that and you could risk some strands falling out.

The good news: This is also a reversible cause of hair loss, and once the excess vitamin A is halted, hair should start growing normally again.

Hair Style: The Big Sexy

For a more naturally unkempt look:

  • Start by curling your hair with a large-barreled curling iron. I personally use Babyliss Pro Professional with the extra-large barrel curling tong.
  • Next, deconstruct the curls with your hairdryer to give it that relaxed messiness.
  • For hairspray, I use Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray,which makes my hair look much raunchier and bed-heady for that sexy-messy look.
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    How To Choose The Best Hair Color For Thinning Hair

    Thinning hair happens to the best of us. In some instances, theres not much we can do about it in those cases, it might be a curse of genetics.

    But there are products that can reverse thinning hair, as well as other products like powders or sprays or fibers to color and hide scalp. Hairstylists and colorists know that a professionally applied hair color can do wonders to disguise thinning and give hair much-needed dimension and volume. So what is the best hair color for thin hair? With a little guidance, its easy to find the best color for fine, thin hair.

    One of the most tried and true methods of masking your thinning hair is to get a great dye job and embrace the change. Many people have lots of fun with it they choose wacky colors, an asymmetrical cut, or try the outlandish hairstyle theyve always wanted. When you know your hair is thinning, you might as well get creative and have a blast with it! Choosing the best hair color for thinning hair doesnt have to be difficult ultimately, its going to be a matter of preference.

    Use A Thread Or Your Fingers To Find Out Your True Texture


    Haircare brand Schwarzkopf has a trick to figuring out your hair’s thickness. Grab your nearest sewing thread, pluck a single strand of your hair , and compare the two substances. If the strand of your hair is wider than the tread, your hair is thick. If it is more narrow, your hair is fine. If it is the same width, then your hair is somewhere in between, or medium.

    However, if you’re not the biggest fan of ripping out your follicles, you can still test your hair’s thickness while keeping it attached to your head. Simply roll a single strand around your fingers. If you can’t feel or see it, your hair is thin. If you can minimally feel it, your hair is somewhere in between. If you can definitely feel a rough, dry texture, then your hair is likely thick .

    Another way to determine if you have thick or thin hair is to pay attention to its texture. Thin hair tends to be smooth to the touch, making it fall out of ponytails more easily. It may have a hard time holding a curl and is more prone to looking limp or greasy between washes. On the other hand, thicker hair tangles more easily and takes more effort to dry.

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    Can You Measure Hair Loss

    Yes. Doctors use the Savin scale. It ranges from normal hair density to a bald crown, which is rare. The scale helps document female pattern baldness, a condition your doctor might call androgenic alopecia. You probably know it as male pattern baldness, but it affects about 30 million American women. Experts think genes and aging play a role, along with the hormonal changes of menopause. Your hair could thin all over, with the greatest loss along the center of the scalp.

    The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Fine Hair:

    Fortunately, hair extensions have become a bit of a fashion staple in recent years so is a fantastic option for people with thin, fine hair. Much like makeup, hair extensions have become a popular hair accessory to enhance the natural beauty of your hair and not in any way used to cover or hide your delicate locks. According to recent research, roughly 35% of women use hair extensions on a regular basis and a whopping 93% are considering using them. They are a convenient and fashionable way to add natural-looking volume to your hair without having to style it using chemical-filled products and heat

    The instant thickness hair extensions can provide however is dependent on finding the right type of hair extensions for thin, fine hair.

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    You’ve Been Super Stressed Or Ill

    Stress or illness can cause hair lossit’s a process known as telogen effluvium, or the excessive shedding of hair induced by stress, Michelle Henry, MD, a dermatologist based in New York, previously told Health.

    “Our bodies perceive mental stress the same way it perceives physical stress, and any dramatic stressor on the body can cause hair growth to become arrested,” Dr. Henry said. “And when hair growth is arrested, it sheds.” Specifically, when the body is stressed it released the hormone cortisol, which can then affect the hair follicle and result in shedding or hair loss. That shedding typically occurs at least three months following a stressful event, Angelo Landriscina, MD, a Washington, DC-based dermatologist, previously told Health.

    Of course, preventing stress is the easiest way to help prevent stress-induced hair lossbut that’s not always an easy thing to do. If you experience hair loss of any kind, it’s wise to check in with your dermatologist. Should they determine that your hair loss is stress-related, your derm may recommend a treatment called minoxidil, a vasodilator that improves circulation around the hair bulb at the base of the hair follicle, to help grow hair back that you’ve lost. Also important: having patience and allowing time for hair growth.

    What Are The Safest Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

    How to INSTANTLY Make Your Locs THICKER | For Thin Hair Types

    In the age of filters and apps that make people beautiful no matter what they actually look like, we tend to have very high expectations towards our own bodies. So naturally, we do everything to get as close to our ideal look as possible, but theres one thing thats quite tricky to get right: hair. Amazing, Instagram-worthy hair might seem like the prerogative of thick-haired beauties and an unattainable goal for people with thin hair. Thankfully, this is far from being accurate!

    Thin hair has its advantages like being quick to dry and easy to manage but if you love the glamorous locks and voluminous dos of movie stars and Instagram influencers, you might want a little help in the hair department.

    Installing hair extensions can be a great solution to your problem, but you need to be careful: not all extensions might suit your hair type.

    First of all, keep in mind that you are not simply looking to add length but also increase your volume, and make it look as natural as possible. In other words, you want to look like you were born with thick, luscious hair, and if your extensions give your tons of extra length but not much volume, your hair will look everything but natural.

    If your main goal is to create elaborate hairstyles like updos, braids, or half buns, then you need to make sure that your hair extension seams are virtually invisible. Otherwise, you will be stuck with the same one or two hairstyles for months on end.

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