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What’s The Best Styling Product For Thinning Hair

How We Selected The Best Products For Thinning Hair

Best Products For Fine To Thinning Hair | Men’s Hair

When selecting products for hair growth, we spoke with dermatologists and spent hours combing the web for the best and most effective products. After taking all of our options into consideration, we determined which to feature based on a few key criteria as recommended by dermatologists: key ingredients, form, and lifestyle habits.

Once we narrowed down our options, we compared each treatment’s benefits to its price tag. While some choices on our list may be more expensive, we wanted to give a wide range of options that would fit all needs and budgets. Based on all of these factors, we compiled this list of the best OTC hair growth treatments.

Best Styling Products For Short Fine Hair After Bleaching

I have lost many hours playing around with my pixie cut, experimenting with different ways to style it, and working my way through hundreds of products to find a whole host of favorites along the way. As someone with bleached and over-processed hair, my goal is to maintain as much health in my hair as possible while looking fabulous. In this article, I share some of the best styling products for short fine hair and explain how you can use them.

Products For Thin Hair

Hair goals for thin hair likely involve lift and fullness. Stylist Miguel Luis of New York City-based Rita Hazan Salon is a fan of using a duo of a thickener like the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray and a volumizer like the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray. “I use the thickening spray on damp hair at the root to create lift and the finishing spray on dry hair to add overall fullness to the style,” he says. An important part of Luis’s method: flipping the head over when using the finishing spray. “If I forget, trust me, my clients will remind me,” he says.

You can also opt for a texturizing product to add body, but he warns that overtexturizing can create clumping and thinner-looking hair, so less is more. Also, check the ingredient list on your products. “For styling thin hair, I recommend light products with the least oil possible,” says stylist Fabian Lliguin, cofounder of Rahua. Note that if you’re going to use a bunch of styling products regularly, it may be a good idea to enlist a clarifying shampoo like the Nunzio Saviano Detox Hair & Scalp Gentle Shampoo weekly to remove buildup.

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The Best Dry Shampoo Powder For Thinning Hair

If you hair doesnt get oily quickly, you may not need to shampoo daily. On the days you dont wash, you will want to give your rinsed and dried hair a little extra volume, which is where dry shampoo comes in: It soaks up any excess grease that has accumulated between washes and that otherwise hinders your hairs stylability. The result is more volume, which makes your hair look fuller and thicker. It often comes as a texturizing spray, or is mixed into styler, as seen above with Hanz de Fuko and R+Co. In the case of Alder New York, its a sprinkle-on powder. Simply target the roots, give it a good mixing-in, and watch your hair rise to the occasion.

Best Laser Cap: Lasercap The Original Lasercap Kit

Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair to Make Hair Look Thicker


  • Takes time to see results

Laser therapy is another route that you can consider to address hair loss and thinning. The LaserCap is an FDA-cleared product that addresses the regrowth of hair for men and women by using prescription-strength lasers that promote regrowth. The red light produces Low-Level-Laser Therapy , which is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth for both men and women when used. The cap is portable, making it easy to take the cap with you if youre traveling. It also doesnt require using chemicals or medications to promote growth.

The company recommends wearing the laser for 30 minutes every other day for best results, and warn that it can take up to six months of consistent usage to start seeing results.

Type: Laser cap | Frequency of Use: Daily

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A Batiste Dry Shampoo Which’ll Effortlessly Add Some Volume To Your Hair While It Masks The Greasy Build

Because it stimulates your scalp and improves circulation, this nifty little tool is also a beast at helping with hair growth .

Promising review: “I have been using this for about three weeks now and I LOVE it. It feels amazing! I haven’t changed my shampoo or anything, but my hair definitely has more volume…like my roots are standing up or something! I don’t know exactly what is happening, but I am all for it.” Lsn1986

Get it from Amazon for $6.98+ .

Best Conditioner: Baebody Argan Oil Conditioner


  • Best paired with other products to stimulate growth

Address damaged and thinning hair with the Baebody Argan Oil Conditioner. The vitamin E-rich formula can help strengthen and repair hair that is damaged from things like hair dyeing and the use of heat products. The argan oil also helps strengthen your locks while combining with shea butter to bring moisture back into the hair shaft. For best use, squeeze excess water from the hair and then apply the conditioner from the mid-length down to the ends of the hair. It is recommended to leave the product in for two to three minutes before rinsing out.

The conditioner is not only rich in strengthening and moisturizing ingredients, but it is also paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free. We especially love this product because despite being hydrating and moisturizing, it doesn’t leave a heavy, greasy feel to on thin hair after usage.

