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Am I Experiencing Hair Loss

How Is Abnormal Hair Loss Treated


Treatment depends on the cause of your hair loss. For example, any infection will be treated. If your medicines appear to be causing your hair loss, your doctor may stop them. Hair loss caused by a medical condition will stop when you recover from that medical condition. Deficiencies of either iron or vitamin B12 can be treated by your doctor. Alopecia areata itself is usually treated with corticosteroids, powerful anti-inflammation medicines. These are used as local injections, creams or tablets. A skin consultant will advise you about this treatment.

If you wish to slow or stop the progression of hair loss, there may be treatments available such as medicines or hair transplantation. The latter therapy does not have the custom generated some 30 years ago, partly because of its cost and the few practitioners of that art. There are over-the-counter products available, eg, Regaine, while doctors may prescribe minoxidil or finasteride in some cases.

Complementary and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and ultra-violet therapy, have been promoted by some health advocates. However, the evidence does not exist that these are effective options.

You may consider wearing a wig. Your doctor will help you find a source. See also information on the wigs and hairpieces subsidy.

How Is Alopecia Areata Diagnosed

See your doctor if you are experiencing significant hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss. Your doctor will look at your hair loss pattern. He or she will review your medical history. They will check to see if the hairless areas of your scalp are smooth and peach-colored. Sometimes, the remaining hair in alopecia areata has a specific shape. Your doctor may pull a couple of hairs from your head to examine under a microscope. If your doctor cant confirm a diagnosis, he may send you to a lab for a test. They will scrape a small sample of skin from your scalp and look at it under a microscope. This can help them rule out other conditions that cause hair loss. You may also have a blood test to look for other autoimmune diseases.

How To Maintain Healthy Hair

  • Take supplements: the deficiency of various nutrients in your body can cause hair fall. Consult your dermatologist to identify the deficient nutrients and take supplements accordingly. Taking a multivitamin and biotin daily to boost your hair health.
  • Nourish your scalp: for good hair health, you must keep your scalp nourished and hydrated. Our Back To Your Roots hair mask is a great product to nourish your hair from root to tip. With potent ingredients like coconut oil, reetha and turmeric, it delivers a super dose of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants to your hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

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Vitamin Or Iron Deficiencies

Dr. Palep specifically points to vitamin D deficiencies as a common cause of hair loss. “A lot of times when I do blood work, I find that a majority of people have vitamin D deficiencies and vitamin D is involved in the creation of new hair follicles,” she explains. If you’re vitamin D deficient, other hair loss treatment methods will be ineffective if you aren’t specifcally treating the vitamin deficiency, Dr. Palep explains.

An iron deficiency in those with anemia can also lead to hair loss, since, according to some research, hair follicle cells can be particularly sensitive to decreased levels of iron. In addition to diet changes and other doctor-recommended treatments, supplements can be one way to help treat these deficiencies, and in turn, hair loss.

For vitamin D deficiencies, Dr. Palep specifically recommends Nutrafol. It’s an oral supplement designed to treat hair loss and includes vitamin D, C, and A, as well as biotin, which promotes hair growth.

What About Pregnancy Hair Loss

19 turning 20. Why am I experiencing hair loss and what ...

Pregnancy may cause many changes in the scalp hair. As the hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, a large number of women feel their hair thickens and becomes fuller.

  • This may be related to a change in the number of hairs cycling in the growth phase of hair growth, but the exact reason is unknown.
  • Quite often, there may be a loss of hair after delivery or a few months later which will eventually normalize.

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Your Scalp Is Clearly Visible

Did you once have a thick head of hair that covered your scalp like the Amazon rainforest? Its far from uncommon to have dense and thick hair that rarely, if ever, exposes your scalp during your teens and 20s.

Over time, male pattern baldness can cause even the thickest head of hair to look much, much thinner, meaning your scalp might become visible when your hair is wet, parted or when youve applied wet-look styling products.

This happens because of hair thinning that occurs across your scalp, even if your hairline hasnt changed in the meantime.

For some men, this form of hair loss occurs at the crown, or vertex of the scalp — the area thats right at the top of your head. You might notice that your skin is visible through this hair when you look at the back of your head in the mirror.

