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Can Nioxin Cause Hair Loss

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss? | Nioxin

There is a myth that bald men have more testosterone and have suffered hair loss as a result. However, this is completely false, and was started in the 1960s when a Yale doctor made some wild claims regarding male testosterone and baldness. It would seem that the link between male pattern baldness and testosterone is more complicated than once thought.

Lady Alopecia’s Nioxin Shampoo Review

One of the most frustrating things about alopecia is the feeling that you cant do anything about it. And this stress might lead to more hair falling out. Its a cruel circle that can cause alopecia sufferers to feel pretty helpless.

Thats why I believe its important to take whatever measures you can to regain control. Because even if its just for the placebo effect, the sheer act of doing something about your alopecia can have a positive result.

Now, dont get me wrong: this can get tiring. Expensive. And messy.

Ive tried all kinds of remedies. Stocking up on whatever pills and powders, lotions and potions I could get my hands on. Until my bathroom resembled a very hair-centric pharmacy!

But one treatment really made a difference hence the reason for this Nioxin shampoo review.

Welcome to Lady Alopecias thoughts on Nioxin

Psst If you want to read up on the full collection of Nioxins products, and learn a little bit more about the brand, check out this post instead.

While Nioxin still delivers all the benefits I mention in this post, its changed up its systems slightly. Its actually much easier to figure out which one is a better fit than it once was! So even though I talk about System 6 here, the one Id use now for natural hair with progressed thinning is System 2.

Emma’s ‘not a doctor’ disclaimer

Surgical Options For Hair Loss

Hair transplant surgical treatment entails moving small plugs of skin, each with a couple of hairs, to hairless parts of your scalp. This works well for people with inherited baldness considering that they normally shed hair on the top of the head. Because this kind of loss of hair is modern, you would need numerous surgeries over time.

Scalp Decrease In a scalp decrease, a specialist gets rid of part of your scalp that lacks hair. The cosmetic surgeon after that closes the location with a piece of your scalp that has hair. An additional option is a flap, in which your specialist folds up scalp that has hair over a bald patch. This is a sort of scalp reduction.

These medical solutions for baldness have a tendency to be pricey, and they carry risks.

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How Does Minoxidil Work

Minoxidil was a drug originally developed to treat hypertension.

Researchers observed that people who had alopecia and used minoxidil for hypertension experienced hair regrowth, and the worlds most popular over-the-counter treatment for alopecia was born. People have been using minoxidil to treat hair loss since 1986 .

The way that minoxidil works isnt completely clear. Whats apparent is that minoxidil decreases hair loss in some people while also increasing hair growth. It doesnt work for everyone.

Minoxidil is also classed as a vasodilator, meaning that it dilates your blood vessels so that blood flows more easily where its applied. An increase in blood circulation to your scalp could be part of why minoxidil increases hair growth.

Can Rogaine Make Your Hair Loss Worse

Nioxin Review: side effects with before and after results

Even though Rogaine is FDA approved for hair growth, which means clinical trials proved its effectiveness, some people experience more hair loss during the first couple of weeks of using the medication than before. Whats the deal? Well, hair shedding when you first start taking Rogaine is actually a sign that its working. But dont worry it should only last up to four weeks.

When Rogaine boosts hair growth, it pushes out the smaller finer hairs that were already on their way to being shed. As your thin, fine hairs begin shedding, thicker hairs will soon take their place. Its important to stick to the plan and continue using Rogaine every day even though it can be nerve racking watching your hair fall out at the beginning.

If you stop using Rogaine, any progress you make with your hair growth will revert back to where they would be without the medication. As long as you continue to treat your hair with the Rogaine, you should start to see improved hair growth in about four months.

Remember, it takes time to grow your hair naturally. Give Rogaine the time it needs to provide your scalp with thicker and stronger hair.

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Does Ketoconazole Work For Hair Loss

If youve ever spent time on discussion boards or blogs that deal with mens hair loss, you may have seen ketoconazole shampoo recommended as one of the big three hair loss treatments, alongside the medications minoxidil and finasteride.