Type: Conditioner | Frequency of Use: Once daily | Key Ingredients: Argan oil, vitamin E

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Best Hair Dryer: Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer


Sometimes addressing hair loss requires fully transforming your hair routine, and that can include replacing your hair dryer with a more natural option. The Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer has transformed how you should think about using hair dryers. Instead of using hot air to dry your lockswhich can end up creating dry ends and breakagelike other hot tools, the tool takes a more natural approach. It uses a combination of light and wind to dry the hair. The wind function operates like a traditional hair dryer but instead uses a cooler temperature that is gentler on the hair. Then the dryer concentrates light energy to further dry the hair at its surface, which leaves the inside of the locks hydrated. According to Zuvi, the hairdryer helps hair retain 109% more of its internal moisture compared to the traditional hairdryer.

This hairdryer is pricey, however, it could be a beneficial option to implement into your hair care routine if youre looking to not only promote growth but also remove any products that are further drying out and damaging the locks.

Type: Hairdryer | Frequency of Use: As needed

Whats The Best Hair Gel For Thinning Hair

Best Types Of Hair Products For Thin Hair | Mens Hair Tips | feat. EveryMan

The best hair gel for thinning hair is designed to add the right amount of volume and texture to give your hair extra body. When your hair is thinning, you may think you need to keep it short. However, this isnt the case.

You can use hair gel to give it the fullness you want no matter what hairstyle you have. You should look at different products, as they work best with different types of hair.

Consider the texture of your hair and whether it is curly or oily. Then, choose the products that will help you achieve the look you want. Take a look at the best hair gels for thinning hair.

Our Top Picks: Best Hair Gel for Thinning Hair
  • Best for Thin, Fragile Hair: CHI Styling Cream Gel
  • No matter what your hair needs are, you can find a great hair gel for your thinning hair.

    You may have limp hair, frizzy hair, fragile hair, or oily hair, but there is a product that will give your hair life again. Choose the product that suits you best depending on your styling needs.

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    D Pomade And Clay Products

    Pomades are used to style your hair but unlike hair gels, they dont stick and stiffen your hair together. Prefer pomade over hair gels if you have thin hair, as it wont reveal your scalp after styling.

    6. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

    It is one of the best clay pomades for those who want to hold and style their thin hair. It contains beeswax and kaolin clay, which makes your hair look thick instantly.

    7. Smooth Viking Styling Clay

    This styling clay gives your hair a gritty texture without making them stick to the scalp. It contains clay, lanolin wax, beeswax, and essential oils, and leaves no residues in your hair after washing.

    Product Picks For Thinning Hair

    Losing your hair can play with your emotions, but finding the right products can help you look your best and restore your confidence. Hereâs what to look for:

    Shampoos: Donât be afraid of losing hair every time you wash. Check a salon or cosmetic store for products designed to strengthen the hair shaft. Be wary of volumizing shampoos. They can dry hair out, which leads to breakage, says Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD. Shes a dermatologist and clinical instructor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. Avoid products with harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate.Learn more about DHT-blocking shampoos and how they work.

    Dry shampoo:These products come as a powder that you sprinkle or spritz on the hair, then comb through. They add bulk to the hair shaft, which can make it look fuller. Use them every 3 or 4 days.

    Conditioner: A dry hair shaft breaks more easily. Conditioner adds moisture, so use one designed for your hair type every time you wash. Avoid products with sulfates and volumizing conditioners, which can be drying.

    Camouflaging options: Hide thinning hair by making your scalp color match your roots. Products such as scalp lotions, sprays, hair fibers, powder cakes, and hair crayons all provide a temporary solution. Scalp tattooing, a process by which tiny dots that look like hair follicles are tattooed to the scalp, is gaining appeal.

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    Color Wow Cult Favorite Hairspray

    Another hairspray, I know I know, how many hairsprays could one person need? I like to have a choice, what can I say? This hairspray is far more flexible than TIGIs Hard Head and is also buildable, so its great for general day-to-day use but also suitable for lasting hold. Its a great all-around spray, really. Its not what I would call a wet spray either it comes out as a fine mist, which is always welcomed!

    Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer: $32

    The seven products to reach for when styling fine hair

    We could go on and on about this texturizer, but well let a very passionate reviewer take it away. Throw out all your drugstore products, seriously. Hands down the best product I have ever used. I have pretty healthy, soft hair so I need more grit and volume. This did not make hair feel dirty like other products. Its just perfect. Amazing smell too. Best smell ever. Dont stop making this, please.

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    What Is The Best Shampoo For Thinning Hair

    Thin hair can be difficult to style, which is why LOréal Professionnel has created a variety of haircare and styling solutions specifically designed for thinning hair. Of these, the best shampoo for thinning hair is the Density Advanced shampoo. It covers hair in a delicate layer of lipids to increase thickness, nourish and densify the fiber. Also vying for the title of best shampoo for dry thinning hair, the Fiberboost shampoo by L’Oréal Professionnel Homme gives a visibly fuller effect to hair, penetrating the fiber and strengthening the hairs structure.