Like a receding hairline, this type of hair loss is common, with about 31 percent of men aged 40 to 55 displaying some signs of vertex baldness.

One side effect of this form of hair loss is that it may expose your scalp to the sun, meaning you might develop sunburn if you spend time outdoors without a hat.

You Wake Up With More Hair On Your Pillow

Hair shedding is a completely normal phenomenon that happens to everyone. when it becomes a sign of hair loss is when you notice an increase in shedding. one place to look for an increase is your pillow. If you wake up in the morning and notice that there is a lot more hair on your pillow, this could indicate you are experiencing hair thinning.

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Youre Noticing Random Bald Spots

As we mentioned above, male pattern baldness can cause a bald patch to develop around the top of the head — an area thats often referred to as your crown.

In addition to male pattern baldness, other forms of hair loss may cause you to develop patchy areas or random bald spots on your scalp.

One potential cause of bald spots is alopecia areata — a form of autoimmune hair loss that can cause your hair to fall out in round or oval-shaped bald patches.

In addition to bald spots, this type of hair loss could also cause you to shed hair in a band-like pattern that straps around certain parts of your scalp. It can also affect your facial hair growth, resulting in small patches of missing hair in your beard area.

Other forms of hair loss, such as telogen effluvium, can occur after traumatic events or during periods of severe stress.

The good news, however, is that these forms of hair loss are usually temporary, meaning your hair should eventually grow back and fill in any bald spots or patchy areas.

How To Tell If Youre Going Bald

4 reasons for HAIR LOSS + TREATMENTS (I was losing my hair at 17!)

Unlike the flu, male pattern baldness isnt a medical condition that youll suddenly wake up with one morning.

Instead, hair loss is typically a gradual process that takes place over a period of months, years and even decades.

So, how do you know when its time to take action? These six early signs can often signal that youre beginning to lose your hair:

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Reasons For Sudden Hair Loss And How You Can Get Help

Everyone experiences hair shedding, and it happens to each of us every day. Most people lose 50 to 100 hairs per day as part of this natural cycle, more on days you wash your hair. But what if you check your pillow, shower drain, or comb and it looks like youâre suddenly losing much more than that?

The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor or dermatologist. Theyâll get to the bottom of why youâre losing hair, and theyâll make sure you get the right treatment in case a medical condition is to blame.

Here are just some of the reasons you could have sudden hair loss.

Diet Deficiencies: Your Hair Is What You Eat

The essential vitamins and nutrients, like protein, that you get from a healthy, varied, and well-balanced diet ensure good health all throughout your body, making sure all your organs and internal systems are working just as they should. Poor nutrition or following a severely restrictive crash or fad diet can lead to all kinds of nutrient deficiencies, which in turn can result in hair loss, from thinning hair to patches of baldness.

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Why People Are Experiencing Hair Loss After Covid

Whether you had the virus or not, COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in some way. Illnesses such as this one can often lead to hair shedding thanks to a number of different reasons. According to various news sources, 25% to 65% of COVID-19 survivors are experiencing hair loss or shedding. Here at Zenagen, our inquiries about hair loss due to illness have increased, as well. Weve seen a 30% increase of clicks for hair loss in general, and a 120% increase in searches specifically about hair loss after illness. Even those who havent had the virus, but have experienced stressful life changes since the pandemic, are prone to hair shedding due to stress.


Stress is a big factor relating COVID-19 and hair loss. Not only are people stressed about contracting the virus, but any change in your daily routine can throw off your hormone levels. The instant and complete 180 degree shift to working from home and staying isolated was a shock to our system and can induce immediate thinning and shedding of hair.

Hair loss due to stress is known as telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium causes the hair cycle to become prematurely pushed into the resting stage . Hair loss from stress generally doesnt begin until weeks, or even months after the stressful event .


Drug Side Effects

How to Prevent COVID-19 Hair Loss

Autoimmune Diseases That Affect Hair

Do I have a Cowlick or Am I Experiencing Hair Loss ...