Proponents of ketoconazole shampoo believe that it can disrupt the effects of DHT, a hormone produced as a byproduct of testosterone that causes male pattern baldness.

If youre genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, DHT can attach to receptors in your scalp and, over time, damage your hair follicles.

Our guide to DHT and male pattern baldness discusses this process and its effects on your hair in more detail.

Research on the relationship between ketoconazole and male pattern baldness is largely mixed, although some studies have found that ketoconazole may help to prevent hair loss.

For example, a systematic review published in the journal Dermatologic Therapy found that use of topical ketoconazole can increase the diameter of the hair shaft .

The same review noted that one study found that ketoconazole can increase the pilary index, a measure of the percentage of hairs in the anagen phase of the hair cycle multiplied by the hair shaft diameter.

Minoxidil And The Hair Growth Cycle

Your hair follicles go through four phases of growth. Not every follicle is in the same phase at once. Minoxidil is believed to affect two stages of hair growth.

Anagen phase

The anagen phase of hair growth is its growing phase. This is when the hair is being pushed out from the root. Applying minoxidil may extend the length of the anagen phase.

Telogen phase

The telogen phase of your hair is its resting phase, when its done growing but not yet ready to fall out. In

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Hair Loss And Thinning: Causes Prevention And Treatments

In this guide well talk you through the main causes of hair loss and thinning to help you identify your hair needs. Well also explain how Nioxins treatments can help you on your journey to fuller, thicker hair.

Before we delve deeper into what causes hair thinning you need to remember that youre not alone in this. In fact, 50% of the population will deal with hair loss at some point in their lives.

Although its true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, thinning hair and hair loss actually affects both sexesand its no more or less disheartening for either. But heres the thing: Theres no one reason behind hair losscauses can range from the simple and temporary to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

Keep reading or feel free to skip ahead:

Other Dht Blocking Shampoos

Dr Caroline Robinson Explains Hair Loss Causes and Prevention I NIOXIN

In addition to Nioxins range of hair care products, many other companies offer shampoos and conditioners that block DHT and prevent hair loss.

These shampoos often contain ingredients such as ketoconazole and saw palmetto, which can help to wash away follicle-clogging sebum and promote healthier hair.

Our Hair Thickening Shampoo, for example, contains saw palmetto to promote optimal volume and moisture. Our guide to DHT blocking shampoos goes into more detail about how shampoo can help you to prevent shedding and maintain a healthy head of hair.

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What About The Side Effects

According to the makers of Nioxin, there are no side effects associated with Nioxin.

As discussed above, some of the harsh chemicals in the Nioxin formula might act as skin irritants. Over time, rather than promoting a healthy scalp, the user may experience increased irritation and sensitivity. If you experience any unwelcome side effects when using Nioxin, discontinue treatment.

What Nioxin Reviews Say:

To be honest, reviews for this cleanser vary dramatically. Many people find that its really effective after just a couple of weeks use . Thin-looking locks are suddenly volumised. Male and female-pattern baldness patches fill in. Shedding stops and self-esteem soars.

Whereas others, particularly those with fine hair, report that Nioxin causes breakages and increased hair fall. Which means they give up on it before regrowth can occur.

The credibility of the hair loss treatment has also been called into question, with customers complaining that Nioxin changed its formula since P& G took over. .

However, from my own research and my own use, I found this hair loss shampoo to be pretty effective. I used Nioxin hair care products long after the takeover in 2008 and they worked for me!

The cleanser has also won the Stylist Choice Awards for over 15 years. If its good enough for professional salons and stylists, its good enough for Lady Alopecia.

The Lady recommends…

To get the full benefits, the company recommends sticking to a treatment system for 6 months. However, this is longer than I ever committed so Im afraid that I cant give you an honest opinion! I used it daily for 3 months though, and it was really effective.

Remember, those with a sensitive scalp might want to stick to using it 3-4 times a week instead.

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What Shampoo Ingredients Have Been Linked To Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common concern experienced by people of all ages and genders around the world.

When youre worried about extra shedding, its entirely understandable to consider every possible explanation and try everything you can think of to keep from losing more hair.

Experts have identified a wide range of potential causes .