    The Best Products For Guys With Thinning Hair

    All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    If your hair is sparser than it used to be, you’ll want to add volume and fullness with the very best products for thinning hair. You might believe that you need to keep it short. You might think that there are no products other than pills and potions that might help. But there’s a whole world of shampoos and conditioners and waxes and hair dryers to make things look full again.

    So, without further ado, here are ten of the best products for thinning hair. Try any combination of them to keep the fight updo not go gentle into that good night.

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    The 7 Best Hair Gels For Thinning Hair In 2022

    Written by: Author Olivia Moore | Reviewed by: Editorial Team

    Posted on Last updated:

    Looking for the best hair gel for thinning hair, only to find a bunch of random guides that arent even that helpful? Were here to help. Weve rounded up our top 7 products, their pros and cons, and why we love each.

    In a hurry and just want to know what the best hair gel for thinning hair is? No worries. We picked Baxter of Californias Thickening Style Gel for Men as the our overall favorite.

    • Makes your hair appear thicker and more voluminous
    • Includes ingredients that soothe your scalp and nourish your hair
    • Lightweight texture doesn’t cause crunchiness or leave flakes


    • Doesn’t hold as strong as other products

    No matter what hairstyle you have, if you have thinning hair, you can use hair gel to give it body and make it appear fuller.

    It adds just enough volume and texture to boost your confidence and make you feel like yourself. Having the best hair gel for thinning hair can make a huge difference.

    Natural Volumizing Products For Men That Work Like Magic On Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

    Style Tips for Thinning Hair | Best of Everything

    Be it hair thinning, hair loss or patterned baldness, premature aging of the hair is one of the most common problems for men.

    Why is it so common? Predominantly, because of stress.

    It is not good for your body and is the main cause for many health problems. Surviving modern lives requires a solid stress management system.

    However, if you have already suffered with a lot of hair loss, stress management alone will not help you. It can only prevent future hair loss, not help you boost your hair growth.

    Thats a job for anti-hair fall and hair volumizing products for men. These products will help you do some damage control and boost the volume of your thinning hair.

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    Products And Ingredients To Avoid For Fine Hair

  • Oils and heavy styling products aimed at making your hair softer. Youll want to avoid these because fine hair, with its fewer layers of cuticles, tends to be naturally soft and silky. Instead, opt for products that add a little texture.
  • Super-strength conditioners. Similar to the styling products above, using a heavy-duty conditioner in the shower can weigh down your hair. If your ends tend to be dry, apply just a bit to the ends only.
  • Heavy leave-in conditioners. Instead, look for a leave-in thats weightless or volumizing, like our Miracle Leave-In Lite.
  • Single-duty products, like a regular hairspray. While hairspray can certainly help to set your style, look for a hair product that can achieve double-duty results, like a texturizing spray with hold. With every styling product that you layer onto your fine hair, youre increasing your chances of a limp, weighed-down look.
  • Sulfates. When your hair is already prone to breakage, the last thing you want to do is strip your hair even more! Sulfates break down the proteins in your hair and can even stop hair growth, so its a good idea to look for sulfate-free hair products.
  • Got it? Great! Next, lets run through what you should be looking for to maintain and style your fine hair.

    Best For Damaged Hair: Bumble And Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo


    • Botanical blend formula reduces breakage

    • Caffeine helps to exfoliate the scalp

    • Contains sulfates

    • Strong scent

    True to its name, this formula helps to reduce breakage, so you can preserve more of the hair you do have. We also appreciate that its an exfoliating formula to help cleanse follicle-clogging residue and touts caffeine to help boost microcirculation on the scalp.

    Sulfate-Free: No | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Size: 8.5 fl oz | No | Hair Type: All | Scent: Herbal

    Price at time of publish: $34

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    Tip #: Opt For A Quality Shampoo


    There is a time and a place for drugstore shampoos, but if you’re really looking to look after thin hair then it might be time to switch to a more high-end formula.

    “Introducing a quality shampoo to your hair care regime can really change how your hair looks day-to-day,” explains Northwood. “If you have fine or thin hair you may find that product builds up on it and weighs it down. This is why I created the Undone by George Northwood Unpolluted Shampoo. Itâs a weekly detox that gently strips the hair and scalp of any buildup and leaves you with a clean slate.”

    Kuldeep Knox, the founder of ChÄmpo Haircare, agrees. “It’s important to use the right products depending on your hair type and not use a generic shampoo and conditioner. Youâll see better results if you use something thatâs specially formulated for thinner hair.”


    It’s obvious that many of us will reach for texturizing sprays and volume-boosting mousses when wanting to create the effect of thicker-looking hair, but experts agree that isn’t always the best move. “Often with finer hair, we seek out products for volume and body but these products typically make the hair stiff, dry, and coarse,” explains celebrity hairdresser and Color Wow Ambassador, James Johnson. “While it gives the illusion that the hair strand is fuller, long term are actually having the opposite effect on our hair.”



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