Alopecia areata is often associated with an autoimmune disease, so its thought that some forms of hair loss can be caused by one of these medical conditions or is at least somehow related to it. Diabetes and lupus are two autoimmune diseases that can result in hair loss. This type of hair loss may not always be reversible it may sometimes be permanent. But medications and hair restoration surgeries may help compensate for any hair loss.

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Canary In The Coal Mine

And this is where I remind you that although some hair loss is normal and that it increases as we age, many underlying medical conditions can accelerate hair loss. These include thyroid issues, hormonal changes like menopause, renal failure, inflammatory bowel disease , liver disease, diabetes, lupus, high stress, nutritional deficiencies, and side effects from some pharmaceuticals. If you or a loved one are experiencing accelerated hair loss, consult your health-care provider immediately.

Key Points About Temporary Or Abnormal Hair Loss

  • Abnormal or temporary hair loss can be due to many causes, including nutritional deficiencies, health conditions, medicines, reactions to hair products, stress or pregnancy.
  • In abnormal hair loss, you may notice your hair suddenly sheds in a large amount, or sheds a lot after combing or brushing, or that it is broken or unable to grow longer.
  • See your doctor if you experience sudden hair loss at the same time as having fever, pain, weight loss, poor appetite, breathing problems, gut problems or skin problems.
  • Treatment depends on the cause of your hair loss. Removal of the cause usually stops your hair loss. Your doctor will advise the most suitable treatment for you.
  • Temporary hair loss cant be prevented, but there are things you can do to help protect and keep your hair healthy.
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    Causes Of Hair Loss And Baldness

    A variety of factors from illness to poor nutrition to hormonal imbalances to major stress can contribute to hair loss. If you’re experiencing thinning hair or baldness, you need to get to the root of the problem to determine the best treatment.

    Hair loss whether baldness or noticeably thinning hair can occur for a number of different reasons. Sometimes hair loss is a side effect of a health problem that needs to be addressed and will remedy itself when the health problem is properly treated. When hair loss is due to a condition involving the hair itself, as in the case of alopecia, the hair loss can be permanent.

    Why Am I Experiencing Hair Loss

    Hair Loss (Part 1) – How I dealt with Regrowth, Causes, Solutions & My Experience with PCOS

    Experiencing more hair loss than usual can be really alarming and upsetting. For women specifically, the appearance of hair holds a lot of weight in how we identify and in our sense of confidence and worth. So not knowing why we might be experiencing extra hair shedding can feel like the worst part. Fortunately and unfortunately, there are many reasons why shedding can happen, and many of them are connected. It can all feel really complicated, so were talking it all out in the points below.

    Keep in mind, you should always consult with your doctor about any health concerns you have. Although we are experts in hair care, we are not physicians and this is not medical advice.

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    What Is Tinea Capitis

    Tinea is the medical word for fungal infection, and capitis means head. Tinea capitis is a fungal infection of the scalp that for the most part affects school-age children.

    • Tinea capitis is more common in black African or African-American scalps.
    • This condition is rare in healthy adults.
    • Bald spots usually show broken-off hairs accompanied by dermatitis.
    • Oral antifungals can penetrate the hair roots and cure the infection, after which hair grows back.
    • Sharing hats or combs and brushes may transmit tinea capitis.

    Am I Experiencing Hair Loss

    As people age, their rate of hair growth slows, especially for man. Guys, whats causing your thinning hair? Why do some men go bald? There are many types of hair loss, also called alopecia.

    For example, meds side effect, stressed out, gene, eating disorders etc. Many men are suffering the hair loss trouble.

    They are trying to surgery for hair plant, but surgical hair replacement is costly and invasive. While it can fill in a bald patch, it will not stop any hair loss in the future. This is why a mens hair toupee is a good alternative. It is cost effective and will also provide coverage all of the time.

    Now, hair replacement is the increasingly popular way to get a full head of hair, if you dont want to undergo surgery to get it, then non-surgical hair restoration may be a great option for you. LaVivid Hair proven non-surgical solutions that enable you to get the hair youve always wanted, quickly and easily.

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    Its a great change after applying our toupee, say bye to hair loss now. Change start from top.

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