Anecdotal reports also link some common shampoo ingredients to hair loss, but these claims have yet to be proven.

Keep in mind the American Academy of Dermatology doesnt list any shampoos, or shampoo ingredients, as common causes of hair loss.

Its been suggested that both sulfates and formaldehyde can contribute to hair loss.

To date, no research backs up these claims. That said, both sulfates and formaldehyde, along with a number of other chemicals often used in shampoo, could potentially lead to other types of hair damage.

What Do Users Say

Nioxin hair products for thin, thinning hair and hair loss ...

Nioxin reviews from users, show that those who buy and continue to use it generally do so for that appearance of thicker hair. Neither the roots nor the keratin fibres of the hair are getting stronger, so its used as a visual enhancer only. Understandably, few customers return to buy another bottle or continue long term use once this becomes apparent.

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Effective Treatments For Thinning Hair & Scalp Problems With Nioxin At Kevin Josephuxbridge Hairdressers

Hair loss is a common problem which can affect both men and women, either temporarily or permanently. There can be multiple causes including genetics, diet, health conditions and the environment. Since the start of the pandemic weve seen an increase in the number of people suffering from stress related hair loss as well as Covid-19 hair loss, caused by the virus itself.

Its important to recognise the early signs of hair loss conditions, so the cause can be identified and effective treatments provided. Things to look out for include:

  • Widening hair parting
  • More hairs on your pillow in the morning
  • More hairs on your brush or comb
  • Excessive hair in the shower drain
  • A tingling scalp or crawling, itchy feeling across your head.

If you are concerned about the causes of hair loss you should speak to your GP, who may diagnose a hair loss condition such as telogen effluvium or alopecia.

We would also recommend the Nioxin System of treatments for thinning hair, now available at our Uxbridge hair salon.

The Most Important Characteristics Of Rogaine

Basically, one of the most important characteristics that make Rogaine stand out is that it contains Minoxidil.

This ingredient was originally designed to treat high blood pressure, but it showed that it was effective to cause hair growth.

Doctors generally recommend that women use a 2% Minoxidil solution, while men recommend a 5% solution.

Statistics, among which I can be found, speak highly about this product: 40% of women confirm that they note an emerging hair growth after six months of use.

As I said before, the product comes in various forms, like a spray, foam, and a topical solution.

Until here, we have a clear idea that Nioxin is basically used to make your hair thicker, while Rogaine is meant to stop hair loss by making new hair fibers grow.

As promises are made to be kept, Ill tell you about my experience with the two products.

You may ask why I have experience with each of them?

Because unlike you, I didnt have anyone who could explain what each one was used for.

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Does Shampoo Contain Ingredients That Could Damage Your Hair

Shampoos are mainly used to clean your scalp and hair, but they also do other important things, like:

  • Be cosmetically pleasing

  • Remove previous products used in your hair

  • Avoid irritating the skin

  • Address hair or scalp conditions

To accomplish all of this, some shampoos can have up to 30 different ingredients in them, including various chemicals that help with the stability and presentability of the shampoo.

Each of these ingredients is used for a specific purpose. But, over time, some of them may become associated with different problems and health concerns. If more is learned about certain ingredients and their negative health effects, they may be removed from cosmetic products.

Lets start with reviewing common shampoo ingredients and then ones that may possibly be linked to hair loss.

What Are Sodium Laureth Sulfate And Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Hair loss/Thinning: Hair loss causes and taking Biotin and Using Nioxin to improve Hair.

As we saw, two of the ingredients you will find in some Nioxin products are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate . These chemicals are so-called surfactants and are used as cleansing and foaming agents. Nioxins rich lather is largely due to the SLS in the formula.

What many users dont know is that these chemicals are also used in industrial detergents and household cleaning products like laundry detergents, carpet cleaners, and stain removers.

\In recent years, they have come under increasing scrutiny, as some claim, they can have an adverse impact on humans, especially when used excessively.

These chemicals have corrosive properties and are known as skin irritants, leading to dry skin and itchiness . They can also irritate the eyes.

These substances are common allergens and may be one of the leading causes of irritation caused by the use of Nioxin shampoos and cleansing products.

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